Pulled Pork | Basics with Babish

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Binging with Babish
Binging with Babish - 3 månader sedan
Grab your butts and get to smoking! Big thanks to North Carolina for doing their thing
C43L4N - 3 dagar sedan
@Alexandra Spooner Memphis be overrated. Damn good, but overrated.
Tyler Seward
Tyler Seward - 3 dagar sedan
As someone from Rochester that moved down to east Nc actually that pulled pork looks to compete but the vinegar sauce would be perfect with it if you let it sit with it’s spices for a couple days
Dev Wolf
Dev Wolf - 6 dagar sedan
Another shout out from an Eastern North Carolinian, thanks for opening my eyes to western NC bbq... I was only raised on eastern. Now I must try.
Organic Water
Organic Water - 17 dagar sedan
*thumbs up* you have my genuine North-Carolina approval (don’t live there anymore, but hope it still counts)
N/A - 20 dagar sedan
The second preparation was great but the cole slaw makes me sad, you gotta get that kinda thin sweet deal going on
H IS MAXIMUS - Dag sedan
Sous vide isn't back to basics by any means, hes alright but way to 0ver rated
Beware_ SavageYT
Beware_ SavageYT - 2 dagar sedan
You should do the “Pork Picnic” From regular show...nvm you won’t see this
Dexter Aguirre
Dexter Aguirre - 3 dagar sedan
Ain't nobody got time for that
carlitos ducoing
carlitos ducoing - 3 dagar sedan
Too much bullshit for a sandwich...
Hirro the mysterious youtuber
Butting with babish
Gera Aceves
Gera Aceves - 4 dagar sedan
Do recipes real so I don't have spend $200 for a meal.
Chase Cherry
Chase Cherry - 5 dagar sedan
What kind of vacuum sealer is this?
Dev Wolf
Dev Wolf - 6 dagar sedan
Eastern North Carolina FTW
Julian Kirby
Julian Kirby - 6 dagar sedan
If you do your pulled pork in a slow cooker. Do yourself a favor and pour in some RED ALE. Brand doesn’t really matter. It’s the style of ale you want. Everyone loves my dads pulled pork he does with that.
FriedLuck - 6 dagar sedan
Can you make pulled beef or is that not possible?
Qwilliams - 8 dagar sedan
How about you recreate the 12-day, slow-cooked, pulled pork from American Dad?
Zach Mosteller
Zach Mosteller - 9 dagar sedan
You forgot down here in SC we like our mustard bbq sauce.
mixwell1983 - 10 dagar sedan
I do quick pulled pork where I cube my pork up and pressure cook it 30 mins and natural release it. Then remove and drain most liquid,add liquid smoke and bbq sauce and reduce down once pork is added. The stirring breaks up the pork.
Thats pulled pork for a weeknight meal when I don't have time to smoke it properly.
Valentino Vragović
Valentino Vragović - 10 dagar sedan
I see nothing basic in this episode haha
Ed Snowden
Ed Snowden - 12 dagar sedan
Ernie Chang
Ernie Chang - 13 dagar sedan
Did you just say cold slaw?
Eline Brouwer
Eline Brouwer - 13 dagar sedan
am I the only one with mental pictures of Babish butt in a water bath?
TheCookieInTheHat - 13 dagar sedan
Shadow Helper
Shadow Helper - 13 dagar sedan
Access to the what?
Sparky808 - 13 dagar sedan
I’m from Worcester in england, and the way he pronounces Worcester is brilliant lol
Julian Kirby
Julian Kirby - 6 dagar sedan
Sparky808 warsaystershire sauce 🤠
Brandon Meenan
Brandon Meenan - 16 dagar sedan
3:36 PAUSE
Gabriel R. Madeira
Gabriel R. Madeira - 17 dagar sedan
"Basics" *sous vide
Christopher Taylor
Christopher Taylor - 18 dagar sedan
To make that coleslaw more bun friendly mix the shredded cabbage with a generous pinch of kosher salt. Sit it in a strainer over a bowl and let the salt pull the moisture out for about 30 minutes. Then continue with what ever coleslaw recipe you are using. It will make the cabbage less firm and much nicer to put on a pulled pork sandwich.
No Body
No Body - 18 dagar sedan
5:49 "cold slaw" 😂
BMW30b - 20 dagar sedan
I saw a few chefs using a pressurecoocker for making Pulled Pork does anyone have experience with that? / is it tasty?
STORM_Oof - 21 dag sedan
I know it may not look that good right now, but watch this !
Jonathan Jensen
Jonathan Jensen - 22 dagar sedan
I don't like dark crust forming on my butt.

...and that's why I wipe it
CloudFlare - 21 dag sedan
Clairressa Goad
Clairressa Goad - 22 dagar sedan
He is just so cool...
Shotgun_Gospel - 23 dagar sedan
Alright, lads, grab your vacuum sealer, your empty shakers that you just have, and every spice and spice variant known to man. Time for basics with Babish.
Paul Wagner
Paul Wagner - 23 dagar sedan
If you don't have sous vide toss it in a slow cooker on low for about 10 hours. The smell is it's own reward.
Robin Esak
Robin Esak - 24 dagar sedan
What gloves are using? I want those!
Bloody Baptist Bill
Bloody Baptist Bill - 25 dagar sedan
That’s a big butt🤣😆
LemonDrop88 - 25 dagar sedan
Man I'm from SC and mayo slaw is the best with mustard based a close 2nd
Lauris Ukis
Lauris Ukis - 25 dagar sedan
Dcred123 - 25 dagar sedan
Western Carolina eats bbq sauce that is based on mustard, not ketchup
Topher Lyell
Topher Lyell - 2 dagar sedan
Maybe Western South Carolina but not Western North Carolina. We like our sauce sweet like our tea.
Matthew Cox
Matthew Cox - 26 dagar sedan
"The more you pull the pork, the better it gets." --Mike Rowe, Dirty Jobs
Some things really do belong on a shirt!
Eddie F
Eddie F - 26 dagar sedan
Hi you’re forgetting the best BBQ sauce. South Carolina gold sauce.
Excon - 27 dagar sedan
The funniest part being; “you need a smoker” ....cuts to Treager outdoor easybake! LOL
Mick Cotton Bar -B - Q
Mick Cotton Bar -B - Q - 25 dagar sedan
Excon exactly So lazy Not a real smoker 😇.
Animus Cumminham
Animus Cumminham - 28 dagar sedan
Make the PORK PICNIC from regular show PLEASE!!!! it’s on the V.I.P. members only episode. Thanks babish☺️
onebadwestie - Månad sedan
NC Slaw. Dukes mayo, dill pickle juice, hint of cayenne, salt and pepper!
Joshua Hudson
Joshua Hudson - Månad sedan
“A bone-in Boston....butt.” 🤣😂
djsnowman06 - Månad sedan
I made a sous vide bath years ago. Was gonna put a float switch in it for safety but never got around to it...
Anyways I did an overnight rack of back ribs not too long ago. We had a pile of beers that night and woke to the smell of smoke. Apparently a vac seal bag likes burning when the water is all gone. Probably should have put in that switch...
SuperCookieGaming - Månad sedan
we make ours in a crock pot
I am Lion Man
I am Lion Man - Månad sedan
I had to stop myself from licking the screen - your butt looks amazing!
I am Lion Man
I am Lion Man - Månad sedan
FYI “Worcestershire” is pronounced “wuster-shire” or “wuster-shuh”, depending where in Britain you’re from. Yeah...we’re odd!
Christian Shepherd
Christian Shepherd - Månad sedan
Is it bad that someone would more than likely break into Babish's home just to steal all the food and nothing else?
me needagee
me needagee - Månad sedan
Let's get down to basics... to defeat THE HUNS
shivang patel
shivang patel - Månad sedan
2:24 you absolute psychopath
Van Narrow
Van Narrow - Månad sedan
Babish why didn't you pre-heat the bun 😭😭😭 The burger buns looks so raw
BeardedDanishViking - Månad sedan
Raw would mean they aren't even baked dude.
connor easley
connor easley - Månad sedan
Memphis barbecue is better
Pyrogun1839 - Månad sedan
If you watch it in .75 speed, Babish just sounds really drunk lol
Pyrogun1839 - Månad sedan
@Sperglord 5:35 see? 😂
Sperglord - Månad sedan
Pyrogun1839 You May be the drunk one, Pal.
Darin Neely
Darin Neely - Månad sedan
All u need for the perfect bbq sauce just mix some store bought bbq sauce, beer, and some garlic
MrTributesTreesOfAtomity - Månad sedan
way, truth, light* ffs...
ShadowRaven ʘ益ʘ
ShadowRaven ʘ益ʘ - Månad sedan
Thank you for not using the heretics honey bbq sauce.
The Creeper King
The Creeper King - Månad sedan
I legit have like 7 bottles of ketchup in my house

Idk why I feel like this needed to be shared
Kitsune - Månad sedan
The Creeper King why do you have so much lol
Emily Caitlynn
Emily Caitlynn - Månad sedan
North Carolina hahahah my state 👌🏼🤘🏼
mW_Rulez - Månad sedan
Did anyone see the coleslaw on the left pork burger fall off?
mW_Rulez - Månad sedan
has 25 gallons of ketchup stored in the cellar

Welp, gotta add everything...
Peng Fei Dong
Peng Fei Dong - Månad sedan
Making Carnitas at home? Meh.
Wheelspin Productions
Wheelspin Productions - Månad sedan
So close, you did a North Carolina sauce, I want to see South Carolina style mustard and vinegar sauce. It is so very good, and for health nuts, there ain’t no sugar.
Mattias Engel
Mattias Engel - Månad sedan
"A few glugs of Wustistichistersause"
Luis Licona
Luis Licona - Månad sedan
Is the tiny the tiny whisk tattoo part of the recipe?
Peppa! - Månad sedan
Has anyone seen George? Mummy and daddy are asking
Duh Wolf Is My Bytch
Duh Wolf Is My Bytch - Månad sedan
4th time I watched this I'm gonna nail it this time 😂😂
Funkydmunky - Månad sedan
Your slaw looks and was shit on your otherwise great bun.
Nick Nurre
Nick Nurre - Månad sedan
I’ve been in Germany for about 6 weeks with zero barbecue. Seeing you pull that black hunk of meat out the oven and tearing it apart brought tears to my eyes
Reds Media
Reds Media - Månad sedan
Independence Day is coming up and I trust Babish to show me how to wow my family
Rose Taylor
Rose Taylor - Månad sedan
This was posted on my birthday (may 16th) and its one of my favorite dishes ever
James Wilson
James Wilson - Månad sedan
I shouldn’t be watching this whilst hungry at midnight. The fridge is calling me.
Tito - Månad sedan
From day one, I KNEW you were just some shill for the National Pork Board. Lining your coffers with pork money. SHAME ON YOU! XD
go to facebook now
go to facebook now - Månad sedan
cooking with babish 😐

*cooking with babushka 😎*
like if you get it
JUAN FUENTES - Månad sedan
I really want that butt
Lord Joseph stalin
Lord Joseph stalin - Månad sedan
im from the carolinas (i moved to russia early in my life) but i know you didnt put that seasoning on right before dusting it with the season you mudt thoroughly bitch slap it for tenderization
Chris Ballew
Chris Ballew - Månad sedan
Wurstisture sauce
Richard Watson
Richard Watson - Månad sedan
Is there a way to utilize an oven and crock pot?
Matt Conway
Matt Conway - Månad sedan
I made this for my family and now they think I’m a bar-b-q god
Timothy Harris
Timothy Harris - Månad sedan
If only you had made some hot slaw.
Francis Taylor
Francis Taylor - 2 månader sedan
*South Carolinians collectively sigh at the non-inclusion of mustard based sauce*
C43L4N - 18 dagar sedan
Get outta here lesser carolina
N0TABL 3 - 2 månader sedan
Babish:And with the national pork board I’m going to show you ...
Vegans: Am I a joke to you?