Foods You Are Eating WRONG !

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Kasandra Gauthier
Kasandra Gauthier - 36 minuter sedan
Thank you fort your amazing ideas
Kasandra Gauthier
Kasandra Gauthier - 38 minuter sedan
You are à gunniesse 😇😇😇😇😇😇❤❤❤❤❤❤❤👄👄👄👄👄💋💋💋💋💟💟💟💟💞💞💞💞💞👍👍👍👍👍👌👌👌
Kasandra Gauthier
Kasandra Gauthier - 41 minut sedan
Azzy i believe you . you guys like this if you agree and Azzy your amazing i love your vidéos and your ideas are amazing i wish i was like you
Kasandra Gauthier
Kasandra Gauthier - Timme sedan
Your the best
Samantha Cobb
Samantha Cobb - Timme sedan
Yes I would eat a pineapple any day even if it's sponge Bob home I will give him a water Mellon to live in instead
Gacha wolf
Gacha wolf - 2 timmar sedan
The banana thing works
Emma Hallstrom
Emma Hallstrom - 2 timmar sedan
l3ni3r - 3 timmar sedan
StarFruit - 6 timmar sedan
Azzy has proved that I eat stuff wrong, oh noes.
Kiera Crossley
Kiera Crossley - 6 timmar sedan
I do the ketchup and the coke straw one and I love your videos you are amazing
INK! Sans
INK! Sans - 7 timmar sedan
one time a ketchup packet exploded on me. =D
Vanja Puric
Vanja Puric - 8 timmar sedan
If a tomato is a frut ,is kech up a smothe
k.a. batze
k.a. batze - 8 timmar sedan
It was funny when she farted
Keira Charalambous
Keira Charalambous - 9 timmar sedan
One of my friends eats the leaves of the strawberrys🤮🤮🤮
Keira Charalambous
Keira Charalambous - 7 timmar sedan
Wow one like (the most I've ever had literally)
Cooper Halperin
Cooper Halperin - 11 timmar sedan
With the chicken wigs you can get bone less
Natasha Vyse
Natasha Vyse - 13 timmar sedan
Animation Maxime
Animation Maxime - 15 timmar sedan
I just make my hard tacos into nachos
T Gaming
T Gaming - 17 timmar sedan
Saige Kastner
Saige Kastner - 20 timmar sedan
Me and my sister eat cupcakes the "azzy" way
Alex Wolf Killz
Alex Wolf Killz - 21 timme sedan
Even if it wasn't the last one
Alex Wolf Killz
Alex Wolf Killz - 21 timme sedan
I would eat sponge Bob's home
Suhani RANA
Suhani RANA - 21 timme sedan
I believe you
Megan Pedersen
Megan Pedersen - 22 timmar sedan
The ketchup back works but you need to have the bottle at a 57° angle while you tap the bottle on the 57
Ishanie Vijay
Ishanie Vijay - 22 timmar sedan
Where I live we say jam not jelly
Noah Staddon
Noah Staddon - 23 timmar sedan
don't let Jordy play on your gta v acount it is anoying
killer Cupcake
killer Cupcake - 23 timmar sedan
I eat ice cream so fast that it doesn't melt
Julia Howard
Julia Howard - Dag sedan
your chanel is amazing
Julia Howard
Julia Howard - Dag sedan
i love food
Julia Howard
Julia Howard - Dag sedan
i can,t bileve we been eating food wrong
Adelle Rundquist
Adelle Rundquist - Dag sedan
Correction: Am I wrong? I ONLY LIKE THE Batter in cupcakes!
Adelle Rundquist
Adelle Rundquist - Dag sedan
Not not I love he batter :/
Adelle Rundquist
Adelle Rundquist - Dag sedan
Am I wrong? XD I am not a fan of the batter!
Red Panda Hannah
Red Panda Hannah - Dag sedan
For the ice cream thing, just dip the spoon in water
Aniah Taylor
Aniah Taylor - Dag sedan
Alison Entinghe
Alison Entinghe - Dag sedan
my dog just died please like :(
Alison Entinghe
Alison Entinghe - Dag sedan
Mob Mob
Mob Mob - Dag sedan
Like in I think yessss
Hannah Grace Check
Hannah Grace Check - 2 timmar sedan
Keira Charalambous true
Keira Charalambous
Keira Charalambous - 7 timmar sedan
It's azzyland not assyland
Leanne Matthews
Leanne Matthews - Dag sedan
I just put the excrem in the makawave
Storm Barnet
Storm Barnet - Dag sedan
Peanut butter honey the one from bees time not peanut butter jelly time
Russell Follansbee
Russell Follansbee - Dag sedan
I never drop any taco but the meat lel
G Tak
G Tak - Dag sedan
Why do you have eyebags?
gacha cookies tv
gacha cookies tv - Dag sedan
I BELVIE U AZZY LOVE U can i have a shout out please💕💕
Silent Foxe
Silent Foxe - Dag sedan
Not everyone hates the bottom of a cupcake! I really like it!
AimeeVlogs 2008
AimeeVlogs 2008 - Dag sedan
on the strawberry one, u still lose some of the strawberry, actually, u lose the middle part which is the most delicious part!!
Charlotte queen
Charlotte queen - Dag sedan
So for I watch this video long time ago when I liked SketchUp why is there a 57 on the bottle so I started tapping
Shreejana Shrestha
Shreejana Shrestha - Dag sedan
Hey I'm not a kid
David Bupp
David Bupp - Dag sedan
I do not like bannanas
Bunny Lover
Bunny Lover - Dag sedan
👙👗👢👒I is in love
Gretel Urrea
Gretel Urrea - Dag sedan
Thx azzy
Emily Tillman
Emily Tillman - Dag sedan
Almost 10 mil!!!!!
编辑Riley - Dag sedan
Kpop Jorja200
Kpop Jorja200 - Dag sedan
If u are a A. R. M. Y you will see that Jim was scared of Jungkook because he peeled a pineapple like the vid does BTS
Tash Coleman
Tash Coleman - Dag sedan
I know a hack that makes eating a mango easier just eat the skin!!!
Moonlit-Wolfie Orange Gang
I don't Have Pancake Stacks
ECE 01 Deniz
ECE 01 Deniz - Dag sedan
Michael Santini
Michael Santini - Dag sedan
I don’t like pizza at all
5zym0n_ Jk
5zym0n_ Jk - Dag sedan
I no drink out of can with straw
Like if you don't use a straw either
Kristi Johnson
Kristi Johnson - Dag sedan
i trust you no mater what
I Have a Mystery Name
I Have a Mystery Name - Dag sedan
I like the bottom of the cupcake
Fatima Al Ameri
Fatima Al Ameri - 2 dagar sedan
I was eating and watching
Bella Bales
Bella Bales - 2 dagar sedan
I never know you eat it like that
Chloe Hewitt
Chloe Hewitt - 2 dagar sedan
thats why they call it a STRAWberry lol
Ashley Tudor
Ashley Tudor - 2 dagar sedan
I can’t have oranges at all
Ashley Tudor
Ashley Tudor - 2 dagar sedan
1 like = 1 like for the bottom of the cupcake
Lucy Loodles
Lucy Loodles - 2 dagar sedan
Roses are red
The sky is blue
Azzy I love you
Mollylover 1
Mollylover 1 - 2 dagar sedan
I have tried the banana one and it does work, but I still like doing by the stem.
Scar Midnight :3
Scar Midnight :3 - 2 dagar sedan
Me getting ice cream out of a container with a metal spoon: *breaks spoon* BIG FAT OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOF
Edit: my edit was the F at the end & this is also my edit
TDettz - 2 dagar sedan
Kelly Russo
Kelly Russo - 2 dagar sedan
Almost every time I've tried to get ice cream to come out of the container I struggle to the point where I end up ripping the container and getting ice cream all over my hands ;-; oof
PopZin YMCA - 2 dagar sedan
I fell like these are hacks
Kate Russ
Kate Russ - 2 dagar sedan
My life is different finally you're doing it again
Kate Russ
Kate Russ - 2 dagar sedan
My life is different
xxIceWolfxx hi
xxIceWolfxx hi - 2 dagar sedan
Shout out plz
xxIceWolfxx hi
xxIceWolfxx hi - 2 dagar sedan
At 3:04 those tacos look delicious like if you agree
pooja bhatt
pooja bhatt - 2 dagar sedan
This is awsome
Lauren Brown
Lauren Brown - 2 dagar sedan
Hi azzy
Guy Dichiara
Guy Dichiara - 2 dagar sedan
2:38 I use the Azzy way to eat a cupcake
Mary Ann Hayworth
Mary Ann Hayworth - 2 dagar sedan
Happens if you don’t like the latest from the taco
Makayla Hoffman
Makayla Hoffman - 2 dagar sedan
I cut off the stem but I don't waste it because I give it to my bunny
Chloe  Tacmo
Chloe Tacmo - 2 dagar sedan
Ceara Hilbing
Ceara Hilbing - 2 dagar sedan
i love frosen fruit mostly on wafuls with nutela on them
Lee Elnady
Lee Elnady - 2 dagar sedan
9:17 it works