Bead "Pixel Art" Challenge - The Worst-Best Fun I've Ever Had!

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Spag00t Boi
Spag00t Boi - 3 månader sedan
what is this, BEADdsm
Faye LGBT - 6 dagar sedan
Faye LGBT - 6 dagar sedan
Spag00t Boi oh shit
Faye LGBT - 6 dagar sedan
rayofsanshine I’m 17 and I don’t even know what it is. I feel ashamed
Itz _TacoPlayz_
Itz _TacoPlayz_ - 7 dagar sedan
What's Beaddsm??
Evie Muncey
Evie Muncey - 11 dagar sedan
In England they are called hama beads
lolasum sumi-san
lolasum sumi-san - Timme sedan
I really like this video.

Make more.
Wolf Princess
Wolf Princess - Timme sedan
I honestly haven't seen any hammabeads since i was like 9. My friend used to have a massive box full of them and we sometimes did them in her kitchen and once we did it in an art class at school and they were always so much fun! However, we DID always do it with hands. Anyway, I'm sounding like a douche so i' going to end this comment. Bye xx
Irena Anzienė
Irena Anzienė - 14 timmar sedan
Į madę a snake im a kid and in less than a hour
Natasha Girl
Natasha Girl - 15 timmar sedan
Jazzy: ahhhhh
consoleculture - 16 timmar sedan
You need to look up the masking tape method. The end result is amazing with no holes left in the beads, provided you use the Perler branded ones.
consoleculture - 15 timmar sedan A video I did of the masking tape procedure!!
Hart2D2 - 17 timmar sedan
I was literally biting my nails then he said “STOP BITING YOUR NAILS”

I stopped with a face like this 😯
madhusmita mishra
madhusmita mishra - 20 timmar sedan
It is very beautiful.
Anna Conkova
Anna Conkova - Dag sedan
So...... how old is he again??
Marta Bronshvayg
Marta Bronshvayg - Dag sedan
Kool Guy
Kool Guy - 2 dagar sedan
Lol I bite my nails
VIDIT SHAH - 2 dagar sedan
1.Try drawing with only one hair.
2.Try drawing by holding the brush in your mouth.
ガチャFRøźєη Flame
ガチャFRøźєη Flame - 2 dagar sedan
Intro= compliationif anime sounds
Strawberry Iscream - Ellye
Strawberry Iscream - Ellye - 2 dagar sedan
Combined with the “I’m an Adult” T-Shirt, this makes the perfect video.
Chompy - 2 dagar sedan
5:49 we have been wondering that forever
jo wheeler
jo wheeler - 3 dagar sedan
this video should be called "Jazza struggles to use hammer beads" LOL
Malachy Stanger
Malachy Stanger - 3 dagar sedan
This video showcases jazzas descent into madness in a way similar to the Stanley Kubrick classic the shining
yunic tells gacha's
yunic tells gacha's - 4 dagar sedan
Someone gave me bowser made out of beads
Timothy Brunetz
Timothy Brunetz - 4 dagar sedan
I just listen to you
Bees and Buterflise .EB.
Bees and Buterflise .EB. - 4 dagar sedan
I watched this hole video hoping for him to drop a hole case of beads on the floor and pick them up by hand 😓😋
Josh Dunn
Josh Dunn - 4 dagar sedan
Jazza, I’m thoroughly disappointed you didn’t make the pun ‘It’s Hama time’... I believe as punishment for such a blatantly missed opportunity, you should do another one of these videos but... wait for it... DOUBLE THE SIZE (and potentially double the chance of a nervous breakdown)
Molly Kearing
Molly Kearing - 5 dagar sedan
A book I recommend listening to when arting is the daughter of the lioness series. The first book is called the tricksters choice, also this video was amazing. I love the montage and the frame idea was awesome. Thank you for creating great content for us! 😃
Tom Bnwell
Tom Bnwell - 5 dagar sedan
Close your eyes for the first part
Synderai - 5 dagar sedan
I love it! It's Brilliant! You need to play "Beat it, well working. After your book of course. ;p
Melyssa Hawes
Melyssa Hawes - 5 dagar sedan
I uSED THOSE IN DAYCARE EVERY DAY !! you don’t know stress until you’re trying to find the exact same beads in a messy pile of every color ever
Kirsten Hayes
Kirsten Hayes - 5 dagar sedan
I used to do this at my great grandma's house and it was so fun!
Asriel The Sheep
Asriel The Sheep - 6 dagar sedan
The painting is literally Terraria
Em Hendrickson
Em Hendrickson - 6 dagar sedan
You MUST do this MORE THIS IS AWESOME!!!!! Try a 3d creation!
Faye LGBT - 6 dagar sedan
6:09 describes my life 😂😂
Record 11
Record 11 - 6 dagar sedan
You should make the Mona Lisa
Soph. Bainbridge
Soph. Bainbridge - 6 dagar sedan
I used to love playing with these when I was younger I found them so fun
Fire Master Gaming
Fire Master Gaming - 6 dagar sedan
Its so funny when he said he spends a lot if time in the children s toy shop and his shirt says "im an ADULT' 😂😂😂😂😂😂
Vind Z
Vind Z - 6 dagar sedan
That intro earned you my sub
Angus HEASLY - 6 dagar sedan
if it has been 3 days why is he wearing the same shirt?
Kiều Anh Phạm
Kiều Anh Phạm - 6 dagar sedan
It is fun to watch his reactions toward his own creativity!
Sophague - 6 dagar sedan
It’s been three days yet he still has the same shirt on.
She33moon - 6 dagar sedan
More beads. More 3D. Please, lol
D3V1L15H L3G3ND5
D3V1L15H L3G3ND5 - 6 dagar sedan
When he said "Beat it", I fell off my chair...
Stephanie Stumpf
Stephanie Stumpf - 7 dagar sedan
Oh god he said excuuuuuuse me barely anyone will get that reference
Eazy K 25
Eazy K 25 - 7 dagar sedan
Lex P
Lex P - 7 dagar sedan
What are those beads called lol?? I wanna try this
GracieTheAnimator - 7 dagar sedan
Don’t take the sounds from the beginning out of context.
Sammy Machin
Sammy Machin - 7 dagar sedan
Do it again
Elise Mayes
Elise Mayes - 7 dagar sedan
I used to make these for a living and it used to take me ten-fifteen minutes to make things bigger than that duck
Athena Morledge
Athena Morledge - 7 dagar sedan
6:02 is so soooooooo sad
Delilah Sandoval
Delilah Sandoval - 7 dagar sedan
Make your avatar
Little buddy cutei
Little buddy cutei - 7 dagar sedan
That’s fucking amazing! Good job dude 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻
TeylaTheLeopardGecko - 7 dagar sedan
OMG did you watch the Link shows / movies?!?!?! That's the only place Link says ExCuZeEeEe Me! I hate the show. But I love the game ;)
Levandi Orlando
Levandi Orlando - 7 dagar sedan
Do more pleaseeee!!!!
#inspiringarts!! THANK YOU😄😄
Ashley Firecake
Ashley Firecake - 7 dagar sedan
Who else thought the final piece looked like a minecraft "painting". Like the ones you place on the walls in minecraft?
Just me.. ok ;-;
gotcha love
gotcha love - 7 dagar sedan
The first thing you made the like button looks more like Newfoundland I live in Newfoundland the best place EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Gacha FrenchFries
Gacha FrenchFries - 7 dagar sedan
“ *Freshly cooked link* .”
asriel de opinião
asriel de opinião - 8 dagar sedan


AARON CHAMBERS - 8 dagar sedan
Back in the old 2010s we did this by hand. And we where so driven to them we would fight over the biggest one...
DrinkTeaReadBooksBeHappy - 8 dagar sedan
I did this so much when I was younger. So many great memories, sorting colours for hours and hours.... and hours, beads not melting together, melting the pegs 😂. I remember I made some designs on 20+ large squares 😅.
Herdi Herp
Herdi Herp - 8 dagar sedan
10:15 Dude those subtitles are disloyal as fuck
•• JULIANALIEN •• - 8 dagar sedan
Tshit : im an adult
Jazza : *acts like a child*
miss bellina
miss bellina - 8 dagar sedan
•• JULIANALIEN •• - 8 dagar sedan
is it possible to make a phone case using beads?
Hdiendjxjd Hsurndufheus
Hdiendjxjd Hsurndufheus - 8 dagar sedan
Make art with feather and ink and try to draw something
Hdiendjxjd Hsurndufheus
Hdiendjxjd Hsurndufheus - 8 dagar sedan
Make art with feather and ink and try to draw something
Rosie ASMR
Rosie ASMR - 8 dagar sedan
Jazza:bead it
Me: mhhhhhhhhhhh
Jazza: tell me something that deserves a like more
Me: meme review
Edo Nur
Edo Nur - 8 dagar sedan
0:50 He spit it out, and he wearing a nice t-shirt
True NerF
True NerF - 9 dagar sedan
why couldn't you use a tweezer
CupcakeGirl GatchaTube
CupcakeGirl GatchaTube - 9 dagar sedan
The beginning sounds like link when he's attacking monsters
Idk its just me
Rasheed Greene
Rasheed Greene - 9 dagar sedan
Piggycia - 9 dagar sedan
Who else skips his ads
Thelonelyhufflepuff YT
Thelonelyhufflepuff YT - 9 dagar sedan
I played with those as a kid
stonegames sm
stonegames sm - 9 dagar sedan
Poop does it
WolfyGamer 7897
WolfyGamer 7897 - 9 dagar sedan
6:27 he's lost it... Can we have an F in the chat!
WolfyGamer 7897
WolfyGamer 7897 - 9 dagar sedan
Everyone at the beginning:
Everyone at 9:45: LIKE THE FRIKIN VIDEO!!!!!!!!!!!

Jazza: BEED IT!!!!!!!
Judy MN
Judy MN - 9 dagar sedan
Just so you know Jazza... Honestly I’ve never listened to the segments where you talk about your sponsors... I always skip them 😂
Emma Rose44
Emma Rose44 - 9 dagar sedan
It looks like a painting from Minecraft 😂
Gaming&gatcha Laura
Gaming&gatcha Laura - 9 dagar sedan
All I can say is pause at 6:02... you'll thank me later ;)
LPS unicorn
LPS unicorn - 9 dagar sedan
Me: *watching this video's intro
Dad: what in the world are you watching

Yes im late.
Allison Taylor
Allison Taylor - 8 dagar sedan
rubs fall hawks sso
rubs fall hawks sso - 9 dagar sedan
A like and subscribe is to play mincraft
Fanbo Smith
Fanbo Smith - 9 dagar sedan
Three days after still wearing the same shirt 😂😂
Cookiie 3000
Cookiie 3000 - 9 dagar sedan
Play more hardcore Minecraft it’s funny watching you die
Autumn Rae Tussing
Autumn Rae Tussing - 9 dagar sedan
This video is absolutely fabulous!!!!!!!
Avery Rose
Avery Rose - 9 dagar sedan
Why use audible when you have spotify