Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker - Teaser

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KIDS TV - 2 minuter sedan
hi link:
Juan Carlos Bejarano
Juan Carlos Bejarano - 3 minuter sedan
wait, does that confirm that admiral ackbar IS STILL ALIVE?!!!!!
redcodec - 10 minuter sedan
Palpatine returning to run for an election?
Baruch Spinosa
Baruch Spinosa - 10 minuter sedan
Why did they pass on all they know,? She does not need their knowledge
She barely knows Leah and they are hugging like best buddies
Brittany j Taylor
Brittany j Taylor - 12 minuter sedan
Thrawn walks into the bridge of the Chaimaera.
Ensign: (to audience) ON YOUR FEET.
Jiiponen - 23 minuter sedan
Waiter: Would you like any drinks, sir?
Palpatine: A mountain dew it.
Eliza Gaskell
Eliza Gaskell - 24 minuter sedan
The king mouse of nostalgia, lack of originality and remakes strikes again.  
When a film studio deceives me once, it is their fault; when twice, it is mine. You don't get a third time to fool me.
Pesh - 40 minuter sedan
The film is going to begin and then it will end
Y Chace
Y Chace - 42 minuter sedan
Never watched a single star wars movie. What am I missing?
White Girls & Black Men Make beautiful Mixed Babies
I really hope Rey gets Blacked by Finn in this one ❤️
Sam Griffin
Sam Griffin - 46 minuter sedan
Reys palpatines kid
ConspiracyKill Happens
ConspiracyKill Happens - 48 minuter sedan
cant take it? I thought this was a "teaser"
John Boosh
John Boosh - 52 minuter sedan
Gonna be terrible
Thomas Bludis
Thomas Bludis - 50 minuter sedan
Youtube Rewind 2018 Sucks
emperor's laugh sounds like the old guy's laugh outside my house.
Join Oh yeah oh yeah
Join Oh yeah oh yeah - Timme sedan
Do it
DOSsector - Timme sedan
So what is this ring on 1:42. Thans arse after Ant Man invasion?
JTDRAG0N - Timme sedan
Disney, you literally spoiled the movie with the caption.
LouisPee - Timme sedan
J.J. Abrams: Makes excellent episode 7
Rian Johnson: Let's ruin things.
J.J. Abrams: Oops, sorry for hiring that guy. I'll bring them all back for you fans.
Adam N.
Adam N. - Timme sedan
Me at the end: Oh boy I wonder what that evil laugh is!
Subtitles: I'm about to end this man's whole career...
DarthAlcoholic - Timme sedan
Darth Sidious created Rey with the Force.
Lord Vader
Lord Vader - Timme sedan
I hope the emperor is to forgive me for my disloyalty to the empire.
Libertatus in Perpetuum
Libertatus in Perpetuum - Timme sedan
From a great set of movies with an age old story line, Good vs a girlie empowerment BS tale. You can sure tell Lucas has nothing to do with this garbage.
Thomas Bludis
Thomas Bludis - Timme sedan
Where is the girl power in the films though?! WHERE?!
Persil - 2 timmar sedan
Disney broke down star wars.
The plot does not agree with canons at all
Thomas Bludis
Thomas Bludis - Timme sedan
The only thing that was broke down was your own experience
Danny Lim
Danny Lim - 2 timmar sedan
Rey is the first Jedi that takes on a spaceship face to face!
john mcdonald
john mcdonald - 2 timmar sedan
The sly force of hand to get you to doing something wrong and is not proof of true intent
Big black Sexy Potato
Big black Sexy Potato - 2 timmar sedan
time for disney to redeem themselves
mohamed shaban vlogs 1
mohamed shaban vlogs 1 - 2 timmar sedan
The laugh at the end is either Palpatine or Mark Hammil forgetting that he was Luke in this, not Joker.
mohamed shaban vlogs 1
mohamed shaban vlogs 1 - 2 timmar sedan
Like if you’re here before 1 million views 🔥
Maximoose - 2 timmar sedan
Make a Star Wars theory about what will happen
mohamed shaban vlogs 1
mohamed shaban vlogs 1 - 2 timmar sedan
Like if you’re here before 1 million views 🔥
Jim's Adventures
Jim's Adventures - 2 timmar sedan
IKA - 2 timmar sedan
Honestly feel like this is the least impactful saga of the three. Leaves a lot to be desired. Don't even remember how the first one progressed.
prostiggerman gaming
prostiggerman gaming - 3 timmar sedan
IS this The last Episodes of starwars
Drunken Assassin
Drunken Assassin - 3 timmar sedan
rise of the sky.......... NO NO NO YOU ARE NOT IMPLYING REY IS A SKYWALKER NO IF YOU ARE TRYING THAT I AT LEAST WANT A STARKILLER REFERENCE OR FOR HIS CLONE TO SHOW UP IN THE MOVIE otherwise i'm excited and obviously me and my dad will be going to the movies when this comes out
Jacob Anderson
Jacob Anderson - 4 timmar sedan
R2D2 gets snubbed again...
The Ridiculous Otaku
The Ridiculous Otaku - 3 timmar sedan
Prob has an important role
Rotmax 007
Rotmax 007 - 4 timmar sedan
Luke's Star Wars Galaxies Mod
Rotmax 007
Rotmax 007 - 4 timmar sedan
For Minecraft
Rotmax 007
Rotmax 007 - 4 timmar sedan
Nice Mod!!!
LiamTehMemer - 4 timmar sedan
Luke: No one's ever really gone.
*Ian has joined the chat*
Scott Shields
Scott Shields - 4 timmar sedan
This hopefully will be better than the last Jedi .
Reem Alkaff
Reem Alkaff - 4 timmar sedan
is this like real
Robin Swede
Robin Swede - 4 timmar sedan
That callback to the phantom menace trailer
D orouto
D orouto - 4 timmar sedan
Who hope to see some old friends
Only Greatness
Only Greatness - 4 timmar sedan
Having darth jar jar as the evil mastermind of everything would be the biggest meme in history
Mister Relaxation ASMR
Mister Relaxation ASMR - 4 timmar sedan
"Do it!"
Thomas Bludis
Thomas Bludis - Timme sedan
Dew it!
Jacob Dominguez
Jacob Dominguez - 5 timmar sedan
enkidu - 5 timmar sedan
cant wait to download illegally this movie
Thomas Bludis
Thomas Bludis - Timme sedan
Suit yourself
Jacob Dominguez
Jacob Dominguez - 5 timmar sedan
SavageXXIII Remnant
SavageXXIII Remnant - 5 timmar sedan
Sith Ghosts 🤣
Thomas Bludis
Thomas Bludis - 3 timmar sedan
That would actually be a sick idea
Miss Inky
Miss Inky - 5 timmar sedan
For some reason I didn’t like the last one, it kind of was a disappointment to me soon as it was building up to quite a bad ending. I mean Leia wasn’t even their half of the movie, (I know Carrie Fisher passed away before a lot of the scenes were filmed.) I kind of thought that Leia had the force in her so she could become the last jedi.
1buszybudy13 - 5 timmar sedan
So i guess the Tie racing over the sand is supposed to be Pod Racer esque?
desmation - 5 timmar sedan
So polished.... perfect make up....
Slyder - 5 timmar sedan
Had to skip the first minute of absolute nothingness
David Ochoa
David Ochoa - 5 timmar sedan
25 Million Views? This trailer still sends chills.
Thomas Bludis
Thomas Bludis - Timme sedan
Janus Mapping
Janus Mapping - 5 timmar sedan
Coming Soon date: December 12, 2019 right now date is Star Wars 9?
Star Wars The Force Awakens: December 18
Star Wars The Last Jedi: December 15
Star Wars The Rise of Skywalker: December 12
right now is date!
The Ridiculous Otaku
The Ridiculous Otaku - 3 timmar sedan
DEC 20
Eternalme - 5 timmar sedan
As a Star Wars fan I refuse to acknowledge these awful new films as part of the true story.
Purple Pepe
Purple Pepe - 5 timmar sedan
Caustic Glitch
Caustic Glitch - 5 timmar sedan
That Darth Sidious laugh in the end... Right?
Ghostie - 5 timmar sedan
This will be the best Christmas present ever
ZeoNeXuS - 5 timmar sedan
Uhm, uh, so the Avengers were able to retrieve half of the Universe's population that Thanos wiped out?
Carl Reynolds
Carl Reynolds - 5 timmar sedan
Lando wearing the same cape 30 odd years later...came on now
richard ray archuleta
richard ray archuleta - 6 timmar sedan
Darth Vader's Tie Fighter
DumbThumbsFPV - 6 timmar sedan
OMG I honestly can't wait to miss this one.. an absolute must not see..
Thomas Bludis
Thomas Bludis - 3 timmar sedan
Suit yourself
biguglyalex - 6 timmar sedan
Ugly Nigga
Ugly Nigga - 6 timmar sedan
I wish Vader made a comeback
Jeremy Raglin
Jeremy Raglin - 6 timmar sedan
The saga comes to an end, until the remake the Star Wars movies.
Captain Rex CT— 7567
Captain Rex CT— 7567 - 6 timmar sedan
Emperor palpatine! ?!?!?!?!?!?! Ohhh yeah!!! Now I won't be able to resist this movie!!!
TheChraysterr - 6 timmar sedan
“No one is ever really gone”
- PAPA FRANKU: Hold my beer.
Saint Michael
Saint Michael - 6 timmar sedan
Disney trash movie
Stefan S1984
Stefan S1984 - 6 timmar sedan
I think I would really enjoy this, if I remove TLJ from my memory. Guess I'll have to try. Please JJ you cannot fix this trilogy but atleast make us want Episode X.
Rusty Shackleford
Rusty Shackleford - 6 timmar sedan
Star Wars: Cashgrab
Thomas Bludis
Thomas Bludis - Timme sedan
I guess after one bad movie in a franchise the ones after that movie are cashgrabs. Brilliant logic!
Joris Buis
Joris Buis - 7 timmar sedan
If that is Vader’s castle they did everything right!
cruel scientist
cruel scientist - 7 timmar sedan
Rey is to me as Anakin is to Mace.
A K - 7 timmar sedan
Hol' up didn't Luke's lightsaber break in half
The Ridiculous Otaku
The Ridiculous Otaku - 3 timmar sedan
Take a seat?
Iball nonya
Iball nonya - 7 timmar sedan
Star Wars: The Mary Sue

No thanks. I just don't feel like seeing this one.
Thomas Bludis
Thomas Bludis - Timme sedan
Suit yourself
SaltyBastionMain - 7 timmar sedan
The saga is ending? Good riddance. Been sick of these movies since the first one. Thanks for ruining Star Wars Disney. Money hungry dicks.
Thomas Bludis
Thomas Bludis - 3 timmar sedan
What a baby
Shalawn Smith
Shalawn Smith - 7 timmar sedan
She jumped...but she didn't have the high ground...
Cryptonymicus - 7 timmar sedan
Right off hand, I can't think of a reason why I'd pay to see it.
QuentinLars - 7 timmar sedan
wow.... really? lol
Mady G
Mady G - 7 timmar sedan
Why is literally everything ending? Avengers and star wars. What do I watch now?
Thomas Bludis
Thomas Bludis - 3 timmar sedan
邓波 - 8 timmar sedan
不要翻译 我是在骂你们 艹你妈的外国佬
iiCxpcake - 8 timmar sedan
Emporer protecc
Emporer attacc
But most importantly
Emporer is bacc
CelestialBeing - 8 timmar sedan
Oh shut professor he’s back!
GlitchOut Gaming
GlitchOut Gaming - 8 timmar sedan
*REY: [Heavy Breathing]*
Ahem #subtitles
dinitroacetylen - 8 timmar sedan
When you try to make up for the clusterf-k which was "The Last Jedi" by throwing in everything that fans used to like, there is just not enough glue in the world to assemble it all into something cohesive.
Jonas Greslund
Jonas Greslund - 8 timmar sedan
So I end the Final Age War.
J V - 8 timmar sedan
Surprisingly I don't even care about this movie & that's a 1st for me when it comes to starwars. Disney's take on starwars is depressing & to me, they just can't get it right at all!
sojiro856 - 8 timmar sedan
The bore fest of the Mary Sue saga is ending! Hooray!
x FiAzc0
x FiAzc0 - 8 timmar sedan
Loving the amount of Down votes on this....JarJar Abrams/DisneyObama.
x FiAzc0
x FiAzc0 - Timme sedan
+Thomas Bludis Better than 1 in 8 people hated it. I think that's outstanding !!! and Gives Disney the kind of msg we want to portray. It's easy to appease the mindless sheep, but even they, after a while, will begin to be aware of a certain unease in the Aire....
Thomas Bludis
Thomas Bludis - Timme sedan
There’s 511k likes and there’s 67k dislikes. Y’all gotta do better than that.
Daniel Padilla
Daniel Padilla - 8 timmar sedan
This time Rey is going fly in space like Leia and unlock her mega ultra Mary Sue hyperspace force travel ability.
just deal !!
just deal !! - 8 timmar sedan
Nnoitra Jiruga
Nnoitra Jiruga - 8 timmar sedan
"Wipe them out, all of them ..."
What?! really, boi!
Pomchopdoo - 8 timmar sedan
Rise, rise and rise in every movie title. Please change the title.
C. I. A.
C. I. A. - 9 timmar sedan
If you look closely there is a vodka bottle
Cekku-W-9 GFO
Cekku-W-9 GFO - 9 timmar sedan
Baruch Spinosa
Baruch Spinosa - 9 timmar sedan
Master Jedi with no training
MyManCrushRyan - 9 timmar sedan
Every generation has a legend, and every one of them is a Skywalker.
Gaming Emerald
Gaming Emerald - 9 timmar sedan
Can't wait till this movie comes out I am so hyped like if you are exited!!
Cesar Joel
Cesar Joel - 9 timmar sedan
Mary Sue Chronicles: Episode III
Hugo Watt Sjöström
Hugo Watt Sjöström - 9 timmar sedan
Yes. The saga will end. So should all other canon content.