Trump Says He’d Take Foreign Dirt on a 2020 Opponent: A Closer Look

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Seth takes a closer look at the president saying in an interview that if he had the chance to collude with a foreign government in 2020, he would.
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Trump Says He’d Take Foreign Dirt on a 2020 Opponent: A Closer Look- Late Night with Seth Meyers

Late Night with Seth Meyers
Varaktighet: 11:52


Jason Olson
Jason Olson - 14 dagar sedan
These are dark days for everyone
Jason Olson
Jason Olson - 14 dagar sedan
Can i get a job working as a janitor in the white house
Maranda Ward
Maranda Ward - 29 dagar sedan
I like how usually he says “the president” or “Donald Trump” instead of “President Trump” because it’s just too unbearable to say.
UbZ ArSkoliad
UbZ ArSkoliad - Månad sedan
"Funny" to see this story about Rudy Giuliani in hindsight
lucia delarocha
lucia delarocha - Månad sedan
Orange Turd Pornsident was not elected, he was selected by financial criminals who know how stupid and laughable he is; they are making $$$ and laughing at America all the way to the Caiman Islands. On the other hand, yes, there are a lot of stupid people on meth who voted for him, not enough to get him the job though.
MisterTutor2010 - Månad sedan
Kushner can talk? :)
j-p collins
j-p collins - Månad sedan
The reason why other countries would help him, is because they is a completly idiot
sway Z
sway Z - 2 månader sedan
This is like a presidential Charlie Sheen interview...
Turtleproof - 2 månader sedan
That #TraitorTrump isn't in prison speaks volumes about the state of our government.
s driscoll
s driscoll - 2 månader sedan
When you get up everyday, look yourself in the mirror and have to say "Im smarter than the president of the united states" its fucking depressing.
s driscoll
s driscoll - 2 månader sedan
The piece of paper Trump pulls out if his pocket and waves around is completely blank, you can tell because the light shines through it and theres nada. What a fucking idiot.
honkawiman - 2 månader sedan
Oh my God, its gonna take a longggggggggg time to get our Allies to get back to us. And to have anyone trust us again..oh God, we are so FUCKED..
Kat loves dogs
Kat loves dogs - 2 månader sedan
Well, now that he's admitted he would, the FBI better keep a lookout, huh? That is if they haven't already been too compromised. After the Kavanaugh "investigation" they did, I don't have a lot of faith in them either.
Tucker Bowen
Tucker Bowen - 2 månader sedan
that's Trump's secret weapon. he does his crimes so blatantly and out-in-the-open that they don't even register as crimes to us, because it's impossible to process that anyone can really be that stupid.
Verity - 2 månader sedan
Fun fact: the Queen has the power Trump wants. She is above the law. She could rip on a bong and shoot ten people from her car but do you know why we allow our monarch to BE the law, and immune of the law? Because they are the country and they have the class to, you know, be the leader we need (they are there to stop any craziness going on) and serve with duty and honour.
Vendrine SWTOR
Vendrine SWTOR - 2 månader sedan
Rudy Giulliani's hair reminds of when Creed dyed his hair with printer ink to look younger in The Office.
Andethidial bubabibub
Andethidial bubabibub - 2 månader sedan
Criminal Intent and still not impeached
Peggy Trawick
Peggy Trawick - 2 månader sedan
“The Prince of Whales” It should be Wales.
Peggy Trawick
Peggy Trawick - 2 månader sedan
When you hear the word “Trump” you know you should be a Democrat
E Baby
E Baby - 3 månader sedan
I’m just saying “hypothetically” if the queen offered for me to take a rip off her bong, I’d probably do it
jazz21977 - 3 månader sedan
Prince of Whales (Orca?)......
The rectangular thing isn't that the Monolith?... Monkey grasping for help and guidance
jonnygogo bravo
jonnygogo bravo - 3 månader sedan
I still can't believe this dude is prez.
Uaine Diabhal
Uaine Diabhal - 3 månader sedan
Trump, Pence & the entire GOP should all be indicted for treason and shot... repeatedly
Andy Macedo
Andy Macedo - 3 månader sedan
No John Ratliffe isn't going to get nominated - wow that's not too embarrassing ! Is anyone anywhere going to tell the truth ??? All you fucking people do is lie ! Look yourselves in the mirror ! YOUR ONLY LYING TO YOURSELF ! If you think this is going away your absolutely out of your mind and way way way wrong ! It's NEVER EVER EVER EVER GOING ANYWHERE ! Your option is jail or prison ! Nothing else ! If you have looked at this situation even one time and not done anything or the right moral thing and for the evidence then you have no other choice but to go to jail for obstructing justice and perjury ! Your lying and your lying in front of the entire world and committing treason ! Go look up the definition of treason and money laundering and that's what your doing and obstructing justice ! I'm sitting here at 450 Washington ave Somerset Massachusetts and my zip code is 02726 and I have had three years of evidence sitting here waiting to be looked at and collected and my phone hasn't rang one time in three years ! It doesn't beep and it's unacceptable ! So like I've been saying for years your only choice is jail or jail or prison ! You can run to be president of the prison yard ! That's about it ! You aren't going to have a dollar left after this ! Zero chance of getting away with anything it's NEVER EVER EVER GOING AWAY ! NEVER ! So you can deal with reality or keep lying and lie to cover up the lies and lie to lie about the lying ! Wanna go commit treason and obstruct justice ? Or rape women and kill and murder kids ! 7 or eight kids now died at the border ! You murder kids and suppress people and obstruct justice and lie and commit treason ! Nothing less than treason and obstruction ! Conspiracy to commit obstruction ! That's exactly what your doing ! Making up lies and lying about it and lying daily for three straight years everyday ! Over ten thousand lies ! It's treason and your absolutely without question going to prison ! What's the reason why my doorbell isn't ringing ? Huh ? My phones not ringing ? Why ? Does someone else call and report that crimes are being committed and they have evidence on the president of the United States of America and go around yelling and texting the president of America on social media ? Good luck explaining that ! It's completely unspeakable and unacceptable ! So like I said your options are prison or jail ! That's it ! I think you may have picked the wrong guy ! Sorry it's never going anywhere until it's addressed ! Period like I've said for years everyday ! Hundreds of times everyday ! What's your reason for not collecting the evidence ? Not cool your going down and making things worse for this country and for America ! So yes your going to prison ! If you have an internet connection and have more than a dollar in your name than your only options are prison or jail ! Period non negotiable !
Rainbow Writer
Rainbow Writer - 3 månader sedan
Norway? Again?
Hunter LaBier
Hunter LaBier - 3 månader sedan
I like the blue and white
atamissaghi - 3 månader sedan
Anybody who underestimate Trump he has already lost ,
Julie W.
Julie W. - 4 månader sedan
This is the first interview where I've heard Kushner speak. And who just shows up to ANY e-mail they get that says, "come at 4pm." Even when you don't know who sent it or what it's about??? You have to be an f'ing idiot to believe that!!!
Marc Whinery
Marc Whinery - 4 månader sedan
"I didn't read the email." "I showed up at the meeting for the email I didn't read." So anyone who sends him an email gets a meeting? I've never gone to a meeting in my life where I didn't know who was going to be there and had some general idea of the reason. Yet these savvy businessmen go to pointless meetings with unknowns.
JustAGuy FromJersey
JustAGuy FromJersey - 4 månader sedan
The fact that he claims there’s no way he could’ve lost in Texas says a lot more to me than it probably does to anyone else but what do I know? I'm just a guy from jersey🤷🏾‍♂️
Edward Shields
Edward Shields - 4 månader sedan
Edward Shields
I call on everyone, in all of the United States, to go to your local high schools and colleges to register every citizen of the United States who will be 18 years of age on 03 November 2020! It is easy to do this in most states, and very important that younger people take over the vote! I will be 64 this August and I will be 65 on voting day, but I thoroughly realize that young people need to realize that they are deciding the future of their lives, and not mine. The wonderful John Kennedy was the original person during his inauguration speech to say, “The torch has been passed to a new generation!” I was six years old, and my parents and I were thrilled! This is extremely important! Please pass this message along.
Edward Shields
Edward Shields - 4 månader sedan
Edward Shields
Please don’t impeach Trump! If removal from office was successful, we would then end up with President Pence! Does anyone wanna see that happen? Impeachment is NOT the takedown of a president. Impeachment recommends that a president be tried before the Senate. The Senate then controls the vote on whether or not to remove him from office, and it requires 2/3 majority to remove the president. The Senate does not hold this voting power of 2/3 majority to accomplish this. The best thing that we can do is VOTE ON 3rd NOVEMBER 2020. That is truly the only pole that counts. This way we will be able to take him to criminal trials and put him in jail! I am quite sure that Melania will thank us all! 😃
SUDHIR PATEL - 4 månader sedan
It took 8 million years for apes to evolve into us 8 million modern humans who will in 100 years or so be dead so relax and throw away your technology and go camping and don't come back. You are all fake in the city. Only some more than others to make money and bad programming.
SUDHIR PATEL - 4 månader sedan
There are no good people. Only pretenders.
SUDHIR PATEL - 4 månader sedan
Nature goes on forever for everyone and everything to return as everyone and everything an infinite number of times. 😢 😢 😢
Noreen Mountain
Noreen Mountain - 4 månader sedan
How rediculous is it to believe Kushner got an email from "someone" telling him to meet for "something" at 4 and he doesnt enquire further... just shows up. What a moronic excuse. And his stupid answer wasnt followed up on??? Has the world gone stupid?
Norman G Lussier
Norman G Lussier - 4 månader sedan
any of the world's main continuous expanses of land (Africa, Antarctica, Asia, Australia, Europe, North America, South America).
ElZorro99 - 4 månader sedan
Hillary paid foreigners to make up fake dirt on Trump in 2016. Did you cover that?
ramms mutter69
ramms mutter69 - 4 månader sedan
Christopher Steele. Foreign dirt paid by DNC. Nice try homies.
Ginger P
Ginger P - 4 månader sedan
Jared Kushner is a corrupt entitled wimp. Looking at his face is difficult. Allegedly,Trump thinks the same.
Ginger P
Ginger P - 4 månader sedan
When Trump made that statement to Russia, my brain spun around. I just KNEW the FBI was waiting backstage with handcuffs.
salas7146 - 4 månader sedan
Donald Trump needs a mental health elevation
shesaknitter - 4 månader sedan
45 continues on because not only is he dishonest, there are no, or an inadequate amount of checks on him with a weak House and a complicit Senate. He has free reign...just like the king he wants to be. That may be about to change, however.
Eddie Marcus
Eddie Marcus - 4 månader sedan  trump is the devil
Kevin Flores
Kevin Flores - 5 månader sedan
Rudy slick looks like the guy who gives you your next mission in GTA 🤣🤣
Winston Paria
Winston Paria - 5 månader sedan
U all have no house but the big house for life
Winston Paria
Winston Paria - 5 månader sedan
Trump no ones rule but me I replace your house
Winston Paria
Winston Paria - 5 månader sedan
I got feud squd for u all
Daniel Jones
Daniel Jones - 5 månader sedan
A thick uneducated lazy ego driven parasite like his entire family
David Osborn
David Osborn - 5 månader sedan
HRC Did just that. Anything to say about that? Of course not.
Michael Pondo
Michael Pondo - 5 månader sedan
We know the dirt on trump turd and we don t like him his family and his administration.
John Thomas
John Thomas - 5 månader sedan
Desporado is back again hoping this time Trump won't win at least time! :D
2ΩIMFJ CD5 - 5 månader sedan
Yeah. I tweeted him about all the American steel poles that he will get personal with. Virtical in front of him.. And big strong horizontal ones behind him.😬😂
FaintAcrobat - 5 månader sedan
Am I the only one surprised Trump didn't have AF1 painted gold?
Purple Rain
Purple Rain - 5 månader sedan
Dump is drewing airplane in the oval office, when he should be drewing up plains for American health care dump is a 75yr old baby and the world knows this.
Thomas Panto
Thomas Panto - 5 månader sedan
If Russia had told Trump what they were doing, how long would it have remained a secret?
Thomas Panto
Thomas Panto - 5 månader sedan
Russia could help Trump but trump is too stupid to help Russia attack us..
Mex Seiko
Mex Seiko - 5 månader sedan
These people have no idea how people are sick and tired of their misconstruing every breath that comes out of Trump’s mouth. You notice how his rallies are getting bigger and bigger. They brain-tweaked us against hate, and now we detect it on them and are making us sick.
Monty Chronik
Monty Chronik - 5 månader sedan
Joe Biden’s son owns a gas company. Makes sense.
Sharon Bodimeade
Sharon Bodimeade - 5 månader sedan
More corruption every day from trump and the White House
martin saathoff
martin saathoff - 5 månader sedan
Wel left wing media is all dirt