Anfield erupts! Amazing scenes as Liverpool reach the Champions League final with stunning comeback!

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BT Sport
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This is OFFICIALLY the most viewed video on our YouTube channel... It took less than a day 😂🤯
Football ❤️
Kakaidol - 6 dagar sedan
@Shiroyasha - At anfield we believe
Deadeye1967 - 10 dagar sedan
BT > Sky
Alex Despotppoulos
Alex Despotppoulos - 12 dagar sedan
Let's get 100 million!!
Liverpool Till I die
Liverpool Till I die - 17 dagar sedan
Euan Thomas Chelsea fan in a Liverpool video comment section Just doesn’t make sense to me
Mike B
Mike B - 23 dagar sedan
Simon Mombrun
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6 Times 🏆🏆🏆 🏆🏆🏆🥇
محمد  غزالية
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Oh my God 💗💗💗💗
I am from IRAQ 🤗YNWA 😘
Asap Chukkz
Asap Chukkz - Dag sedan
Lfc is life
Football Reacts
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2:38 the guy on the right on the phone
I think he’s cancelling his tickets to Madrid
Loftus Blake
Loftus Blake - Dag sedan
The biggest flop in world cup history
Yolanda Nunez
Yolanda Nunez - Dag sedan
Qué hermosa canción Liverpool
Richard Boyes
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What player would love to play for this club YNWA
Jow Fayerz
Jow Fayerz - 2 dagar sedan
Proper club from the boro
Sushant Chipte
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6:19 Remove that "?" And put "19"
Lally Ray
Lally Ray - 2 dagar sedan
I don't know how many times hv watched dis but when ever I watch it's like anther new game never did I believe dis ...when I was watching live something in my mind was saying messi is scoring until da final min ...2019 July 13 still watching
Aditya Garud
Aditya Garud - 3 dagar sedan
Best video on btsport to till date
Who is the interviewer tho ?
Shajid Ahmed
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Don't mind me watching for the 12736th time
Dirk Diggler
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1:18 Lovren can’t help but give bezzie Mo Salah a hug 😂😂
Lee Taylor
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God help Norwich city! First match of the Premier league season under the lights of Anfield 🤣👍
Anson Chan
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I still come back every once in a while!
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The most viewed video on the YouTube channel, And the most be loved club in the world. From Somalia
Von Splatterblast
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Congratulations on the new contract Origi 👍👍👍😎😎
Callum Rodgers
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1:07 ref got swerved
عبدالله RMA
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Name the song in 6:39?
Hamzah Ali
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ahmed Soliman
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ليله القبض علي البرسا
Slappe Slang
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Next year Liverpool is gonna win the premier League trophy i know it 🙏🏼YNWA
EVERTON FC IS DA BEST - 6 dagar sedan
derek dextremist
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Dempsey Oldham
Dempsey Oldham - 6 dagar sedan
EVERTON FC IS DA BEST haha no it not
Nasilemakbungkus Nasilemakbungkus
Suarez mengotakan janji tidak akan celebrate kt anfield
Conrad Mixelson
Conrad Mixelson - 7 dagar sedan
I am so happy that Liverpool again has a manager who can make people happy! YNWA!
Godswill Osagie
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Revenge for 2009
Abuzer Dag
Abuzer Dag - 8 dagar sedan
Who is the guy with the glasses at 4.43 next to Chamberlain ? Does anyone know him ?
fire55star fire
fire55star fire - 9 dagar sedan
Meepstar 10 like???
GameloverYT - 9 dagar sedan
This game shows how good Southamptons Youth Academy is 😂
GameloverYT - 9 dagar sedan
I love how Klopp handshakes everyone before celebrating
Sh In
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Daily viewing
Alice A
Alice A - 10 dagar sedan
Even as a man united fan this come back made me feel emotional for Liverpool 😂
Tayyib Iqbal
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Just to clarrify this is the best comeback
MK27_ LFC - 11 dagar sedan
When it's Liverpool there's a way YNWA I LOVE LIVERPOOL
AshishLB Liverpool
AshishLB Liverpool - 11 dagar sedan
Today's newspaper needed glasses and emotion 😱LFC all the way
Sen De Silva
Sen De Silva - 11 dagar sedan
The team spirit in this liverpool side is unbelievable im not even a liverpool fan but full credit to the boys and the fans/manager
Sen De Silva
Sen De Silva - 11 dagar sedan
LMFAO gutted messi
Captain Random
Captain Random - 13 dagar sedan
Watched this everyday ever since
Neighbor’s Cats
Neighbor’s Cats - 13 dagar sedan
I just realized that Origi in Arabic means goat 🐐 lmao
John Lustig
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Why is Alan Partridge on the pitch asking stupid questions?
Broly's Buns
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Lol im back
Honor La Fortnite Player
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Liverpool Arabic Fans
Liverpool Arabic Fans - 17 dagar sedan
We are the best❤️❤️❤️
Aliq Khairil
Aliq Khairil - 17 dagar sedan
Champions of Europe for a reason♥️❤️
Liverpool Till I die
Liverpool Till I die - 17 dagar sedan
Who else wonders why West Ham blow bubbles?
Niners Forty
Niners Forty - 17 dagar sedan
halim abdallah Lozzy
halim abdallah Lozzy - 18 dagar sedan
People who disliked were Barca fans
ABDIWELI ISSE FARAH - 19 dagar sedan
Abdihakim Said ahmed
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Still watching this 🔴🔴💪🏾#ynwa