VFX Artists React to Bad & Great CGi 3

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James - 36 minuter sedan
anyone else getting 8 ads in this? 8 ads for a 14 min video , that's a bit excessive
Cestarian Inhabitant
Cestarian Inhabitant - 45 minuter sedan
"I just realized that".
Do Bo
Do Bo - 55 minuter sedan
ya but what work have these "pros" done? I mean jstu calling them pros means nothing. If their work isnt any better then what are they laughing at?
R Rockwell
R Rockwell - Timme sedan
The Children of Men baby had steam coming off the baby in completly believable waves. I never would have guessed that was cgi.
GW Epyon
GW Epyon - Timme sedan
Guy in the middle has a very distinct voice. I think he would be pretty successful as a voice actor.
dirac_luap - 2 timmar sedan
What do you think about Equilibrium ending scene
Some Guy
Some Guy - 2 timmar sedan
That's it im calling *Baba Yaga*
Sectum samuri
Sectum samuri - 2 timmar sedan
I love how they say THE Keanu Reeves instead of Keanu
Lennaert van Mierlo
Lennaert van Mierlo - 3 timmar sedan
Do the Russian war movie “T34” next. You’ll have a field day with that one. 👍
Dominic Tringali
Dominic Tringali - 3 timmar sedan
I really love you guys. I would really like to have you speak to my class of media students.
FutureMan - 4 timmar sedan
you guys should try reacting to Godzilla maybe? The old 1998 one and the newer ones. Would be interesting to hear from three artists who probably don't know anything about it.
Federico Speroni
Federico Speroni - 4 timmar sedan
7:21 I want it as a ringtone
Tzeff NL
Tzeff NL - 4 timmar sedan
Watch This Show From The Beginning ► Oopsy! Video NOT available! ^_^'
Guts The Berserker
Guts The Berserker - 5 timmar sedan
Mat Trixx??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? Who are these cringey hipsters and how are they actually an authority on this subject? I could do a better reaction without the background.
Anthony Mars
Anthony Mars - 5 timmar sedan
venom or spiderman
Donald Trump
Donald Trump - 6 timmar sedan
What is the last movie name
Marty McFlyness
Marty McFlyness - 6 timmar sedan
still think thats just will arnett in a superman costume lol. shit was bad as hell
ラビオリDank - 6 timmar sedan
4:24 Lmao that's basically a mohawk for his mustache
Stu Buckland
Stu Buckland - 6 timmar sedan
Resident Evil - that 'chunk' that just hangs there... it's hit the shoulder, that's why.
Niclas - 7 timmar sedan
I think it would be cool if you would animate smth with cgi in your react videos and we as the viewers have to identify it.
Lil Dairy
Lil Dairy - 8 timmar sedan
The Mātrix
Jade Venegas
Jade Venegas - 8 timmar sedan
I have been waiting for something like this YESSS!!
Cristina Sponchiado
Cristina Sponchiado - 8 timmar sedan
This series is so freaking interesting, I’m learning so much!! You guys are awesome
Lazarus Zoolander
Lazarus Zoolander - 8 timmar sedan
I'd still let her give me head.
Ali Hassan
Ali Hassan - 9 timmar sedan
i still don't know how to pronounce keanu reeves
Muhammad waleed
Muhammad waleed - 9 timmar sedan
Being a vfx artist is a curse hahahahaha
Dooker T
Dooker T - 9 timmar sedan
I had no idea the baby in Children of Men was CG. Amazing.
Hollow Blue
Hollow Blue - 9 timmar sedan
On board lol
Aneta - 9 timmar sedan
Please do a graphic (gory) warning next time. I really didn’t want to see people being diced! 😱🤭🤢🤭🤮
Trumpatier - Timme sedan
Jacob Gallagher
Jacob Gallagher - 9 timmar sedan
Y’all should do district 9!!
Dooker T
Dooker T - 9 timmar sedan
Why isn't this crew diverse? These cis straight white men *spits on the ground*, need to check their privilege, resign, or be fired for not being "inclusive".
Tomi Lyn
Tomi Lyn - 11 timmar sedan
Definitely react to the Power Rangers movie if you guys are looking for some fun CGI
LeSphinx InFoTech
LeSphinx InFoTech - 11 timmar sedan
Would love to see à VFX Artists React to Terminator one and two ! i remember seeing T2 in the theater and being blown away !!! Now we can see all the flaws in it but at the time it was incredible !
Audrey Moss
Audrey Moss - 11 timmar sedan
React to The Owls of Ga'hoole, "to battle" scene.
Omar Roncal
Omar Roncal - 12 timmar sedan
7:13 the gayers?
alphazoom II
alphazoom II - 12 timmar sedan
Breakdown some of Cloverfield... they did some impressive shots in that for the time.
ShadowGamer00 - 12 timmar sedan
I was waiting for the Cyberpunk cinematic but i don't know if it counts
ColourfulSushi - 13 timmar sedan
I'd like to hear your reactions to Men in Black if you haven't yet!
FreshTillDeath56 - 13 timmar sedan
Please react to Into the Spider Verse!
Jereth Khan
Jereth Khan - 14 timmar sedan
"Cube" did a really good job at slicing up a body and it was years before the other movies mentioned here.
El Onigiri
El Onigiri - 15 timmar sedan
Im hoping there is a Video only about pacific rim, crossing my Fingers 🤞
Διονύσιος Ζυγούρας
What about Mad Max?
Shaddad AL-Ahmary
Shaddad AL-Ahmary - 16 timmar sedan
You should use separate cheers
Rogue Sly
Rogue Sly - 16 timmar sedan
sigurda - 16 timmar sedan
But now we have RTX cards
shimafeiyan - 16 timmar sedan
Agree with pasific rims uprising flaws. Why ultraman, power rangers, any giants figure movies from pre1990-before 2000 is good is because they are slow, so theres realistic moveset of standing on earth gravity, details of shots, and gives them better feels as they are giants not some costume suits.
Sam GG
Sam GG - 16 timmar sedan
"SUCH A REVOLUTIONARY SHOT!" What a fucking nerd mate
Token WhiteGuy
Token WhiteGuy - 16 timmar sedan
why dont you guys do a reaction video to getting laid......or are you to afraid to have to pay a hooker?....
EmperorJosh - 17 timmar sedan
I watched justice league on my phone with really bad internet at 240p, and even then you can notice the bad mouth CG.
Warren R
Warren R - 18 timmar sedan
When I saw Superman's CGI face my first thought was: was he in a horrible accident that he had to be replaced by CGI?
Wuchta - 18 timmar sedan
Cube did the slicing better, it wasnt CGI tho.
Jared Peragine
Jared Peragine - 18 timmar sedan
Check out the new Godzilla when you can
omacktube - 18 timmar sedan
I said, the hardest part to cg in the entire history of film and tv has been the upper lip. Thanks for the conformation.
dacypher22 - 18 timmar sedan
The eyeball melting in the Resident Evil scene actually ruined that effect for me. The white of your eyes would not start running out like an eye. If they were going with the idea that the laser is hot and is searing through their bodies (which you have to assume since there is not much blood), I think they missed a good opportunity for some brutal gore. What would likely happen is that the eye would immediately shrink, darken and then start to boil as the hot laser moved through it since the eye is, for the most part, a liquid bag.
Unikkorns - 19 timmar sedan
The one movie this guy has actually seen he mispronounces.
jaredmarkleady - 19 timmar sedan
Deathberry - 19 timmar sedan
everyone losing their mind over the way he pronounced Matrix in the beginning but americans out there pronouncing Adidas however they feel is right
KraYarK - 13 timmar sedan
They on some petty nitpicky shit with that Matrix pronunciation.
Rob Games
Rob Games - 19 timmar sedan
What went wrong in the dinosaur scene on Peter Jacksons King Kong and what went right?
Paulo Azevedo
Paulo Azevedo - 20 timmar sedan
Crappy CGI hair of the guy on the left. Can totally see it's fake
I correctly
I correctly - 20 timmar sedan
I don't know if you can call The Matrix one of your most favorite movies of all time if you mispronounce it's title... 0:24
KraYarK - 13 timmar sedan
Im spanish, he said it correctly.
Phoenix Smith
Phoenix Smith - 20 timmar sedan
Can u so stranger things
The Brown Sinatra
The Brown Sinatra - 21 timme sedan
The Mah-trix
Jacob Reeves
Jacob Reeves - 21 timme sedan
You guys should react to the matrix and Pacific Rim.
Stephen Hutchison
Stephen Hutchison - 21 timme sedan
The thing on Resident Evil that you hated -- the head-chunk bounces off his shoulder. He should've actually fallen apart all at once though, with a bit of a splash-explosion, because everything would have twitched.
Samuel Miller
Samuel Miller - 21 timme sedan
I’d love to see a video where you guys compare the visual effects of the lord of the rings to the fx in the hobbit. A great series!
Nemanja Ignjatović
Nemanja Ignjatović - 22 timmar sedan
1:35 - you assumed they were evenly spaced!?!
I never used ANY of 3d animation software, and it was pretty obvious to me they need to sync movement speed an spacing.. I even saw camera spots on two videos with some 3d animation sw i accedently peeked onto..
How disappointing...
QuickSilver - 22 timmar sedan
The Mattrix..? WHAT.. THE.. FUCK..
BrukProes - 22 timmar sedan
The way they said Matrix in this video and the way one of these people said Jedi in another makes me feel like someone is scratching my brain with a steel brush
Joan Pons
Joan Pons - 22 timmar sedan
ahahahhaha Pacific Rim is his favourite movie? omg... what is the next avengers? trash movies with no trascendental history. A movie cant be your favourtie only for the effects or the action, a good movie needs a good history.
m - 23 timmar sedan
U already made a video about mcu moviea cgi. But make a video about hank pym, ego, tony stark and nick fury deaging and cap aging cgi
Voujdjr - 23 timmar sedan
Do the sopranos when livia’s floating head was used
Sam Alexander
Sam Alexander - 23 timmar sedan
12:55 could someone tell me the link to watch that video thanks
hak'u slayer
hak'u slayer - 23 timmar sedan
have these nerds seen Astartes yet?
Pedro Nobre
Pedro Nobre - 23 timmar sedan
Da Docta
Da Docta - 23 timmar sedan
Next time: Iron Giant!
Hand-drawn & CGI animation in 1!!!
Scott Lowell
Scott Lowell - Dag sedan
In the comics: superman was resurrected with a beard. They could have just made him that way. Add...don't cgi. JLA would have still been mediocre.
Gilbert Aquino
Gilbert Aquino - Dag sedan
Then 2nd pacific rim movie was so bad. I couldnt even pay attention to it after half an hour. No where as near as good as the 1st. one.
Lawrence Suzara
Lawrence Suzara - Dag sedan
Heard how the first guy pronounces 'Matrix'.
Immediately checks the comment section.
Wasn't disappointed.
10/10 would watch Math Tricks again.
sreehari sreekumar
sreehari sreekumar - Dag sedan
You should do for avengers infinity war
MAtthew Simpson
MAtthew Simpson - Dag sedan
I vote for "Love + Death + Robots" from Netflix.
Eqvil - Dag sedan
The guy on the left, for someone who works in VFX, he has not seen a surprising amount of movies that use special effects.
Born 2 Lose
Born 2 Lose - Dag sedan
You ruins my imagination 😂 ... Now I'm sure whenever I watch cgi movie I'm gonna pause every scene... Danngg hahahhaha..
Njirdaß - Dag sedan
Whats the Name of you Glasses? :D
Zach Riggio
Zach Riggio - Dag sedan
Think the Harry Potter movies would be a great to do! Especially since they span like 11 years, would be able to see the progression of improvements in their CGI.
Josh Kitchen
Josh Kitchen - Dag sedan
So true.. the sequel to Pacific Rim never had a chance when Guillermo Del Toro handed it off. Doesn't matter who it was. If it's not Guillermo, it's not Pacific Rim!
朱光元 Icbeoaneistari
This will probably never get seen but please do Star Trek the Motion Picture.
Matrix29bear - Dag sedan
3:07 -- Do you want the mustache on or off?
Too bad!
Yinzteam64 - Dag sedan
The criss cross scene in resident evil was a practical model that was made
Eddie199tp - Dag sedan
VFX Artists React to pronouncing The Matrix
Darth Jaulce
Darth Jaulce - Dag sedan
This is so much better than reading snarky comments from people who have no background in VFX. I don't have one but I don't talk shit about a process I have no knowledge on.
Benjamin Morano
Benjamin Morano - Dag sedan
Breakdown quicksilver scenes from the x-men movies and how they made them
Jaxon Burn
Jaxon Burn - Dag sedan
Wait, where do I know that guy on the right from?
Jaxon Burn
Jaxon Burn - Dag sedan
Ah I remember now, d&d.
GUNPLA Leslie - Dag sedan
react to “the thing”
Endyman Spencer
Endyman Spencer - Dag sedan
PolarPhantom - Dag sedan
Thank you for pushing Revengeance.
Aneizi - Dag sedan
The Mat-Tricks
Paddy Mc
Paddy Mc - Dag sedan
'The Matt-Ricks'
Like Pickle-Ricks?
Matt B
Matt B - Dag sedan
React to 1991 Hook's boo box pirate.
Kakuzu Edits
Kakuzu Edits - Dag sedan
The resident evil criss cross scene scarred me when I was young, hate it
Phy - Dag sedan
I see a guy who would enjoy super thick glasses under communism. He's so cute.