Marble Loop Completed - Marble Machine X #85

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Wintergatan - 5 dagar sedan
Hey all! I am still working intensively on getting the drums to play a beat for the first time, that will be a milestone, the first real proof of concept. Meanwhile I thought I´d show you the latest marble path additions, the loop is now closed. Also in this video you can see the double marble release on the kick drum, and a new lower marble gate that allows the drums to repeat notes faster.
The funnel in the video is temporary, we are building the real funnels in the US right now, this funnel spits out marbles from time to time. So I have spent a lot of time picking marbles again :) It looks very animusic though.

By the way - the marbles are not stuck inside the demagnetiser, the design is made to make the marbles slower through that section. I always see comments around that, Have a great day everyone and HUGE thanks for following the project. I am having really fun building right now, and things are moving faster than before at least for the moment. Take care!/ Martin
Daniel Bass
Daniel Bass - Dag sedan
Wintergatan hey love your work. You should film at 60 fps video to prevent motion blur. Would also be a much better viewing experience to see the gears spinning and not blurred. 🍻
MightyJustas - 2 dagar sedan
Magnet wheel lifting track might wear out with time
Joseph Scarfutti
Joseph Scarfutti - 2 dagar sedan
From an engineering POV the only concern I would have is the rate at which the marbles are traversing through the demagnitizer/acrylic 5-way and back to the top. At present, intention or not, when all 38 channels open and play rapidly, it would seem likely to me that it may be difficult to resupply the "magazines." With only the drum channels live there are moments where stock is heavily depleted. I think for better or worse it is valuable to consider increasing throughput in the acrylic 5 way splitter / demagnitizer. Otherwise it looks like you've done it. Hats off, sir.
Jack Lee
Jack Lee - 2 dagar sedan
Amazing works. Maybe to achieve something you really like is the meaning of life. Thank you for sharing all the design details and music.
Mark Herrera
Mark Herrera - 3 dagar sedan
Nice man!!
Elijah Mann
Elijah Mann - 2 timmar sedan
Like a giant Swiss Watch
Avesom - 2 timmar sedan
Итс из хуйня, Вери сложный механизм но полностью бессмысленный.
IdoN_Tlikethis - 2 timmar sedan
I love how it can't do much yet, but it can already do some things the original marble machine couldn't
Ollieboii 7
Ollieboii 7 - 2 timmar sedan
Zicheng Long
Zicheng Long - 5 timmar sedan
Didn't have time to watch this video until now, but wow, it's almost a magical experience to see the first close loop of MMX after following for the past few years...
Adriano Cirrone - DRINO
Adriano Cirrone - DRINO - 9 timmar sedan
Wow! That's really cool. 😎
Martin Deehan
Martin Deehan - 11 timmar sedan
You have created an amazing machine! Congratulations!!
Steve Berry
Steve Berry - 11 timmar sedan
I love watching your videos each week. Keep it up!
Gerhard K.
Gerhard K. - 12 timmar sedan
The mechanics have become finalized! Now it's time to give the machine it's "voice"! - So awesome to see the MMX run so smooth and flawless! Great work! Looking forward to the next episode of Wintergatan Wednesdays!
Stephanie Aherne
Stephanie Aherne - 12 timmar sedan
Have you ever thought of making a vlog channel going through the life of wintergatan? It would allow us to see what else you are working on and what you do. The channel could keep you and your viewers connected and help with fundraising as well.
Adara the Manokit
Adara the Manokit - 13 timmar sedan
Please don’t break this one too
Pier Scarabeo
Pier Scarabeo - 14 timmar sedan
Fabio Amatto
Fabio Amatto - 15 timmar sedan
Hey i found this video and it reminded me of the marble machine
Narsuaq - 15 timmar sedan
I'm not impressed at all. All you have to do is wind it, it looks well easy!
Mert Kocogullari
Mert Kocogullari - 16 timmar sedan
I am getting concerned what if the stage is not perfectly leveled when you take the MMX on a tour the marbles could fall on floor you might want to pack a adjustible stand for MMX with you when this beautifull instrument does its first live debut
Johannes Lauer
Johannes Lauer - 16 timmar sedan
This is like 4:41 of Marble Machine X ASMR :D
Bonker - 16 timmar sedan
Wow, seeing it all come together must be a very satisfying feeling. Congratualtions Wintergatan!
Broken Headphones
Broken Headphones - 16 timmar sedan
ur a god damn wizard!
Joshua Post
Joshua Post - 17 timmar sedan
This video proved how poor my laptop speakers are. I thought the soundtrack was lackluster until I listed again with headphones and found I had been missing all of the bass
zztop3000 - 18 timmar sedan
You know what would be great, an electric motor running the whole thing.
Joe Moore
Joe Moore - 18 timmar sedan
Holy balls.
scott rayner
scott rayner - 18 timmar sedan
StEaMpUnK edition
GAMER_ VIP - 19 timmar sedan
What is this?
Golem - 19 timmar sedan
Were is the music?😁
Paul Anderson
Paul Anderson - 20 timmar sedan
He's actually doing it, this madman is going through.
Justus Becker
Justus Becker - 21 timme sedan
Its like a living breathing misic playing robot
Serial Mouse Studios
Serial Mouse Studios - 21 timme sedan
Still deeply impressed by all what you do. Keep it up!
jort93z - 23 timmar sedan I think you would enjoy this video(its a song from material testing machines)
Novus - Dag sedan
4:35 , hits drum, the entire machine collapses in on itself.
kasterborous - Dag sedan
You should make it play Pipe Dream from Animusic.
Buddhas' Palm
Buddhas' Palm - Dag sedan
this is some Chitty Chitty Bang Bang bullshit right here. Absolutely mesmerising.
Nazia Hafiz
Nazia Hafiz - Dag sedan
Ok may have teared up just a little watching that - extremely happy for you! Was trying to figure out if there was a specific beat you'd programmed for that moment? ;)
beernutsonline - Dag sedan
Wow! This is getting noisy! :p
Tudor Mure
Tudor Mure - Dag sedan
If u had big tits u have allready 1 mld subs
TomashPL58 - Dag sedan
This Old Tony rorates 20 RPM... Great job! Looks great!
Benas Martinonis
Benas Martinonis - Dag sedan
Amy’s Nature
Amy’s Nature - Dag sedan
Wow! Great job everyone! Amazing piece of music machinery
Judah Coffee
Judah Coffee - Dag sedan
Pipe Dream from Animusic, anyone?
Jerkorip - Dag sedan
petrifyer L
petrifyer L - Dag sedan
Spot Gaming
Spot Gaming - Dag sedan
When is the next song
Kevin Tyler
Kevin Tyler - Dag sedan
A truly fantastic feat of engineering and innovation. I cannot believe the shear number of man-hours invested in this project. I feel like have been part of the project just because I have watched almost all of the videos.I can hardly wait to hear the completed machine...Waiting.....Waiting... :-)
MoonLander and killerflies
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Dawn Hansen
Dawn Hansen - Dag sedan
I wish to see a map of our Earth, our globe, And somehow pin where all of your followers live ❗ Seriously ❗ would be great to see. Anyone watching this lives in northern Illinois USA ???????
s14sean - Dag sedan
Beautiful engineering masterpiece
Eduardo Perez
Eduardo Perez - Dag sedan
I so high
Tom Sawyer
Tom Sawyer - Dag sedan
This is beautiful, Martin
John Cayenne-McCall
John Cayenne-McCall - Dag sedan
If it had to be sold at an auction what do you think would be a fair price for all the effort and time?
Nathan Oakes
Nathan Oakes - Dag sedan
Seriously a work of art. I thought your last build was impressive, but this makes it look very much like a rough draft.
P1ratRuleZZZ - Dag sedan
Best ASMR vidéo for today
Gleiswanderer - Dag sedan
Min 2:31 Although there is constant marble delivery, one chanel nearly runs half empty. Hope this won't get a problem during more complex pieces of music.
George Wells
George Wells - Dag sedan
SO complete mesmerizing to watch!
Fred E
Fred E - Dag sedan
Good job.
Kai Hübner
Kai Hübner - Dag sedan
Great Work.
On 3:06 you can see the Nuts are turning. Use self fixing ones!
Kebdoesstuff - Dag sedan
Aaaaaa im so happy that the old bandsaw'd plywood look is being incorporated again!
Who ate my shoe Why
Who ate my shoe Why - Dag sedan
I, a 12 year old boy, always look forward to coming home after school on Wednesdays to see another one of these videos
Dokkie - Dag sedan
What an amazing contraption!
Philippe Martin
Philippe Martin - Dag sedan
@wintergatan : Funnel need to be about twice larger, you can save more marble.
no guy
no guy - Dag sedan
Music: I cant be made with just marbles!
Wintergatan: Hold my vodka
hamsterback - Dag sedan
does anyone know when the MMX posters will be available?
Ivan Fjeldsted
Ivan Fjeldsted - Dag sedan
I like how one of the return feeders is shaped like a grand piano. Fits nicely with the white and black scheme so far.
Khansa Arif Mahatma
Khansa Arif Mahatma - 2 dagar sedan
Gijsjah Hussam
Gijsjah Hussam - 2 dagar sedan
Im honestly so hella proud of you.
Nebucatnetzer - 2 dagar sedan
This looks absolutely stunning!
CBF1 - 2 dagar sedan
0:21 A marble fell off.
Andrew Alexander
Andrew Alexander - 2 dagar sedan
When you go to concerts, are you going to mic the ambient sounds of the machine; They are beautiful sounds!
Julien Debruche
Julien Debruche - 2 dagar sedan
Don’t let this man die before the accomplished his dream of making his marble machine
Geno - 2 dagar sedan
Actually very satisfying to watch. :)
Archer 64
Archer 64 - 2 dagar sedan
Wintergatan brain its a marble machine.😎🔧🔩🎳
MrRoxmj - 2 dagar sedan
Looking on Martin, remembered....
The Professor calls the student to the chalkboard and asks him to draw a circle. Student, takes chalk and in one motion, draws a perfect circle.
Professor: Are you an artist?
Student: No, I was in the army and for 2 years twisted meat grinder there.
Big Dumb
Big Dumb - 2 dagar sedan
*the fingers are back*
kwastek - 2 dagar sedan
you're crazy. i like it
Gerardas Lisauskas
Gerardas Lisauskas - 2 dagar sedan
Try to fix those marbles not going in hopper very good and poping out sometimes. Anyways, amazing job!! You made a very good progress.
MrRoxmj - 2 dagar sedan
I wonder, how many ball bearings have sacrificed their souls for the sake of the Marble Machine X ?
AMV Expo
AMV Expo - 2 dagar sedan
And that's why they the best watch makers
Eric Draven
Eric Draven - 2 dagar sedan
It sounds like a broken bicycle. Idk why he spent so much time making absolute garbage
Former RiskyRimYt
Former RiskyRimYt - 2 dagar sedan
if so can u make a remake of marble machine song?
Sergio Alvarez
Sergio Alvarez - 2 dagar sedan
I love it! music art and engineering. Thank you!
Christopher Stevens
Christopher Stevens - 2 dagar sedan
So much work. So cool! I’m inspired.
KingBobXIV - 2 dagar sedan
It plays! :D
offsuit57 - 2 dagar sedan
I would love to see you find someone to produce miniature versions of either the first or the "X" and sell them. How great would it be to have a version of this on your desk fueled by a small crank and bb's!
Jim Hendrickson
Jim Hendrickson - 2 dagar sedan
This is great Martin. It's amazing to see and hear Marble Machine X operationally complete. The mechanics and marble runs produce such a pleasing and mesmerizing rhythm. I love it.
joseph yecla
joseph yecla - 2 dagar sedan
ArcAiN6 - 2 dagar sedan
looks as though you need a slightly deeper, or larger capture cone for the marbles, as some are bouncing back out due to the trajectory difference when they hit the drum after several successive hits.
not a channel
not a channel - 2 dagar sedan
Macallie Atkinson
Macallie Atkinson - 2 dagar sedan
That was fucking lame
Eric Draven
Eric Draven - 2 dagar sedan
Electo18885 - 2 dagar sedan
Looks like almost every good youtubers are from Sweden. PewDiePie... Keralis... You ;)
Mmm K
Mmm K - 2 dagar sedan
Yay! It's so cool to see them go through the whole circuit :) Thanks for sharing your journey with us Martin!
Norman Hays
Norman Hays - 2 dagar sedan
Keep it up Martin! Looks great.
Stickman on a stick
Stickman on a stick - 2 dagar sedan
I love the way you made it so when the marble hits the drum, the marble release mechanism goes down
C Wiskus
C Wiskus - 2 dagar sedan
Beautiful peice of engineering. I cant wait till its all complete. Well done as always and eagerly await the fruition of your work
DiscoMcPlays! by DiscoMcDisco
Well impressed :)
Danilo Muniz
Danilo Muniz - 2 dagar sedan
Holey Moley!!
AnomynousX - 2 dagar sedan
Can I has a signed marble from you?
PotiusNumquam - 2 dagar sedan
Fucking amazing.
Mischa Angst
Mischa Angst - 2 dagar sedan
Whoooop Whooop!!!! yeah. Hype train is on the rails again.