Marble Loop Completed - Marble Machine X #85

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Wintergatan - 2 månader sedan
Hey all! I am still working intensively on getting the drums to play a beat for the first time, that will be a milestone, the first real proof of concept. Meanwhile I thought I´d show you the latest marble path additions, the loop is now closed. Also in this video you can see the double marble release on the kick drum, and a new lower marble gate that allows the drums to repeat notes faster.
The funnel in the video is temporary, we are building the real funnels in the US right now, this funnel spits out marbles from time to time. So I have spent a lot of time picking marbles again :) It looks very animusic though.

By the way - the marbles are not stuck inside the demagnetiser, the design is made to make the marbles slower through that section. I always see comments around that, Have a great day everyone and HUGE thanks for following the project. I am having really fun building right now, and things are moving faster than before at least for the moment. Take care!/ Martin
marvin martin
marvin martin - 14 dagar sedan
I must ask. How many hours
SaXaR.Tv - 29 dagar sedan I AM RICH MAN,
ธัญญพัฒน์ อนุรักษ์วรกุล
Can you unmute the sound of the spinning n marbles.
Zachary - Månad sedan
You gonna make this purchaseable??
Matthew Baker
Matthew Baker - Månad sedan
I do enjoy watching the marbles pass around your machine even if its not making music yet its very calming to watch, however I did see a potential issue. I forget the name for the part but you have a holding chamber for the marbles waiting to get used, I noticed that when the drum line needed marbles they all seemed to get caught up by the empty slot slowing them down to almost a crawl for the rest of the line, I'm interested to see if this effects your marble queue when you play more instruments/notes on the machine.
Vladimir Podobaev
Vladimir Podobaev - 4 dagar sedan
Martin! We believe! We are with you! Super video, as always! 👍🇸🇪🇫🇷🇷🇺
8 year old
8 year old - 6 dagar sedan
There are better ways to make sounds
Daniel B
Daniel B - 8 dagar sedan
It’s totally amazing, awesome work Martin! Unfortunately I got the feeling that an instrument could run out of marbles, if you played two tones next to each other quick enough, got close already with just the drums...
Ebi_Tempura - 8 dagar sedan
Worlds most sophisticated asmr video
Μινόρου Τανάκα
Μινόρου Τανάκα - 9 dagar sedan
Tarık Altınsoy
Tarık Altınsoy - 9 dagar sedan
Waiting with four eyes.
Stephen Boyd
Stephen Boyd - 10 dagar sedan
Impressive, can you do requests? What about "Never ending story?"
Andrew Sybert
Andrew Sybert - 10 dagar sedan
This machine will be in a museum some day this is an amazing piece of machinery and art work you are genius my friend
Demented avenger
Demented avenger - 12 dagar sedan
Utter lunacy or pure genius, you decide! My votes for genius but you never know! :)
Lawrence Lake Jr
Lawrence Lake Jr - 12 dagar sedan
Do ya'll remember the black marble, I can't find it
dabija Laurentiu florentin
dabija Laurentiu florentin - 13 dagar sedan
Have you lost youre marbles LOL
gnarmarmilla - 13 dagar sedan
This is so fantastic I have a hard time believing its real...
Keep it up bro, thanks very much.
J.santos king
J.santos king - 14 dagar sedan
Que inteligencia
Mooba2 - 14 dagar sedan
Wow! That double hit sounds amazing
Thomas Weaver
Thomas Weaver - 15 dagar sedan
Is it a marble machine or an asmr machine?
Ah - 16 dagar sedan
Someone make a 10 hour version of this, I could fall asleep to the gentle sound of it
GebreYesus - 18 dagar sedan
wastage of time and materials to make music.
If you want music simply play guitar, drum, keyboard.
GebreYesus - 18 dagar sedan
wastage of time and materials to make music.
If you want music simply play guitar, drum, keyboard.
GebreYesus - 18 dagar sedan
wastage of time and materials to make music.
If you want music simply play guitar, drum, keyboard.
GebreYesus - 18 dagar sedan
wastage of time to make music.
If you want music simply play guitar, drum, keyboard.
Elena Ni Rhavenn
Elena Ni Rhavenn - 18 dagar sedan
Блядь, это НЕВОЗМОЖНО!!!!! :))))) Хотя теперь понимаешь что всё возможно... :))
yordi silvero
yordi silvero - 19 dagar sedan
Hermoso pero demoron
yordi silvero
yordi silvero - 19 dagar sedan
Hermoso pero demoron
Tasty Street Food
Tasty Street Food - 22 dagar sedan
what/who inspired you to do this amazing engineering work?
Üçaylar Makina
Üçaylar Makina - 24 dagar sedan
ataka michal
ataka michal - 24 dagar sedan
to je ale kokot
SaXaR.Tv - 29 dagar sedan
Elijah Daniel
Elijah Daniel - 29 dagar sedan
Let this thing turn itself according to some variables or calculated parameters, , machines are meant to helps do less work, you are doing to much work getting this machine to do much more work.
Sandra Pratt
Sandra Pratt - Månad sedan
That's incredible, Martin! Every time I see one of your uploads, I'm so inspired; your work and your music are quickly becoming a symbol in itself, of inspiration and the belief that people can accomplish whatever dream they set out to achieve.
Insane God FP is the best
Insane God FP is the best - Månad sedan
🙀You’re so cool you’re the best
Alexsandro R1000
Alexsandro R1000 - Månad sedan
Este cara é um gênio .
RoboTronixGaming - Månad sedan
It's takes someone with slot of balls to play this instrument
N-Key 2
N-Key 2 - Månad sedan
Sooooo, how long is his vacation?
Chad Douangkesone
Chad Douangkesone - Månad sedan
I really wish you would play the original song. 🙁
Mr. MaGu #1
Mr. MaGu #1 - Månad sedan
Genius ⚡🤙👍
Joe - Månad sedan
what a long and wonderful journey, thank you for the ride
starnards TV
starnards TV - Månad sedan
du e smartare en albert inestine
Pavol Šeliga
Pavol Šeliga - Månad sedan
5 years later
Opel LaFleur
Opel LaFleur - Månad sedan
I can not wait to binge watch your videos. It has been quite some time. I believe I’ve seen the first hand full of videos from the beginning of the build of the Marble Machine X. Wow, it has come a loooooong ways. Cheers
Blackbarons1986 Zzz
Blackbarons1986 Zzz - Månad sedan
It's look like time machines
ml191172 - Månad sedan
These videos makes me happy and relaxed. I have no idea why...
Ice Bear
Ice Bear - Månad sedan
Thud thud thud thud - thud - thud thud
Thud thud thud thud - thud thud - thud thud
You had me at thud.
CBF1 - Månad sedan
4:36 The perfect slap sound effect
Rusty Z
Rusty Z - Månad sedan
This is amazing, True work of art. one suggestion I would have. When you do go on tour- Make sure you set this on a turntable so the audience can see all the way around it. Maybe this old Tony can build it for you.?
thevso - Månad sedan
Why is this a thing?
Exequetor - Månad sedan
Best ASRM video in YouTube so far :D
CXN - Månad sedan
I hope that you will play the first MM tune on MMX.
Roger didit
Roger didit - Månad sedan
Yes, but can it put a label on a loaf of bread?
Amel Heronemus
Amel Heronemus - Månad sedan
Marble machine 2.0!
Ibrahim Nawfal
Ibrahim Nawfal - Månad sedan
Kudos ...
Pofádat Leszarom
Pofádat Leszarom - Månad sedan
Kalap szar!!!!
gamrage - Månad sedan
I had just watched the "Plays Drums" video succeeding this one. Seeing a larger funnel to collect the marbles definitely satisfied my feeling of OCD.
G Force
G Force - Månad sedan
I don’t know what I was waiting for, but whatever it was, it didn’t happen
JTB 79
JTB 79 - Månad sedan
680 dislikes når jeg skriver denne meldinga. Lurer på hva de selv gjør kreativt?
bouka ahmed
bouka ahmed - Månad sedan
I am pretty sure the new video is worth waiting for two weeks. hopefully you upload it today.
D-ah-knee Kuur-bee
D-ah-knee Kuur-bee - Månad sedan
Observing this artistic ingenious Intricate instrument in motion really makes my head hurt.
🤯 #mindblown
Din Cirkic
Din Cirkic - Månad sedan
Hi there Martin I love ur vids so much I would love it if you would play the original
marble machine song in the Marble Machine X Best of luck with the MMX!
Shotgun93Alexander - Månad sedan
“Nothing is impossible through music”
jamie clarke
jamie clarke - Månad sedan
Just finished watching all 85 videos after seeing Machine Thinking make the timing clutch and rewatching this old tony making the drive shafts for the marble conveyor. I was like what is this machine everyones working on and im throughly impressed. This has been a massive inspiration for my engineering projects im working on in my business and i have improved about 3 or 4 major subsystems in the product based on watching Martin strive for perfection!
Peter Ko
Peter Ko - Månad sedan
At first there was no more GoT and now, there is no MMX any more? No lifesigns, no informations... 😕
Jeni10 - Månad sedan
Missing you, hope you are OK, Martin! 😍🇦🇺
Axel Fuentes
Axel Fuentes - Månad sedan
This is truly an engineering masterpiece 👌👌👌
Juichibey (Rabbit)
Juichibey (Rabbit) - Månad sedan
Barnabas Szabolcs
Barnabas Szabolcs - Månad sedan
I've got hooked on this magic. And it's Wednesday again....
Alexander Huvenne
Alexander Huvenne - Månad sedan
It's tuesday now, Martin U OK?
Raphi See
Raphi See - Månad sedan
After listening to this loop for 3-5 times (don't remember) I have the beat in my ear constantly XD
Bart Prins
Bart Prins - Månad sedan
The counterweight nut (I think??) of the marble feeder at 3:04 is moving around. Better not lose that one!
09hahug - Månad sedan
666 dislikes. Satan disapproves.
Lodge Cav
Lodge Cav - Månad sedan
Martin, I sincerely hope you have not lost your marbles.....
Sebastian Alonso Corrales Rojas
Is it difficult to crank it at full load/capacity ???????
Max Carter
Max Carter - Månad sedan
Somebody has a lot of money and too much time on their hands.
Pardon me are You aaron burr sir
This looks so siiiick. It’s come such a long way.
AbstracT - Månad sedan
Now that's a big fookin machine
Ryan the smart***
Ryan the smart*** - Månad sedan
There is at least under 20 more updates before we see him as a legend. The man who reinvented music.
Roof Repair Techs
Roof Repair Techs - Månad sedan
Sweet, but where is the music? Wasnt that the whole point of this?
Michael Monroe
Michael Monroe - Månad sedan
Keep that up and your arm will be jacked
Wyatt Duthie
Wyatt Duthie - Månad sedan
Make another cadding video! Pleease.
w4shep - Månad sedan
The machine looks great! Doesn’t sound as good as your first one though 😃
Damian Perera
Damian Perera - Månad sedan
Drum Machine from Medieval Peroid