Warehouses: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)

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SEBBARU - 2 timmar sedan
Why is this Geo Blocked in Canada, but not in Barbados?
doomstar 24
doomstar 24 - 4 timmar sedan
F a prize!
Leigh P.
Leigh P. - 5 timmar sedan
"Billionaires playing space games is a Freudian issue." :) This is my first time watching. Came over after seeing an interview with him and Colbert. Happy I did. He is wonderful!
Robin Blanton
Robin Blanton - 6 timmar sedan
"Amazon, try not to think about it"😂😂
Brandon Kilgore
Brandon Kilgore - 6 timmar sedan
I hope those robots were fired for creating a hostile workplace.
Thomas Williams
Thomas Williams - 8 timmar sedan
My apologies to all of the "associates" I just finished fucking with the only protection being the spending limit of two credit cards! I realised only to late I should have sent lube and discounted condoms to managers of each warehouse the week prior!
Little wizard
Little wizard - 10 timmar sedan
Bezos and his space dick😂😂
Dirk Bastardrelief
Dirk Bastardrelief - 11 timmar sedan
I've never seen an episode that relied so heavily on anecdotal evidence and youtube videos...
Herbert Erdferkel
Herbert Erdferkel - 15 timmar sedan
democratic nations with free access to information: workers are free to organize and enforce better conditions ... if they are too brainwashed by capitalism and/or too lazy to fight for worker advantages then its on them. By now they would pretty much get anything they want as organized boycott would ruin these companies, while they have more then enough cash to fix those basic demands without going bust.

Especially looking to the US I simply have to laugh about this modern day slavery, even with many slaves being anti unions. This nation is decades behind the first world worker protections, average workhours/days per year and other benefits, while those other nations prove for decades that there are still billions to make with giving more to workers.

Stop pittying idiots who cant manage to fight for better conditions even close to what other first world nations offer, they eat up every dumb lie given by companies and politicians as to why they get fucked and it about time to tell it to their faces that the fault lies with them refusing change.
HüSeYiN Serin
HüSeYiN Serin - 17 timmar sedan
You will see the power of Turkey
HüSeYiN Serin
HüSeYiN Serin - 17 timmar sedan
HüSeYiN Serin
HüSeYiN Serin - 17 timmar sedan
HüSeYiN Serin
HüSeYiN Serin - 17 timmar sedan
bigbandguru - 19 timmar sedan
And they get a salary where many are needing help from the government..
bigbandguru - 19 timmar sedan
Slavery in a different version. How is the pay for this ?
Hansu Lee
Hansu Lee - 20 timmar sedan
This is sick. I just don't like how high management is getting paid so much when people in the warehouse in treated in that horrible way. Bezos could still be super rich while sharing more of Amazon's success with other people.
Space travel is important for the future of humankind, and I think we should keep try to go outer space. But come on, workers in the US, which is supposed to be the wealthiest and most powerful country in the world, gets treated in that way? I think Bezos should focus on his workers well-being as much as space travel.
Vikash Loitongbam
Vikash Loitongbam - 21 timme sedan
Your zazu sucks hyena balls!!! The production chose you after Rowan Atkinson!!! How much dicks did you polish to get that role???
NBAKIDD - 23 timmar sedan
Where is this weeks video?
panda_coffee animation
panda_coffee animation - 23 timmar sedan
My sister worked at circuit city and i can confirm that since 2008 she has lived in a farm upstate
Jack Kelesoglu
Jack Kelesoglu - Dag sedan
I believe that warehouse work difficult but there absolutely no way it’s more dangerous than coal mining
casIzemmanuel - Dag sedan
I work in a busy restaurant and on a 14 hour shift I only walk about 10-12 miles a shift according to my phone, and I'm still young. I couldn't imagine doing more at his age.
Tiago Jordão
Tiago Jordão - Dag sedan
There's something I can't understand here, maybe someone can explain me: the warehouse employees are told to pick up stuff from seemingly random areas of the warehouse. Why aren't the items ordered in such a way as to avoid all that walking back and forth? I suppose it's very complex, and that it would have been done by now if it weren't super complex. Also, they would probably fire half the staff if they could reduce those walking distances drastically.
Snowberri - Dag sedan
Jobs (especially the lowest paying jobs) at nearly all major corporations suck.
You’re underappreciated, undervalued, and taken advantage of.
I’m never going back.
Arvind Suresh
Arvind Suresh - Dag sedan
You did that on purpose, didn't you mate?
@ #Zazu #LionKing2.0
bubbu 420
bubbu 420 - Dag sedan
What's up bro I thought it was Last Week Tonight been two weeks since you've uploaded I met you make YouTube videos and I make them may make them inconsistently but a my time schedule is not in my name
Cody Roberts
Cody Roberts - Dag sedan
I'm supposed to feel bad this kid is tired after work
Cody Roberts
Cody Roberts - Dag sedan
Its called work for a reason I can work at the oil refinery for 30 a hour and be tired every day or work at the 7-11 for 10 a hour and chill and smoke pot
Big Mike
Big Mike - Dag sedan
I want to punch him in the face
the Individual guy
the Individual guy - Dag sedan
I hated Amazon for being a monopoly before I herd of this
Artemis Chemistry
Artemis Chemistry - Dag sedan
Jeff Bezos looks like an alien. It’s almost like we are in Men in Black, but with no disguises.
Eric Valenzuela
Eric Valenzuela - Dag sedan
I worked construction in an amazon factory for one day, employees didn't stop as we worked and the managers arrived screaming at people as the only door they could get through was clogged. bathrooms were empty and I was yelled at by an amazon manager threatened to be fired while being a contract construction consultant for a company not tied to amazon besides the already cashed check. And yes, as he stated, no one was allowed to slow down for any reason.
sal amph
sal amph - Dag sedan
This isn't even funny. This is scary and obnoxious. And it's Black Mirror in real life, now.
Matt M.
Matt M. - Dag sedan
Who are these managers and middle men who fire people at the drop of a hat, are these people being geared to run our USA concentration camps when Bezos decides he wants to eliminate a portion of the population that aren't PRIME members?? The warehousing of MERCA is dehumanizing a large part of our population and those results are never good.
Matt M.
Matt M. - Dag sedan
Once again, Another BILLIONAIRE that is one because he UNDER PAYS workers. How do WE make Jeff Bazos pay the Warehouse workers better and not rush them to death, I am sure the Execs are paid fare and don't rush around 15 miles a day. The WWF Billionaire is one just because he doesn't pay people well, so I guess just being cheap is the recipe for Billionaire status......
الموستر monster
Com ilbasher sho
Randy Randerson
Randy Randerson - Dag sedan
It's the middle ages all over again. The wealthy stepping on the backs of the commoner.
Peg May
Peg May - Dag sedan
This reminds me of the space level in Persona 5.
Chip Bellotti
Chip Bellotti - Dag sedan
The guy whose route across the warehouse took 17 miles, when it should have only taken 3 miles? He should tell the scanner programmers to look up Least-Cost Path Algorithms. It's software that rearranges the items to be picked to take the fewest steps.
Kodi - Dag sedan
You guys should do a show on drag queens.
liberator6 - Dag sedan
By law, here in Seattle, where Amazon is headquartered, Amazon HAS to pay workers at least $15, because that's the minimum wage. So, good for you, Amazon.
liberator6 - Dag sedan
This will all sound awfully familiar to line cooks and kitchen workers all across the country- except they make even less money and have to work with fire, knives, and boiling oil. (And only get breaks if they are lucky, which they're usually not).
Kan Tsang
Kan Tsang - Dag sedan
Henna Kyu
Henna Kyu - Dag sedan
Big corporations and their mergers are what's killing this country... that, and the concept of 'lobbying' which should not even be legal in my opinion as it is obviously a form of bribery.

Big corporations seem to be all about profits, obviously far from embracing innovation and American values - they're not even about keeping market diversity, their suppliers and the quality of products they sell seem to significantly diminish as their competitions disappear - which is super important to me because that affects me as a consumer.
Ruina Imperri.
Ruina Imperri. - Dag sedan
This is what capitalism is. Don’t cry over it
Nicolai Holmstoel
Nicolai Holmstoel - Dag sedan
John Oliver was a better Zazu then Rowan Atkinson. Yeah i said it!!
crocusflower - Dag sedan
i would like to hear your take on this escalation of don's hate mongering & utter disrespect of the new members of congress & other positions. it is pretty terrifying that he is pulling off what hitler did 80 years ago.
charlye5 - Dag sedan
A totally off topic observation; while re-watching music video clips from Glee, specifically Season Three (3) Episode Fourteen (14) titled "On My Way", I spotted either John Oliver or a pretty convincing Double in the crowd whistling and cheering for the Dalton Academy Warblers cover of 'I'm Glad You Came'. Lol! How's that for random?
hippiecheezburger - Dag sedan
I feel like it’s such a bullshit pat on the back, yeah you’re doin a great job, says the guy that doesn’t do shit, it’s hard to take anyone seriously who works at amazon no matter how high up they are. The company is sooo inefficient and so unorganized. Just people keeping track of numbers and repetitive work. It’s a zoo there in my opinion, it’s designed so people won’t want to stay, despite the pay and benefits. It’s a job that you rationally wouldn’t want to keep for more then two years
Dhrunil Bhavsar
Dhrunil Bhavsar - Dag sedan
thats another reason why i dont like amazon as company.
Celine Chong
Celine Chong - Dag sedan
BRO I live in Seattle and literally get my packages a day late every single time I'm confused about this "any cost"