Warehouses: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)

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It’s easy to buy things online, and even easier not to think about how they get to you. John Oliver discusses what happens when you click “buy now.”
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Small Sith
Small Sith - 5 timmar sedan
Rewatching this, and you know what? This makes me want to send Jeff Bezos a personal message, and that message goes like this "Eat shit, Jeff."
shane hansen
shane hansen - 10 timmar sedan
With every episode, I hate the world even more.
gixxer6000 - 12 timmar sedan
As I learned from cornwall business does not give two figs about feels! There has to be other jobs in america guys why don't you just strike for a day get fired and watch amazon get buried in all kind of problems?
Robert Cox
Robert Cox - 13 timmar sedan
Amazon fired me for being at my 1st childs birth rather then coming to work,& just to say out loud i went to "hr" multiple times asking if theres any form or anything i needed to fill out or do so i wouldn't get in trouble. I was told "no, you have nothing to worry about, just enjoy meeting ur daughter" over and over. 30 minutes after i brought her home i recieved a phone call and was fired even after explaining what whappened, where i was,& what i was told before. They threw me to the side like it was throwing out a bit of food with a new born and no way to support her. Fuck bezos and fuck amazon
SniperSmiley - 18 timmar sedan
Red Roy
Red Roy - 23 timmar sedan
I've worked in 9 of the 15 most dangerous jobs in the US. Only one job I've ever been injured on. And that was in a warehouse. My foot was crushed by a power double Jack. And don't get me wrong I also worked as a roofer and have fallen off several roofs. Got back up when back to work.
AM 2:42
AM 2:42 - Dag sedan
I had to work at age 16 at warehouses and currently still am because my family needs the money, a year later my dad died, my mom and I couldn't keep up with the rent and my 3 siblings and we went homeless for 2 months. I finish high school, now trying to go to college but it's hard to find a time schedule for me to do school and work and right now just looking for a job with a consistent schedule for i can go to school but I'm having no luck. Wish I had it easy man I'm gonna break one day and my mom is not doing so good so when that day comes I swear I won't be able to pick my self up anymore
Erika Hahn
Erika Hahn - Dag sedan
Good for you John Oliver for "not saying that" very clever as usual. Amazon is going to destroy this country.
John Freeman
John Freeman - Dag sedan
Good news: Amazon is working hard to automate all of this back breaking work so humans won't have to do it any more.
Ben Ward
Ben Ward - Dag sedan
We are all fucked, eventually no stores will be open irl and amazon will own everything, then proceed to increase the price due to a lack of competition we will have to deal with it
SchwerMetall154 - Dag sedan
'Lots of people want this job'
Then you fucking hire them, see how long it takes until the cheap labour you pour in becomes satisfied with working 10 hours a day, 5 days a week walking 15+ miles on concrete and in an endless dire need of a break before resulting in death and intra-company riots. Yeah, hire them then why don't you, you trillion-dollar corporate hellhole.
Irving E
Irving E - Dag sedan
Brilliant idea provide the workers with Hoover boards
Irving E
Irving E - Dag sedan
Send me money and let's get that going
a cursed cat
a cursed cat - Dag sedan
Former warehouse worker here -- not for Amazon, but for a few other large companies (temp work, woo!) -- and when I finally got a real job with actual benefits, about a week before they kicked in, I hurt my back. I was only twenty at the time, and thought telling my manager would be enough.

It wasn't, and I was fired not too much later for not filling out the appropriate workplace injury paperwork. Back healed eventually, at least.
Marek - Dag sedan
don't you love how people like to slander huge companies?

when i got hired with amazon they told me RIGHT OFF THE BAT "its a hard job, not going to be easy. this is your chance to back out"

80% of Americans cry about a hard job, why? because they're lazy, no worth ethic, why do you think most of america is obese? because they're lazy.

don't like the job? don't work there. simple as that. go find a job that starts with the title "lazy people accepted" cause I know of people back in the 60s and 80s that worked in even worse conditions.

people now a days will get on sweat on their eyebrow and go crying to their mommies about how hard it is.

go back to your mommies womb, since you crybabies wanna just get babied your entire life.

i would take a hard job making 15 bucks an hour over working at a fastfood place listening to people like this guy cry about huge companies for 8.75 an hour.
kripos - 2 dagar sedan
Funny thing about amazon warehouses is that you could probably start your own autonomous society there. Remember that when the apocalypse comes amazon warehouse workers, just barricade the doors and you're good.
Piriathy - 2 dagar sedan
The reason why it's so easy for companies like Amazon to not only do but continue doing and to get away w/ doing such harmful shit to their employees is that law that states they have a legal responsibility to their shareholders do whatever is most immediately profitable for the company, specifically to raise the company's stock price. THAT means they have to make decisions that might be harmful to the employees (duh) and even the company itself in the long run *and they can argue in court that they were doing what they're legally obligated to do.* Think about how much ppl are suspicious of Facebook, ppl think it's creepy and insidious and it's at risk of being broken up via anti trust (maybe, hopefully). So all those bad, short term thinking decisions are ultimately resulting in some back lash. That one, stupid law that incentivizes/requires bad behavior/decision-making *really* should be removed, if it were it might really improve relationships between employee and employer.
Shaznay Sison
Shaznay Sison - 2 dagar sedan
Came here after that South Park episode
Salbastro - 2 dagar sedan
Except the word "Robot" comes from a word meaning serf or slave. So yeah. Its almost like they treat their workers like robots.
Gearshifter G
Gearshifter G - 2 dagar sedan
WOW!! Actually working, which includes physical labor for a paycheck. How cruel this world is becoming.
Cosmo Coralles
Cosmo Coralles - 2 dagar sedan
Dude warehouse jobs are more dangerous than coal mining. Coal mining where people can get buried alive, or destroy their lungs.
Let that sink in.
Tsianina Vibranietsova
Tsianina Vibranietsova - 2 dagar sedan
Boycotting amazon.
Cyberphobe - 2 dagar sedan
I can say with honesty that ever since watching this, I have not bought a single thing using Amazon. The fact that, Jeff Bezos, can get that rich and not give a single fuck about the people who broke their bodies to get him that fortune makes me not want to spend another penny with Amazon ever again.
Robert Howell
Robert Howell - 3 dagar sedan
Get paid more though to work in a warehouse...
Marco Zelioli
Marco Zelioli - 4 dagar sedan
What jeff says at 18:00 is actually a a good idea. Going to space is actually is a very profitable business. There are many rare materials and resources in space. Also bringing satellites to space pays off very well.
? - 4 dagar sedan
Just go visit any factory in an Asian country. Try it. It changes you.
Dean DeCoursey
Dean DeCoursey - 4 dagar sedan
Great show on Amazon, John. In a 20 minute show, you can’t include everything about Amazon’s obsession with speed. The monopolizing of their transport system. Drivers being given schedules for the number of deliveries similar to the schedules of the warehouse workers. The number of accidents caused by tired, overworked drivers, some which led to deaths. An item has to be only available from Amazon to get me to buy from them once or twice a year. I definitely don’t need next day or next couple of days delivery. Amazon, and customers, take advantage of box stores, seeing the merchandise, pricing the merchandise and buying from Amazon because it’s cheaper and faster. There are two things that I consciously try not to do in life; give money to the health care industry and to Jeff Bezos. So far, I’ve been pretty successful at both. .
Derek Warren
Derek Warren - 5 dagar sedan
Never work in a warehouse, especially Amazon!
SigmentKurosai - 5 dagar sedan
A shame John didn't also get into manufacturing with places like Texas Instruments. They also don't allow unions, and damned if the folks moving product every day couldn't use one.
Cosmic K
Cosmic K - 5 dagar sedan
Eww Amazon, you are disgusting
Jimmy Leg
Jimmy Leg - 6 dagar sedan
Whining about having to work. What a surprise.
Kase Malka
Kase Malka - 7 dagar sedan
Grab your pitchforks and sharpen your guillotines, we goin bourgeois huntin'
Merry - 7 dagar sedan
Bezos' fortune isn't a computing error in capitalism. It IS capitalism, absurd wealth distribution is basically the only thing that can ever come from capitalism.
Ichiyama22 - 8 dagar sedan
I have never ordered anything from Amazon, and now I never will.
Oxford Comma
Oxford Comma - 8 dagar sedan
Why does the naked guy have to be a fan of POD?
daniel wijaya
daniel wijaya - 9 dagar sedan
man american is lazy... we in indonesia work at that rate for 10 to 15 hour a day without bathroom rest....man american just ungratefull fart
Coldfusionstorm Gaming
Coldfusionstorm Gaming - 9 dagar sedan
Marc _
Marc _ - 9 dagar sedan
the michael jackson burn was uncalled for. tasteless
Logan Last Name
Logan Last Name - 9 dagar sedan
Corporations rule the United States.
Gavin Li
Gavin Li - 9 dagar sedan
I totally feel them, I was part-time working in a warehouse. its was bad
unCivilizedInfanta - 10 dagar sedan
urine soaked hands? Do people often pee on their hands by accident in the bathroom?
Orange Ranger
Orange Ranger - 8 dagar sedan
unCivilizedInfanta by accident? Not usually.
Scorch428 - 10 dagar sedan
We got a plastic cup and popcorn for employee appreciation week. It was insulting. I never take their shitty items, but other employees act like its so awesome. The worst part about working in a warehouse isnt the job tho - its the dumbass people you have to work with. (and for)
Charles Iannini
Charles Iannini - 10 dagar sedan
Argumemnon - 11 dagar sedan
I want to make clear, if I had Bezos' money, I would also have my own space program.
Ary - 12 dagar sedan
Victor Sharqiya
Victor Sharqiya - 12 dagar sedan
Chinse workers would kill for this conditons .
Tom Guertin
Tom Guertin - 12 dagar sedan
Jeff Bezos is, by definition, the most successful slaveowner in human history.
Laura Crichton
Laura Crichton - 12 dagar sedan
I'm an order picker, we're union...good luck treating us like the people working at Amazon...
Ikenna Bede
Ikenna Bede - 12 dagar sedan
Why can't they make locomotive devices available for easy movement!?
Richard Dakazo
Richard Dakazo - 12 dagar sedan
My mom keeps trying to get me to apply to Amazon. I finally sent her this and she didn't even watch a couple minutes before getting mad at me for not wanting to work there, i guess on the grounds that when you're struggling financially you should be willing to throw your dignity and self worth in the trash to keep your head above water.
Ch Ki
Ch Ki - 13 dagar sedan
I must say that I've worked at Longhorn steakhouse in Georgia for $4.00 an hour p/t plus tips (avg. $45.00 a day total) 3-4 days a week and was on my feet 99 % of my shift with no breaks and it was the hardest labor ever done and lowest paying slave-working/slave-paying job with crappy benefits and a credit union worse than traditional banking, no growth, advancement or promoting from within as promised that I've ever had and was wiped out as well when I got home🤷🏽. Bottom line, Any physical labor job can be hard and painful (example: construction, farm workers, hospital workers, landscapers, people who work at the car wash in the hot sun, general warehouse, Houseman ect.) Some just pay more than others. Furthermore, that genius of a Dipwad who thinks only uneducated people do these type of jobs is a prime example of smart-dumb people who work a nerve. This was funny but some more liberal bs to dump on the elitist. Stay woke lol
jayb198083 - 13 dagar sedan
I stopped buying on Amazon, was simple.
Tariq Ben Rais
Tariq Ben Rais - 13 dagar sedan
First aid
veeyes forvengeance
veeyes forvengeance - 14 dagar sedan
I got a job in a Birmingham, AL warehouse that makes a lot of household plastic items like shoe boxes and laundry baskets. On the first day of orientation after being told about there being no AC or Heat, how wearing safety gloves are strongly recommended and drinking lots of water is a requirement due to the hot grueling work, we were immediately put to work---without gloves or bottles of water. We simply were given a box cutter-like tools to shave the trimmings off of the edges of the items. The orientation DID NOT include any videos or watching how the work was performed in advance of being sent on the floor, nor did we shadow an experienced employee. We were left alone at work stations and told to read the job instructions on the side of the machine; occasionally a"trainer" would come by and demonstrate the job for about 2-3 minutes. You cannot take a break unless they tell you to and you are not allowed to wear watches or have your phone with you (he only clock is in the break room).
The plastic items come out of the machines and they are hot, at the end of the day I literally had burns on the palms of my hands and thumbs. I got a cut on one of my fingers only for the trainer to whip out a bandaid from her back pocket (no antiseptic) and give it to me and tell me to get back to work. You work alone and have different floor people stand behind you to "monitor" your work but they will not help if you get behind but will admonish you for being slow------ON YOUR FIRST DAY WHICH IS SUPPOSED TO BE ORIENTATION! In a 12-hour shift we had a total of a 1 hour break, 2-20 minute breaks for meals and 2-10 minute breaks for bathroom. Because we did not know were were actually going to be working, no one brought a meal or water (no one is allowed to leave the facility except when the shift is over) so we had to purchase water or cookies/candy/crackers directly from the company. We were also told that we could buy gloves from the store because they were out of the ones they were supposed to supply us for free. Here's the fun part of it all--- once your shift ends and you are sweaty with bloody, dry, cracked, burned hands and sore feet from standing on concrete floors b/c you didn't wear the correct shoes (again, orientation was billed as completing paperwork and an overview of the job), you are told that a final decision to hire you will be made at a later time. Yes, all of that was just a try out to SEE if you are hireable.
I deeply regret that I did not finish college 20 years ago and desperately wish that I had the money to go back. I am afraid for my future holds.
The warehouse system is like modern-day sharecropping. They treat you like crap and expect you to be happy to be there for $26,300 a year.
Trustworthy McLegitimate
Trustworthy McLegitimate - 14 dagar sedan
aaand this is gonna be yet another job that will replaced with robots. Human frailty gets in the way of the unrealistic standards those that wanna please the Investors
Ash J
Ash J - 14 dagar sedan
I find shopping online super inconvenient because I have this thing called a job, meaning I'm not always home when a package arrives, so when I miss one I have to try get its delivery rescheduled and figure out what day and time I'll be home so that they can get here.
zSofia Blaumann
zSofia Blaumann - 14 dagar sedan
Poor chickens go through horrible torture. Imagine a dog standing on cages that cut their paws. They shit on each other, eat each others menses are in tight space, breathe ammonia....You wouldn't want that for a human, for a dog or for a chicken. Please don't believe me, but look into it, whether I'm lying. #GoVegan.
Gordon Nichols
Gordon Nichols - 14 dagar sedan
ANDREW YANG has making this point for months. Amazon paid ZERO in federal taxes last year! #YoutubeAndrewYang #Yang2020
Marry Jayne
Marry Jayne - 15 dagar sedan
It's very sad when a second rate hasbeen comedian is carrying all the class HBO has left on his shoulders.
This guy deserves to be remembered with Eddie Murphy, Robin Williams, Richard Pryor, and fellow Britty Britt Rowan Atkins in the first rate section of comic history.
HBO needs to give this guy a raise for holding him back.
Keisha T.
Keisha T. - 15 dagar sedan
Man first of all this video isn’t showing the real of how it is those boxes going on that truck is usually stacked and steady coming down with people running to the lanes to clear the blue light and instead of them showing the machine doing the work they need to show the workers doing the work 😒
Gabriel Pendragon
Gabriel Pendragon - 15 dagar sedan
Double the pay. Half the hours.