David Dobrik Talks Dolan Twins, Kylie Jenner, and More | Memory Game

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Mariah Benda
Mariah Benda - Dag sedan
they took Trisha’s name out of the bowl.
J. - Dag sedan
what are these awful sound effects i hate it
2 cool 4 you
2 cool 4 you - 2 dagar sedan
Shelby Thomas
Shelby Thomas - 2 dagar sedan
"Speaking of talking horribly about people? Tana"
Ava 024
Ava 024 - 2 dagar sedan
still dreaming for the twins and david to collab again so i can have a will to live
Taylor Stritzel
Taylor Stritzel - 3 dagar sedan
Fill in the blank
_______ is another one of my favorites
OxYeseniaxO - 3 dagar sedan
Please find the mayonnaise guys!! ❤️😭
Hannah Matson
Hannah Matson - 3 dagar sedan
Wow Anything with David in it does super well🤩
Krystal Morales
Krystal Morales - 3 dagar sedan
David is the parent who doesn't play favorites and means it lol
French Bread
French Bread - 3 dagar sedan
I love David he’s so cute
The Life Of Sam
The Life Of Sam - 3 dagar sedan
I still ship David and Liza 🤷🏼‍♀️
Callista KS
Callista KS - 3 dagar sedan
Missed opportunity to ask about Howie Mandel
Mariam TAKI
Mariam TAKI - 4 dagar sedan
this video is one of my favorite!!
Yesenia Ramirez
Yesenia Ramirez - 4 dagar sedan
I thought the last would be either Steve O or Miranda lol
Ariana Mae Grande
Ariana Mae Grande - 4 dagar sedan
get back with liza! the joke has been going on for a year, u got us. now get back together!
Madisyn Short
Madisyn Short - 4 dagar sedan
But who’s his actual favourite?¿
Corey Tusak
Corey Tusak - 4 dagar sedan
what about gabbie hanna
Ashley Billings
Ashley Billings - 4 dagar sedan
StrawberrySwisher - 5 dagar sedan
does anyone else see how pained he looks when he talks about Liza
art.sthetic _18
art.sthetic _18 - 5 dagar sedan
David on crack, I mean cinnamon: "I mean, not 7 minutes like 15 seconds"
Justine Hebert
Justine Hebert - 5 dagar sedan
I’m sad they didn’t have Howie Mandela in there!
Katherine Wright
Katherine Wright - 5 dagar sedan
Does anyone know if there’s a vlog/footage of the moment he was talking about when he picked Jason
25K Subscribers Without Any Videos Challenge
million views already WDYM 3 min passed 😂😂😂
Dolan Tea
Dolan Tea - 5 dagar sedan
Who is here for the Dolan twins??
Libby Kay
Libby Kay - 5 dagar sedan
This video should be called “David Dobrik making himself laugh for 10 minutes and 10 seconds”
J Y - 5 dagar sedan
The “aaaw” when he started talking about Liza... aaaaw❤️
Taylor Paige Grivas
Taylor Paige Grivas - 5 dagar sedan
Thank you for blessing us with 7:53
Charlotte Lawson
Charlotte Lawson - 5 dagar sedan
I miss DIZZA UGGGH ☹️😓
Austin Bartlett
Austin Bartlett - 5 dagar sedan
Things I've learned. They are all David's favorites.
Gabbiedivine Hanna
Gabbiedivine Hanna - 6 dagar sedan
Take a shot every time he says favorite
Thomas Nguyen
Thomas Nguyen - 6 dagar sedan
Why is he always laughing? "Hey guys its David Dobrik and today I'm play-heehee-ing they memory game."
MR_49king - 6 dagar sedan
Am I the only one who had a seat geek ad
Angie _
Angie _ - 6 dagar sedan
Exposing him. 😂
Bonnie Highfield
Bonnie Highfield - 6 dagar sedan
umm they for got the most important person... where’s natalie??
Ricardo Morfin
Ricardo Morfin - 6 dagar sedan
Where’s Alex ernst😭
NxTrix - 6 dagar sedan
Hawie mendel?
Kaitlyn Terrell
Kaitlyn Terrell - 6 dagar sedan
Like this! I’m trying to get to 420 lol
beautybekky - 6 dagar sedan
Imagine your friends giving you a signed copy of a magazine they are in..?😷
Seems very egocentric to me😬
Fazal Farah
Fazal Farah - 6 dagar sedan
Only here because of Dolan twins 😂
sarah - 6 dagar sedan
no one ever:
david: one of my favourites
Leopard Bra Brado
Leopard Bra Brado - 6 dagar sedan
I can only imagine what would someone think of david it they never saw his vlogs and watched this 😂
Genna Ray
Genna Ray - 6 dagar sedan
Every time davids reaction “one of my favorite”
CrayCrayJay - 6 dagar sedan
*i love this man*
Amber Rastogi
Amber Rastogi - 6 dagar sedan
I love how dolan twins are ahead of Kylie in the title
JustCallMeBo - 6 dagar sedan
*"The worst for last... John Stamos."*
*He automatically regretted that.* 🤣
Ask to seduce Miss
Ask to seduce Miss - 6 dagar sedan
Lol the amount of times David said that something was his favorite
xcx - 6 dagar sedan
The limp wrist.... we got you... we got you
ER MEDIA - 6 dagar sedan
David talking about Liza was my favorite part.❤️
Ask to seduce Miss
Ask to seduce Miss - 6 dagar sedan
Lol the amount of times David said that something was his favorite
michael denino
michael denino - 6 dagar sedan
DAvid: This is one of my favorites...
Sienna Crone
Sienna Crone - 6 dagar sedan
The real question is.... where was Alex?