What Happens If One Million People Actually Stormed Area 51?

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What If
What If - Månad sedan
The only way you probably get to see aliens is if they come to us: https://youtu.be/jpaHRQl6wG0
WRL13 - 11 timmar sedan
@what if I was to put the Imperial state crown on my head?
Lets get This puh
Lets get This puh - 2 dagar sedan
Yeah ok mr.fbi
#-GødzillaTM# Pūbg
#-GødzillaTM# Pūbg - 3 dagar sedan
Maybe3billion people storm area 51theyy can't do anything right? Because the secret at the time should be solve by the 3billion people all to soldier of the country come its too late
kbogle798 - 5 dagar sedan
What If, one million people fucked you in the ass
Merly Aguilera
Merly Aguilera - 5 dagar sedan
1.7 million pepole Will storm area 51
{Fhonix} - 2 minuter sedan
Just solicitate
{Fhonix} - 7 minuter sedan
I don't think they have 1 million bullets
Steves my name
Steves my name - 8 minuter sedan
Well I reckon out of the 1 million who say they will storm the base only 30 thousand actually turn up to Vegas. Then 5 thousand bottle it as soon as they hit Vegas. Then 5 thousand bottle it when they cross the area 51 border. Then 20 thousand descend on area 51 to be met by a massive wall of soldiers armed and with shields. 5 thousand run away there and then. 15 thousand will walk towards to wall of soldiers with 1 thousand dropping off every 100 yards until only a few hundred remain. They get beat to a pulp. The end.
Faruk Sherlock
Faruk Sherlock - Timme sedan
They die
Samira A
Samira A - 2 timmar sedan
*If this video gets deleted, we know it’s the government🤡*
Vignesh S Raj
Vignesh S Raj - 4 timmar sedan
What if a million John Wick's storm the area 51?
Chris Hale
Chris Hale - 4 timmar sedan
Pffft...the government wouldn't stand for anyone "storming the area."
Rusty Shackleford
Rusty Shackleford - 5 timmar sedan
I'm sorry people I actually was stationed at a secure military area once that had orders to shoot if unauthorized people got to a certain point on it. Trust me they will shoot.
Rita Lalawmpuii
Rita Lalawmpuii - 7 timmar sedan
To raid area 51 you need to gear up with heroic items
skyprop - 9 timmar sedan
I think the REAL Point of the storm is gov. taxpayers to go and see where they're money is going, no necessarily to see Aliens.
skyprop - 9 timmar sedan
One Must mount a Storm From Phrump, Nevada. Just Saying. Pharump is about the closest town with logistics to enable any type of storm to area 51
Emiras Gaming
Emiras Gaming - 9 timmar sedan
Sakurachan - 10 timmar sedan
WTF we'll kill everyone
No one can underestimate us
Jurriaan de Bont
Jurriaan de Bont - 11 timmar sedan
2 camod dudes VS 2 million
Juan Perez
Juan Perez - 11 timmar sedan
Anyone know what movie is that in 4:58-5:03?
WRL13 - 11 timmar sedan
What if you had the anatomy and physiology of a Kryptonian (Superman).
WRL13 - 11 timmar sedan
what if Europe never invaded China. Before European settlements in Asia, China was an advanced society. So what would it be like today if Europe never invaded.
Inquiring Minds
Inquiring Minds - 12 timmar sedan
I probably am speaking for millions of people. We're not really interested in aliens themselves. We just want to see what they look like and how they got here and does it still work? Like a museum. People would be less aggressive about all of this had the military just put them on display in a secured museum and instead of telling lie after lie.
Tasa - 13 timmar sedan
I can’t wait to see if people actually go and the results
Gold Glove Gaming
Gold Glove Gaming - 13 timmar sedan
If they're gonna kill people just bring an uno reverse card
Vijaykumar Bhaskar
Vijaykumar Bhaskar - 13 timmar sedan
Everyone: LOL eeeeww, the Sonic movie looks terrible!
Cats: Uhmmm... Meow?
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meme master1011
meme master1011 - 14 timmar sedan
What do you mean if they actually?
Jaiden Reneau
Jaiden Reneau - 14 timmar sedan
If you do this get the beds and you will spawn back.........oh there’s monsters nearby
Phantom - 14 timmar sedan
If they show us those alien tiddies. That's the time we surrender
Grammar police Police
Grammar police Police - 14 timmar sedan
What if we dig under Area 51?
Grammar police Police
Grammar police Police - 14 timmar sedan
What if we use drones to sneak past the guards
*its big brain time*
Edit:This is a JOKE so don’t take it seriously
Sandeep Konkimalla
Sandeep Konkimalla - 15 timmar sedan
Storm of people
Νικος Μιχας
Νικος Μιχας - 16 timmar sedan
2:35 ok , that made me laugh 😂😂😂
Johnny Boi
Johnny Boi - 16 timmar sedan
Make the killdozer
Kayle Sharp
Kayle Sharp - 17 timmar sedan
Who said me and my homies wouldnt have the bazooka and the 47's on us?
BlackZero Rs
BlackZero Rs - 17 timmar sedan
Jocking or not, i think people are CRAZY ENAUGH to come and storm that shit... If they can vote Donald Trump as president, they are stupid enaugh to storm Area 51. Dont underestimate human insanity from social media!
Ram Jam
Ram Jam - 18 timmar sedan
no one will show, its all talk.
BAGLE CREW - 18 timmar sedan
Million people: * brings mini guns * STORM AREA 51
Me: I brot a poket knife I’m fine
Tbessix220 - 18 timmar sedan
You don't actually need to do this, Aren't those guards dudes? Don't they have families or something? Just befriend them or their wives and they will tell you what's inside.
Michael Rapelje
Michael Rapelje - 18 timmar sedan
It didn't happen.
dan friesen
dan friesen - 19 timmar sedan
Ok so the "camo dudes" and military are gonna machine gun one million people to death ?? Easy, let's not get carried away here. I'm sure the evening news would love that.
Juliana Per
Juliana Per - 19 timmar sedan
I’m ready for the raid
ENKY OFFICIAL - 19 timmar sedan
we gonna use ninjutsu and genjutsu XD
Terry Himes
Terry Himes - 19 timmar sedan
i just wanna become a military dude just to see what is in arena 51
Randy Thompson
Randy Thompson - 20 timmar sedan
The only way to beat Trump is to storm area 51.
If you are a true Democrat liberal socialist nutjob zombie.
You must storm area 51 as you civic duty.
Sandy Helfgott
Sandy Helfgott - 21 timme sedan
Don’t worry it fucken fake bitches
Sandy Helfgott
Sandy Helfgott - 21 timme sedan
Tell me if there’s aliens
Sandy Helfgott
Sandy Helfgott - 21 timme sedan
That would be alientastic
Austin DeJohn
Austin DeJohn - 22 timmar sedan
This public service announcement brought to you by the United States department of defense. Please don't storm our base! Hahaha
Christo Swart
Christo Swart - 23 timmar sedan
The Amzon is burning down and people worry about storming Area 51
Luigi Boy72
Luigi Boy72 - 5 timmar sedan
DJ Marvelous Mark
DJ Marvelous Mark - 23 timmar sedan
Drive an 18 wheeler 🚛🚛🚛
Zaid Mansoori
Zaid Mansoori - 23 timmar sedan
What if you had powers like Itachi uchiha...
I would use genjutsu on the soldiers and infiltrate area 51
shock_ sniper
shock_ sniper - 23 timmar sedan
If there's area 51 does that mean there's area 50 and lower?!?!?!?! XD get a turret. Lol 😂🤣😋
Anthony Busko
Anthony Busko - Dag sedan
Its not a military base. Its privately owned' not by the government or people.
KEN SMITH - Dag sedan
You better arm up if you even want to have a chance 🔫🔫🔫🔫🔫🔫🔫🔫🔫🔫
The Mayor
The Mayor - Dag sedan
More like the white trucks would quickly be met by 1 million
The Mayor
The Mayor - Dag sedan
You did a good job on the build up, they wouldn’t do squat if a million people really showed up, are they going to kill a million people,,, hell no. Would it be insane if 1 million were actually on location, you bet your ass it would be!
Steady could'nt read i changed it
Die. just die.
tea spiller
tea spiller - Dag sedan
you should just dig under it
tea spiller
tea spiller - Dag sedan
but what if everyone jumped at the same time instead
John Dough
John Dough - Dag sedan
Awe that's an easy one. One million people wouldn't be able to navigate properly to even get there without being detected. If anything, you guys would end up shitting in buckets and leaving a big mess to clean up later. That's not counting the military response that would certainly effect your numbers. This is where the A-10 is very effective, only in this case there would be a series of them. What a stupid notion.
StephenMSZ - Dag sedan
People dont relly dont know what is inside area 51. BTW there can be olny junk ufo oor some files of weapons. People cant relly tell whats inside
rihard pensa
rihard pensa - Dag sedan
1 million people need real gun😎
Sava - Dag sedan
Wish hitler was alive. look if you could stop him. "area 51"
RubherDuck - Dag sedan
Naruto running is death. Take 1 mil cars and sucess.
Sarah Unicorn
Sarah Unicorn - Dag sedan
Who come with me, and storm the area 51?😏😂
Hymyss - Dag sedan
Why we storming Area 51 when we could be storming YouTube headquarters to stop our favorite youtubers getting demonitized
Johnny Blade
Johnny Blade - Dag sedan
Why the hell would anybody go there for aliens? That's stupid! People want to storm the place because of them hiding secret technology and the lack of congressional oversight which is illegal.
Oscar Leon
Oscar Leon - Dag sedan
Who’s still going?
Bebing Perez
Bebing Perez - Dag sedan
Minecraft please
cuarto control sabanapark
es muy probable que encontremos algo con lo cual nos llevariamos una gran sorpresa pero hasta que no lleguemos hay seran puras especulaciones.
cuarto control sabanapark
es muy probable que encontremos algo con lo cual nos llevariamos una gran sorpresa pero hasta que no lleguemos hay seran puras especulaciones.
Spring Chan
Spring Chan - Dag sedan
I would be on of em I love mystery
NOO37YLER - Dag sedan
What IF you tell us how people signed in area 51?
Jack Burnett
Jack Burnett - Dag sedan
They'd see you coming from miles away after they knew for weeks ahead of time. If you did manage to walk in the 110° heat past the million parked cars, you'd be met with LRAD acoustic and ADS "heat ray" Active Denial Systems. On the long shot that you evaded that, you'd be doused with CS gas from both the ground and air. If you got past that, you'd be fired on with real bullets from real guns. When the sign says "Federal property. Lethal force authorized", they're not kidding.
Fire Fire
Fire Fire - Dag sedan
It’s very Secret now thank for give our us info out lol
Sweet Cupxcake
Sweet Cupxcake - Dag sedan
*The only way to go inside in area 51 is to join the military*
todd jensen
todd jensen - Dag sedan
This is why they make m1919 machine gun
Mark Yamashita
Mark Yamashita - Dag sedan
Area 51 is...........the scp foundation??????
Chaika Gaz
Chaika Gaz - Dag sedan
I'd legit laugh when I see the next headline 40 shot, hundreds injured near area 51. 🤣😂😅
A u
A u - Dag sedan
What happens when we find out aliens are really running this company called America? People gonna say, “all about me me me anyways” and keep going about their days like usual.
GanTu Mongolia
GanTu Mongolia - Dag sedan
What if it was 3millon😈
Black Jack
Black Jack - Dag sedan
They'd get blown up by mines.
Ricky Mc
Ricky Mc - Dag sedan
I'm in