47 087
kyle earhart-playz
kyle earhart-playz - Timme sedan
what the tame of the music?????
robyn garrett
robyn garrett - Timme sedan
Lazerbeam made duck hunting in fortnite
6969 subscribers without any videos
2:03 This guy just got f***ed.
Mesnch y
Mesnch y - 22 timmar sedan
At 2:45 lannan killed misha :oh no he must be making a new song!
TheAmazonKing Carnage
TheAmazonKing Carnage - 22 timmar sedan
Ah let us fock
Marie Paul
Marie Paul - Dag sedan
I killed a guy 97 m
Brody Jones
Brody Jones - Dag sedan
Quit copying ceeday lol
reaction boys
reaction boys - Dag sedan
Use the drum gun and combat shotgun
Dax Gullick
Dax Gullick - Dag sedan
Can I have the gingy skin so I can be a gingy supporter
Logan Thepanya
Logan Thepanya - Dag sedan
you have 4 shotguns in the thumbnail that you’re holding but the video says holding 5 shotguns
GadgetCutTuber - Dag sedan
*lazarbeam does the emote*
Ninja : I'm gonna have you banned for stream sniping..
Ano04nymous - Dag sedan
Lazar actually liked his own video. It’s the top on his playlist of liked videos.
Jody Davis
Jody Davis - 2 dagar sedan
I love the way you said
"I saw Ali A do this"
The Boys
The Boys - 2 dagar sedan
He...killed...Misha... XD I PLAY POKÉMON GO
happy funtime
happy funtime - 2 dagar sedan
Lazer beam liked his own video...
Jacqueline MacDonald
Jacqueline MacDonald - 2 dagar sedan
You get the stones you lose them u lose and and Iron man snaps
Big Bear
Big Bear - 2 dagar sedan
You use the “begone thot” joke way to much where it’s not even funny just annoying. But still good vid
R.A craft
R.A craft - 2 dagar sedan
You look like denis
SVN - 3 dagar sedan
Restivo Films
Restivo Films - 3 dagar sedan
Sub to Restivo Films I am a huge fan
Na Mm Morales
Na Mm Morales - 3 dagar sedan
Wait, Combat Shotgun does double pump, it basically sprays
Devpil - 3 dagar sedan
9:58 that guys in pretty much every lazarbeam vid
Jade Hazell
Jade Hazell - 3 dagar sedan
This might be your funniest video yet 😂
Jamie Percival
Jamie Percival - 3 dagar sedan
Iron Man dies
bang bag
bang bag - 4 dagar sedan
ur fat
StockTrain638 - 4 dagar sedan
Who’s better
Like if lazarbeam
Comment if fresh
KaGe Klan
KaGe Klan - 4 dagar sedan
You should do another vlog one day. I really miss those :/
Cooper Fuller
Cooper Fuller - 4 dagar sedan
Lazarbeam is the best
Android Smart Box
Android Smart Box - 4 dagar sedan
Lazerbeam can I send you a request in fortnite
Soren Austenberg
Soren Austenberg - 4 dagar sedan
99% likes
1% dislikes

Haven’t seen that in a while mate
Liz&Len Punzalan
Liz&Len Punzalan - 4 dagar sedan
Ricky Fuentes
Ricky Fuentes - 4 dagar sedan
When he jumped I said “ Wait he is playing without fresh and solos” then about 5 minutes later I said ohhh there’s fresh every lazybum video has fresh
Flash TDM
Flash TDM - 4 dagar sedan
cayden Etheridge
cayden Etheridge - 4 dagar sedan
the title says 5 shotguns but in the pic the ginger bread is holding 4 shotguns
Cheyenne Desjarlais
Cheyenne Desjarlais - 4 dagar sedan
More apex!!!!!!!
Shashvat Patel - Centennial Sr PS (1506)
I’m disappointed

There’s only 4 combat shotguns in the thumbnail
Stellar - 6 timmar sedan
Shashvat Patel - Centennial Sr PS (1506) ... are u high
Arthur Saldaev Shukla
Arthur Saldaev Shukla - 4 dagar sedan
lazarbeam has lost his touch
Ender Watcher
Ender Watcher - 4 dagar sedan
Clickbait the thumbnail has four
Supreme_Swag - 4 dagar sedan
you should rename your channel to lazarmeme
John Smythe
John Smythe - 4 dagar sedan
Stop saying curse words
Oliver Ryan
Oliver Ryan - 4 dagar sedan
Why do I wanna eat gingy?
Lego crusher of Destiny Cool man
Lazar can you please do a q and a
Suzi Q
Suzi Q - 4 dagar sedan
Omg this was 5mins ago
Louise Dawson
Louise Dawson - 4 dagar sedan
Nice shot you have aim bot
Lil Moody ツ
Lil Moody ツ - 4 dagar sedan
When you find out their is actually 6 stones not 5
jasongts - 4 dagar sedan
2:42 my dog is named micha which is sometimes mistaken as misha, she is a female dog. A bitch is a female dog. This triggered me.
Itchy-Griffin - 5 dagar sedan
U killed my friend at 1:28
Friend him to get carried he’s a sweat
YouTube Bros
YouTube Bros - 5 dagar sedan
Epic: hey why don’t we fricking vault the pump because it was over powered and we had it since season 1
Epic community: wtf epic you suck
Jay and john
Jay and john - 5 dagar sedan
Domthegamer 1212
Domthegamer 1212 - 5 dagar sedan
cuz its fun watching you rage do an only pistol challenge
Domthegamer 1212
Domthegamer 1212 - 5 dagar sedan
or is it just me
Jeff Ryan
Jeff Ryan - 5 dagar sedan
2:17 you can edit????
The small kid _2005
The small kid _2005 - 5 dagar sedan
I miss the old Lazarbeam, duos doesn’t matter to him. He doesn’t need to be carried
Alex Mancia
Alex Mancia - 5 dagar sedan
Lol u killed misha
Tommi Lombardi
Tommi Lombardi - 5 dagar sedan
Pistol only challenge plz
Tommi Lombardi
Tommi Lombardi - 5 dagar sedan
Tommi Lombardi
Tommi Lombardi - 5 dagar sedan
Tommi Lombardi
Tommi Lombardi - 5 dagar sedan
Get Yeeted
Get Yeeted - 5 dagar sedan
The combat shotgun looked like a pump on steroids
But epic scammed us
Brenda Aniceto
Brenda Aniceto - 5 dagar sedan
10:04 “l a m a o” lmaooo I think he meant like “lmao”
Dylan’s gaming
Dylan’s gaming - 5 dagar sedan
Collects 5 pumps
Epic:Vaults pump
Lannan :collects 5 combat shotguns
*we in the endgame now
Tobler 35
Tobler 35 - 5 dagar sedan
The thumbnail only has 4shotguns
Princeton Thayer
Princeton Thayer - 5 dagar sedan
You are the best and the funniest You tuber
Ted Barber
Ted Barber - 5 dagar sedan
why would you do take the L when your the one doing it
Ritchie Boi
Ritchie Boi - 5 dagar sedan
I proved your YouTube channel is buffed
gteam02 :D
gteam02 :D - 5 dagar sedan
0:45 We In ThE eNdGaMe NoW
Anthony Ramirez
Anthony Ramirez - 5 dagar sedan
That last guy's name. 😀
Amer Gemok
Amer Gemok - 5 dagar sedan
Do more minecraft
Pamela Gregory
Pamela Gregory - 5 dagar sedan
The new shot gun still sucis
caleb galatas
caleb galatas - 5 dagar sedan
Can I 1v1 you my epic is TNS_thermal
footballer 123
footballer 123 - 5 dagar sedan
play with crainer lazarbeam please
Maria Gorfain
Maria Gorfain - 5 dagar sedan
Pumps were shit
Joanne Ros
Joanne Ros - 5 dagar sedan
back in my days we use to one pump 9 year old kids
Red Panda417
Red Panda417 - 5 dagar sedan
I’m starting to like the new shotgun in fortnite
Carter P
Carter P - 5 dagar sedan
Purple grap died in endgame😊
Richard Preston
Richard Preston - 5 dagar sedan
Isaac Werner
Isaac Werner - 5 dagar sedan
Lol they’re six infinity stones not five
peguia7 - 5 dagar sedan
You should do the smokebome meta
LEGENDARYKILLERZ - 5 dagar sedan
2018: Bring back Double Pump
2019: Bring back Pump
2020: Bring back Shotguns
2021: Bring back Guns
2022: Bring back Fortnite
2023: Bring back Video Games
2024: Bring back IPads\PCs\Consoles\IPhones
2025: Bring back Entertainment
2026: Bring back Fun
2027: Bring back the world
2028: Bring back the universe
Brooks Weber
Brooks Weber - 5 dagar sedan
Gerwin ten Have
Gerwin ten Have - 5 dagar sedan
The meta is calling Fresh
xx_xbox gang_xx
xx_xbox gang_xx - 5 dagar sedan
Carry me please someone user name:KLJ_GODLIKE
How2Meme 101
How2Meme 101 - 5 dagar sedan
The combat shotgun is basically the pump in season 1 but with crap damage
George Hoare
George Hoare - 5 dagar sedan
ME: hey why does this kid have 5 shotguns
my teammate: oh its Lazarbeam
Daniel Yeung
Daniel Yeung - 6 dagar sedan
players dream of:having double pump back
players now:i wish there was single pump now
stop dreaming about double pump we cant even single player pump
josh thornton
josh thornton - 6 dagar sedan
I got two tattoos one of them say LazarLazar and the other on say in block and big it says yeet
RamenEater 3000
RamenEater 3000 - 6 dagar sedan
KnightGabriel - 6 dagar sedan
This makes it almost as nooby as the pump, cuz the spread and accuracy gives you a high chance to hit
MisterMister - 6 dagar sedan
Lazer Beam: 5 of the new shotguns
Lazer Beams Thumbnail: I basically have 4 shotguns
Paxton Anderson
Paxton Anderson - 6 dagar sedan
I love to snipe other players with the God shotgun
Mints Fn
Mints Fn - 6 dagar sedan
When Alias video is better than yours lol
EH7Evan - 6 dagar sedan
9:40 shotgunned (80 meters)
Giant Dude
Giant Dude - 6 dagar sedan
Lazar beam
Gotta tell you
There are 6
Sleepingeevee 6
Sleepingeevee 6 - 6 dagar sedan
Community: bring back double pump
Max Sharp
Max Sharp - 6 dagar sedan
Wyatt hi
Wyatt hi - 6 dagar sedan
I know it's wired but I love your voice
JackMatty HiggyHartl
JackMatty HiggyHartl - 6 dagar sedan
Kid your a bot = you suck please 1 like
kiera crouch
kiera crouch - 6 dagar sedan
1:03 @ all the kids at my school
Juan De la torre
Juan De la torre - 6 dagar sedan
I had a dream I met u that’s how much I like your videos use code lazar in item shop
Connor Best
Connor Best - 6 dagar sedan
Lazer : more shotguns it get more power I get
Alec Francis
Alec Francis - 6 dagar sedan
Yeet for lazarbeam