125 822
2 192
Keek Taylor
Keek Taylor - Timme sedan
When it hit half of the video you should have used a campfire
Mr. CatYT
Mr. CatYT - 5 timmar sedan
He killed misha the Pokemon go song kid 😂
elreedeno - 8 timmar sedan
Combats are trash
Alicia Mann
Alicia Mann - 8 timmar sedan
The range is 100m dumb shit science btw
Daniel Duncan
Daniel Duncan - 12 timmar sedan
Fresh eliminated his trio partner lol
Bob Dunn
Bob Dunn - 14 timmar sedan
Epic. New infinity blade
Lazar I want five of em
Epic. Only one
Shawn Viers
Shawn Viers - Dag sedan
Shawn Viers
Shawn Viers - Dag sedan
18bebejai - Dag sedan
Who is better at fortnite lazarbeam or lazarbeam
18bebejai - Dag sedan
Colton Bennett
Colton Bennett - Dag sedan
Don’t be mean to fresh
Lektei _LiGht
Lektei _LiGht - Dag sedan
Lannan:gets 2 kills I'm insane
Fresh:gets 10 kills I dont have that many kills
James Pangis
James Pangis - Dag sedan
Lazarbeam: I want more
Me: say it
Lazarbeam:I want 5 of em
Me: called it
xd Bumz
xd Bumz - Dag sedan
Fresh killed his trio partner at 6:17 lol
Colson Allen Pearce
Colson Allen Pearce - Dag sedan
Lazar going sweat 1:23
Frank falesto
Frank falesto - 2 dagar sedan
aila is click bait
pureapplejuice - 2 dagar sedan
How did i not see this
XXXyoshi626 Yeeet
XXXyoshi626 Yeeet - 2 dagar sedan
We all knew Fresh was coming after lannons first death
Javeria Channa
Javeria Channa - 2 dagar sedan
You got a friend in me
TheLastCacti - 2 dagar sedan
There super commen...
Jakub Mrozewski
Jakub Mrozewski - 2 dagar sedan
What season is this?
Mr Adventure
Mr Adventure - 3 dagar sedan
Ohh 1:37-138 he stayed Shit a curse word
Fortnite_gods Gods_only
Fortnite_gods Gods_only - 3 dagar sedan
When lazarbeam gets a. Girlfriend
Rocco Olivas
Rocco Olivas - 3 dagar sedan
Lazar is real life thanos
harjodh chawla
harjodh chawla - 5 dagar sedan
You are a pro at fortnite
Niko The Phantom
Niko The Phantom - 5 dagar sedan
Um actually there are 6 infinity stones.
Gilbert Arechiga
Gilbert Arechiga - 6 dagar sedan
Lol Ali a is a prophet 😂😂😂
trina h
trina h - 6 dagar sedan
Best gun, no troubles
Stratogenix - 7 dagar sedan
Anyone else see there was only 4 in the thumbnail?
Lilly Green
Lilly Green - 7 dagar sedan
LazarLazar can I add you as a friend on fortnite!
MrNsbabo - 8 dagar sedan
xssrrrs fresh iss a ttv
Orlando Romero
Orlando Romero - 8 dagar sedan
BeGoneThought is my username for fortnite
actual memes
actual memes - 7 dagar sedan
Thot is a swear word
Edik700 crash
Edik700 crash - 9 dagar sedan
Pump is just return lol
NishGaming YT
NishGaming YT - 9 dagar sedan
I wAnT FivE oF Em
Paul Blears
Paul Blears - 9 dagar sedan
Who is better like lazerbeam comment if lachy
A Crab That Raves
A Crab That Raves - 9 dagar sedan
0:56 straight off the bat more like straight off the COMbat
Adam Michael
Adam Michael - 10 dagar sedan
There is 6 infinity stones
Adam Michael
Adam Michael - 10 dagar sedan
Saying clapped won’t get you demonetized
DeAd ViBeZ
DeAd ViBeZ - 10 dagar sedan
Is he copying Ceeday’s 5 weapon challenges?
benjamin seeley
benjamin seeley - 11 dagar sedan
If you dont stop swearing I am un subbing
4Nick3 - 8 dagar sedan
You can't stand him swearing even tho he has for all of his youtube videos. Why the fuck did you sub to him in the first place you baby?
Hawyad Omar
Hawyad Omar - 11 dagar sedan
Erik Strough
Erik Strough - 12 dagar sedan
There are 6 infinity stones
TheOnlyOne 908
TheOnlyOne 908 - 12 dagar sedan
10:51 is known as duck hunting.
Jesus the Beast player
Jesus the Beast player - 12 dagar sedan
Y done u play playgrounds now
i i
i i - 13 dagar sedan

Mission failed
i i
i i - 13 dagar sedan
I watched the ads so lazer can make money
i i
i i - 13 dagar sedan
Tobias Ravn Albertsen 5A Espe Skole
Lmao means lick my ass op
Amy Evans
Amy Evans - 13 dagar sedan
There was 4 shotguns on the thumbnail
Fabian Daja
Fabian Daja - 13 dagar sedan
Lazar beam:”If you have 5 combat shoutgungs you don’t take fall damage.”
Also Lazar beam:”I’m using a lunch pad so i don’t take fall damage
Sohat Bhuyan
Sohat Bhuyan - 10 dagar sedan
Fabian Daja lunch pad 💀 💀
Lukas Pinpimai Lund
Lukas Pinpimai Lund - 14 dagar sedan
P i p pomp :(
Noyan.r rana
Noyan.r rana - 14 dagar sedan
Lazar beam what is your problem with Ali A.u piece of garbage noob
NoobMaster 69
NoobMaster 69 - 14 dagar sedan
I miss the gold pump
opticbms 1971
opticbms 1971 - 15 dagar sedan
lazarlazar im form season 10 dusty depot is back but I must go my duo mate needs me
trinh phan
trinh phan - 15 dagar sedan
There 6 stones not 5 the mind,soul,time,space,reality and power
Fusion-Raid - 16 dagar sedan
LaZAR??!!!!! You liked your own video??!!!
Wyatt's Channel
Wyatt's Channel - 18 dagar sedan
I pickled blazer
Mihail Leonte
Mihail Leonte - 18 dagar sedan
Lazer beam you killed me my name is misha
Epros 2
Epros 2 - 18 dagar sedan
Only video he is good no hate
King Mozes1
King Mozes1 - 18 dagar sedan
I know this makes me a nerd but there's actually 6 infinity stones.
Bigfeet00 - 19 dagar sedan
FRESH THX FOR KILLING I WAS THE LAST PERSON i had 19kills# lannin=lazarbeam so a video of all pistols GREY ONLY LYSM AND LOVE UR VIDS
Alexis Perez
Alexis Perez - 19 dagar sedan
Why 5 combats shotguns
peter king
peter king - 19 dagar sedan
Slipstream to your ass
SpicyMane - 19 dagar sedan
Season 9 its trash
Season x=10 its op
Season 11 vaulted
Warface Gaming
Warface Gaming - 19 dagar sedan
Dab on me
Rashid Hazarika
Rashid Hazarika - 19 dagar sedan
I like you and my friends you are the best youtuber
Pancakes - 21 dag sedan
why did he broke his own wall when he could edit through
Aremirasu - 22 dagar sedan
4:57 he switched the blue shotgun with the gold rather than picking them both up...
white paint
white paint - 22 dagar sedan
I love bashing people
Quentin Hamilton
Quentin Hamilton - 22 dagar sedan
That a lot of damage
James Smith
James Smith - 23 dagar sedan
No one:

Absolutely no one:

Gotcha bitch
Jdjeje Dudud
Jdjeje Dudud - 23 dagar sedan
Wait at 6:17 it says fresh killed jynx and jynx is one of freshes trio partners now
Jaden Munji
Jaden Munji - 23 dagar sedan
Shut up the hell
Kenny Yeoh
Kenny Yeoh - 24 dagar sedan
*I want 5 of em*
Saad Tariq
Saad Tariq - 25 dagar sedan
brooo why u killed me i wanna get 1 win in dous :((
i was the last person
SpiralY - 25 dagar sedan
7:26 there are 6 you Idiot, time, power, space, reality, mind and soul
Zero two
Zero two - 26 dagar sedan
lazar:*gets 5 combat shotguns*
Fortnite Ledge 00
Fortnite Ledge 00 - 26 dagar sedan
Combats are open!
Fortnite Ledge 00
Fortnite Ledge 00 - 26 dagar sedan
I meant op
Fortnite Ledge 00
Fortnite Ledge 00 - 26 dagar sedan
I meat OP
Robert Terrell
Robert Terrell - 26 dagar sedan
Always go there for every of your videos
Robert Terrell
Robert Terrell - 26 dagar sedan
That's that's my favorite place to go Dusty divot
Jonah Sopan
Jonah Sopan - 26 dagar sedan
You shut up lazier beam nerd
Lego Life 383
Lego Life 383 - 27 dagar sedan
Literally Nobody
Not a soul:
Lannan: I want five of em!
Bazzer Bazzington
Bazzer Bazzington - 27 dagar sedan
Epic broke double pump now we can’t even do single pump