I Became A Father At 16. I Was So Naive!

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Thank you for listening to this story. By the way, did you notice that this Teddy bear appeared several times? Can you count how many? Write the answer in the comments
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5 times
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Are these real stories??
Failed_ K
Failed_ K - 33 minuter sedan
I would’ve Fortnite danced on her
Abdulatf Möha J
Abdulatf Möha J - 42 minuter sedan
I would happily walk to Mike and tell him to stop fucking girls and take this responsibility at least this is what I can do for her
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3 or 4
RoZzZy Rodriguez
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0:39 *i wAs bEcOmiNg a mAn*
sammy R
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It takes 2 seconds to pull out vs 18yrs of hell which one is you think is better
Jasmine - Timme sedan
He crazy i would snap on her telling me I’m not the father tf
Sreynoch Boo
Sreynoch Boo - Timme sedan
Hella na! I would have dump her ass 😂😅😤
Coffee And Potato
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She was sitting near a garbage bin because she was dumped (da-bum-tink)
I am so not funny 😅
Jasmine - Timme sedan
I'm so sorry for you dude you don't realize that your getting used cause did you have $ex don't think so😕
Steven Crew
Steven Crew - Timme sedan
My mom and dad would understand they had my older brother at 16 and 17
Mr.kevin not home
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Wait so jasmines parents don't have a car?
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I found the bear Twice
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YouTube probably is satisfied after clicking on this recommendation!!
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I’m three weeks daaaamn
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Don’t be like mike
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The thumbnail for this video looks like something from the depths of DeviantArt
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natuuu ‘ - Timme sedan
Simp nation stand down, she finessed a check💀
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THIS video stays coming back in my reccomondations. Why yOuTuBe!?
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5 time's
Brandon Penwright
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To be honest i would done the same thing he did. After all that hard work that i put in, im gonna help raise that child. If its mine or not. Alot of people have a hard time doing that but a real man that loves his woman should and could love the child she bares even thought its not his. Now im not saying if she cheats on you in your relationship and has a child is ok. But it happened prior to your relationship. You should love her and her child.
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Typical America
Brandon Penwright
Brandon Penwright - Timme sedan
7 times
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"Friendzone", oh please...
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I'm so sorry for you dude you don't realize that your getting used cause did you have $ex don't think so😕
keith reed
keith reed - 2 timmar sedan
He crazy i would snap on her telling me I’m not the father tf
Kirill Berezin
Kirill Berezin - 2 timmar sedan
LoooooooL. It's NOT YOURS. You should be ashamed, not proud. Whats wrong with you.
Zychh XD
Zychh XD - 2 timmar sedan
Bruh Moments
Albert Marin
Albert Marin - 2 timmar sedan
This guy is a real superhero
Natalie Potter
Natalie Potter - 2 timmar sedan
"freaking Mike form drama class"
Luis Casanova
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Few Years Later: Video Uploaded: “ I Found Out My Father Isn’t My Biological Father “
Dj Thomas
Dj Thomas - 2 timmar sedan
I low key would have left her
parth maharanwar
parth maharanwar - 2 timmar sedan
U r the really good person who had adopted the other baby and peagnent girl which hides the truth from u, ur thinking and feelings is too good brother.😎
Lee Dawg
Lee Dawg - 2 timmar sedan
Bro I’m 18 and I haven’t been in pussy since the day my mom pushed my ass out at the hospital
Votre réalité Ce n'est pas ce que tu penses
I mean....Maybe you were not as a nice guy that you were thinking
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Maury:You ARE the father
plushies forever 2077
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or 7😄😧😱😱😨💖💗💋💞
plushies forever 2077
plushies forever 2077 - 2 timmar sedan
Elvis V.
Elvis V. - 2 timmar sedan
When he said the baby was not his I felt so angry for him, not even bc the gf lied, but bc how hard he worked thinking that he was gonna have to support a baby that he thought he knew was his when it wasn't, I would've not accepted the baby, block Jasmin out of my life, and be relieved that the baby was not mine.
Lokir Walker
Lokir Walker - 2 timmar sedan
I get why people wouldn't take care of the baby but I can't relate I would have done the same thing he did
Wiie Gaming
Wiie Gaming - 2 timmar sedan
I don't know the difference dumb and responsible in this story..
lefty gaming and animations
lefty gaming and animations - 2 timmar sedan
I have the same story that that baby has my real father left win he found out my mom was pregnant and he left her years later she met my dad (not my real dad) if i could find my real dad i would slap him
Simbarashe Maziwisa
Simbarashe Maziwisa - 2 timmar sedan
This is my favorite story ever, I've watched it like 15 times every day and even the first day I watched it I had a dream this all happend to me (weird) but amazing story.
ishbo palmer
ishbo palmer - 2 timmar sedan
CoolbonnieXD 123
CoolbonnieXD 123 - 2 timmar sedan
Guess the kid is in facts mikes it easy
Brando Commando
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The thumbnail is him holding the girl while she’s kissing her ex🤯
Specter Unit
Specter Unit - 2 timmar sedan
That's illegal You're gonna go to jail boy
It’s Layla UwU
It’s Layla UwU - 2 timmar sedan
My dad was a father when he had 6 years old

*Just kidding lol* 😂😂😂
Michael Joseph Jackson
Michael Joseph Jackson - 3 timmar sedan
I legit thought in the thumbnail that the blonde guy was the child and the guy with piercings was him. When I played the vid, I was so confused
michael kasper
michael kasper - 3 timmar sedan
Very doubt that this is real because they didn't mention that they did you know it😕