James Charles & Tati DRAMA Explained!

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Amit Paul
Amit Paul - 3 minuter sedan
Respect to all. But most of these new genders are absolute bitches. Most. That means not everyone.
Ronny M
Ronny M - 3 timmar sedan
*James Charles kissed you*

Like to undo 😂😂😂😂
Pam Curtis
Pam Curtis - Timme sedan
You know what y'all people need to stop this drama I love him and tati needs to shut up
Jenny Berger
Jenny Berger - 3 timmar sedan
Alexa P.
Alexa P. - 3 timmar sedan
Isn’t this girl the one from buzzfeed trying Mexican snacks
Anna Fanai
Anna Fanai - 3 timmar sedan
I'm still subscribed to him
Anshuman Patwardhan
Anshuman Patwardhan - 6 timmar sedan
James Charles used to be one of my favorite you-tuber but now I hate him. I gave thumbs down and unsubscribed. I am never going to forgive him😭😢😱😨😰😥😓🥵😳
Pam Curtis
Pam Curtis - Timme sedan
You know what y'all people need to stop this drama I love him and tati needs to shut up!!
Thomas Brooks
Thomas Brooks - 6 timmar sedan
Tati, I am a 36 y/o gay man from Baltimore Maryland, I just wanted to say that people (LIKE YOU) have tried to use my sexual preference against me when it has nothing to do with the subject at hand. I just unsubscribed to your channel I hope more will follow. I use to watch you weekly but after I found out you used your Social Media Celebrity to attack a 19 y/o gay man on a makeup channel. you should be ashamed of yourself, I've dealt with your type before, your a gay supporter unless you disagree with that gay in which you become a bigot attacking every gay characteristic you can. I WILL NEVER WATCH YOUR CHANNEL AGAIN, YOU'RE EVIL, WICKED AND NOT A GOOD FRIEND ESPECIALLY TO GAYS. WAY TO SET THE MOVEMENT BACK WITH ONE POST, THEN YOU REACH OUT AFTER THE TRUTH COMES OUT??? BURN IN HELL!!!!
Pam Curtis
Pam Curtis - Timme sedan
You are so right omg I hate tati
Krystal J.
Krystal J. - 7 timmar sedan
am i the only one realizing that this is childish and pointless ? tati got mad bc he was promoting some damn vitamins. she need to get over it 💀 it’s really not that serious.
D grau
D grau - 7 timmar sedan
This is drama? Damn. Hahahahaa wtf
Skye chan
Skye chan - 10 timmar sedan
Bruh this boi insane
Arehani Sanchez
Arehani Sanchez - 11 timmar sedan
I’m not a sister anymore 
They can bounding over *inaudible noises*
Who else saw that her name is Yessica and thought is Sssniperwolf🙋
Madeleine Ott
Madeleine Ott - 12 timmar sedan
Everybody is talking about it at school and I *was* like 😅🤔😓
「 MilkyMochi 」
「 MilkyMochi 」 - 12 timmar sedan
I still don't understand.
BrainiacGaming - 13 timmar sedan
So is James a girl or guy? Pretty sure is a trans but they kept saying he
Malaïka Tshiteya
Malaïka Tshiteya - 12 timmar sedan
BrainiacGaming no problem
BrainiacGaming - 12 timmar sedan
+Malaïka Tshiteya ok. Thank you for the clarification
Malaïka Tshiteya
Malaïka Tshiteya - 12 timmar sedan
BrainiacGaming a guy and he’s not trans he just wears makeup haha
Trisket - 13 timmar sedan
What’s next? Mr Beast and Morgz because of water?!?
Renee Mgetta
Renee Mgetta - 13 timmar sedan
Is it just me but I was so lazy to watch Tati’s 43 minute video
SweetlyX Sam
SweetlyX Sam - 14 timmar sedan
This is dumb he lost how many million for this stupid crap
Akari Sasaki
Akari Sasaki - 14 timmar sedan
AT least he has 15m-ish subscribers now...?
Ahri .m.
Ahri .m. - 15 timmar sedan
this is so stupid 🙂
Shinu Kadeeja Nadakkavil
Shinu Kadeeja Nadakkavil - 15 timmar sedan
so basically they are having a war on each other because James used these vitamins which Tati didn't like? hmmmmmmmmm................... interesting..............
A Random Commenter
A Random Commenter - 16 timmar sedan
Random guy: Your gay.
The Internet: Eh...
James Charles: Your gay.
The Internet: *Dies*
Tertu Ndokosho
Tertu Ndokosho - 16 timmar sedan
So another person's career damaged by hearsay is pretty much what's happening here. Also this is so childish 😂😂
jessieleigh89 - 17 timmar sedan
Wait, is Jeffree Star against James now?
Br00tal Cringehead___06
Br00tal Cringehead___06 - 18 timmar sedan
Thank you!
MR. COOL - 18 timmar sedan
Tati means shit in Hindi language
Moonshield23 - 20 timmar sedan
Homosexuality is a sin, do you see why yet?
kayden zeroonetwenty
kayden zeroonetwenty - 20 timmar sedan
You're a great reporter gurl 😘😘😘
Renz Fano
Renz Fano - 21 timme sedan
Move on people life is to short
Special Dude
Special Dude - 22 timmar sedan
Tati mind be like "OMG James Charles is advertising some other vitamin I’m gonna cry and make some crazy internet drama shit”Jeffree star be like “omg James has more subs than me let me say he is a danger to society so I get more subscribers and be more famous”
Shannon Marino
Shannon Marino - 23 timmar sedan
hu r these people
water - 23 timmar sedan
didn’t even know tati was a person until this drama.
Pam Curtis
Pam Curtis - Timme sedan
ryape - Dag sedan
I just found out there's a beauty community
Iyen Lim
Iyen Lim - Dag sedan
some guy : what's your sexual orientation?
james : i'm *_celebrity_*
Irish Dourney
Irish Dourney - Dag sedan
Um...over vitamins?
Jesica Valenzuela Sotelo
I think I was the only one not subscribed to him 😂😂
Subscribe For Free Oxygen
Jake Paul: 5 mill in 6 months never done before
James Charles: -2Mill in 1 week never done before
Maui Regachuelo
Maui Regachuelo - Dag sedan
Non sense feud
HeroPlayz 24
HeroPlayz 24 - Dag sedan
So this is a drama now huh? Smh🙄🤔🤦‍♂
Econ Genome
Econ Genome - Dag sedan
I came here to understand the memes i knew this was not going to be good but man... This is reeeeee
O V H - Dag sedan
its an unfortunate case of sexual harassment. with celebrity and with no celebrity comes responsibility. sexual harassment is never ok.
Galaxy Youtube
Galaxy Youtube - Dag sedan
James played the biggest uno switch card EVER
Gacha Queen
Gacha Queen - Dag sedan
After seeing this I’m unfollowing
delilah occonnor
delilah occonnor - Dag sedan
Idc what he did james is everything to me and once ur a sister ur always a sister and if people wanna come at me go ahead because sarcasm comes from my mouth like stupid comes from urs I'm not gonna unsubscribe to him just because of a mistake boo hoo idc I'm always gonna be a sister and that's never gonna change
Pam Curtis
Pam Curtis - Timme sedan
+Delena Siulala shut up be freaking nice if you didn't you obviously wouldn't have responded. Uga I hate stupid people like you
Delena Siulala
Delena Siulala - Dag sedan
Ok but no one asked and it's probably because no one gives a shit
Madisyn Holmes
Madisyn Holmes - Dag sedan
James is a great person
Life is Great
Life is Great - Dag sedan
I didn’t even know Tati existed till this 💀 💀 💀
vasilis koulouris
vasilis koulouris - Dag sedan
Who is here from tfue's drama?
Fox You
Fox You - Dag sedan
What happened to the sister squad???
Jack Fire
Jack Fire - Dag sedan
Never was
Abigail Bruzual
Abigail Bruzual - Dag sedan
Was I the only one who did not know what was going on until I watched this video?
Meme God
Meme God - Dag sedan
James just released a huge Uno reverse card on Tati
Leandro - Dag sedan
What's wrong
RadRich - Dag sedan
No, just checked and the subscription is at 15.1 million.
RadRich - Dag sedan
Lol. That's ok
Batwoman is "coming" out soon. Bat Sister!
JOSHUA OWENS - Dag sedan
teagivce me a shput out
JOSHUA OWENS - Dag sedan
through the shade
spuspu Absher
spuspu Absher - Dag sedan
Damm, tea spilt.
Erin meep
Erin meep - Dag sedan
Soooooo james is basically a narcissistic sexual predator?
King Kage
King Kage - Dag sedan
Guess what he got the 2 mil subs in 1 week
Bored Person
Bored Person - Dag sedan
So your telling me all this happened bc of some vitamin gummies ppl need help nowadays
Anubis Gaming
Anubis Gaming - Dag sedan
James is gay?
BadSniperA Martin
BadSniperA Martin - Dag sedan
Damn all of this over some vitamins, Tati petty as hell PERIODT💯💯 i’m still subscribe to James Charles I don’t care what anyone says
Donnaysia Brinkley
Donnaysia Brinkley - Dag sedan
Now this makes sense........ Huh??
BAM 24
BAM 24 - Dag sedan
Never thought i would be agreeing with anything Jeffrey star has to say...but in this case, i too think james Charles is a danger. Something in my gut tells me that kid is not ok. My intuition has never led me astray so i believe it. Although i DO think tati did this out of spite for the vitamin thing...had that not happened she probably wouldnt have ever exposed ever him.
Ritwik Raj
Ritwik Raj - Dag sedan
you stilling living in the past ? Jeffree star apologised because he is a hateful little bitch . and So is tati, they almost destroyed a boys career.
N8IV - Dag sedan
Im not big on the makeup scene, but a lot of people at my school love makeup, and have mentioned the drama happening with James Charles... After looking into the details, I see that James is in the wrong here. Idc about “betrayal” or whatever, I’m looking at the predator side. It is not cool to push homosexuality on straight people, and I feel like this happens all the time this day in age. The loss of subscribers was obviously not because of him betraying Tati, but because of his behavior towards straight men. Let that be clear.
Mille Liza
Mille Liza - Dag sedan
+N8IV the waiter himself texted james he was bi. The waiter even made a video. Everything was consensual. Go and hear his side please and thank you 😊
Ritwik Raj
Ritwik Raj - Dag sedan
+N8IV Nope, you should really watch james latest video and how he exposes there lying ass
N8IV - Dag sedan
+Mille Liza Bicurious, I believe, that's fine.. But what he said after he stated he was straight, was unacceptable
Mille Liza
Mille Liza - Dag sedan
No honey the waiter he flirted with was bi.
Salome Worku
Salome Worku - Dag sedan
F james
Revan Manabung
Revan Manabung - Dag sedan
That's why a boy must not touching a Girl Things
Summer Jami
Summer Jami - Dag sedan
Who else never even subscribed to James Charles
Julia Herni
Julia Herni - Dag sedan
this is sooooo much drama for nothing!!! of course im still subscribed to james charles.... this is actual bullsh*t
Retro Rad Films
Retro Rad Films - Dag sedan
Ha Ha, I love it.
kim munoz
kim munoz - Dag sedan
Vitamins you have to be kidding me
animewolves speed builds
Look guys james charles is 19 years old everyone make mistaks
MarbleSwan666 - Dag sedan
Why are they considered part of the beauty community? They look like a cross between an imbred frog and a retarded mannequin.
Coby Lopez
Coby Lopez - 2 dagar sedan
Id like james charles # sorry
Brianna Wylke
Brianna Wylke - 2 dagar sedan
Yes I am subscribed to James Charles people should give him a second chance
No one
No one - 2 dagar sedan
why are people wanting to know the drama in other people story? why the world we need this?😐😐🤔🤔
MontereyMac 46
MontereyMac 46 - 2 dagar sedan
My friend called me a danger to society once but then I gave him a chocolate and immediately said that I was no longer a danger to society. In total I was a danger to society for like 2 seconds
Evelyn Castillo
Evelyn Castillo - 2 dagar sedan
I am still scribed to James Charles
Teresa Montero
Teresa Montero - 2 dagar sedan
Just because of flintstone vitamin gummies.
mukaddir Gaming
mukaddir Gaming - 2 dagar sedan
Y was i laughing is james a SAVAGE
Burgah Boy
Burgah Boy - 2 dagar sedan
all this over sum vitamins...
OnlyMoonlightQueen - 2 dagar sedan
I'm sorry, but I still don't understand what the drama is about. Yeah, I do get why James would get mad about splitting up with a supposedly 'hawt' waiter that he met from the John Howie thing but what's the drama between James and Tati?
Madison Iler
Madison Iler - 2 dagar sedan
CAN AWESOMENESS TV STOP BEING BANWAGONS!!! U guys r making this situation so much bigger than it has to be. I’m sure both Tati and James r stressed u guys making this vid is f helping ANYONE. Stop being rude btw I unsubscribed
Abiha R
Abiha R - 2 dagar sedan
Madison Iler
Madison Iler - 2 dagar sedan
Erick Francis
Erick Francis - 2 dagar sedan
Honestly, I have never ever heard of James Charles until a few days ago
Gianna Early
Gianna Early - 2 dagar sedan
She should be glad that he is even using them
Mary C
Mary C - 2 dagar sedan
I didn’t even know who he was until the drama started 😂 no I will not be subscribing
Paige & Pey Pey squad Burns
Paige & Pey Pey squad Burns - 2 dagar sedan
Sarah Burrito /brito
Sarah Burrito /brito - 2 dagar sedan
The old bitch is mad cuz he promoted a different vitamin ? Grow up woman
Michelle Courtright
Michelle Courtright - 2 dagar sedan
Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo i am NOT subscribed.
OF corse not!
Irsa Ahmed
Irsa Ahmed - 2 dagar sedan
I just subscribed him
Ms. Ravenwood
Ms. Ravenwood - 2 dagar sedan
F*ck Jeffree Starr that Crack Zombie, Tati is Transgendered and Jamea Charles is a Meth Baby with an IEP
Bella Que
Bella Que - 2 dagar sedan
Vivian Foster
Vivian Foster - 2 dagar sedan
Being a 'mother' to someone means forgiving the kid when he does something wrong, like endorsing another vitamin (he didn't kill your dog). She went after him in a big way for it, after he apologized. That kind of sexual harassment allegation destroys people career. She had to have known.
Magma :P
Magma :P - 2 dagar sedan
I nevered subbed to him,hate guys that do those kinda stuff
Bruh - 2 dagar sedan
Who is Boi?
I don't care
Why is this happening?
I don't really give a shit
Joshua Gallant
Joshua Gallant - 2 dagar sedan
This is stupid plain stupid fuckit😂
Meidach Nate
Meidach Nate - 2 dagar sedan
This is what happens people who aren't true thick-and-thin friends get too buddy buddy. Sure, it's years and years of "good times". But *ONE* perceived slight and suddenly that person airing out your entire life on social media to ruin you and taint your reputation for good.
lmao wtf What a stupid situation.
Devon Corker
Devon Corker - 2 dagar sedan
The epitome of why important societal issues don't get solved.
J Segal
J Segal - 2 dagar sedan
What a great, comprehensive job you did telling this story. I've been trying to get the details and people like Jeffree Star just talk endlessly without ever saying what happened. I will say tho that guys unfairly pull the "straight card" when they regret agreeing to hook up with gay guys. How different would this be if James were a 19 year old guy persuing female fans? Double standard.