James Charles & Tati DRAMA Explained!

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yun noah
yun noah - 23 timmar sedan
I never knew any of these two youtubers, and from what I’ve seen, I think Tita is simply whining that James has more fame than herself even tho she started her career first and helped James when he started youtube. He never criticized or did not even bring up her products, and he was just advertising Tita’s rival company because they provided body guards for him in whatever the event he went to, and she simply exposes what she refers to James’ ‘secret’ that never even happened. What a bitch
Amari S
Amari S - Dag sedan
thank the lord for this video. i'm not into watching makeup or keeping up with drama. but i've heard a lot of stuff about Tati and James and was wondering why James was getting so much hate. this video just helped me understand what's going on. my only thing to say is, this world is fucked up but good for you Jeffree and Tati.
Alley Farley
Alley Farley - Dag sedan
I didn't unsubscribe to James when this happened cause I had NO IDEA what the fighting was about. But now that I know that this all started because of James marketing a sleep vitamin thing! This is ridiculous! And then people start outing all this other stuff! Then the internet turned dark... All because of vitamins. Now, here we are, in August
Safeyah Alyousef
Safeyah Alyousef - 2 dagar sedan
I don't get why tati is fighting over some fucking vitems and then why Jeffree wants to get involved in any fight it wasn't to do with him like wtf what's wrong with @jeffreestar and @tati I don't get it like if u agree
Hannah the Cat
Hannah the Cat - 2 dagar sedan
It’s been almost 3 months and I still didn’t know what happened until i watched the video
_Lixichu _
_Lixichu _ - 2 dagar sedan
Woah two much drama in the booty community,
Ammie - 3 dagar sedan
wait, vitamins?
Makeup Passions
Makeup Passions - 3 dagar sedan
This started over dumb old vitamins I mean really vitamins are vitamins seriously 😒 this drama should have never started in the first place.
Gelina Ann
Gelina Ann - 3 dagar sedan
yeap un sub evil mofos. we have the power not them.
Stephanie Lara
Stephanie Lara - 3 dagar sedan
James Charles 🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤
Bb Hughes
Bb Hughes - 4 dagar sedan
Ok now I’m really annoyed about this “controversy’’ wtf Is wrong with vitamins! I thought it was about him trying to break their friendship
Sarah Milo
Sarah Milo - 4 dagar sedan
I've never heard of him
LeopardPrint Production
LeopardPrint Production - 4 dagar sedan
Well after watching this video, it seems that TAti is a nasty person. For her benefits she puts private events of her friend on social media? What a disgusting bitch.
Lawry M.
Lawry M. - 5 dagar sedan
I’m sorry, but if you’re a guy and you make out with another guy, you are gay. Idk what that waiter was talking about
Future - 5 dagar sedan
Over that? This whole thing started over vitamin gummies? So YOU'RE telling me, James basically said "these vitamins good" And tati felt betrayed? That's like next level stupidity
Get Memer
Get Memer - 7 dagar sedan
Oh wow so much epic tea
Devy Project
Devy Project - 7 dagar sedan
Thank god it’s only 5 min long, idgaf honestly but need to be updated lol
Z0mbie - 8 dagar sedan
Let's start with the fact that hair vitamins don't usually work, so... Or so I've heard.
They didn't fight over vitamins, but loyalty and stuff. And also, he was being shady from what I understood. Seducing straight men using money and fame is... weird imho.
jayden gummy bear MSP
jayden gummy bear MSP - 8 dagar sedan
Sooo Whos right
Mysteryyy Mysteryyy
Mysteryyy Mysteryyy - 8 dagar sedan
Tati is over reacting he just promoted vitamins and he always gave her shoutouts if you look at his page
Evelyn Flores
Evelyn Flores - 8 dagar sedan
Tati is a liar James your the best Tati suck I don’t even subscribe to her but you your aswome
jayden gummy bear MSP
jayden gummy bear MSP - 8 dagar sedan
James isnt 100% innocent ethier. Both of them are liars
Eden Smith
Eden Smith - 8 dagar sedan
This kind of reminds me of the PewDiePie and T-Seris thing.... (._.)
Lonley Giant
Lonley Giant - 9 dagar sedan
Stop just stop like tati and james both not interesting
Harmoni Garrett
Harmoni Garrett - 9 dagar sedan
Omg its all about vitamins wow FUCKEN VITAMINS 😩😩 S.M.H 😒😒😒😒😒😒
Mr Downes
Mr Downes - 9 dagar sedan
Hippy Queen
Hippy Queen - 10 dagar sedan
This is so lame. Really all this drama over a vitamin? And about him talking about what he want to do with a cute guy, ok who doesn't talk about stuff like that with their friends. And obviously the guy wanted to do stuff with him too since he got in touch with him and went to his hotel room. But that msg was kinda weird tho
Toxic_ Simplicity
Toxic_ Simplicity - 10 dagar sedan
After seeing this I went and checked his sub count idk why
GachaQueen_Lvers - 10 dagar sedan
1:20 that face is creepy.
Alexis Thwing
Alexis Thwing - 11 dagar sedan
Seriously??? Vitamins is whats the huge problem???????????
zapicxz - 11 dagar sedan
I dont even care about this incident
Krispy Ckrem
Krispy Ckrem - 11 dagar sedan
fucc charles and tati
Nanny López
Nanny López - 12 dagar sedan
I never new tati.... and I think in my personal opinion I don't like people painting over James Charles pallets to put Tati over it...I don't think that can ever be a 'trend'.
the reason that I think it's really sad that people are painting over James Charles makeup pallets that took a lot of time effort and a lot of work to get to that point of the community to just paint over it and put Tati. I mean I think there are tati pallets out there but you don't have to ruin other people's work. I just think it's sad😢
LittleManFelix - 12 dagar sedan
*This all started with vitamin gummies*
ShinobiDub 69
ShinobiDub 69 - 13 dagar sedan
So all of this started because of a brand of vitamins?😂😂😂😂
Jesica Basham
Jesica Basham - 13 dagar sedan
yes i am still subscribed becuase i feel like he can learn from his mistakes and if i support he can do it
Avery Mann
Avery Mann - 14 dagar sedan
I don’t know if I should unsubscribe to him or not 🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔 definitely NOT
Sahe - 14 dagar sedan
This is the stupidest video I've seen, I bet you feel like absolute fools after James spilled the actual tea with his "No more lies" video. Y'all should be ashamed for helping to bully that poor guy.
isaac selander z
isaac selander z - 14 dagar sedan
I didn't even know who he was until all the drama
Natalie Sheng
Natalie Sheng - 15 dagar sedan
betrayal of the gummies
Cupcake Lover
Cupcake Lover - 15 dagar sedan
Ok so I think it was a petty move on tati to so that to James just because he promoted hair vitamins. I mean that's buisnes. However, it was bad on James part to say and do that to straight guys.
Bobby Brown
Bobby Brown - 15 dagar sedan
Isn’t sssniperwolf’s wig called yessica
Layla DeLourdes
Layla DeLourdes - 15 dagar sedan
Honestly never knew either of them, but it’s good to know what to watch out for 😂🙏
da streets part 3
da streets part 3 - 16 dagar sedan
fags can be predators too
Nekane Diaz
Nekane Diaz - 16 dagar sedan
No mamen se ponen así por unas pinches vitaminas...mejor preocupe se por el medio ambiente hdspm
blank posts
blank posts - 16 dagar sedan
Well guess what James
I am not Jameses fan anymore
Crystal Jones
Crystal Jones - 17 dagar sedan
What the h*ll who fights over vitamins bye some at cvs and I will always subscribe to James charals bye sisters
Annalyn Bautista
Annalyn Bautista - 17 dagar sedan
i love you OMG i love you i love you
L7 Weenie
L7 Weenie - 17 dagar sedan
YouTubers seem like they are all very petty, toxic people TBH
K’s adventures Tho
K’s adventures Tho - 17 dagar sedan
So all this “tea” is just about vitamins like bruh there’s better tea in a pre k classroom
Syaz Wany
Syaz Wany - 17 dagar sedan
James just trow himself at straight man. don't force people when they are straight. I know james is just a kid need more life experience and hey straight man don't post anything to bring people down
Evani Larioza
Evani Larioza - 18 dagar sedan
am i the only one who didnt know who tati until the incident?
Malinda A. Vassanelli
Malinda A. Vassanelli - 18 dagar sedan
*Really off topic but..*
*Why is it that all the fights in my school happen in my art class?*
xavier M
xavier M - 19 dagar sedan
Yall gay
M øø n Milk ッm i l k y w a y ッ
Wait hold up. This is some of the stupidest shit I've ever heard. Tati got mad at James for seducing straight guys, which, yeah I'd be upset about, but she's upset he was promoting the rival companies for FUCKING VITAMIN GUMMIES. *inhale* MMMMMBOI this is stupid.
farmers - 19 dagar sedan
The beauty community is truly some ugly business.
K And Tay Squad
K And Tay Squad - 19 dagar sedan
I’m still not knowing what’s going on here, did James seduce someone or was it something about the vitamins? 🤔
Petite_Bean16 - 20 dagar sedan
Its 2 months later... and I still don't get James and Tatis feud...I didn't even know who she was before this🤦🤦🤦like he sponsored some vitamins that weren't hers...I don't get what's the big deal.
Gabe Petro
Gabe Petro - 20 dagar sedan
Oh James is innocent haters. Like honestly, grown ass people. Look at him...what he gonna do? This is bullshit.
G A B B Y E L I Z A B E T H - 20 dagar sedan
Bruh if I was James I would just be like Tati I'll flush you and ur vitamin gummies down the toilet
Rich Romily Oultram
Rich Romily Oultram - 21 dag sedan
The beauty community is like another version of the hunger games—
fist name last name
fist name last name - 21 dag sedan
So if it weren't for the vitamins no one would know abt thr waiter incedent
Blake Seiter
Blake Seiter - 22 dagar sedan
I didnt like him even before he did this and now I just fucking hate him
Arlene Rowland
Arlene Rowland - 22 dagar sedan
Tati is suppose 2 be a grown woman, I no nothing about her but wat she did on this 19 year old boy no matter wat he did, she cud have drove him 2 take his life, she is one jealous evil grown woman, she thought he was losing out evil woman,
Megan Combs
Megan Combs - 22 dagar sedan
The internet will start drama over anything.
Don't you people have anything better to do or do you need to start drama just to entertain yourselves
chee trn
chee trn - 18 dagar sedan
The internet is a toxic place
Imtiaz Anjum
Imtiaz Anjum - 22 dagar sedan
I thought James Charles was a hot woman until...
Roseanne Park
Roseanne Park - 22 dagar sedan
And it all started with some gummy bears
Aneschka Van Zyl
Aneschka Van Zyl - 23 dagar sedan
I was never a subscriber in the first place.
meatball b
meatball b - 23 dagar sedan
Just clicked unsubscribe
Queen_ K
Queen_ K - 23 dagar sedan
Zuve Keyho
Zuve Keyho - 23 dagar sedan
Omg 🤣🤣🤣 can't stop laughing.... Just for a vitamin???? Dude😌😌💔💔💔🤔🧟💁
Kasim - 23 dagar sedan
idk none of them but what I got was, Woman was angry because of a vitamin ad. The person in question apologized. Then the woman gets pissed off and decides to make a video letting things out of the closet. James is bad yada yada for the shit he's done (If it's true either way) and Tati just seems like a petty person.
Like someone said in this comment section, "James and Tati's friendship is as strong as paper being held over a flame."
Willof ;-;
Willof ;-; - 24 dagar sedan
I thought ths drama was gonna be like a big slap in the face but i've sadly seen more chaotic drama
madhuri kejriwal
madhuri kejriwal - 24 dagar sedan
Tatti 💩💩
buttercup kiki
buttercup kiki - 24 dagar sedan
Why are ppl so mean
Hillary Poopyhead
Hillary Poopyhead - 24 dagar sedan
All these people are so problematic and just spoiled shitheads.
Sakuri Chaan!!
Sakuri Chaan!! - 24 dagar sedan
Lia Nicolas
Lia Nicolas - 24 dagar sedan
What people do for dumb things vs. things that matter...like maybe care about...
JuanGamer187 - 25 dagar sedan
Heck no im not subbed to that human
Outdoor Lover 125 Fun
Outdoor Lover 125 Fun - 25 dagar sedan
I hate James Charles so much. He's so gay
Christel Torres
Christel Torres - 20 dagar sedan
I hate James too, he has bad attitude with other people, especially my girl Marlena Stell.
Outdoor Lover 125 Fun
Outdoor Lover 125 Fun - 22 dagar sedan
@Ma ry i ment his actions
Ma ry
Ma ry - 22 dagar sedan
If you hate jc because he's gay, there's a problem. If you hate jc because of his actions, I understand that.
Dipper Pines
Dipper Pines - 26 dagar sedan
Yesssssica haircut