Liseberg Review | Gothenburg, Sweden

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_bielefeld_spotter_ - Dag sedan
Liseberg is a really great Place to be for a day. But actually one das is NEVER enaugh. But because I've been there a lot of times, I think I know the most attractions. And you can really enjoy a good variety of different attractions. For example there are "attractions" for small children like "Kaninbanan" or for the little bigger childs some small freefall-towers and a little "Rollercoaster" or more a "berg och das bana". Then there of course is the "Lisebergsbanan", a not that fast, smaller Rollercoaster. "Balder" ist very nice too. Then the more "powerful" attractions: of course "Helix", "Valkyria", ok, I can't speak for it, because It had a 6h qeue wen I was at Lisebert the last time. But sadly "Valkyria" replaced the old Rocket-Rollercoaster which was very nice. (And of course fast) "Lisejhulet" is very nice too and especially in the night you can enjoy really great views on Gothenbourg (Göteborg). But you can get even better views, if you choose the "Atmos Fear". But yeah, it's still a freefall-tower. And then there are tons of other nice things to try, so you'll definetely always find something to do.
Karl-Johan Sellberg
Karl-Johan Sellberg - Dag sedan
Fo halloween and christmas they re-theme the whole park and decorate it seasonally. For halloween last year, for instance the whole area around balder was turned into a zombie area (not for kids) and I also think they added a couple of ghost houses, though i was personally never able to experience them.
Sonja J. Nyberg
Sonja J. Nyberg - 4 dagar sedan
I’m from Sweden and every year we go to Liseberg. We live on an island outside Gothenburg so unfortunately we cannot stay until dark. We are usually there from 11 til 6. One time we went there in the winter and they have a frozen pond were you can ice skate! It’s really fun and the whole park is decorated with Christmas decor such as Christmas trees and bells.
FDS _nibjab86
FDS _nibjab86 - 4 dagar sedan
vem här är svensk?
LikeA Boss
LikeA Boss - 5 dagar sedan
Gilla om du är svensk
Lucas Ekberg
Lucas Ekberg - 6 dagar sedan
I'm from sweden and I love Liseberg. me and my family and my friends is going to liseberg every year
Jacob Sperl
Jacob Sperl - 6 dagar sedan
A live here
emily _
emily _ - 6 dagar sedan
I live in Sweden and im going to liseberg in august:)
Proxysweden gaming
Proxysweden gaming - 7 dagar sedan
I got one staff member to Say quack quack for Balder instead of toot toot! Lol that made My day!
Björne - 7 dagar sedan
Did anyone see that the balder sign says *bilder* on the right side of the thumbnail
liberator48 - 7 dagar sedan
It's pronounced "Liss-eh-berg" not "leaseenburg"
rise tubz
rise tubz - 8 dagar sedan
You shuld have gone to max next time you eat at liseberg
DEAD_MEME - 9 dagar sedan
1:58 eh, close enough
Ole-Martin Broz
Ole-Martin Broz - 9 dagar sedan
It's my favorite park, a lot of the rides are more brutal in the hour before closing time ;)
was atleast before, been a while since i've been there :p
I sold my soul to Hetalia and now I can't find it
Liseberg is the only theme park I have ever been to, but still the best Cx
Alfred Amandusson
Alfred Amandusson - 9 dagar sedan
I sak coaster studios im from sweden
manga world
manga world - 10 dagar sedan
have you been to energylandia in poland?? i was there 2 weeks ago and loved it, i would love to see your review on it! :)
Coaster Studios
Coaster Studios - 10 dagar sedan
I have not. Maybe one day!
AFK Boi_#NoFilter
AFK Boi_#NoFilter - 11 dagar sedan
Im from Norway! And im going to Liseberg next week!
Michael Schwartz
Michael Schwartz - 11 dagar sedan
That park looks gorgeous. Which is not surprising, because Sweden
Herr bananhjärna Smith
Herr bananhjärna Smith - 11 dagar sedan
Not liissseburg and gronalönd. Liseberg and Gröna lund. Haha
Giten - 11 dagar sedan
log Flume?
Flume Ride! :)
BEN NILSSON - 11 dagar sedan
Sweden is under siege of destruction forces they don't even know about. Sweden has turned its back to GOD in Heaven and His Son JESUS CHRIST for a long time now. Now they invent the darkness instead and the catastrophe is almost here.
Beg your hearts and knees if you want to be spared, if not, the judgment will come like a tsunami and destroy everything you keep in love, your living and peace.
/BEN, Prophet in the world 🗡🛡🇸🇪
Carrorolen - 11 dagar sedan
The themepark is actually named after the "hill". Lise vas the name of the founder's wife and "berg" means mountain. Also, they ARE expanding. New attractions almost every year and next to the park, they've just started building a huge hotel & waterpark. It takes time though, because pretty much all of Gothenburg has this special kind of mud underneath the surface... Very tricky to build on, apparently. Liseberg is also open during Halloween and Christmas - the decorations and the ambience are AMAZING. Btw, Liseberg runs on 100% renewable energy and wind power and all the food is environmentally approved (all the fish has the msc certification etc). Pretty cool.
Sam Noori
Sam Noori - 11 dagar sedan
Ahahah ”Lisaberg” so cute
Hjalmar Hellström
Hjalmar Hellström - 11 dagar sedan
Its pronunsed
liss-e-ber-gs baanan
Balder)(chort a)
Pontus (chort o)
Suat Kaya
Suat Kaya - 12 dagar sedan
Alexander Engström
Alexander Engström - 12 dagar sedan
I've been to Liseberg every year for my whole life, I'll always love it!
H(CHB11Cl11) - 12 dagar sedan
Reppar Liseberg!
Jacob hu
Jacob hu - 12 dagar sedan
Worth noting is that if you have ADHD, ADD, etc, you can go ahead in the lines! It’s real nice.
Jacob hu
Jacob hu - 12 dagar sedan
Also, eat at MAX, try their new plant based burger, tastes like the real deal.
Jacob hu
Jacob hu - 12 dagar sedan
Yeah it’s nice. And not as rapey compared to gröna Lund.
Rapes there went up 1000%
Olimatou Jallow
Olimatou Jallow - 12 dagar sedan
I’m from Gothenburg/Sweden
Btw YOU HAVE TO GO TO LISEBERG YOU HAVE TO also you will maybe be on tv
MR.Pinyata - 12 dagar sedan
lnsane APB
lnsane APB - 12 dagar sedan
Who is this Lisa Berg you are talking about?
Sweden Charlie
Sweden Charlie - 12 dagar sedan
I was there last week and it was very fun
Svante E
Svante E - 12 dagar sedan
Bruh your pronunciation
Lilly - 12 dagar sedan
I live in Gothenburg, so pretty much everyone I’ve ever known has been to Liseberg. I love it the most during winter though. It’s absolutely beautiful, and it could be more than just an amusement park experience during christmas season as well. There are way more shops/stands and they sell traditional swedish christmas desserts and handmade items. It’s a cultural experience in a way.
IcaRibs OoO
IcaRibs OoO - 12 dagar sedan
liseberg is my backyard kind of;)
Theme Parked
Theme Parked - 12 dagar sedan
Congrats Taylor on getting your video on trending in Sweden!
Stameteam - 12 dagar sedan
why did you not eat meat balls?
Zerdan - 12 dagar sedan
Ive been there (i live in sweden) but i don’t like rollercoasters so i don’t want to go there again. Only thing i liked was balder
Space Tiger
Space Tiger - 12 dagar sedan
U didn’t go to MAX it’s literally the best
MyBubbleInSpace - 12 dagar sedan
If you like the way the park looks, you should try to return during the beginning of December. The trees in the main street are completely wrapped with lights and it's so incredibly beautiful!
Max Wennström
Max Wennström - 12 dagar sedan
I was there last week!
John Morgan
John Morgan - 12 dagar sedan
I live like one hour away from Liseberg and i go there at least once a year so i kind of take it for granted. But this review made me realise how pretty it is :)
A2 - 12 dagar sedan
you forgot to talk about mechanica
Dan Dan
Dan Dan - 12 dagar sedan
Nice review ☺️
Sad-is- Dick
Sad-is- Dick - 12 dagar sedan
Kanonen :_(
Molly Romfelt
Molly Romfelt - 12 dagar sedan
I’m from Sweden and in Gothenburg right now
Millroks dubbningar
Millroks dubbningar - 13 dagar sedan
I have been to Liseberg 10 times and i’m only 12