Liseberg Review | Gothenburg, Sweden

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An in depth look at one of the most prominent theme parks in Scandinavia, home to notable rides such as Helix, Balder, and Valkyria!
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Zabivaka - 5 dagar sedan
2 escalaters? To get to the lower lot at USH you have to take 4! I counted!
K1ngsen - 26 dagar sedan
I'm 13 and I have rid everything on Liseberg exept tHat giant swing
Mr Review Guy
Mr Review Guy - 27 dagar sedan
Six flags magic Mountain has a hill in the middle of the park
Liseberg hold my beer
WL gaming Lol
WL gaming Lol - 2 månader sedan
Here i tried VR for the first time it was fun
LoganForzaGaming '
LoganForzaGaming ' - 2 månader sedan
speaking of halloween events, silver dollar city is finally doing a halloween event. looks like its gonna be amazing
Calle Josefsson
Calle Josefsson - 2 månader sedan
Valkyria is open now
DubstepZedd - 2 månader sedan
HAHAHA lisabörg
Elsa Jansson
Elsa Jansson - 2 månader sedan
I like kolorado and i am from sweden
Plopp_95 & zeono :D
Plopp_95 & zeono :D - 2 månader sedan
1:57 no
Ante Eklund
Ante Eklund - 3 månader sedan
I live in Gothenburg, so i've been there several times a year since i was like five
Botta - 3 månader sedan
You should go to Liseberg during christmas. Now that is what I call beautiful.
AffeDaBoss - 3 månader sedan
1:58 It's a bit more like Lid-serjs-ba-nan
I am not very good at this am I?
Hilda Sterner
Hilda Sterner - 3 månader sedan
I actually liv in sweden..
Your boooy V3
Your boooy V3 - 3 månader sedan
Lisebergs meatballs is wonderfull
coolcoolcool 95
coolcoolcool 95 - 3 månader sedan
Loving your swedish pronunciations, im a swede and haven't been to that park in a while, great review, next time when you are in sweden you should check out Skara Sommar(summer)land in Skara, its really great!
cent - 3 månader sedan
ive been here so many times, nice to see a review on it :)
kahnar kosrat
kahnar kosrat - 3 månader sedan
I have seen lesabary all the time when we vest every year and the helx was scary and my sister back hearts now if I was you the is long and go to it at. night cose the line is long and do it cose you cont rid eny fun rids my sisters rback was herting she coding go on the fun rids
Only Meee
Only Meee - 3 månader sedan
You miss gaston the houted house
MarkusM - 3 månader sedan
A fun fact about Balder is that it is built around an offer place for the Norse god balder. The offer place is located where the staff let you walk in
Scimza HardPlayz
Scimza HardPlayz - 3 månader sedan
SO i went through that haunted house/hotel thing! And boi did i have fun... I went like 5 times with my freinds... And there was this one clown guy that kept on scaring us with a goddamn kazoo... And kept on blowing me in the face... So when we went the last time, he made us dance in a circle in the washing/ boiler room and sing a creepy children's song while being sad... And when we stopped i turned around to him blew him in the face and said "BOO"... Needless to say... I got kicked out of there...
AnalDash - 3 månader sedan
You really should have ate at the places around the haunted house, that's where the good food places are!
1997 fttd
1997 fttd - 3 månader sedan
Evelina 2020
Evelina 2020 - 3 månader sedan
I live in Gothenburg
Al factory Al factory
Al factory Al factory - 3 månader sedan
You choud go to Hamnkrogen cuse that food is very good
Luxie the woof
Luxie the woof - 3 månader sedan
I've tried all of the rollercoasters he wus talking about in the vid
ihackerex YT
ihackerex YT - 3 månader sedan
i am swedish and i love liseberg
Everything Nothing
Everything Nothing - 3 månader sedan
Is it weird that I think that the escalators to Helix is scarier than the actual rollercoaster?....
Argore - 3 månader sedan
I have never laughed this much on someone trying to pronounce swedish words.

I'm sorry
Muushroom - 3 månader sedan
spoiler: Valkyria is amazing
W - 3 månader sedan
De är nu man är från Göteborg och varit på Liseberg 1000 gånger och börjar tycka att Liseberg verkar coolt. Har aldrig sett på Liseberg såhär hahah?!
Kornwill666 - 3 månader sedan
as someone who lives in gothenburg iam happy you liked the park
J TF - 3 månader sedan
I going to Liseberg on friday
00Kuja00 - 3 månader sedan
When MJ visited Sweden in the 90s they shut down the entire park just for him. :) I think he left his handprints there on Lisseberg's "Walk of Fame", but with hands.
Lizze Ww
Lizze Ww - 3 månader sedan
I am from Sweden and going to Liseberg 7 September
Sara Lindberg
Sara Lindberg - 3 månader sedan
Helix is so much better during the night, all the lights both on and around the coaster really make a huge difference :D
Sakuraid - 3 månader sedan
There is another escalator by Flumeride. I usually take that one up instead because its top is at the ride Virvelvinden or The Whirlwind in English which is my favorite and it's easy to get to Helix and such from there.
emi lia
emi lia - 3 månader sedan
I live in Sweden:)))
Linus Wigh
Linus Wigh - 3 månader sedan
The food is because it is cooked by teenagers that’s studying
lin lorca
lin lorca - 3 månader sedan
Sooo the cute part of the park is made for the smaller kids Thats called ”kaninlandet” aka the rabbit land!
Noah W
Noah W - 3 månader sedan
The view from the ferris wheel is indeed fantastic.
Kruciz - 3 månader sedan
It's not lisaber ;-; its liseberg.. prounace the E
XD_ Twist
XD_ Twist - 3 månader sedan
I live in Sweden and also even in Guthenburg(sorry for bad english)
Bobbo Pepparrot 2.0
Bobbo Pepparrot 2.0 - 3 månader sedan
Kim Peltola
Kim Peltola - 3 månader sedan
You werent even close with most of your swedish pronunciations. Your next video on something from germany will be flawless tho so dont worry lol
-Lovisa- - 3 månader sedan
But mechanica?
Turtvig12 EeveePower
Turtvig12 EeveePower - 3 månader sedan
1:58 no you didnt but pretty close lol.
Hey random guy! Like my comment!
Berg means mountain
smej - 3 månader sedan
A night ride on helix is the best
LobB A
LobB A - 3 månader sedan
I live in Sweden
challe gaming
challe gaming - 3 månader sedan
Om from Sweden
Caroline Eriksson
Caroline Eriksson - 3 månader sedan
Goratchthemule - 3 månader sedan
Berg means mountain.
Communist Hippie
Communist Hippie - 3 månader sedan
I live close to liseberg. I hear people screaming from atmosfear all summer :) . FIY. I've heard they are planning on building a water park. To be finished 2023. That are gonne use the space of the big parkinglot on the backside.
Lykke Nordin Nobuoka
Lykke Nordin Nobuoka - 3 månader sedan
I love you when you try to speak swedish
hydra JR
hydra JR - 3 månader sedan
hydra JR
hydra JR - 3 månader sedan
LisseBörg noise
Teddy Best
Teddy Best - 3 månader sedan
Im going to Liseberg next week! Im so exited!! Ive been there once tho
Linn Rasoul
Linn Rasoul - 3 månader sedan
Vilka är svenska här?
doggytobbe - 3 månader sedan
Such an accurate review of the park. I’ve been there many times. Good job man!!
The Coaster Craze
The Coaster Craze - 3 månader sedan
I rode el toro yesterday and unfortunately it was very rough, particularly in the back seat. The entire second half of the ride was pretty unbearable and violently shaked the riders