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Try these 9 delicious potato snacks!

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fireymoon - 11 timmar sedan
Why do u guys add sour cream on everything? That shit is gross
radiodread - 11 dagar sedan
Potato *wantons* ? That word certainly doesn't describe what you think it does. 😂
sushma arya
sushma arya - 15 dagar sedan
Can anyone tell me what paremsan
Asha Devi Shukla
Asha Devi Shukla - 16 dagar sedan
Who else don't have many ingredients of them.....
PRANAVI TOLETI - 19 dagar sedan
3:28 samosas basically
Hand Craft 007
Hand Craft 007 - 20 dagar sedan
pradhi priya
pradhi priya - 22 dagar sedan
Too delicious tq
kawaii potato
kawaii potato - 24 dagar sedan
My god, this is my life rn.
Maira Nawaid
Maira Nawaid - 25 dagar sedan
Itni juldi kis baat ki thee.....
Heisha D'
Heisha D' - 27 dagar sedan
Ohh potato snacks sounds cool
Me: sluced potatoes fried in a pan with oil, seasoned ot with pepper and salt then serve.
French fries is good
(Just don't burn it)
Mohammad JD
Mohammad JD - Månad sedan
Husband:Soo delicious.....Wife:Honey it's just potatoes
minakshee banjare
minakshee banjare - Månad sedan
3:21 samose😂
Krishna Patel
Krishna Patel - Månad sedan
Just got a cheese heart attack lol
chad bacusmo
chad bacusmo - Månad sedan
Attack on titan fans will understand

Sasha: *Sees this Video*
Random person: Why are waterfalls coming out of her mouth?
Dîøń Mâtîàš
Dîøń Mâtîàš - Månad sedan
This is how many people love potatoes 🥔
Dîøń Mâtîàš
Dîøń Mâtîàš - Månad sedan
Lol I thought the potato pancakes were hash browns xd
Habed-Nego Richard
Habed-Nego Richard - Månad sedan
who else watch tasty but then relies the can never make this but it looks so goood lol
Shane Hogan
Shane Hogan - Månad sedan
*Ireland has entered the chat*
Diana Branson
Diana Branson - Månad sedan
Can you use yoghurt instead of sour cream?
RM's fluffy pink hair
RM's fluffy pink hair - Månad sedan
Germany liked that!
Silvana Guzman
Silvana Guzman - Månad sedan
Pongan los ingredites en castellano por favor
DJCherryTempo - Månad sedan
For the potato wedges, I had to swap olive oil for melted butter, oregano for Italian seasoning, and I might have used less Parmesan, but the wedges turned out amazing.
una meyer
una meyer - Månad sedan
Борис Бодалкин
Great! Like from Belarus! We are potato people))
benkadour fatima zohra
benkadour fatima zohra - Månad sedan
I will try it...
benkadour fatima zohra
benkadour fatima zohra - Månad sedan
How beautiful ur receipts.thanks ur givings
Siddarth Ilapavaluri
Siddarth Ilapavaluri - Månad sedan
3:17 is called samosa in India!
Cooking channels
Cooking channels - Månad sedan
This snacks look amazing😍😘😗😘😍😍😘😗😗😍😍😘😗
soong 1bs
soong 1bs - Månad sedan
Ayaan Jetham
Ayaan Jetham - Månad sedan
Wow v nice recipe
E R O R R 4 0 4
E R O R R 4 0 4 - Månad sedan
why is tasty always on my recommendations when im hungry and theres no food at home
acrophobe - Månad sedan
But parmesan already is vegetarian.....
Ly Phan
Ly Phan - Månad sedan
Who's want to be like these tasty's chefs in the future?
deizi - Månad sedan
now i got hungry
Sadeen Awkal
Sadeen Awkal - Månad sedan
o-o I love potatoes
too good to be true
oh my gosh I’m amazed about potatoes
Bailey Henderson
Bailey Henderson - Månad sedan
America sucks as a country I want sears kmart JCP to end all the modern drama and get back to bissness of being American not humans who dictate
stewiebgoode - Månad sedan
Samaria Bermudez
Samaria Bermudez - Månad sedan
News: alert!! A chef from tasty has been kidnapped.
Tasty Chef: let me go, please!
Me: first, you'll stay here until I'm full!
albemar78 - Månad sedan
12min of such repetitive music... Had to mute the tv
The Nabstablook
The Nabstablook - Månad sedan
The last one looks like a vegan patties
Juniper - Månad sedan
they keep mentioning “vegetarian parmesan” uhhh well id hope parmesan cheese is at least vegetarian... why point that out so much ..
MacStar Laitselec TMB-P
MacStar Laitselec TMB-P - Månad sedan
Im a simple irish lass, i see potatoe, i click
error - Månad sedan
this video makes me hungry but it's like 1 am in the morning uffff
Hudson YT
Hudson YT - Månad sedan
Do they have to be russet potatoes
Lydia Breckell
Lydia Breckell - Månad sedan
I really don’t think a snack should take 80 mins to make I’d be snacking on other snacks while waiting for my snack
Super Taste
Super Taste - Månad sedan
i wanted that cheese to be a bit more melted on that first snack!......think my ultimate chips would give this a run for its money mind
Gacha Person
Gacha Person - Månad sedan
• *Yummy* •
Rodrigo Simões
Rodrigo Simões - Månad sedan
That cheese and ham loaded potato dipper made my mouth water so much my mum thought I was watching an adult film
Raven cool kid Wells
Raven cool kid Wells - Månad sedan
I’m hungry while watching ima go to McDonald’s
Aroyis imperial
Aroyis imperial - Månad sedan
It annoys me that they use plastic spatulas some times
Joshua samson johnson
Joshua samson johnson - Månad sedan
*Tasty* = Gives me ideas to make food.
*Wife* = We don't have money...
Bangladeshi Vlogger Jannatul
very yummy recipe
I like it
thanks for sharing
100 subscribers - no video
I think tasty is trying to make us even more fat
TutleConGaming - Månad sedan
KK Cool Crafting
KK Cool Crafting - Månad sedan
Po potato
red maple
red maple - Månad sedan
Potato wantons=samosa😂
Reen Nyar Adwen
Reen Nyar Adwen - Månad sedan
Who else is watching the video and reading the comments at the same time 😂😂🙋🙋
VIDIT - Månad sedan
That is a very HUT PATETA
ColourLife - Månad sedan
I see crispy?
I see potato?
I feel yum
Prapti Porwal
Prapti Porwal - Månad sedan
I was enjoying the music and the drum sounds more!
Alloniya - Månad sedan
Oh not a oil boiling please. I dont have an olive forest around my house.