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Try these 9 delicious potato snacks!

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Bill Clark
Bill Clark - 5 dagar sedan
I could have just heated the golden Yukon potatoes in the oven and then served them. With no harm and cheese, that extra imo
Welcome To My Mess
Welcome To My Mess - Månad sedan
I got all the food

*all I need now are friends*
Asif Ali
Asif Ali - Månad sedan
Please comment if you want Tasty to make a recipe for how to make Salt & Pepper Chinese Chips.If you don't know what it is then search it or eat it from a Chinese shop..... It's so GOOD!
Please comment so they can get a recipe on it!!!
Princess Heny
Princess Heny - Månad sedan
So does it have to be vegetarian parmesan
Krishna S Parker
Krishna S Parker - Månad sedan
I'm distracted with the brown stains found on top of your stove. hahahaha
Murasakimu - Månad sedan
I made those potato latkes at my school for culinary class and it taste nothing but onions🤢 I'm gonna make it again but without onions
¿Gaming Rexa?
¿Gaming Rexa? - 2 månader sedan
Erik Fischier
Erik Fischier - 2 månader sedan
Tyga is coming
Erik Fischier
Erik Fischier - 2 månader sedan
Hide jid
Meenaxi Ananya
Meenaxi Ananya - 2 månader sedan
These onion chips are pakodas we are eating it from our childhood in india 🤣🤣😂😂fools
Rami Saoud
Rami Saoud - 2 månader sedan
Bruh... Everything is deep fried.
Laura Jackson
Laura Jackson - 2 månader sedan
Me: mom I’m hungry
Mom:what you wanna eat
Me: cheese potato pancakes
Mom: ?
B1ood - 2 månader sedan
Nothing beats some tasty potato snacks
Lydia Halliday
Lydia Halliday - 3 månader sedan
I love adding a little teaspoon of smoked paprika to any of my potatoes dishes. It really adds something special to the flavor !
Mou Bhattacharya
Mou Bhattacharya - 3 månader sedan
Me: wants to loose weight
Also me: watches nothing but unhealthy recipes.. 😋
kari mauer
kari mauer - 3 månader sedan
Anyone else notice how on the third recipe they added butter, sour cream and then VEGETARIAN parmesan cheese😂
Kunal Bhargava
Kunal Bhargava - 3 månader sedan
What's with the cheese?
RD sharma
RD sharma - 4 månader sedan
Very tasty and delicious👌👍👍👍
RD sharma
RD sharma - 4 månader sedan
Is video me jayada tar cheez hamre paas nhi hai
Jane D.
Jane D. - 4 månader sedan
Rasheela Sunil
Rasheela Sunil - 4 månader sedan
Are you member of five minute crafts
Elizabeth Nesinov
Elizabeth Nesinov - 4 månader sedan
now its just a matter of making it
spidermama - 5 månader sedan
Why do u guys add sour cream on everything? That shit is gross
radiodread - 5 månader sedan
Potato *wantons* ? That word certainly doesn't describe what you think it does. 😂
sushma arya
sushma arya - 5 månader sedan
Can anyone tell me what paremsan
Asha Devi Shukla
Asha Devi Shukla - 5 månader sedan
Who else don't have many ingredients of them.....
PRANAVI TOLETI - 5 månader sedan
3:28 samosas basically
Hand Craft 007
Hand Craft 007 - 5 månader sedan
pradhi priya
pradhi priya - 6 månader sedan
Too delicious tq
kawaii potaeto
kawaii potaeto - 6 månader sedan
My god, this is my life rn.
Maira Nawaid
Maira Nawaid - 6 månader sedan
Itni juldi kis baat ki thee.....
Heisha D'
Heisha D' - 6 månader sedan
Ohh potato snacks sounds cool
Me: sluced potatoes fried in a pan with oil, seasoned ot with pepper and salt then serve.
French fries is good
(Just don't burn it)
Mohammad JD
Mohammad JD - 6 månader sedan
Husband:Soo delicious.....Wife:Honey it's just potatoes
minakshee banjare
minakshee banjare - 6 månader sedan
3:21 samose😂
Krishna Patel
Krishna Patel - 6 månader sedan
Just got a cheese heart attack lol
chad bacusmo
chad bacusmo - 6 månader sedan
Attack on titan fans will understand

Sasha: *Sees this Video*
Random person: Why are waterfalls coming out of her mouth?
•Keto Yumari•
•Keto Yumari• - 6 månader sedan
This is how many people love potatoes 🥔
•Keto Yumari•
•Keto Yumari• - 6 månader sedan
Lol I thought the potato pancakes were hash browns xd
Habed-Nego Richard
Habed-Nego Richard - 6 månader sedan
who else watch tasty but then relies the can never make this but it looks so goood lol
Shane Hogan
Shane Hogan - 6 månader sedan
*Ireland has entered the chat*
Diana Branson
Diana Branson - 6 månader sedan
Can you use yoghurt instead of sour cream?
Julina Fresenborg
Julina Fresenborg - 6 månader sedan
Germany liked that!
Silvana Guzman
Silvana Guzman - 6 månader sedan
Pongan los ingredites en castellano por favor
DJCherryTempo - 6 månader sedan
For the potato wedges, I had to swap olive oil for melted butter, oregano for Italian seasoning, and I might have used less Parmesan, but the wedges turned out amazing.
una meyer
una meyer - 6 månader sedan
Борис Бодалкин
Борис Бодалкин - 6 månader sedan
Great! Like from Belarus! We are potato people))
benkadour fatima zohra
benkadour fatima zohra - 6 månader sedan
I will try it...
benkadour fatima zohra
benkadour fatima zohra - 6 månader sedan
How beautiful ur receipts.thanks ur givings
Siddarth Ilapavaluri
Siddarth Ilapavaluri - 6 månader sedan
3:17 is called samosa in India!
Cooking channels
Cooking channels - 6 månader sedan
This snacks look amazing😍😘😗😘😍😍😘😗😗😍😍😘😗
soong c
soong c - 6 månader sedan
Ayaan Jetham
Ayaan Jetham - 6 månader sedan
Wow v nice recipe
toenail.fungus42 - 6 månader sedan
why is tasty always on my recommendations when im hungry and theres no food at home
acrophobe - 6 månader sedan
But parmesan already is vegetarian.....
Ly Phan
Ly Phan - 6 månader sedan
Who's want to be like these tasty's chefs in the future?
deizi - 6 månader sedan
now i got hungry
Sadeen Awkal
Sadeen Awkal - 6 månader sedan
o-o I love potatoes
too good to be true
oh my gosh I’m amazed about potatoes
Bailey Henderson
Bailey Henderson - 6 månader sedan
America sucks as a country I want sears kmart JCP to end all the modern drama and get back to bissness of being American not humans who dictate
stewiebgoode - 6 månader sedan
Samaria Bermudez
Samaria Bermudez - 6 månader sedan
News: alert!! A chef from tasty has been kidnapped.
Tasty Chef: let me go, please!
Me: first, you'll stay here until I'm full!