Joe Rogan Experience #1295 - Tulsi Gabbard

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Kris Haynes
Kris Haynes - 3 minuter sedan
In sign language, that is letter "T". Was this a prediction of Trump? Hahaha
va. av.
va. av. - 28 minuter sedan
TULSI 2020
shamus248 - 40 minuter sedan
Such a beautiful and intelligent woman
United We Stand
United We Stand - 59 minuter sedan
I'm a Trump supporter but I have to say she has alot of good ideas and commonsense. I don't see her winning the presidency but she is the type of person we need in our government.
Crypto Crow
Crypto Crow - Timme sedan
The thumb thing in politics is because its found to be less rude when speaking than pointing. It's silly but that's why it was adopted.
Alex Ellington
Alex Ellington - Timme sedan
She's really Presidential. I really really hope someone like her has a chance to at least debate.
Very Bad News
Very Bad News - 2 timmar sedan
Why are libertarians fapping over Tulsi. She sounds like a stock Statist authoritarian to me.
Shadowkid229 - 2 timmar sedan
Joe: "...You are a breath of fresh air"
Somewhere in some place nobody cares
Bari Weiss: "....hhrrrrrrgh.....can't.....breath....too.....salty"
Eric Chouinard
Eric Chouinard - 2 timmar sedan
She is hot Af! Confident Alpha Female.
Bob Gaming 36
Bob Gaming 36 - 3 timmar sedan
Any one but fucking retarded Trump 2020.
And joe is a fucking man , he should run for the office.
TwoGun Gunnar
TwoGun Gunnar - 3 timmar sedan
Joe “Kingmaker” Rogan.
Matt Eagle
Matt Eagle - 3 timmar sedan
Watching Tulsi talk is better than porn.
Renagade5150 - 3 timmar sedan
The success that the United States enjoys today is directly related to having a powerful presence around the world. Our country could not survive as it is, on the resources we have domestically. We need countries to be friendly towards us in certain areas of the world, and sometimes that means a human price is paid. It's unavoidable at this time. What Tulsi fails to realize is that since 1945 the US has been in the empire business, and our "influence" has kept all nations at bay. If no one sees your strength, then they will want to test it....
TwoGun Gunnar
TwoGun Gunnar - 3 timmar sedan
I REALLY like her. And I'm one of those “disaffected former liberals” who became “conservative” because the Left has gone insane. But this one...THIS woman is impressive. I hope she keeps it up!
Matt Eagle
Matt Eagle - 3 timmar sedan
I love Tulsi Gabbard. If you don't like her, please go jump off a very high cliff, at least 500 ft. to guarantee the right outcome.
Luis Martinez
Luis Martinez - 4 timmar sedan
I hope she read this comment or someone who can make her read it

I believe that bow is the time we should add in the amendments(however it is spelled) or bill of rights (whatever it is called) .... We should at the right be to biology intact. You see ..the thing is the future is happening really fast.. and it might come a time when it will be imposed on us some kind of technology (a chip, a racking device, a micro machine thing) on us and some people might not want to do that... And they should have the right not to. It may come a time when they want to impose something in our brains or eyes or hands ,and it could be awesome for some who knows.. but it could be scary or uncomfortable for others.... And we should do thatnow before it is too late
Luis Martinez
Luis Martinez - 5 timmar sedan
This is a politician like all the others... I can't trust them
Luis Martinez
Luis Martinez - 5 timmar sedan
I don't know but these comments seem bought
Bohdar Herman
Bohdar Herman - 4 timmar sedan
Luis Martinez I’m not bought. I fact, I’m in the hole now about $120 after making 3 donations to Tulsi and buying a bumper sticker.
tafoyaerik - 5 timmar sedan
Bring back Eisenhower socialism
Luis Martinez
Luis Martinez - 5 timmar sedan
I am very sorry... But after Donald Trump... I kinda don't want a president anymore.... Or at least give me more Donald Trumps until we get the leader we need.... This girl is Hilary with black hair. I'm sorry I can't trust politicians anymore
Apple Fritter
Apple Fritter - Timme sedan
are you on crack bro? Hillary never served. Hillary was in bed with corporate donors. Tulsi doesn't take corporate money. Tulsi resigned from DNC when she found out that they were screwing over Bernie in favor of Hillary. CNN and MNSBC smear Tulsi at every opportunity because she is anti war. On what fucking plantet are Hillary and Tulsi similar. Get a clue. The Dems HATE Tulsi cause she is the truth. Why you think she is only polling at 1%. Corporate media won't give a real candidate a push.
Daniel Bates
Daniel Bates - 5 timmar sedan
So here's an idea. If she cares so much about serving the people why does she support disarming we the people legislation? Why when a large majority of the US support the second amendment in it's strictest interruptions that it shall not be infringed, repeatedly supports infringement? Tell here to free the people because we the people want to be freed from restriction
Bohdar Herman
Bohdar Herman - Timme sedan
Daniel Bates I looked up some of her previous work areas of civil liberties and criminal justice reform, lotta bipartisan stuff there.
Daniel Bates
Daniel Bates - 4 timmar sedan
And yet she says of the people by the people for the people meaning to convey she knows the meaning and truly believed in the words when she picks and chooses the document and sentence she will recognize. Oh and she says it's wrong to only vote for party bills yet hasn't supported any bipartisan bills or crossed the isle. Another hypocrite protected by armed body guards in it for the money and playing the game...
Bohdar Herman
Bohdar Herman - 4 timmar sedan
Daniel Bates Because she is a Democrat running for President, and sadly, pro 2A Democratic primary voters don’t exist. If it’s any consolation, she’s not as bad on 2A as some of her competition.
Intedujag - 6 timmar sedan
Stand up for Ghaddafi ffs, rogan does the "he's an evil person" almost like a setup, smash that shit
Craig Kitchen
Craig Kitchen - 6 timmar sedan
About the opiod epedemic. How about telling the Marines to quit guarding the poppy fields in Afghanistan. The CIA needs to be disbanded.
Craig Kitchen
Craig Kitchen - 6 timmar sedan
Tulsi, I heard that the Nuclear alert was an actual attack. Also the one against Japan was real. Supposivly the French took out the sub and the missle, both times. North Korea was framed for both. The leader of NK got tirred of Soros and the CIa trying to frame him and he settled with Trump. Also I heard that Isreal is missing two subs. But that could also be a frame up.
Alessandro Navarro
Alessandro Navarro - 6 timmar sedan
Has she tried DMT? /s Hopefully she gives it a good go :)
Monkfish - 6 timmar sedan
i want a blowjob from her ... mmmm yum
Craig Kitchen
Craig Kitchen - 7 timmar sedan
Tulsi, I'm impressed but will you come out against Hilary, Podesta, and Obama. Enough has come out already that they need to be jailed or executed.
Apple Fritter
Apple Fritter - 7 timmar sedan
Her resignation from the DNC when she found out Hillary was screwing Bernie not enough for you? Check out the actual e-mail.
Benjamin Wight
Benjamin Wight - 7 timmar sedan
These are the kind of videos I'm subscribed for.
Joe Blow
Joe Blow - 8 timmar sedan
She is a democrate.... I dont give a fuck whays she says.... Dems want to kill live babies. Take your guns. Take over the economy. And fuck you in the end, all w a smile.
Bitch got no shot against Trump.
Did you notice how Jerry Nadler fainted today after Trump declassified how the russian probe started. Nancy Pelosi is a clown w all democrats
C.W. Bradshaw
C.W. Bradshaw - 8 timmar sedan
So I’m 35 minutes in and this is some perspective from someone who usually detest anything ‘left’
If the DNC had an iota of brilliance between them collectively, they’d get behind this lady to make her the democratic nominee in 2020.... If I could see my self voting for someone like this, as far right as I am, surely more moderate and independent types would leap to vote for her
C.W. Bradshaw
C.W. Bradshaw - 3 timmar sedan
Bohdar Herman I think I’ll do that! You’re absolutely right. I’ll need to see if Alabama allows me to vote in their primary for one party and anther in the general. I’ve never even considered a democratic candidate so I’ve never had to check that detail
Bohdar Herman
Bohdar Herman - 4 timmar sedan
How about voting for her in the Democratic primary, and taking some time to decide about the general? You’d lose nothing because Trump won’t need your primary vote, and you’d send a message to the Democratic Party about what’s important.
Corey S
Corey S - 9 timmar sedan
The placement for the ads on this video are the closest thing to sabotage as they could be.
C.W. Bradshaw
C.W. Bradshaw - 9 timmar sedan
Joe is by far the coolest lefty on the planet. I’d like to chat with him for a couple hours. I’m far right and this dude makes it hard to ‘dislike’ someone by virtue of party affiliation. I wish the actual political left were the same type of left as he is
Gary Bevis
Gary Bevis - 9 timmar sedan
Conspiracy is the number one most common charge in federal court.
thezquad - 10 timmar sedan
Why is she running as a democrat? I would support her but her party is full of fucking wachos and children!
Ian Peric
Ian Peric - 10 timmar sedan
Sadam had nothing to do with 911 and all the recent wars are mining wars (including Iraq).
Rare metals in Afghanistan, a gas pipeline in Syria and we all know about Libya.
Our military has been used as a mining site seizure and security force and the proceeds go to the mining companies!
Ralph M
Ralph M - 10 timmar sedan
This need more views.
Anthony Anderson
Anthony Anderson - 10 timmar sedan
If the dnc only knew how strong of an opponent Tulsi would be...but Trump is fighting so hard for the US...he's the one we've been waiting for
Apple Fritter
Apple Fritter - 9 timmar sedan
Anthony Anderson they know. They are against her anyway. That tells you all you need to know.
Anthony Anderson
Anthony Anderson - 10 timmar sedan
I love trump but TG is the one that would really give logical people a hard decision in 2020
Danny Jay Noneya
Danny Jay Noneya - 10 timmar sedan
the cost of living is high in all of those shitty democratic cities because the democrat leaders of that state rape their population on taxes and fees and shit and kill the small companies. that is what you need to fix! not raising the pay of the workers! that is only going to increase the taxes that are paid and the regulations the state will start putting on the companies and then you will be back at square one! i like this woman, but she is just like the other idiots in congress! they dont understand economics and they just make things worse.
Sean - 11 timmar sedan
She is such a politician with her memorize talking points. Watch a series of video interviews with her and she always gives the exact same 2 minute spill of her military service after she joined 911 even though she really didn't join until 2003. She wasn't even active duty she was in the National Guard and deployed twice one of those deployments being to Kuwait which might as well been Club Med and went from being an instant E4 to an instant 04. She only joined for political reasons. She didn't even have to do over regular National Guard drills because of her governmental commitments. Either she don't know or she's just trying to throw slanted shade at the Trump Administration whenever she talks to anyting they're involved in, while glossing over things Obama did or ignoring them all together just to swipe it Trump for doing the same thing even to a lesser extent than what Obama did when he was in office. Straight up political partisanship hypocrisy. Still there's so much she doesn't know realize or understand when she speaks. She is just as fake as Hillary. She still anti-gun, pro- killing babies for convenience, Pro free College, Pro Universal Health Care, and pro $15 minimum wage. She was out there for Standing Rock even though she didn't know the real logistics or legalities of the land and pipeline situation like most people believe a totally contrived narrative on that ordeal. She's the most palatable of the Democrat candidates but still not good enough. But she has no chance.
MONEY BOT - 11 timmar sedan
mad props for the human centIpad reference but it was kyle that didnt read
Matthew Paul
Matthew Paul - 11 timmar sedan
It is a shame that her stance on firearms is garbage. She would probably have a lot of center/right support.
Bohdar Herman
Bohdar Herman - 4 timmar sedan
Matthew Paul She’s gotta win the Democratic primary first, and being pro 2A in that group is sadly impossible. If it’s any consolation, her competition is even worse.
Tim Marsh
Tim Marsh - 12 timmar sedan
You gotta get here and Ben Shapiro on together...
Bohdar Herman
Bohdar Herman - 4 timmar sedan
Tim Marsh Yes, that would be epic!
Clayton Knapp
Clayton Knapp - 12 timmar sedan
she says she doesn't want power, but then says all the things she would do with her power - I agree on not engaging in these interventionist situations, but why not give the money back to the people instead of other expensive government programs?
FUCK TheYoungTurks
FUCK TheYoungTurks - 12 timmar sedan
I'd vote for her first, yang 2nd, Bernie third trump 4th.
Anthony P
Anthony P - 12 timmar sedan
Shes hot
j c
j c - 12 timmar sedan
she's a lightweight airhead about one level above AOC
j c
j c - 12 timmar sedan
2 yrs ago, she was a Bernie supporter, that's all you need to know about her policies. ie foreign policy, economic, health care etc etc. Trump BAD! Socialism good.
Koyomi Araragi
Koyomi Araragi - 13 timmar sedan
That damn toffee story is so heartwarming.
Hernan - 13 timmar sedan
The US is not the world's police, it's a rogue, genocidal criminal state.
Sean - 13 timmar sedan
Joe incredibly wrong on what it's like working at an Amazon Fulfilment Center.
M P - 14 timmar sedan
Typical politician!!!!
Saying all the things everyone wants to hear!!!
I hate hate Bernie Sanders but at least he tells you what he believes in.
This one is just saying everything people want to hear in a perfect world! But it’s not a perfect world!!!
She sounds like Obama when he first ran! And look what that got us !
Absolutely NOTHING!!!
Joe Edgington
Joe Edgington - 14 timmar sedan
A lot of anti-war rhetoric but almost no domestic policy ie: economy/jobs programs etc.
Kevin Christ
Kevin Christ - 14 timmar sedan
As someone who voted for Gary Johnson and was begrudgingly anticipating having to vote for Trump over the garbage candidates on the left, I will 100% vote for her if we can get her to the primaries.
A Marie
A Marie - 15 timmar sedan
Fact: every nation does better when it solves its own problems TODAY.
I understand what history has shown us, and it has been useful, and though I do not agree with Tulsi and her specifics her generality is on the mark.
EVERYONE has a much better chance at evolving their own countries toward a much better future if the BIG GUYS (and girls) stop meddling so much.
Obviously when a country like North Korea has been so cut off from the world for so long, maybe the only true global democracy is ensuring everyone has access to WIFI.
Idealistic? Sure.
But we need to solve things differently. And we are afraid to.
The U.S. shouldn't be afraid to do it differently.
Yurm - 15 timmar sedan
Thank you Joe, very cool!
ben dizik
ben dizik - 16 timmar sedan
She is clueless
ben dizik
ben dizik - 14 timmar sedan
+Dizzyruptor pretending that the "military industrial complex" and "money" is the only reason people fight is a joke. If she had to debate anyone who actually knew American military purpose shed look like a full idiot
Dizzyruptor - 15 timmar sedan
Clueless about what?
Scott Senior
Scott Senior - 16 timmar sedan
"You're a breast, er, breath of fresh air' - brilliantly done
Centauri - 17 timmar sedan
Well said Tulsi. One of the few candidates that understands the issues.
Zim O.E
Zim O.E - 18 timmar sedan
1:33:42 How dare you joe!
Larry Kile
Larry Kile - 18 timmar sedan
I really like Tulsi. I'm just not sure if I prefer her or Warren.
Sean - 13 timmar sedan
holly china
holly china - 19 timmar sedan
joes dumb enough to believe Qaddafi was evil, Lybia had highest standard of living in africa he kust wouldnt take our fake fiat currency he wanted gold for his oil not our phony paper, he made loans 0%, made charging interest on loans illegal, would not let the IMF World Bank in his country he wanted gold backed dinar for the African Union which he was also president of. he kicked out foreign military and foreign oil companys robbing them provided free healthcare, education including college, utilities, 50k upon marriage, everyone got dividend from oil gas sales and jimmy dore has told joe and tulsi this on air but they continue the BS
darthex0 - 19 timmar sedan
Puzzel me this! Automation to replace management has been around for years.
KDAlpha - 20 timmar sedan
@2:37 in, the weird pause and cut away is clearly video editing.
Man, it’s hard to enjoy these now knowing they’re not live streamed and things could be manipulated.
Sean - 13 timmar sedan
Corey S
Corey S - 20 timmar sedan
33:50. *Please Share*
Roy Gherbil
Roy Gherbil - 20 timmar sedan
Tulsi is probably the only Democrat I would ever consider voting for. But she has no chance in that deranged fucked up freak show of a party. She makes too much sense.. damn she even has Ron Paul's support. She has no chance securing the nomination since most democrats are looking for free shit.
Manners - 21 timme sedan
25:00 Do us a favor and take all the money you can get, win then just don't let the contributions change what you do. There is no actual law that says you have to do what your contributors ask is there? seriously is there? Wouldn't be surprised if there was.
Manners - 22 timmar sedan
8:20 the US put Muammar Al Gathafi into power in the first place, then he did something we didn't like and we took him out.
h8today - 22 timmar sedan
I generally like Tulsi Gabbard...but she's easily fooled by foreign leaders. I like that she's not a warhawk, but the idea that nobody wants change in these places...
Nii - 17 timmar sedan
She said the Syrian opposition of Assad want to have self determination, they want to deal with their own internal politics without having heavy handed overt meddling from foreign powers. I'm sure most Americans would want that to.
Manners - 22 timmar sedan
4:20 Iraq started accepting currency other than US dollars for oil and got destroyed, Venezuela started accepting currency other than the US dollar for oil and now they will be destroyed. If you mess with the petrodollar or try to take back the natural resources in your country owned by rich foreigners you will have found the fastest way to get assassinated, bombed to rubble or most likely both. That is the American way...Joe if you want to know the future look into the Smith–Mundt Act of 2012. It overturned a law from 1948 that outlawed propaganda(fake news) within the US. Good luck trying to figure this place out, I gave up and really just want out. Unfortunately there doesn't seem to be anywhere to go...
Bagrilla Jenkins
Bagrilla Jenkins - 22 timmar sedan
I'm with Tulsi all the way up to her gun control stance. Not allowing for licensed gun owner's permit to be accepted in another state, concealed carry reciprocity act, is going too far.
Manners - 22 timmar sedan
You could get rid of all the lead drinking water pipe in these united states for the price of a few bombs...
Tiffany Vedette
Tiffany Vedette - 22 timmar sedan
If you think Trump is a dictator, you're living too cush.
Tiffany Vedette
Tiffany Vedette - 22 timmar sedan
Me: I love Tulsi, she deserves to be president!!
Also me: Fuuuuuuck the Democratic party it must burn.
Dizzyruptor - 15 timmar sedan
Dems and reps are both sides of the same coin. Both are largely bought and paid for by the donors. There are a few exceptions, like Tulsi, but not enough to make a major difference. At least not yet.
MrPorquoipas - 22 timmar sedan
1.7 million this is great 👍 more people see this podcast more will know about her Tulsi2020
Dustin Committed
Dustin Committed - 22 timmar sedan
She seems cool. Whats her views on guns and weed?
Original Sinquirls
Original Sinquirls - 23 timmar sedan
the real problem with realestate is that prices are based on speculation like a stock market. Over time it is less and less based on the value of the property. This increases how much houses sell for, how much the mortgage is, and how much people need to pay in rent. It is a very insane system.
Uremawife Nowdave
Uremawife Nowdave - Dag sedan
I think it really might be time to upgrade your cameras in your studio. On 1080p it looks as if it’s out of focus, or soft focussed. It’s passable on an iPad, but I watch a lot of the show on my TV and it looks horrific.
Guillermo Melendez
Guillermo Melendez - Dag sedan
Good to hear all sides; but still using scaremongering tactics; Trump has actually denounced the military industrial complex; he wants out of the wars it´s the DOD who don´t; saying economic tariffs are going to escalate to actual and even nuclear war is exaggerated
Joel - 23 timmar sedan
+Guillermo Melendez but yes you are correct as far as congress, they have a lot of power. However, if we can get a strong enough popular enthusiasm for the president, then this would spill over and get some fresh blood elected to congress as well
Joel - 23 timmar sedan
+Guillermo Melendez Where did I ever say that? You are totally twisting my words. And if you are referring to what Tulsi said, if I recall she just say that trade war would increase the chances of leading to a military conflict, as in yes, the mathematical probabilty of this happening would increase - but she never implied it would be high. You need to learn rigor.
Guillermo Melendez
Guillermo Melendez - Dag sedan
+Joel So you think we´re going to go to war because of an economic conflict? Now you´re really buying in to the scaremongering of the MSM and not Trump or any other president before him or after him will have total control of any policy regarding war, POTUS is not a title that grants absolute power; decisions are being made by the senate, congress and most recently the business conglomerate that wants to turn the world in to a global technocracy
Joel - Dag sedan
And the fact that you are even saying: 'it is the DOD's fault' just proves my point ;-)
Joel - Dag sedan
Trump is weak! He is now giving in to Bolton and about to go to war with Iran
Joel - Dag sedan
This Matt Taibbi (Rolling Stone magazine) article about how Tulsi is being smeared HAS TO remain #1 on Google search when foks search for: "Tulsi Gabbard" It is key to educating people about what is happening:
Please share it with everyone you know and encourage them to share them -- It is vital to Tulsi at this point in order to offset all the garbage being thrown at her.
Diamond Ranch
Diamond Ranch - Dag sedan
We don't need to raise minimum wage we need to deflate the economy. The average house hold should be able to live on 60K a year with no problem but when the median house in states like Idaho, Utah, Wyoming is 385k there is a big issue with inflation. The same home in 1990 was 120k and wages were the same.
Joel - 23 timmar sedan
Deflation would devastate the economy, as it would only amplify the amount of debt owned (and we all know how high this is already). The only viable solution to bite the bullet and increase the minimal wage to where it should be - and yes, after 20+ years of being at $7, it would be only be fair to double it, so $15 is right on the money (and this is where it is at most of Europe right now) But this will have to be done very gradually of course.
Carl Follaco
Carl Follaco - Dag sedan
Yeah, after watching her two podcasts. She's definitely getting my vote and donation. It's so refreshing to hear a politician talking about serving the people and actually believe it!
Justin Finch
Justin Finch - Dag sedan
Day1 abolish cia and nsa, then a complete thorough audit of the Pentagon removing all elements of conflict of interest
Red Stevo
Red Stevo - Dag sedan
Sign my WH petition if you are anti war :)
Stanley13 - Dag sedan
hahaha talking about the silly charade election in the biggest dictatorship that the world has ever seen.
David Hasselhoff
David Hasselhoff - Dag sedan
To even pretend like the military industrial complex is a tinfoil hat thing and not an objective fact is ridiculous of Joe to do. And I love her for without missing a beat saying it's real.
ZeroG84 - Dag sedan
Too bad she can't win...
Ahmed Altabaib
Ahmed Altabaib - 17 timmar sedan
IF WE ALL THE PPL THAT LIKES HER THINK THAT WAY, SHE WONT.... AND THAT IS WHAT THE MSM IS TRYING TO DO.....DEFLATE US AND TELL US THAT THESE POOLS ARE SAYING SHE IS ONLY AT 1%...... trust me it is not. remember what they said about bernie and trump..... if we back her up, and not feel hopeless from the get go,,,,, she might have a chance....... dont let them deflate u from the beginning, give her a chance
Ryleigh Lloyd
Ryleigh Lloyd - Dag sedan
"Mother load of bad ideas"
Bohdar Herman
Bohdar Herman - Dag sedan
The US is taking more steps closer to war with Iran - shutting down all their oil exports (ruining their economy) and enforcing sanctions so harsh they even block medicine (killing their people).
James Skilling
James Skilling - Dag sedan
K.3K thumbs down. WTF is wrong with this country. Everything about this interview is amazing and very positive. God bless Tulsi and Joe Rogan for doing this interview.
indigo0086 - Dag sedan
not very happy that she's repeating the same fallacies of "splitting up" companies with "monopolies". This will eventually be solved by the myriad of people that find their behavior troubling.
DTP_Samsara - Dag sedan
Thank you for speaking to us. Both of you.
Mike Diz
Mike Diz - Dag sedan
How are there 5k+ down votes? Did you even watch the video and hear what great things this woman is saying?
bgtokincory419 - Dag sedan
"Step away from the edge of a nuclear war" lol jesus christ, sounds like when people really thought trump was starting a nuclear war with North Korea lol so fucking dramatic !!! Grow up children !! That will not happen and
SD Houston
SD Houston - Dag sedan
Not a fan, and don't agree with some of her ideas, but I respect the hell out of her. At least she's willing to shove the establishment Dems off and try to actually find middle ground with the other side of the aisle
DanieltheonefromNJ - Dag sedan
is this not a true conservative?
hugh mungus
hugh mungus - Dag sedan
“Iraq is worse off”
bohdarnyg - Dag sedan
hugh mungus Tell that to the half a million Iraqi citizens that died.
hugh mungus
hugh mungus - Dag sedan
Lol she is horribly naive about Maduro and Venezuela.
hugh mungus
hugh mungus - Dag sedan
Heavy sanctions in Venezuela??? Lol fuck me, I really expected more from her.
hugh mungus
hugh mungus - Dag sedan
Ask the Shia Muslims how they felt about Saddam. Funny to hear her trot out the “it was all about oil” platitude. Look at Iraq and the countries around it on a map and you’ll start to understand the significant of having a military presence there.