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Thanks for watching, and a special thanks to Felix for his company (and for flying all the way to Australia to be on our Show.)
Brown - 4 timmar sedan
Zentai is the future.
PewDieWoto - 2 dagar sedan
oopsies LMAO i just got the "giraffe" joke because I watched a pew news earlier about the hacker who hacked the printers, he signed it as "giraffe" lmao and it went right over max and chad's heads
mental - 3 dagar sedan
The editing is legendary
Lord fartamor
Lord fartamor - 4 dagar sedan
Cheeze berries
Cheeze berries - 38 minuter sedan
Aw you can tell how shy Max and Chad are in front of pewds. They really look up to him I’m kind of surprised after the filthy frank days where they memed on him and chad got a brofist on his ass lol
RIKZY - 42 minuter sedan
he’s so socially awkward lol kinda setting bad vibes
Just Satan
Just Satan - Timme sedan
heyyoitsjojo - Timme sedan
Y'all should smoke weed too if it's legal there. You'd attract a whole new genre of YouTube hehe
Just Satan
Just Satan - Timme sedan
I mean, I kinda understand the bit regarding old content. I still love my first video on a Minecraft pixelmon server review nonetheless.
Crimson - 2 timmar sedan
bruh thank you guys for actually explaining how to shave your balls, this is actually great
The_Norris _27
The_Norris _27 - 2 timmar sedan
1:00:34 Oh shit here we go again
Agustin Fernandez
Agustin Fernandez - 2 timmar sedan
This shit wack, those questions were the same un inspired, uncaring, formulaic, shitty news network kinda shit, "how did you get so famous", "you really changed your content dude", "do you remember this thing back on the day."
Boring, the mood was killed a bunch of times since Max is so annoying talking over everyone, and Chad gets no social queues what so ever. stayed since its felix out of character, max lives on regretting things he can make but Chooses not to becouse of fear and Chad Is just living off His past with Frank, forever being "that dude from that video"
Its damn sad.
hannah paige
hannah paige - 2 timmar sedan
pewds is just such a nice guy
Soul L
Soul L - 3 timmar sedan
That sturdy aluminum frame held its ground against Max's face. Good ad
Sean - 3 timmar sedan
If only Felix could live here in Australia he would understand why toads must die
ManGaXD RK - 3 timmar sedan
Does pewdiepie actually hate roomie, or was he joking?
Matthew Gower
Matthew Gower - 4 timmar sedan
Alc doesn't actually warm you up
L - 4 timmar sedan
Sive unblured 37:05
christmaslights98 - 5 timmar sedan
1:31:42 come out already you almost slipped, but got lucky. We all know you’re gay as shit.
christmaslights98 - 3 timmar sedan
TamezTech - 5 timmar sedan
Chad is so fucking awkward I hate it srsly
walto1550 - 5 timmar sedan
Drinking with pewdiepie? Goals!
Mark V
Mark V - 5 timmar sedan
13:20 its gonna be minecraft, Felix
Jonah Grahn
Jonah Grahn - 6 timmar sedan
Does anyone know who this Pewdiepie is? never heard of him
simmey11 - 7 timmar sedan
Swedish genes
assa_cs - 7 timmar sedan
i think this is one of the best interviews i've seen from anyone ever

fun and still informativ, love you guys :D
Hunter A
Hunter A - 7 timmar sedan
that fat guy hella gay
karlee lowe
karlee lowe - 7 timmar sedan
Its a toad you fuckwit
VirohXL - 7 timmar sedan
Max you easily downed the doubleshots of vodka in deadly twister and now you struggle with a sip of whiskey? brah.mp3
Pedro Gomes
Pedro Gomes - 8 timmar sedan
7 minutes in, they are all wasted
Rawchiken - 8 timmar sedan
Joji lost his egde
Hunter A
Hunter A - 8 timmar sedan
bring back fridays w pewdiepie
Slowjoe04 - 8 timmar sedan
Get slazo on cold ones
CHUBBS sters
CHUBBS sters - 9 timmar sedan
You guys shuld have Joji on the podcasts i think it wold be cool
yeeter scoop
yeeter scoop - 10 timmar sedan
N W - 12 timmar sedan
Felix is so cute. like im not gay but thats a cute nigga uwu
Trevor Alexander
Trevor Alexander - 13 timmar sedan
Max.. That was some physically painful shit right there. Put your man panties back on brotha.
Emir Ulyesses Atesli
Emir Ulyesses Atesli - 13 timmar sedan
Is it me or pews hates roomie or something?? i heard him say something i can't remember or find it again Lmao
FluffyCunt - 14 timmar sedan
Remember when they ate his ass hair ?
dantextreme007 - 14 timmar sedan
I didn’t thought I could watch the whole video but now that I finished it I wish they could do it more frequently, like an episode a week would be great. One episode on this channel and the next one on pewds and so on
ho chi minhty
ho chi minhty - 16 timmar sedan
this was a nostalgic trip
George Fitness
George Fitness - 17 timmar sedan
oh shit! I didnt know slippy died!
Dragonstrike 3579
Dragonstrike 3579 - 17 timmar sedan
Cane toads are a pest in Australia
Dragonstrike 3579
Dragonstrike 3579 - 17 timmar sedan
Its a toad fuck wit
mikhail paulo peters
mikhail paulo peters - 17 timmar sedan
Invite pewds in Misfits
Jane Doe
Jane Doe - 18 timmar sedan
i was just thinking about how you cant pour a beer. But like who cares haha
danny vito
danny vito - 18 timmar sedan
Is that nujabes playing in the background
Meow Meow
Meow Meow - 18 timmar sedan
... did this video got demonitized? Tf?
Laura Louise
Laura Louise - 19 timmar sedan
I remember barbershop pole! It "took Ian's wife" or something 😆
Tony Ismail
Tony Ismail - 20 timmar sedan
bring joji to the podcast plz bous
Tina Hill
Tina Hill - 20 timmar sedan
28:30 that's how I found Maxmoefoe!! Cheers Pewds
Klutz - 20 timmar sedan
Yo I also watch bald and bankrupt, I watched his ass at 50k crazy shit
Tyler Johnson
Tyler Johnson - 20 timmar sedan
PewDiePie is aggressive when he is drunk
Christian Mendoza
Christian Mendoza - 21 timme sedan
1:17:13 click and find out