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Cold Ones
Cold Ones - 4 månader sedan
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Thanks for watching, and a special thanks to Felix for his company (and for flying all the way to Australia to be on our Show.)
Idk VEVO l
Synth - Månad sedan
And that’s a great price!
A Ghost.
A Ghost. - 2 månader sedan
Spread the ads out more dingas
Nate Walters
Nate Walters - 2 månader sedan
i gotta shave my balls now
Nelson Hoyle
Nelson Hoyle - 2 månader sedan
Sk8r Gamer
Sk8r Gamer - 2 timmar sedan
Pewdiepie: Says Nyka or whatever it's called

Media: *Write that down!*
Luke Holyland
Luke Holyland - 6 timmar sedan
I find the dynamic between the three intensely interesting, especially how it develops. Pewdiepie is always of the highest status in the room since the beginning however is slightly more reserved, that is until the shots start hitting him, Chad and Max are on the same level for a bit however Chad misses and gets struck out after fumbling around with his words. Then he becomes the lowest status and fades into the background, its quiet saddening because the apparent paranoia he feels indicates this is common for him, or that these things at least emotionally damage him to quiet an intense degree so it sticks with him. By the 30 minute mark Chad is just sneaking in and is much less vocal and you can tell he has things to say however the reputation he has built up, at least on this occasion is that of the lowest status with the least useful input. Pewdiepie is clearly pretty bad at holding his drink, this paired with his high status makes passive/overtly aggressive tenancies manifest, further putting chad down as they are aimed at him mostly. But this was apparent from the beginning, I like chad, and it is pretty weird he is the underdog on his own podcast, he may need to revise his social abilities to better cope with high status people and not make a fool of himself.
Luke Holyland
Luke Holyland - 6 timmar sedan
Fuck the more I watch the worse I feel for chad, Pewdiepie and max are pinging back and forth as the highest status, smiling and physically interacting and chad is ignored and pushed aside, I am 38:19 minutes in and my empathy is making this unwatchable.
Eri Balaj
Eri Balaj - 7 timmar sedan
Why is the Lo-fi study girl in the background of felix?
Eddie Hutchence
Eddie Hutchence - 12 timmar sedan
1:34 damn, did you see how Felix grabbed that whisky, he loves that shit
Aleksa Stamenkovic
Aleksa Stamenkovic - 17 timmar sedan
Damn Pewds was roasting Chad through out the whole podcast.
Drift Gil
Drift Gil - 19 timmar sedan
My boi felix
ShelbisTheShloth - 23 timmar sedan
I watched this video just to find the answer to whether or not PewDiePie is an alcoholic
Midnightgamer - Dag sedan
Jeremy Jolivet
Jeremy Jolivet - Dag sedan
tbh shaving your balls dont make it itchy, what makes it fking itchy is mostly the area very close to your dick base , that shit get itchy af
Eddie Williamson
Eddie Williamson - 2 dagar sedan
Pewds is like 4 shots deep by the 10 minute mark
Dedicated Fitness
Dedicated Fitness - 2 dagar sedan
I’d love to be on this podcast! 😱
Allister Bennett
Allister Bennett - 2 dagar sedan
Felix is low key an asshole to Chad.
Sea Kay
Sea Kay - 3 dagar sedan
I'm watching this in class right now and when Max said "this podcast sucks" i literally almost spit out my gum lmao
Natalia J. Kelly
Natalia J. Kelly - 3 dagar sedan
Hasn't Pewds kissed Brad at some point during a live stream?
Pepper Pete
Pepper Pete - 3 dagar sedan
I've never seen pewd being so aggressive
Terrence Rose
Terrence Rose - 3 dagar sedan
He's a good looking guy, I'm not going to lie
DubstepPotatoOli - 4 dagar sedan
Yo can you guys restock the death 95 long sleeves and t-shirts 😂
Phillip Rafoo
Phillip Rafoo - 4 dagar sedan
pewdiepew is a dick to chad
Demonetized - 5 dagar sedan
Did you show him the pewdiepie ass tattoo?
bruh leg
bruh leg - 5 dagar sedan
Hey look its Felix sheldon cooper trooper!
Dylan Adams
Dylan Adams - 5 dagar sedan
the trick too shaving your balls is being half chubbed first
Lelani V.W
Lelani V.W - 6 dagar sedan
I laughed so much. Pewds is such a troll 🤣
MeatyPunk - 6 dagar sedan
How much Shit would be ape if Franku himself made a comment here eh? Eh??! I’m drunk
Khalid - 7 dagar sedan
It's so crazy and awesome at the same time how most of Felix's friends are big fans of him
Dylan Pilgrim
Dylan Pilgrim - 7 dagar sedan
"not trying to burn your bridge" i see what you did there Chad
Taurion Colquhoun
Taurion Colquhoun - 8 dagar sedan
Is it just me or does pewdiepie hate Chad
xfakie - 8 dagar sedan
Pewds be like: i can *swore* now because its not my channel
Harrison Largue
Harrison Largue - 8 dagar sedan
1:24:30 the boys during NNN
Mr.Jaiden - 9 dagar sedan
*”Non-alcoholic cause i had a real problem”* welp that’s not good
Derncan - 9 dagar sedan
Hell yea my boy baldandbankrupt got himself a mention
Cameron Wachtendorf
Cameron Wachtendorf - 9 dagar sedan
Bruh those ads don’t even feel like ads, as much as a big about promoting a product
Jack Poland
Jack Poland - 9 dagar sedan
Max should do a prank call on the podcast that would be LIT!
The Baba Yaga
The Baba Yaga - 10 dagar sedan
Muna Mariam
Muna Mariam - 10 dagar sedan
Please joji and idubbz
Yung Leem
Yung Leem - 10 dagar sedan
I like the fact that the 24/7 low fi hip hop studying music is playing in the background
Jello pamine
Jello pamine - 10 dagar sedan
Jello pamine
Jello pamine - 10 dagar sedan
??? Always
Yeah - 10 dagar sedan
Drunk PewDiePie is an asshole when he's drunk
Cosmoraptor - 11 dagar sedan
I want more podcasts with pewdiepie
Gavin Stinson
Gavin Stinson - 11 dagar sedan
does anyone one the brand of pewdiepies jacket?
iKingRPG - 12 dagar sedan
You look like that guy from howtobasic
huzzman - 12 dagar sedan
I'm so confused, how did cold ones Collab W PewDiePie 😂 internet is made. Couple of scuffed Aussie lads do a podcast so bogan it's literally called cold ones Collab W a dude who has 100 000 000+ people subscribed to his content. Whatta place👌👌
crippling depression
crippling depression - 14 dagar sedan
Felix the alcoholic
Harry - 14 dagar sedan
Malicious Crow
Malicious Crow - 15 dagar sedan
i like that pewds has driven up to the point where hes like stop askong me bullshit media questions ask me the real shit
time for nuts lol
LALAKIS GT - 15 dagar sedan
Host: I dont like alcohol
Pewds: Sorry I'll take it just sorry
host: no i want drink it i want content of them
Pewds: And then enjoy it
sokyu no
sokyu no - 15 dagar sedan
Unreleased filthy frank episode :(
JimmyRevSulli - 15 dagar sedan
I lost my fucking shit when that keyboard smacked max's face
sokyu no
sokyu no - 16 dagar sedan
Pewds laughing makes me smile
Toxic Unicorn
Toxic Unicorn - 16 dagar sedan
I always wondered what happened between felix and mark, they seemed to be so distant (?)
BeBoop _B1tch
BeBoop _B1tch - 16 dagar sedan
Who remembes that pewdiepie tattoo? ;)
Element Liga
Element Liga - 17 dagar sedan
it must be so weird being so forgetful like felix is
sometimes i feel fucked if i cant remember the purpose of something i did let alone forgetting why you have tattoos
42ang - 17 dagar sedan
I fucking love this podcast everything from the topics, guest, and even the fucking sponsor skits
SpittDogAyeLmao - 17 dagar sedan
Love the LoFi vibes vid in the background. ☺️✌🏻
Crazy horSE Papa Frankuu
Crazy horSE Papa Frankuu - 18 dagar sedan
SpittDogAyeLmao - 18 dagar sedan
Don't worry Chad, I got the 'barbershop pole' meme. 😂
Ski Day
Ski Day - 18 dagar sedan
We need to get max a editor so he can bring back good stuff
Keila Fedorowicz
Keila Fedorowicz - 19 dagar sedan
"The black one I can't wait to die" 1:00:34
Jefficus_ - 19 dagar sedan
my god the amount of fucking ads in the video itself is annoying as fuck
M S - 15 dagar sedan
Shut up. It's free content.
Cédric GACHE
Cédric GACHE - 19 dagar sedan
The video is almost two hours long, its not a problem.
semensnotbubble - 20 dagar sedan
Save money? Its 88 cents for a pack of 10 dogs...