We Made A Giant 25-Pound Ramen Bowl For A Sumo Wrestler • Tasty

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WhatShould INameMyAccount??
WhatShould INameMyAccount?? - 8 minuter sedan
i can actually finish all of this if i was hungry enough
Duc Real
Duc Real - 12 minuter sedan
*Hiroki walks in*
Alvin: Ah shit, here we go again
Asmaa Hamed
Asmaa Hamed - 16 minuter sedan
What's kansui please?
I speak faxxx
I speak faxxx - 16 minuter sedan
IndraZak - 31 minut sedan
7:02 Alvin : Yeah Smooth
_PLAK!_ xD
Xi Yue Anz
Xi Yue Anz - 37 minuter sedan
i really need another video of Alvin and Inga
Danzel boon
Danzel boon - 53 minuter sedan
u two look cute together
Куриный Фляйш
Куриный Фляйш - 57 minuter sedan
“We have a very healthy diet to create our ATHLETIC figure.”
Me: I am a sumo wrestler now.
cee ho
cee ho - Timme sedan
When he slurps I suddenly got so hungry
Dhriti Seth
Dhriti Seth - Timme sedan
The wrestlers are so cute uwu
Gabriela Emilly
Gabriela Emilly - Timme sedan
Could you make giant meat balls? Hehehe
Sangam Gupta
Sangam Gupta - 2 timmar sedan
Is this the guy from John wick 2
Anirudh Singh Chauhan
Anirudh Singh Chauhan - 2 timmar sedan
Inga:yu dont slap it
Alan:that is so satisfying ;))
7:04 to 7:30
Gacha girls 436
Gacha girls 436 - 2 timmar sedan
: Always clean your rice before cooking it
Arely Lachino
Arely Lachino - 2 timmar sedan
Can you make a big mochi
Isabel Hwang
Isabel Hwang - 2 timmar sedan
Thank you byee!! HAHAHAHA SUMO
jasmine herrera
jasmine herrera - 3 timmar sedan
I could just die for you to make me something that big
CallMe Migs
CallMe Migs - 3 timmar sedan
At 2:17 Alvin made an attack on titan gesture🤣
CallMe Migs
CallMe Migs - 3 timmar sedan
Vevha - 3 timmar sedan
Make a big cheese mozzarella stick!
佐藤大輔 - 3 timmar sedan
Alvin, you gotta get that girl!
You and Inga is gonna be a best couple!
Flower on Discord
Flower on Discord - 3 timmar sedan
Please make a giant mochi ice cream 😂
大仙 张
大仙 张 - 4 timmar sedan
the girl is butter
Subhangee Swain
Subhangee Swain - 4 timmar sedan
"Gentle gentle Eggie"
"We're gonna use the back of the knife"
Fat watermelon
Fat watermelon - 4 timmar sedan
buzzfeed's new ship?!?!?
adyq - 4 timmar sedan
you really should call stonie for this occasions
Joel Kelly
Joel Kelly - 5 timmar sedan
She’s 😍😍😍😍
Heather Martin
Heather Martin - 5 timmar sedan
idk guys but like #alvga cute ship name tbh
Sandro The Bdton Player
Sandro The Bdton Player - 5 timmar sedan
im shipping them
Branson Bui
Branson Bui - 5 timmar sedan
Make some for Matt stonie too
Leo Rensem
Leo Rensem - 5 timmar sedan
her voice is like vilote from the increadibles..... except....much more energetic.
Not Banshee
Not Banshee - 5 timmar sedan
Collab with stonie and make a big food and have him challenge to beat it or have a bunch of food competetors compete to eat it the fastest
candy tin
candy tin - 6 timmar sedan
Idk why this made me so happy but it did
bradley sanchez
bradley sanchez - 6 timmar sedan
I wander what that niggas shits look like
Autumn Rodgers
Autumn Rodgers - 6 timmar sedan
I literally just watched John Wick 2, IS THAT HIM!!!??? 🤩

If you wanna know who I’m talking about look up “John Wick 2, the pencil kill”
Autumn Rodgers
Autumn Rodgers - 6 timmar sedan
I think it’s Yamamoto Ryūichi, that’s the name I found, I’m pretty sure.
Judith Aloysius
Judith Aloysius - 6 timmar sedan
make a giant mochi
Ace Planets
Ace Planets - 6 timmar sedan
Boy- Name a egg
Girl- Eggie
Me- What a nice name
Boy- Name this another egg
Girl- Eggie JR
Samantha Christine
Samantha Christine - 6 timmar sedan
they are SO CUTE
Sila Ozen
Sila Ozen - 6 timmar sedan
The sumo wrestler inviting his friend to help him with the ramen bowl is me and my mate at maccas at 12am
Strave 80
Strave 80 - 6 timmar sedan
Hi thinks they look good together 😏😏 alvin
Chrono Sueno
Chrono Sueno - 7 timmar sedan
Tasty: So, how large are you gonna make this?
Alvin: YES
Lego builder b
Lego builder b - 7 timmar sedan
are you a bird?
J Mid
J Mid - 7 timmar sedan
Alvin is cute
Jayde D'Agnolo
Jayde D'Agnolo - 7 timmar sedan
DaDeligtfulDazzlingDerika - 7 timmar sedan
very good job that looks so yummy 🤤🍜
ZektRom 28
ZektRom 28 - 7 timmar sedan
can u put noodles instead of “noods” it makes me uncomfortable and it sounds weird
Victoria Barajas
Victoria Barajas - 7 timmar sedan
Oh my gosh I LOVED this!!
DaDeligtfulDazzlingDerika - 7 timmar sedan
gotta make a giant mochi ice cream now
jawaher fradj
jawaher fradj - 8 timmar sedan
What a cute couple they could be 😍
Vinodini Karunaharan
Vinodini Karunaharan - 8 timmar sedan
you look so cute together!
Jenna Ko
Jenna Ko - 8 timmar sedan
They are the best egg parents in the whole wide world!!!!! Like most people said they do look AMAZING together!! GO Alnga !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Chris Edwards
Chris Edwards - 9 timmar sedan
I'd love to see you make giant xiaolongbao or giant roujiamo
Donna Joy Quemada
Donna Joy Quemada - 9 timmar sedan
They look like a couple. They are cute together 😍😍💜
Cpt.JohnCheng1234 Of the Hydra Army
A Baby. You and Inga are gonna make a baby
TheHolyDummy Videos
TheHolyDummy Videos - 9 timmar sedan
Big food energy
Ivan Liao
Ivan Liao - 9 timmar sedan
maybe the egg woulda worked if they boiled it to start and then put it in sous vide
ᑕᕼᖇIᔕT Oᑎ ᗩ ᑕᖇᗩᑕKEᖇ
Send *noOdS*
The k-pop hole got me
The k-pop hole got me - 10 timmar sedan
Time to make some -nudes- noods
What’re you Looking at?
What’re you Looking at? - 10 timmar sedan
Alvin and Inga look like best friends in this episode
Kamea Newland
Kamea Newland - 11 timmar sedan
5:25 - I can get higher than you can 😉
Jackson Brooks
Jackson Brooks - 11 timmar sedan
I wish my parents were as fond of me as those two beasts were to their ramen bowl
rahman zero
rahman zero - 11 timmar sedan
he should sit while eating yo
Totally not a fangirl Nope
Totally not a fangirl Nope - 11 timmar sedan
* new video *
Me: * watches through half *
Also me: *i ship it*
CraigBaldwinVlogs - 11 timmar sedan
Sarah Vincent
Sarah Vincent - 12 timmar sedan
The spring onions still got rots on them😭
columbusshort45 - 12 timmar sedan
They definitely have chemistry
ya boi
ya boi - 12 timmar sedan
inga is so cute🥺🥺 her little “eggie”
MrAssyran - 13 timmar sedan
You got nothing on howtobasic, dislike
The Marbelous
The Marbelous - 13 timmar sedan
They’re eating eggy from eggnoid noooo! Please anyone that gets that reference I love you
moet - 13 timmar sedan
Why does the girl sound like a cringy Minecraft YouTuber?
Madiha Syeda
Madiha Syeda - 13 timmar sedan
I’ve always wondered what pork tastes like
Raeline Ledesma
Raeline Ledesma - 13 timmar sedan
17:04 WOAH that ponytail flip tho, 21:39 they're so cute lol
Poko69 - 13 timmar sedan
i completely ship inga and alvin.100%!!
Zineb Elkettani
Zineb Elkettani - 13 timmar sedan
ooooh make a giant Mochi Ice cream
Jae - 13 timmar sedan
yama is hella precious
Yoshira S L
Yoshira S L - 13 timmar sedan
Alvin did almost nothing
0riginal _Harassment
0riginal _Harassment - 14 timmar sedan
Big sticky toffee pudding 🤤🤤
FaZe Lighting
FaZe Lighting - 14 timmar sedan
Why does that fat sumo nigga look so surprised like hes not gonna finish it or something I'm not gonna watch this gay ass video
BaconBoss4 - 14 timmar sedan
Is that the guy from John Wich Chapter 2?
bford98541 - 14 timmar sedan
I like.... Really like her voice... I want to marry her purely for her voice.
E Wood
E Wood - 14 timmar sedan
I want to eat all that. And that guy is crushing hard on that girl. ❤️
A - 15 timmar sedan
This is some vanilla ass shit
clementine - 15 timmar sedan
Eggie Junior is cute
Big Oof
Big Oof - 15 timmar sedan
The food looked so small compared to the sumo wrestlers😂
Stacy Harder
Stacy Harder - 15 timmar sedan
bring inga back I love this duo
OreoAreGood - 15 timmar sedan
that sumo wrestler should make a asmr/mukbang channel
Roi Wasabi
Roi Wasabi - 15 timmar sedan
Fuck you bitch
Sofia Silva
Sofia Silva - 15 timmar sedan
They were ALL so cute 😩😍
Madison Robertson
Madison Robertson - 16 timmar sedan
These guys are awesome af
Sam Attard
Sam Attard - 16 timmar sedan
the name eggie is an accurate portrayal of my creativity
p a p i
p a p i - 16 timmar sedan
The leeks weren't cleaned...
tori kim
tori kim - 17 timmar sedan
Aw they’re so cute tho:’(
Eliaz boaz
Eliaz boaz - 17 timmar sedan
There's so much dirty jokes in here lol
Sara RC
Sara RC - 17 timmar sedan
I mean Eggie look more like and Edward to me but okay.
Alexander Geerdink
Alexander Geerdink - 17 timmar sedan
I love sumo wrestling especially a deadlock at the edge of the ring
Narjis H
Narjis H - 17 timmar sedan
What meat can I use instead of pork?
i love weeaboos and chocolatepig424 combination
When she said eggie I thought of eggnoid
i love weeaboos and chocolatepig424 combination
When she said eggie I thought of eggnoid
Jacob W
Jacob W - 18 timmar sedan
OR ...............cringe
Sin of fallen
Sin of fallen - 18 timmar sedan
I think to make ramen, people pull the dough and fold it without touching itself until the dough turns from 1 to 2, 2 to...
Shafqat Parvez
Shafqat Parvez - 19 timmar sedan
"...which is why we're going from, what, zero to -"
"Zero to -"
"Zero to seven."