ProJared & Trisha Paytas - H3 Podcast #116

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Jordan Grace
Jordan Grace - 8 timmar sedan
Realize I'm 2 months late, and someone else may have said this already, but the kardashians are armenian. They are ethnic. But whatever, they are still scummy.
Ashley Crabtree
Ashley Crabtree - 12 timmar sedan
That photo of him at 25:40 looks like that weird 90’s kidnapping prevention lizard from the ad they’ve talked about on here before
Tuna Man
Tuna Man - 17 timmar sedan
This Is late but she said cackling. Not Catholic.
8Forrest8Gump8 - 21 timme sedan
Man, I hate reddit
get motivated
get motivated - 23 timmar sedan
That is a munchy box, come to Glasgow for weird food heaven :)also, the meat is lamb. We call it dinner meat but I understand why Americans call the old elephant leg gyros lol, took me a while to figure out it's probably because of the Donner party lol
Brertt - Dag sedan
i liked this for the jojo reference
Swerve Money The Great
Swerve Money The Great - 2 dagar sedan
I loved that there was a unintentional jojoke from Ethan at 24:11
CJ P - 2 dagar sedan
Wtf is that sound 33:03
Zeremy 92
Zeremy 92 - 3 dagar sedan
he looks like a cartoon character
Heinrich Müller
Heinrich Müller - 3 dagar sedan
Я надо разрушать наша родина. Это перебор, мне жаль.
SomeScalie - 3 dagar sedan
Hoe Jared
witty name
witty name - 3 dagar sedan
I'm very unfuckable belive me
My name is Insanity
My name is Insanity - 3 dagar sedan
Just saw this podcast. Projared is at 768k subs. Holy shit
TM87 - 4 dagar sedan
My religion is cackling
S25 - 4 dagar sedan
8:41 "that was his oenis coming out, bowayanayn" lmaooo
StarSeth - 4 dagar sedan
dat dude laughing in the back LOL
Crunchy _69
Crunchy _69 - 5 dagar sedan
i love these people gossip on the internet and rating internet stars penises
Des Des
Des Des - 6 dagar sedan
Well you could argue that attractiveness isn't the most important factor to how much of a catch a person is, but since they decided to cheat apparently they don't have good character either.
anthony LLJ
anthony LLJ - 6 dagar sedan
You mean a Tanatee?
Owenuma Arts
Owenuma Arts - 6 dagar sedan
I want an edit of everytime Ethan's eyes roll back, the Undertaker bell toll ring thing plays super loud
Sshhh Trouble
Sshhh Trouble - 6 dagar sedan
Is that DSP thing real? That's nasty. Did he claim it was an accident?
Evelyn Rogers
Evelyn Rogers - 6 dagar sedan
I think she said “cackling and laughing” not catholic and laughing.😂
Leanne Mo
Leanne Mo - 9 dagar sedan
Adjective-of-the-day: EPIC
Scylok - 9 dagar sedan
trisha papaya
Genichiro - 9 dagar sedan
25:10 Yeah, that dickhead Matt Hoss was also one of those times. Fuck that guy to infinity and beyond.
Cheesy Poofs
Cheesy Poofs - 9 dagar sedan
"I'm the only one here who doesn't watch anime." - Ian
Ians fucking hilarious. He needs more cam time
Puffel - 9 dagar sedan
Must be a oily keyboard
Scrub Lord
Scrub Lord - 10 dagar sedan
I wish he would do a follow up on this. Like how his wife made up all the cheating stuff
Alejandra Treviño
Alejandra Treviño - 10 dagar sedan
Why does this mans have a furry costume tho
Lydia-Renee Darling
Lydia-Renee Darling - 11 dagar sedan
H3H3: I have never seen a loss day like this
James Charles: *am I a joke to you?*
Lydia-Renee Darling
Lydia-Renee Darling - 11 dagar sedan
MizzFunny - 11 dagar sedan
no Trisha says "he's like CACKLING and laughing" not Catholic. Stop your cackling Ethan, you witch. Slash love you
Conor O'Mahony
Conor O'Mahony - 12 dagar sedan
Aaron Brown
Aaron Brown - 14 dagar sedan
and you know what's crazy ? fucking holly left Ross for that man dude i really dont understand plus Ross is the kind of person that really glew up when he got to his late 20's/ 30's which is when she left him too which made even less sense.
Aaron Brown
Aaron Brown - 14 dagar sedan
Ethan: this is like game of thrones but without the gore and fighting and uh- everything that makes it interesting...
FieryVigil - 14 dagar sedan
Put Ethan on a good workout routine and edge his beard up in the morning and he would basically look like Chad Klein lmao
cool - 15 dagar sedan
Here's how the evidence actually currently stands and has developed for the projared thing. There's nothing to back up that Jared cheated. Heidi (his wife) said she had evidence that Jared cheated from October 2018, however Holly and Jared have said and everything backs up that they were basically separated by that point. There's evidence Heidi was threatening to ruin Jared's career to stop him properly leaving, he stopped wearing his wedding ring around then, Heidi said they haven't had sex for a year, and everything she's said has indicated the relationship was very troubled for a while.
There's also no evidence he knowingly solicited nudes from minors. Two people accused him of that, but one said they never told him their age, and he didn't know their age, and the other hasn't given any evidence to back up his claim. This story of him being a pedophile has been repeated into eternity, with hardly any people checking to see that there actually isn't any evidence.
What the evidence shows may have been the case, is that it's likely Heidi was abusive. And that just makes this whole story sad.
Evenrik_22 - 17 dagar sedan
Oh.. this video was made on the day i was having sex for my first time while then cheating on my online girlfriend omg haha 😂😂😂
Jared Doherty
Jared Doherty - 17 dagar sedan
Thanks for the Jared insult
FootInBucket - 17 dagar sedan
just checked, 772k and still dropping xD
Sarah - 19 dagar sedan
Ethan you are very handsome and also VERY attractive because of your personality as well
I COME FROM SUN - 19 dagar sedan
Trisha some ugly mutt belongs in the slums of Brazil not USA. Give me some eastern european beauties please
Nisha - 20 dagar sedan
No Trisha, as a woman who has always been a victim of body-shaming, I loved H3's video. It definitely made me feel a lot better.
Bob Bop Perano
Bob Bop Perano - 20 dagar sedan
Jesus said, "Thank God it's Friday"?
Let me introduce you to Good Friday (I wonder who came up with that title?) aka the day Jesus was literally crucified.
Sam - 20 dagar sedan
bring em in not just talk about em XD
Cracky McWestside
Cracky McWestside - 20 dagar sedan
fyi "Knabenbauer" means boysfarmer in german
Arreivederci - 21 dag sedan
Really hanging on that JoJo meme 👌🏻
Sweet N Sour
Sweet N Sour - 21 dag sedan
I love chad Klein.
Sweet N Sour
Sweet N Sour - 21 dag sedan
Sweet N Sour
Sweet N Sour - 21 dag sedan
Jared looks like the product of an incestuous marriage