ProJared & Trisha Paytas - H3 Podcast #116

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Nicky s
Nicky s - 59 minuter sedan
Shouldn't be a pedo and cheater
go from PRO to NO in everyone's mind
Opiatus - Timme sedan
I preferred her as Aughra and her Orerry in Dark Crystal.
hykuzb npithrt
hykuzb npithrt - Timme sedan
Jessi Duffour
Jessi Duffour - 2 timmar sedan
Pornhub buys tumblr. Creates slogan. "Tumblr Into Bed!"
Leadfoot Lindsey
Leadfoot Lindsey - 2 timmar sedan
Would love this on a loop
I had the same reaction as the dude with the red jacket and beanie... (I don't know his name sorry) I had never subbed to ProJared, but I have always loved Normal Boots content.. Yet another blow to their reputation (after JonTron, despite that blowing over). I just hope PBG and brutalmoose are as good as I see them.
Yomii - 3 timmar sedan
H3: ProJared lost like the most percentage of subs in a day lol
James Charles: hold my tea
Ren Humphreys
Ren Humphreys - 5 timmar sedan
Is there any chance you could talk again about Trisha? She has some drama with Nickado Avocado that could use more exposure, imo. Shes evidently a super manipulative person.
SKR - 5 timmar sedan
Jared gives me hope
Dylan Henry
Dylan Henry - 6 timmar sedan
Watching Ethan at 4:30 trying not to compare it to Katrina and just uses 'hurricane' over and over
Alyssa - 7 timmar sedan
I loved your instagram vs reality video!
Lukas Coudron
Lukas Coudron - 7 timmar sedan
Hey H3 little juicy fun fact: "Knabenbauer" literally means "Boy Farmer" in German :D (Knabe = young boy, not yet of age)

Jess - 8 timmar sedan
Hila saving Ethan’s ass for the whole episode as per usual 🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄
Racheal Cook
Racheal Cook - 8 timmar sedan
Does anyone know why his eyes do that? I love his podcast and these two are hilarious so I mean no disrespect by my question I’m just genuinely Curious
Tati - 9 timmar sedan
Evan Thompson
Evan Thompson - 9 timmar sedan
"He broke the sound of speed"
Tomi Eilamo
Tomi Eilamo - 9 timmar sedan
Chad Klein 😂
Noah Broadbent
Noah Broadbent - 11 timmar sedan
dont diss sonic
Niru Serrano
Niru Serrano - 11 timmar sedan
ahego, you’re thinking about ahego
Carlos Lopez
Carlos Lopez - 13 timmar sedan
1:34 I come back here just for this
Joshua Choi
Joshua Choi - 13 timmar sedan
89b qajb5608ht tyis w8956ybkybo9xd
I tried typing "I am typing this with my nose" with my nose. So close.
DasAntiNaziBroetchen - 13 timmar sedan
H3 is keemstar now?
Wumachine - 14 timmar sedan
Y'all need a permanent shredder cam
Lulu Lilly
Lulu Lilly - 14 timmar sedan
projared has no eyelashes change my mind
Smerg the Dargon
Smerg the Dargon - 14 timmar sedan
A second in and I already can't stand this e-thot.
Not only is she fat and ugly as hell, she's got that annoying kind of voice.
I don't know how to put it, but it's a really... damn, I just can't pinpoint it.
It's fucking annoying, is what it is.
thatHighguy4:20 - 15 timmar sedan's about 230k crazy...repo guys at his door right now
Luke Morris
Luke Morris - 15 timmar sedan
Your Neighbour
Your Neighbour - 16 timmar sedan
Like to make it happen
Matt Morgs
Matt Morgs - 17 timmar sedan
ethan got a bit mean there. “golem”
Squidneythe Squid
Squidneythe Squid - 17 timmar sedan
FuckJerryd hehe get it
Steve Black
Steve Black - 17 timmar sedan
That food at the end is called an AB, it's also known as a "Halal snack pack" in other parts of Australia, but where it was created, in Adelaide, it was called "AB", if you want to know what AB stands for well that's uncertain, some people call it "abortion" or "after birth" (because of what it looks like) and others call it atomic bomb. It's fucking delicious though.
It's not mayonnaise or ketchup, it's garlic sauce and tomato sauce. Also lettuce, cucumber and tomato is usually not put on it.
Ben Rosenberg
Ben Rosenberg - 18 timmar sedan
She said cackling not catholic. Also of course she in front of her fridge.
Anthony - 18 timmar sedan
I love how she disabled comments and likes since then, also oi course she would be in front of the fridge
Anthony - 18 timmar sedan
Of course Trisha would be in front of the fridge
la patria o la tumba
la patria o la tumba - 18 timmar sedan
"Thank God Is Friday"
- Cheesus 2019
Booty Consumer
Booty Consumer - 18 timmar sedan
Do these Podcast get copy right striked? I'm guessing they do :(
Evangelyn - 18 timmar sedan
i have been listening to this video and clicked back over from facebook at 11:57
Commander Wyro
Commander Wyro - 19 timmar sedan
he cheated on her with that chick... geez
EL PENE DE ZEUS - 19 timmar sedan
That pizza thing was basically a kebab without the bread. It's really good
Matěj Trávník
Matěj Trávník - 20 timmar sedan
That wasn't a pizza nor meant to be one, it was a kebab in a pizza box, because i dont think they make a normal box this big
babygxx - 20 timmar sedan
i love how on her video, she's on the floor crying about how 'damaging' the video was to her, without considering how damaging it is to young girls to see unrealistic beauty standards and photoshopped pictures everyday.
scottykai - 21 timme sedan
1hour 49, thats kebab meat my dude, it's "Lamb"
jo bleek
jo bleek - 22 timmar sedan
you know what theu say about the size of a mans nose....
Roxy Smith
Roxy Smith - 23 timmar sedan
Wait what's locks?? when they're talking about food at the end? I'm so confused
Owen Linney
Owen Linney - 23 timmar sedan
Ben Rosenberg
Ben Rosenberg - 18 timmar sedan
Ik. I can't believe none of them caught that. It wasn't that unclear
Metadata - Dag sedan
She said 1:05:09 cackling not catholic
G - Dag sedan
I literally unfollowed Trisha a few months ago because she was promoting/spamming those bullshit weight loss products on Instagram. Its hypocritical of her to be talking about hurting young girls self esteem when she was out there making a market out of those same girls smh..
UB3RFR3NZY - Dag sedan
She said "he's just cackling and laughing" Not catholic.
dokidoker ,
dokidoker , - Dag sedan
Is Jared fuckin trish aswell?
Mr_Warpy - Dag sedan
Wait, who is this "tannah"? They're talking about?
Mykyta Bashynskyi
Mykyta Bashynskyi - Dag sedan
the godfather part got me
Septer Sever
Septer Sever - Dag sedan
ProJared barely released any videos over the last year. I don't think he gives two shits about YouTube subscribers.
than217 - Dag sedan
Edm Riven
Edm Riven - Dag sedan
The way Hila talk look like she's bored
Lobovism - Dag sedan
Matthew M
Matthew M - Dag sedan
Hell hath no fury like a woman's scorn
ZombieWeiss - Dag sedan
I don't have much thought about Trisha Paytas, she's doing what she's doing and that's her niche. What she said about Ethan and Hila raising the kid is a bit rich though, when Jason Nash is raising kids and the dumpster fire that his and Trisha have going on half the time, arguments, public bullshit and airing all the dirty laundry, being jealous of the mother etc.
Holly Halftone
Holly Halftone - Dag sedan
Have you guys never seen Sherlock Holmes? lol
Film Stuff
Film Stuff - Dag sedan
I think it’s so funny that she is talking on behalf of all young girls. As a young girl myself I thought it was funny while also conveying a good message. She probably didn’t even watch the video
Andy Leaf
Andy Leaf - Dag sedan
That russian pizza thing at the end of the video is basically a HSP (halal snack pack) here in Australia and its so good
xikiax - Dag sedan
I'm pretty sure Ross and Holly got divorced before this happened for unrelated reasons.
we live in a society
we live in a society - Dag sedan
james charles got sister sucked by the entire high school football team
Michael Rogers
Michael Rogers - Dag sedan
The sonic movie seems like the puma version of selling Jordan’s off a Spider-Man movie
Shaquille Witherspoon
Shaquille Witherspoon - Dag sedan
So this is is the SECOND public figure named Jared who fiddles with little kids, and have their career go down in flames...
WilliamAhlert - Dag sedan
God he takes a while to explain I can't stand he's chatting about something I know nothing about then all the tangents it's unbearable XD
Lit Papi
Lit Papi - Dag sedan
To think that ProJared lost more subs when it comes to % than James Charles (This might have changed now, but I think it's still more or less the same)
Jonas Degelo
Jonas Degelo - Dag sedan
1:05:01 I think she said cackling, not catholic. Which makes more sense with the next word be laughing
Haemi Joe
Haemi Joe - Dag sedan
Ethan’s Don voice is always on point
Amanda Engberg
Amanda Engberg - Dag sedan
Haha, it’s kebab with hotsauce and garlicsauce 😉🐑
Caspaira Acula
Caspaira Acula - Dag sedan
I don't know why Trisha is crying over what was said about Tana because a few months prior she literally threw Tana and her ex Jason under the bus and had a meltdown because he joked about having a threesome with Tana. Trust me Trisha wants the attention and I think she's definitely getting that. I think she's been falling off mentally lately and feeling pretty damn lost...
Over Throne
Over Throne - Dag sedan
Steve Black
Steve Black - Dag sedan
Jared just released a new statement, in it he says that Heidi was the one who wanted an open marriage, she was the first one to see other people, he never cheated on her, she just got jealous with the girl he was seeing. She never refutes these statements and didn't say he was lying. Yeah it's bad that he was hitting on girls that were 16, but it turns out he never cheated. Looks like all this hatred towards Jared was not fully justified.
While I heard about this story when it broke I never came to my own opinion on it, something I've learned is to always wait a while till all the information is out and yet again that works in my favor. I suggest others do that, wait for a while until you come to a conclusion. :)
Steve Black
Steve Black - 23 timmar sedan
Sonia J "She never refutes these statements and didn't say he was lying." Looks like she does too. Looks like you're one of those people that get your opinion straight away and can't change it, that's exactly what I'm against.
Sonia J
Sonia J - Dag sedan
Lol you believe him 😂😂😂
AntiKipKay - Dag sedan
+Steve Black I'll never understand the obsession people have with famous peoples lives. As if regular people don't do the same shit every day.
Steve Black
Steve Black - Dag sedan
AntiKipKay nah I think people are allowed to have opinions, I'd just prefer they're correct and not false.
AntiKipKay - Dag sedan
Or mind your own business and make no judgements at all
BigManLuke - Dag sedan
I believe she said cackling as in laughing 1:05:30
Timeless - Dag sedan
After watching that Sonic trailer, I watched the Godzilla trailer to cleanse my eyes
Camilla Nicosia
Camilla Nicosia - Dag sedan
Trisha said "Cackling" not "Catholic" and shes always on the kitchen floor lol
Chris der König
Chris der König - Dag sedan
to everyone bashing, hatin or laughing his ass off about projared.... lets face the facts: experiencing so much shit on the internet, maybe losing his income, be it in part or completly, maybe going to prison for his crimes and far more.... these are thing that can really destroy a person mentally. he may not see an end of all this and gives up on life to escape everything. he might be thinking or planning to harm or kill himself. just think about it and act before it might be to late.

i will copy and past this text to raise awareness that everyone who just write some insulting comments or creating images that leads to that may do even more damage then they plan on doing.... help and share this thought if you think like me
sydandtaytum - Dag sedan
lmao, never heard of projared before this, but my god that face....ethan is right. this gives everyone hope to find love, or at least sex--- i cant imagine anyone uglier than him.
Tyingknots27 - Dag sedan
"he's been knobing his neighbor" -dan
Vincent Morris
Vincent Morris - Dag sedan
52:24 Bring em' to me.
I'll take them on. Flat is justice.
Lo - Dag sedan
‘These girls look just like YOU.. or in many cases EVEN WORSE!’ Ouch!! kinda backhanded compliment 54:45
I27T I84
I27T I84 - Dag sedan
let her talk, yikes
Luke Pettijohn
Luke Pettijohn - Dag sedan
If all youtubers think before act then this platform would be the best!
Luke Pettijohn
Luke Pettijohn - Dag sedan
Well...hes lost 200,000 now..
Blake Crawford
Blake Crawford - Dag sedan
Hello I posted this on the Clip video but here it is, ProJared likely made a block of videos a Head of time or disappeared into his work. Also used to host "Hard News" on former "Screw Attack" Gaming website Now "Death Battle" and was attached to the Game Grumps Team it's a Gaming subculture Explosion.   --Ross and Holly were a constant part of Game Grumps. Ross Being a Editor for Game Grumps and on air Personality and Holly being Commander Holly Being a known Property in same.
Ony Xerxes
Ony Xerxes - Dag sedan
Good John Travolta movie: Get Shorty, also not everyone loves Jim Carry a lot of people, like me, find him untalented and annoying aside from his art, that shit is actually funny
lampovyUrge - Dag sedan
*cackling, not Catholic)
Neil - Dag sedan
Get TheNeedledrop AKA Anthony Fantano!
Chris Knotts
Chris Knotts - 2 dagar sedan
I saw you as an extra in final destination at the race track or it looks like you is it you ?
Rachel Thomas
Rachel Thomas - 2 dagar sedan
Can’t wait to see him do James Charles
MyViolador - 2 dagar sedan
tbh honest Jared is gollum yeah, but he had money and fame.
ZombieGirlsLife - 2 dagar sedan
Ethan giggling is so funny 😂
Adriana Valo
Adriana Valo - 2 dagar sedan
Crazy she
Blaine Hoover
Blaine Hoover - 2 dagar sedan
I’m from Kansas, there’s a lot of black and Mexican people here. Lmao. The rare ones are native Americans and Asians.
Eric E
Eric E - 2 dagar sedan
I watched about 3 minutes of a Trisha video. That is just mental illness on display.
FBI OPEN UP - 2 dagar sedan
Bro my name's Jared and im 3
Michele Chapman McAdams
Michele Chapman McAdams - 2 dagar sedan
James Charles lost over 1 million in 24hrs
Ploofers !
Ploofers ! - 2 dagar sedan
I can't stop thinking about how when Ethan moves a face a certain way his eyebrows look like they are doing the wave lol
Nightshift - 2 dagar sedan
1:07:13 boy look like CaptainSparklez
meeiulik - 2 dagar sedan
mammaries aren't sex organs right?
Egg Gorl Comics
Egg Gorl Comics - 2 dagar sedan
Hila looks so tired of trying to cover for Ethan’s lame ass non funny jokes. I’m not even close to being a feminist or anything, but damn. Hilas right about girls just feeling more confident, while Ethan tears down girls who have surgeries. Losing all respect for him.
Egg Gorl Comics
Egg Gorl Comics - 2 dagar sedan
youtube ruined comments so now my name is this no I meant tears