Wilder vs. Breazeale: Post-Fight Press Conference | SHOWTIME CHAMPIONSHIP BOXING

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Edrifi Hamza
Edrifi Hamza - 7 dagar sedan
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Edrifi Hamza
Edrifi Hamza - 7 dagar sedan
boxrec.hamza edrifi
Ty ftcmf
Ty ftcmf - 14 dagar sedan
Fury got robbed
NR3 SMOKIN DANK - 19 dagar sedan
Beyoncé wilder stop ducking aj you melt
betty boop
betty boop - 23 dagar sedan
Wilder did k.o fury and will again hmmmmm 😘
Jamie Bob
Jamie Bob - 24 dagar sedan
Calidad Boxing
Calidad Boxing - 25 dagar sedan
Imagine getting millions for a 1 round of boxing match. It must be nice to fight twice a year and make a living.
mohammed shoeb
mohammed shoeb - 26 dagar sedan
Please upload wilder vs stiverne 1 full fight .... Thank u
Marchaun Carr
Marchaun Carr - 28 dagar sedan
Baddest man on the planet 🌎
Brian Bynum
Brian Bynum - 28 dagar sedan
Fir saw, i preseeuate u guy- we had to break myself back down to the basic? Gosh these boxers talk so IGNORANT! Hard to listen....
Knowledge Son
Knowledge Son - 28 dagar sedan
Ain’t no Thor’s hammer it would be OGUN’s HAMMER . Every indigenous person don’t have european gods 😉😂😂😂😂
black12212 - 28 dagar sedan
Gary Russell talk real greasy, but he couldnt do nothing with Lomo
Diy Music Biz
Diy Music Biz - 28 dagar sedan
Poor Virgil Hunter. He's been paired up with bums lately.
777Elbo - 28 dagar sedan
He reminds me of Isaac Hayes.
Paul Rockett
Paul Rockett - 28 dagar sedan
He don't want AJ, when asked who's next.... he stutters like mad... he knows his next potential opponent and it definitely aint AJ. Duck squad
Paul Rockett
Paul Rockett - 12 dagar sedan
@Billy Gitau definitely i still believe he beats Wilder, Wilder worst boxer in heavyweight division
Billy Gitau
Billy Gitau - 12 dagar sedan
You still thinking the same thing after Ruiz put the boy down?😭😭😭
mike kristensen
mike kristensen - 28 dagar sedan
Wilder is the king!!!!!!
Cowboys 42
Cowboys 42 - 28 dagar sedan
the bombers suite is sweet it looks really good
The Outsider
The Outsider - 28 dagar sedan
DW vs AJ next....
Leroy Worsley
Leroy Worsley - 29 dagar sedan
That was a Fast Knock Out! And Wilder has earned it!
XTSuspect - 29 dagar sedan
Wilder beats a bum and all his fans deep throat him. This shit is cringe AF..🙄
Leroy Worsley
Leroy Worsley - 29 dagar sedan
It's not Wilder's fault they Heavyweight Division only has Bums! Only Anthony Joshua is worth Fighting!
Leroy Worsley
Leroy Worsley - 29 dagar sedan
We finally got a US Born Heavyweight Champion! And He is clean! No PED'S! Long Live The Bronze Bomber WBC Champion!!!!
Perm Tagar
Perm Tagar - 29 dagar sedan
Why can't I find any Breazeale post fight interviews? He's not still sulking is he ?
Keenan Lewis
Keenan Lewis - 29 dagar sedan
He beat a nobody. Get over ya selfs. Washed up breazeale
tadiwa muparutsa
tadiwa muparutsa - 29 dagar sedan
damn, anyone seen Brazeale?
BigD Keem
BigD Keem - 29 dagar sedan
Gary Russell jr vs Gervonta tank Davis OMG I need this fight GOD PLEASE!
p lr
p lr - 29 dagar sedan
Breazeal skipped his medication
Aladdin Smith
Aladdin Smith - 29 dagar sedan
Was it a straight right Breazeale didn't see but felt or a sledge hammer he claimed the only thing that can knock a week of not knowing nothing but say what and HuH
Freddy Brainy
Freddy Brainy - 29 dagar sedan
Man is a beast period...
God's Mystery
God's Mystery - 29 dagar sedan
Dominic Breazeale 1:08:25 Thank me later 👑
sgtslaughter21 - 29 dagar sedan
Nicholas - 29 dagar sedan
Where TF is Breazeal and why hasn't he made an appearance?
Smooth Move McGillicuddy
Smooth Move McGillicuddy - 29 dagar sedan
This bum still ducking Charlie Z.
Shawn Mcginnity
Shawn Mcginnity - 29 dagar sedan
Wilder didn’t really win he didn’t kill him
Taren Mackey
Taren Mackey - 29 dagar sedan
Took Joshua 7 rounds 😂 No one that likes Joshua will mention that though.
Eddie Bitar
Eddie Bitar - 29 dagar sedan
The top three are just levels above the rest. Stop wasting time and fight each other already, even if one loses just rematch again. There is no point fighting anyone else no one cares
Jolt Efftect
Jolt Efftect - 29 dagar sedan
Unified the Division.........Door is open for you to Unify.
Boo Boo
Boo Boo - 29 dagar sedan
There only one bomber wilder one cool dude
Boo Boo
Boo Boo - 29 dagar sedan
Wilder vs aj thats wot the world wants to see not fury not anyone fury got nocked down
Peterson Ben
Peterson Ben - 29 dagar sedan
Wilder was ready to give the Eulogy!
easytofool - 29 dagar sedan
i do not care at all that Wilder has an awkward style. he is the most exciting fighter in the division right now. Breazeale is not a bum. he definitely seemed intimidated in the lead up but the guy went 7 with Joshua, beat Molina and Ugonoh and Monsour, all solid 2nd tier hw. he's gotten up from the canvas before, including once against Joshua before he was stopped. Wilder under-performed against Fury that night and Fury capitalized. He probably won the fight on most cards though I did honestly score it a draw but I score even rounds more than most people and also dont give points for clowning around. but once Wilder warmed up he knocked him down twice in the span of 4 rounds. I think Wilder is definitely live against Fury and Joshua depending on which Wilder shows up.
easytofool - 29 dagar sedan
damn no Braezeale wanted to see him rationalize calling Wilder a bum... what's that make him lol?
Carlos Morales
Carlos Morales - 29 dagar sedan
They trash talk more than fighting
frank ram
frank ram - 29 dagar sedan
Mr. Wilder is one of the most intelligent, appreciative and complete boxer in the heavyweight class.
Unconquerable Detroit
Unconquerable Detroit - 29 dagar sedan
The True X-Men spoken like a Treal one Russell !!! Huge Salute To The Heavyweight Champ Wilder .... Gives the Humble Hand but Got That IRON FIST FOR YOU BOOOOOMB SQUAAAAD💥💥💥
Branch Wood
Branch Wood - 29 dagar sedan
Imfaoo the way he said of course
joseluis Echapaca
joseluis Echapaca - 29 dagar sedan
D wilder you shout come a preacher I think you made the world better you are very smart person .god bless you.
FrankWillTV - 29 dagar sedan
55:18 Finkel with the real!
Robert Flores
Robert Flores - 29 dagar sedan
And so far Knockout of the year goes to Inoue! For knocking out a legit champion! Not a can
Robert Flores
Robert Flores - 29 dagar sedan
Wilders Pimp Mauricio Sulaiman made him apologize to Brezeale after the fight. Wilder you ain't no killer boy
tobequite frank
tobequite frank - 27 dagar sedan
bruh he just killed breazeale
HellWarz Newz
HellWarz Newz - 29 dagar sedan
Tyson Fury deserves a rematch CHUMP ....
Pharo Records
Pharo Records - 29 dagar sedan
Part 2
oVeracity_ - 29 dagar sedan
How is he fighting a bum and not Anthony makes no sense other then him dodging Anthony I cant come up with another reason
oVeracity_ - 29 dagar sedan
Breezy is a bum fighter tho lol
BLACK STAG - 29 dagar sedan
Deontay is always humbled when he beats his opponents ass.
ROTH WORKS - 29 dagar sedan
1:08:12 The laugh you make when something is not funny but the person that said it just made you millions so you gotta laugh
Sergio Aguilar
Sergio Aguilar - 29 dagar sedan
I’ve had to prove myself to people my whole entire life too
Bradford Harris
Bradford Harris - 29 dagar sedan
Give Wilder a white girl...lol.🐵🙈💩💀
noisy comment
noisy comment - 29 dagar sedan
I'm Nigerian, so I defo got love for AJ. But THIS MAN''S story is yet to be written. It will be even greater with how ALL of us have doubted him.

He has made every serious great keeper kiss the mat (Breazeale, Ortiz and Tyson) and has quietly worked up the list of consecutive heavy weight defenses tying Joe Frazier, Mike Tyson and Lennox Lewis.
Ugwumsinachi Ofoegbu
Ugwumsinachi Ofoegbu - 29 dagar sedan
Winkle talking sh****t
Geeblaze05 - 29 dagar sedan
Breazeale should have done an interview, but i do agree with him not doing the interview in the ring, the dude dissed him, when he said nobody wants to see Breazeale, you can say that, but not with the fighter still in the ring!!
F.A. H.
F.A. H. - 29 dagar sedan
This guy seems like the gentle giant.
REALityCHECK82 - 29 dagar sedan
Most dangerous HW since Iron Mike.
Veeks & Leets Fobtel
Veeks & Leets Fobtel - 29 dagar sedan
Much respect to Wilder. A true Champ. Although I disliked some of his comments before the fight.. BUT when he breaks down the fight game and points out the reality of the sport and why he does it and who he does it for, you come to realize why he's the Champ. A very intelligent man.
THENIGHTMAREKO - 29 dagar sedan
AJ thinking of fighting kownaki after tht right hand 😂😂😂
Charles Eya'a
Charles Eya'a - 29 dagar sedan
Breazeal got 2 warnings during that 1st round but was still standing flat footed with hands down and no head movement. He underestimated Wilder. Joshua should not wait to fight Wilder. Wilder is getting bigger and improving his jab, his movements and balance.
success stan
success stan - 29 dagar sedan
You promise to murder the man (DB) people were waiting to see a dead body in that ring but instead you murder his career, he can't stand it that's why he nothing. Keep talking and keep believing, #TILLTHISDAY
Sascha Marinkovic
Sascha Marinkovic - 29 dagar sedan
Bbbbbbbooooooommmmmmbvbbb SsssssssQqqqqquaaaaaaaaaddd
Terry O
Terry O - 29 dagar sedan
That Nigga look like Tristan Thompson 😂😂. 🤔Khloe happy
Sascha Marinkovic
Sascha Marinkovic - 29 dagar sedan
I Love you Brother Deontay Wilder One Name one Face ONE CHAMPION and we Go by the Name Deontay Wilder The Knockout King!!!!!!!!!!!
Paul Ky
Paul Ky - 29 dagar sedan
Great post fight interview with Gary Russell Jr. love the guy. He is a classy, smart/intelligent, and even keel guy.
Edward Means
Edward Means - 29 dagar sedan
Stop so literal it's
Right Now!
T. FURY - 29 dagar sedan
Juuuso - 29 dagar sedan
Wilder is not world champion. Just a beltholder
Black .23
Black .23 - 29 dagar sedan
Wilder vs Ortiz 2 in December
gnarly _skater
gnarly _skater - 29 dagar sedan
why is he saying he set him up.....he walked in and fainted a jab and came over with the right and breazeale was stupid and threw a god damn left uppercut...what an idiot dude why did he come in throwing a fucking left uppercut?!? god he got fucked up.
Ayks - 29 dagar sedan
Breazeale's shorts says trouble, meaning trouble getting up from the canvas
DeJaYz 01
DeJaYz 01 - 29 dagar sedan
wilder and his daddy are still avoiding the question WHEN will wilder vs AJ happen? quit the bullshit and make it happen if you got the balls to say it openly on social media!!
Awkward Silence
Awkward Silence - 29 dagar sedan
I'm mad I'm real mad some one get my boxing gloves, why did the fight last 1:08 but post match interview lasted more than an hour wtf wake that b!+$# up to complete the fight I don't care if he's in a hospital bed after all that talk you've gotta finish what you started.
MT NENO - 29 dagar sedan
Awkward Silence that’s called boxing
Carlito Sur
Carlito Sur - 29 dagar sedan
AJ protectors as left the chat
Hamza Zaman
Hamza Zaman - 29 dagar sedan
Shelly Finkle is the biggest scam in boxing. Loves chatting shit. He’d get banged if he came to the UK
Hamza Zaman
Hamza Zaman - 29 dagar sedan
Dillian whyte would KO Breazeale
Stanelake Makumbe
Stanelake Makumbe - 29 dagar sedan
Black fighters and white managers on the money. Africans arise...
Jermaine West
Jermaine West - 29 dagar sedan
jacqueline robinson
jacqueline robinson - 29 dagar sedan
What's that BITCH Jon Jones doing?
Bruce Wayne
Bruce Wayne - 29 dagar sedan
wilder coming out like a final boss like he shredder and ending it like one too
Think Tank
Think Tank - Månad sedan
Wilder! Bomb squad! All the AJ fans are triggered.
Trevor L
Trevor L - Månad sedan
Unified the devision...erm ...erm.. ah. Yes that’s right wilder, you got offer 120 million for that and rejected it, go fight another bum like everyone on your record
Lingchi123 - Månad sedan
Bro wilder smacked breazeale so hard he deleted his Twitter and Instagram account lol
c c
c c - Månad sedan
scripted fake punch
scripted actor athletes
elite fake scripted sports
Uncle Bern
Uncle Bern - 29 dagar sedan
Lol. U also forgot, *scripted thud heard all the way in Brazil from that scripted punch
Lee Amra
Lee Amra - Månad sedan
Today NASA has detected a new evidence of the big-bang ... hahahahahahahaha
Ryan’s Red Corner and COD clips
Undertaker Wilder. Great performance and think his statement shows the real him and this is the person the public will warm to. All lead up talk is an act and why he gets so much criticism. This is the wilder world fans wanna see. On performance he is clearly the most exciting heavyweight out there now. What seemed like bad move rejecting the DAZN deal is now a master stroke. Now he is the draw. People expect fireworks 🧨. Make Joshua fight next pleeeeeease. What people, including me has called a duck is wrong. He has gone on a road to establish himself to AJ’s level. 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽Well done mate. Now we will have two respected and worthy champs at top of their respective games going in together. AJ BETTER NOT SLIP AGAINST RUIZ. over you you AJ my g. Let’s get it. Now a fan of wilder just hope he don’t go back to he act. He don’t need it. Be yourself
Black Minoan
Black Minoan - Månad sedan
3ClapsandaRicFlair - Månad sedan
Haters gone say DB was trash. Had he beat Deontay everybody would have said DW was trash. Ppl be on his ass as if he said he’s the best BOXER. DW is always quick to say “you have to be perfect for 12 rounds I just need to be perfect for 2 seconds” he knows he’s a puncher not a boxer respect that man
Sola Ayodele
Sola Ayodele - Månad sedan
Unified loool boy if u don't stop lieng with yo one belt ..nobody wanna see an damn Ortiz rematch ..how long u gon duck joshua for
dick - Månad sedan
Did anyone notice dominic deleted his social medias
Entropy - Månad sedan
Took Joshua 7 rounds to do what Wilder did in like a min and 3 seconds. 💪😎 🏆 🇺🇸🏆
💩🇬🇧 💩
kenneth manning
kenneth manning - Månad sedan
🤔 I wonder how many below was Against wilder Now acting like they was since the beginning hmmmmmm🤔
World Wanderer Boxing Channel Subscribe
Fake arse!! Fight Whyte or Joshua stop pussying around Deontay? American HW division is a JOKE with a Capital J. I believe Joe Joyce beats Wilder with 3 more fights let alone Joahua, Fury or Whyte
huygi Plüton
huygi Plüton - Månad sedan
Wilder isn't human because
He is a danger Monster. .. ! !