9 912
氵每夕卜 - 4 månader sedan
Now here's a thought, maybe Loki wasn't shown coz we were looking for the wrong places...
Miles Headley
Miles Headley - 4 månader sedan
Wow hes lost a lot of weight 😂
Dominik - 4 månader sedan
yeah whatsoever. i would really love it if the GRANDMASTER could participate in the movie
Rima MerYaz
Rima MerYaz - 4 månader sedan
man in black? but she is a woman?????
Swati Rani
Swati Rani - 4 månader sedan
Men in black or woman in black
JMB Games
JMB Games - 4 månader sedan
Spoilers: the final weapon Chris uses in M.I.B is not a gun but a hammer.
Lakshminarayana Uppara
Lakshminarayana Uppara - 4 månader sedan
This movie gonna utterflop
魂Knightmare AMV
魂Knightmare AMV - 4 månader sedan
If u guys don't give us a Marvel reference Am gonna be super disappointed
Pj 12 Notify
Pj 12 Notify - 4 månader sedan
Thor: Men in Black
Oranage Bottle
Oranage Bottle - 4 månader sedan
Men and women in black and white
42nd Blaze
42nd Blaze - 4 månader sedan
No Will Smith...? Come on
warkah harian
warkah harian - 4 månader sedan
Salam 14 ramathan
TAMIL VIEWES தமிழனின் குரல்
Dear Sony pictures I am in India men in Black the movie biggest market in India listen Indian languages release Tamil Telugu Hindi
Vlaka - 4 månader sedan
Redtan Sonyeondan
Redtan Sonyeondan - 4 månader sedan
Heyy when did thor lose his fat again?
jgould30 - 4 månader sedan
They'll somehow tie this into a space jam promo or something. Have to get LeBron more air time in the finals...
alef fush
alef fush - 4 månader sedan
selva kumar
selva kumar - 4 månader sedan
Thor is back 🔨🔨🔨🔨
rain segaran Alfaran
rain segaran Alfaran - 4 månader sedan
Asgardians moonlighting as Men In Black.
Fernandus Bagas Witjaksono
Fernandus Bagas Witjaksono - 4 månader sedan
Movies798 - 4 månader sedan
Really looking forward to this movie! I love the first three Men in Black films and I can't wait to see new characters in this new movie.
Helder Oliveira
Helder Oliveira - 4 månader sedan
FIB: Flop In Black
I already hate this reboot
I will LMAO when it bombs and sinks Ham-sworth's career
Prast 305
Prast 305 - 4 månader sedan
Thor & valkryie 😁
Joonha Shcal
Joonha Shcal - 4 månader sedan
I hate this so much.
Aseem Kulkarni
Aseem Kulkarni - 4 månader sedan
I don't think people will be able to see any movie that includes Chris without imagining Thor. He IS Thor. 😂❤️
2J oneH
2J oneH - 4 månader sedan
Bruh Men in black its in the name
Simon B
Simon B - 4 månader sedan
He lost weight quickly
Shopnil Ekta MC
Shopnil Ekta MC - 4 månader sedan
I'm Waiting For Spiderman Appearance @
Daniel Morris
Daniel Morris - 4 månader sedan
Hmmmm were have i seen these two before
Adrian Rodriguez
Adrian Rodriguez - 4 månader sedan
Que hace thor y valquiria
Arandomguy XD
Arandomguy XD - 4 månader sedan
So in this multiverse Thor and Valkyrie are MIB agents.
Abu Sayem
Abu Sayem - 4 månader sedan
There's no MIB without Will Smith
Brian Orozco
Brian Orozco - 4 månader sedan
Everyone set your calendars for something on June 14, 2019!
Ryan Anthony
Ryan Anthony - 4 månader sedan
Is nobody going to mention the front of the magazine misspelled Egyptian?!
BEN PLAYSS - 4 månader sedan
So this is what they do after Endgame
Sunrise Alex
Sunrise Alex - 4 månader sedan
They are actually looking for Noobmaster69 :D
Hamish Smith
Hamish Smith - 4 månader sedan
this looks absolutely trash
Patoren 3gou
Patoren 3gou - 4 månader sedan
Chris hemsworth is starting to get typecast as Idiots
Marvil Degayo Aquino
Marvil Degayo Aquino - 4 månader sedan
Barry Sonnenfeld, the director of the Men in Black trilogy, who is now the executive producer of Men in Black: International, Emma Thompson returning the role of Agent O in Men in Black III, and Danny Elfman has returned as the score composer of the Men in Black trilogy!
Marvil Degayo Aquino
Marvil Degayo Aquino - 4 månader sedan
Men in Black (1997)
Men in Black II (2002)
Men in Black III (2012)
Men in Black: International (2019)
Lok0 Satisfied
Lok0 Satisfied - 4 månader sedan
1% fan who really excited about new movie.
99% marvel fan
Sr. DanielTv
Sr. DanielTv - 4 månader sedan
Ningún comentario en español 🙄🙄
pack- unpack-repack
pack- unpack-repack - 4 månader sedan
Only Will Smith is else is!!!
Field Blox
Field Blox - 4 månader sedan
How is he not thicc?!
Syeed Hussain
Syeed Hussain - 4 månader sedan
Women and their nagging about equal rights have finally destroyed the movie industry. Men in black? Is the women a man trapped in a women's body? That's the crap they come out with don't they?
Gilang Octaviano
Gilang Octaviano - 4 månader sedan
Chris Hems : Bring me . . . .
NDT TvClips Reborn
NDT TvClips Reborn - 4 månader sedan
Space jam reference
Tizzel Lit
Tizzel Lit - 4 månader sedan
Space jam?
brandon dowlen
brandon dowlen - 4 månader sedan
I am so ready to see this movie:)
ItsTheBigJoe - 4 månader sedan
Well they did mention some aliens in the NBA back in the first movie
May Flower
May Flower - 4 månader sedan
Is that a Space Jam reference
Cool Boi05
Cool Boi05 - 4 månader sedan
Ocean 8 the sequel
Alvarez Assyiammi
Alvarez Assyiammi - 4 månader sedan
Thor and Valkyrie wrong film
Luke Lichtenthal
Luke Lichtenthal - 4 månader sedan
It’s gonna bomb.
Prem Kumar
Prem Kumar - 4 månader sedan
I said he is mine
AWK1 - 4 månader sedan
The classic true guardians of galaxy and time..
James - 4 månader sedan
I wish RDJ would play the role of MIB Agent with Smith sometime in future. He would be great.
yoga asix
yoga asix - 4 månader sedan
It should called MIB : The Asgardians of Galaxy 😁
Ed TheStreamer
Ed TheStreamer - 4 månader sedan
There will be more MCU fans seeing this film than MIB fans
Ed TheStreamer
Ed TheStreamer - 4 månader sedan
*Men In Black - Ragnarok*