Nintendo at E3 2019 Day 1

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Lor vanter
Lor vanter - 16 dagar sedan
Ryan Lutz
Ryan Lutz - 27 dagar sedan
Best thing ever
Reub Hurd
Reub Hurd - Månad sedan
1:08:49here it comes
A Regular Guy
A Regular Guy - Månad sedan
Sakurai: *adds The Hero in Smash for the Japanese*
Also Sakurai: I'm gonna do what's called a western excitement move.
Jacob Lopez
Jacob Lopez - Månad sedan
2019’s our year bois
Anthony Canty
Anthony Canty - Månad sedan
Did he just say Nintindo? lol
Dwayne - Månad sedan
Um...Nintendo? Where is our 3DS successor and don't tell me it's the Switch, I'm not buying a freaking switch lite! I want a new handheld!
- Crafty -
- Crafty - - Månad sedan
Ya know, I just realized, the direct shows more than four moves for The Hero’s little RPG move menu. Yet the move menu looks like it only has four spots, so either, you can scroll down, or you can set up your own set of four moves, honestly the selection idea would be hype.
Reub Hurd
Reub Hurd - Månad sedan
1:08:49 here it comes
Ai Mii
Ai Mii - 2 månader sedan
When the jiggy bounced...

History was made.
Mr. Furret
Mr. Furret - 2 månader sedan
1:15:22 Top 10 Moments Before Disaster
Anita Ferguson
Anita Ferguson - 2 månader sedan
If only they showed off the switch lite at E3
Animating Gamer
Animating Gamer - 2 månader sedan
Please someone tell me why when I searched up theodd1sout the first thing that popped up was E3 2019
5000 subscribers because I’m a gamer
1:15:46 masudas kicks tho 😮
irma perez
irma perez - 2 månader sedan
Screw these onions;)
irma perez
irma perez - 2 månader sedan
I love banjo and while I don’t play dragon quest I’m still excited
irma perez
irma perez - Månad sedan
@Ryaphloshion HOLY FRIG HES COMING ON THE 31st!!!!!!!!!
Ryaphloshion - 2 månader sedan
sameeeeee im so impatient for hero
Russian Bot Ulf
Russian Bot Ulf - 2 månader sedan
seiken densetsu3 remake ?
Manan Singh
Manan Singh - 2 månader sedan
Abdulaziz Ali
Abdulaziz Ali - 2 månader sedan
Why shadow is not in smash ultimate really sad
Abdulaziz Ali
Abdulaziz Ali - 2 månader sedan
Shadow the hedgehog
Abdulaziz Ali
Abdulaziz Ali - 2 månader sedan
Shadow the hedgehog
herbal ursa
herbal ursa - 2 månader sedan
Guess i should be thankful to Nintendo and Gamefreak for making pokemon unappealing. I do have other things in life that need my attention. I'll hopefully see you all when the Diamond and Pearl remakes announce.
Peeled Apple
Peeled Apple - 2 månader sedan
Breath of the wild: Tokyo drift
NATE- XPerience
NATE- XPerience - 2 månader sedan
I really get why they did Banjo's reveal trailer the same as King K. Rool's: Logically, both came from the project of Nintendo and Rare, in their own games. That is 100% logic. I didn't even think of that, until now. Also, for Mario Kart 9 rumors: Isn't Mario Kart 8 Deluxe the technical ninth installment? I mean, I know that it's a port, but nonetheless, it's a separated game, on 2 different consoles, even if it has the same features. Heck, updates were put on the game, like BOTW Link, that isn't seen on the Wii U version. So as I like to call the 10th installment, it has to be Mario Kart Ultimate. Nintendo, it is the perfect time for Mario Kart Ultimate!
Goku vs Sonic 4968
Goku vs Sonic 4968 - 2 månader sedan
1:08:06 The best part of the whole direct.
Goku vs Sonic 4968
Goku vs Sonic 4968 - 2 månader sedan
Terra Mosley
Terra Mosley - 2 månader sedan
We need sans in smash bros
TYGURSTYLE - 2 månader sedan
This is great!👍 This inspire me on my new vids on my channel!💪
johnmeila86 - 2 månader sedan
Please Nintendo put goldeneye an goldeneye reloaded on switch please how can you not have this come on people.
Club Penguin Master
Club Penguin Master - 2 månader sedan
Will there be a demo for luigi's mansion 3 on the switch?
Club Penguin Master
Club Penguin Master - 2 månader sedan
Is there a way to play on E3 on your switch?
Madly Fwipp
Madly Fwipp - 2 månader sedan
Perfectly constructed sentence. tOp NOtCh 100/100
XxFrostDragonxX - 2 månader sedan
R.I.P My Piggy Bank
F To Pay Respects
Heather Lenson
Heather Lenson - 2 månader sedan
Joe Fang
Joe Fang - 2 månader sedan
Rest in peace etika
The Challenge Bunch
The Challenge Bunch - 2 månader sedan
1:07:50 Banjo
XxFrostDragonxX - 2 månader sedan
Its Official Nintendo Wins E3
Guilherme peres
Guilherme peres - 2 månader sedan
splatoon 3
MarioAndSonic Fan2008
MarioAndSonic Fan2008 - 2 månader sedan
dkjsbiavrubdhd - 2 månader sedan
Wouldint it be cool if clemitime from the walking dead was in smash?
Madly Fwipp
Madly Fwipp - 2 månader sedan
Maybe in the far far future buddy.
dkjsbiavrubdhd - 2 månader sedan
For all the people who are complaining about Pokemon sword and shield, I honestly dont care about the flaws, it's just a game, don't attack it for 1 feature being removed
Style Snivy
Style Snivy - 19 dagar sedan
dkjsbiavrubdhd the national dex was always one of my favorite parts of Pokémon. It was kind of the point anyway. Having all the Pokémon in Pokémon should not be called a feature anyway.the national dex should but not the Pokémon. Sun and moon did not have a national dex which was definitely a negative thing but not game breaking.losing Pokémon however is. The post game will likely suffer and just like let’s go online battles will reaaaly suffer.having all the Pokémon meant you had to use more and more strategy to stand up to all opponents.back to the national dex.... sun and moon was very short without it. I caught all the pokemon in the dex but then I kind of... was confused and had to research where the national dex. Pokémon diamond was my first game. You have no idea how long I tried to complete the national dex in that game it was ridiculous.on top of this mega evolutions are also being just gets bigger has always been a meme in Poké know like poliwhirl to poliwrath. Anyway it’s always been considered lazy and seeing the big thing be it just gets bigger is kinda funny although sad.on top of this z moves are being removed. This is fine but just another thing to add to the Pokémon home. This is bad only if it costs money like Pokémon bank. Why? Well pokemon back deletes Pokémon if you don’t pay for the service while Pokémon are in it. This could turn toxic as imagine this. You transfer your very first Pokémon you ever owned and... it cannot be transferred to Pokémon sword or shield. What happens? Well if you payed attention you actually cannot transfer back to 3DS or anywhere . They are stuck. And if you don’t keep paying there gone forever.this is worst case I shall talk (or rather write)about graphics and animations.pokemons never been about these things... but they were being used as reasoning for the lack of national dex which is why they even matter. The graphics are ok but the animations are slightly less ok. Wingull does not even flap its wings??? It’s dex says it does not have to as it uses drafts from the ocean to fly.makes sense!.... if it’s uh.above an ocean. But they could get better so whatever.finally a few last things of note. The switch is more powerful then the 3DS so once again its baffling. There are older Pokémon games like Pokémon stadium with better animations. They already had walking animations before this so no work needed.any future remakes might not have all the pokemon to originals had(diamond and pearl had a national dex but the remake may not meaning only Pokémon introduced in gen 4 would be in making it a downgrade)and finally...snivy probably won’t get in... and I’m sorry... but I just.i like him and this affects me.sorry for attacking it’s just there is nothing anybody can do to stop this and it’s got me in a bad mood.sun and moon was not fun without a national dex let’s go was worse with only 153 and sword and shield is just the last straw...? I suppose I’ll call it that. Thanks for reading if you did.
Mango _
Mango _ - 2 månader sedan
A Netflix game wtf..
Smlfan jeffy 357
Smlfan jeffy 357 - 2 månader sedan
Can't wait for super Mario marker 2
Preston Animates
Preston Animates - 2 månader sedan
GamePayne - 2 månader sedan
I need a lot of money quick. Time for me to go to Vegas & count cards. lol
foxysfoxyy - 2 månader sedan
my pp got hard when steve got announced for smash
murad.l - 2 månader sedan
Yeah thanks that was so..... Japanese
Samuel Gomez
Samuel Gomez - 2 månader sedan
Liam Sheridan
Liam Sheridan - 2 månader sedan
Hey nintindo can you plz put dk jr in nintindo games
Israel R
Israel R - 2 månader sedan
I Just wanted to say I won 5 battles straight with Link in smash ultimate and got no points at all for it. People need to quit being salty and stop quitting their matches over pathetic egotistical reasons, my damn fingers are soar with no points gained when winning, but when I loose I get large portions of points taken off, this is ridiculous. Please fix this at least give us half the points for trying, I'm just saying it's not fair for those like me who struggle and give it their all to win & get no points at all and then lose points when in defeat. Not being salty over loosing just want a fair game change. Overall the trailers all look great. But if this isn't changed I quit it's too much already.
Harpow - 2 månader sedan
TTG PowerHydraYT
TTG PowerHydraYT - 2 månader sedan
30:46 God dang it Banjo Kazooie won't be in Smash. 😭
Shane - 2 månader sedan
So, no Pikmin 4
Sebaslukas2 xd
Sebaslukas2 xd - 2 månader sedan
Rule34:a pornografíar personajes femeninos
An A
An A - 2 månader sedan
Hey nindento please Waluigi in smash Waluigi is Best ever
Worst Producer
Worst Producer - 2 månader sedan
3:05:20 Nintendo always rocking the 10 years behind graphics
trisenpai - 2 månader sedan
04:09:48 she drops the switch lol
Lightning Chan
Lightning Chan - 2 månader sedan
Nogami’s AC villager is the most adorable thing I’ve ever seen 😭😭😭
TRC / The Real Catherine
TRC / The Real Catherine - 2 månader sedan
Bricky River
Bricky River - 3 månader sedan
I just want papers please on switch.
Roy Sedeno
Roy Sedeno - 3 månader sedan
nintendo please make shadow the hedgehog and goku from dragon ball super in super smash bros ultimate
thesegajorn - 2 månader sedan
The characters have already been selected
THALES URBANO - 3 månader sedan
Can we expect pokemon in the Portuguese language? We in Brazil and Portugal expect this for a long time
Goldie the Cat
Goldie the Cat - 3 månader sedan
Guh huh