Playing Violin During Brain Surgery

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Turky Alqahtani
Turky Alqahtani - 20 minuter sedan
2:30 i didnt know shadows can stop moving🧐🤨
DaT Venom
DaT Venom - 23 minuter sedan
@0:31 shitty clip for this channel
Hailee Rionda
Hailee Rionda - Timme sedan
My mom was a gate keeper at Fisher Island here in Miami and she met many famous people like Oprah (very nice), and Mariah (very rude) as well as OJ !
Renard TGF
Renard TGF - Timme sedan
I don't get how a hairdryer would stop drivers from speeding.
Michelle Ates
Michelle Ates - Timme sedan
That violin guy is an amazing hero
Purrple Lemon
Purrple Lemon - 3 timmar sedan
Atleast let me hear the violin man...
Christian Thompson
Christian Thompson - 3 timmar sedan
That violinist is my hero lol
LmaoLmao XDXD
LmaoLmao XDXD - 3 timmar sedan
Damn in my place they use real guns to slow cars down
Jaen_Studios - 3 timmar sedan
I'm currently watching a Korean drama called "The Doctors" (just finished ep 15) and there is a scene (can't remember the episode) where they did a similar surgery on a patient. She was an archery champion but had a trembling hand. So she stayed awake during surgery so the operators could see if her hand stopped shaking. She then tried to shoot an arrow at a target. It worked.
I recommend watching, it's genre is medical/romance/drama.
PaperParody - 4 timmar sedan
That lady is a legend
mxrten - 5 timmar sedan
1:56 trafficlight inverted
ravan Bg
ravan Bg - 6 timmar sedan
155 🇧🇬
Trip Dawg
Trip Dawg - 6 timmar sedan
That Farris wheel is fake asf. Yeah we build some crazy ass shit. But no I've been in i.t for years. That's cgi'd as a motherfucker
Daniel Sveum
Daniel Sveum - 8 timmar sedan
video at 2:30 fake
Jacob Walcott
Jacob Walcott - 10 timmar sedan
2:29 There is no one in the car and he is floating.
《ナルト》Naruto Uzamaki
《ナルト》Naruto Uzamaki - 11 timmar sedan
Its Kaori Miyozono during her surgery lol 😆
autumn w
autumn w - 12 timmar sedan
Emma Ross
Emma Ross - 12 timmar sedan

It’s like me every Monday...
whatever my name is
whatever my name is - 12 timmar sedan
I hope 1:23 is the next virtual reality
PyroNinja713 - 12 timmar sedan
Even if it was a real radar gun why would anybody slow down or care? She's obviously not law enforcement...
Caleb Fairfield
Caleb Fairfield - 14 timmar sedan
why is nobody talking about the faces the gorillas made? 😂
DennisLeeBrooks - 14 timmar sedan
Modern_Bowser123 - 15 timmar sedan
My nose is so stuffy right now *TMI WARNING*

That I can stick my whole pinky finger down my nose
prominentturkey - 16 timmar sedan
That old woman is fucking stupid I doubt her senile plan works
YT gyzerz
YT gyzerz - 16 timmar sedan
The surgery doesn’t hurt because you can’t feel pain in the head/brain
PyroNinja713 - 12 timmar sedan
Just the brain. It doesn't have nerves. Obviously you can feel pain in your head. If you don't believe me then punch yourself in the face. Lol
MrPicklesAndTea - 18 timmar sedan
The white wolf pack don't give a sh* about other's territories.
STIGGYMODE666 - 19 timmar sedan
Steven Mathews: **uploads 2 videos at the same time**

*illusion 999*
Aeryka Jornacion
Aeryka Jornacion - 20 timmar sedan
0:52 roblox camping be like
Ganozer Channel
Ganozer Channel - 20 timmar sedan
You wanna fight??
Alexander Eggers
Alexander Eggers - 20 timmar sedan
Put the 2.30 on slow speed. Easy fake..
Marme Baharier
Marme Baharier - 20 timmar sedan
So what if they are speeding
isaac koontz
isaac koontz - 20 timmar sedan
dem gorilasaas thick
Nancy Zamorano
Nancy Zamorano - 20 timmar sedan
Is surgery a instrument
Rudy - 20 timmar sedan
I swear to god I just came back from the same situation that, that guy was in. I was in the hospital for 1 week because I had tiny tremors which hen led into a seizure. I almost died. But thankfully god was on my side. If your wondering what hospital I was at I was at Loma Linda’s Children’s Hospital. Man it was depressing though
Uncle Noscope
Uncle Noscope - 20 timmar sedan
Interesting jump I'd say?
Smoll Little Army
Smoll Little Army - 20 timmar sedan
I have nothing else to watch.
Connors worshipper Lol
Connors worshipper Lol - 21 timme sedan
I- i think i had enough internet today
Tanzanite - 21 timme sedan
The one reason I don’t watch your videos that often is because you TALK TO MUCH
Luxie the woof
Luxie the woof - 22 timmar sedan
The title made me think of the anime your lie in april

(Oof if u haven't seen it go do dat nowwww, Its on netflix. Amazing anime super touching 11/10)
Spicy Dante
Spicy Dante - 22 timmar sedan
The gorilla clip was on cnn 10 at school
TyphoonXDemon - 22 timmar sedan
1:16 😂😂
Aqua Paws Productions
Aqua Paws Productions - 22 timmar sedan
that wolf chart was crazy bro
Theo G
Theo G - 23 timmar sedan
That old twat
Evan Sk8rHD
Evan Sk8rHD - 23 timmar sedan
daily dose of internet is a drug because I'm addicted to it
leidenisthebest - Dag sedan
red rocket, red rocket.
Janne Raitanen
Janne Raitanen - Dag sedan
0:57 look at that face😂
A2 the JDM fan boy
A2 the JDM fan boy - Dag sedan
Wooooo you saying the man was awake in his surgery that's unthinkable!
Everyday GAMING!
Everyday GAMING! - Dag sedan
2:30! Haha, this clip is actually edited! 😂 I’ve watched the tutorial on how to do that.. that person is actually jumping over boxes! There are two video combined together!
Wendigo Blackwood
Wendigo Blackwood - Dag sedan
At zoos they should have little cave areas for when it’s too hot they have a chill place to stay and when it is too cold or raining they have a warm place to stay.
Justin Casiano
Justin Casiano - Dag sedan
Doron Broitman
Doron Broitman - Dag sedan
How come there are dislikes for your videos
Captainjo 17
Captainjo 17 - Dag sedan
Emily Loves pugss
Emily Loves pugss - Dag sedan
How does an old woman standing outside with a hairdryer help with speeding?
Jacob Foster
Jacob Foster - Dag sedan
2:30 he lifts him self into the car, watch it at 0.25
William Starling
William Starling - Dag sedan
Kevin Verenza
Kevin Verenza - Dag sedan
Adelmund Yin
Adelmund Yin - Dag sedan
2:02 Bottom left corner
Kate cummings
C2 s2
C2 s2 - Dag sedan
2:31 put it .25 he doesn’t jump the car is photoshop
Jeremy Yoder
Jeremy Yoder - Dag sedan
1:21 look at the smug look on that bitches face, she thinks shes SO clever
Grim Reaper
Grim Reaper - Dag sedan
0:37 Everybody gangsta until it starts raining.
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You know why I like dailydose?

cause he never CLICKBAITS!
u n k n o w n i d e n t i t y
*now the gorillas can experience the same amount of pain we do when we forget our umbrellas*
Dominic Toretto
Dominic Toretto - Dag sedan
Neeeooowwww neeeeeoooowwww
My Secret Account
My Secret Account - Dag sedan
Did anyone else get the urge to peel off those tattoos?
Alis Prospero
Alis Prospero - Dag sedan
As a musician I can imagine how torturous it would be to lose control of your hands. I'm so happy he got help
Moses - Dag sedan
0:57 me sneaking out of my house late night when parents are asleep.
Sircade - Dag sedan
Lol the zoo one looked like a familiar zoo and I was like “oh that looks like my zoo!” And then I look at the bottom right and bam it is my zoo lmao
100 000 subscribers with no video
För some reason
When I close My eyes

I cant see
XxTitodoritos25xX - Dag sedan
2:30 is fake. if you put it in slow motion you would see
darthspeaks - Dag sedan
03:00 Look closely for the pedo compound where they keep the kids.
captain pepsi
captain pepsi - Dag sedan
ive lived in florida my whole life and never heard of a island named "fisher island" thats mental
Blupp Jelly
Blupp Jelly - Dag sedan
Thank you for no clickbait!!
¿Ḉђřıֆ - Dag sedan
2:29 Is a Total Fake just put 0.25 to look at the speed, and his hands are floating in the air (BTW he looks like Jake Paul) - From Chris, Canada
Some Dude
Some Dude - Dag sedan
My music teacher said to practice for the exam
*So I did*
Dillun_Chillun - Dag sedan
0:42 shes like “idk about u, but im gettin dafuq outta here lol”
Loved Doggo
Loved Doggo - Dag sedan
He would’ve had some sick ass vibrato without the surgery
davidevgen - Dag sedan
2:24 wasnt expecting rocket power lol.
Abachel Floedroso
Abachel Floedroso - Dag sedan
Lmao, i dont know what to comment in order to get pinned.
Theoretical Physics
Theoretical Physics - Dag sedan
Look up playing creep by radiohead during brain surgery, honestly made me tear up last month
Lucas Ribeiro
Lucas Ribeiro - Dag sedan
Mas o que é isso
Ltg Fanboy
Ltg Fanboy - Dag sedan
Oh bruh I thought this would be about sum dumbass teen trying to do something internet worthy
Natey_Go_Viral - Dag sedan
Where do you find these !?
Jmandawgfan - Dag sedan
How is noone talking about the skateboard trick? that was smooth af
Yubi K.
Yubi K. - Dag sedan
thepanfairy - Dag sedan
1:59 the white pack just straight-up intruded the yellow and red’s territory
Sl33py head
Sl33py head - Dag sedan
1:31 what game is that
ImmortalTrip1423 - Dag sedan
Let’s kidnap people, put them in a cage and let other people come see imprisoned people lol
BurningWaterYT - Dag sedan
0:36 Gorillas can't swim, so they avoid water
PotatoMG - Dag sedan
2:30 looks so fake 😂😂
Cossal The Furry
Cossal The Furry - Dag sedan
His shaking is what made him unique ❤️
Sup Guys27
Sup Guys27 - Dag sedan
What if he shakes during the surgery playing violin and they accidentally cut something in his brain...
PyroNinja713 - 12 timmar sedan
His skull is firmly locked in place, I'm sure.
Anthony - Dag sedan
The violin one was like something straight out of House
Oi lad What’s good
Oi lad What’s good - Dag sedan
1:56 is so cool
Nutrag - Dag sedan
1:09 is just being a fucking loser
the hash slinging slasher
They probaly slow down cause they think its a speedometer
Jack Chen
Jack Chen - Dag sedan
0:47 THAT WAS IN CNN10!!!!!
ManuPro06 - Dag sedan
2:45 I was there last week! :D
CringyVideos YT
CringyVideos YT - Dag sedan
I fell up the stairs one time it hurt 😭