Playing Violin During Brain Surgery

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scumdrops - 26 minuter sedan
So why did my doctor say I couldn't play the harmonica during my prostate exam?
hi339 - 32 minuter sedan
Why are you not on the island
sowley - Timme sedan
Liked because of that ending
sowley - Timme sedan
The hairdryer part is pretty smart and funny
Ernesto Delaroca
Ernesto Delaroca - 3 timmar sedan
Nicoly Gregorio
Nicoly Gregorio - 10 timmar sedan
1:19 but why?
Edit: nevermind
Alexis Graystorm
Alexis Graystorm - 10 timmar sedan
omg what isn’t that painful no
Laura Zepeda
Laura Zepeda - 12 timmar sedan
What if the string broke while playing?
UZzy Beatz
UZzy Beatz - 13 timmar sedan
The Last Gorilla:" Uhh time for me to get out this rain....YEET!!!"
Starting relic21
Starting relic21 - 14 timmar sedan
1:20 thats hilarious
I Am TrollerVersie13 5
I Am TrollerVersie13 5 - 16 timmar sedan
B A N A N A - 17 timmar sedan
car hop fakke
Galexy The animal
Galexy The animal - 20 timmar sedan
WTF is happing in 2019
Mike Borell
Mike Borell - 20 timmar sedan
this vid is why i will die alone in the wilderness
RS RIZ GAMZ - 21 timme sedan
0:34 takes some balance
r e l a x
r e l a x - Dag sedan
That's the riverbank zoo, in SC
Peppopig - Dag sedan
Thé man jumping over the car is fake... look at 0.25x speed
Don Cheadle
Don Cheadle - Dag sedan
imagine if in the middle of the surgery his hands started shaking worse and he just threw the violin
Toothless - Dag sedan
Man he's so quiet while the surgery
If it was me I think i could've turn into Super Saiyan Blue
aso imchen
aso imchen - Dag sedan
Super famous people hangout with famous people 😏ok I'm out...
A Gaming Channel
A Gaming Channel - Dag sedan
2:30 that is Fake Slow it down on 0,25 Speed and you cann See that he Jumps over an invisible thing
MagmaCaliburX - Dag sedan
Me: ah its just water.
Also me: SO COLD
sTevEn UNiVersE
sTevEn UNiVersE - Dag sedan
Me:Oh shhhhhh, *IM HIGH*
**rewatches video**
Me: *oh its just the video*
QuentinSanderVlogs - Dag sedan
2:32 the car stunt is fake
Rolled Potatoes
Rolled Potatoes - Dag sedan
The white wolves are crack heads lolll
Nostix - Dag sedan
My friend lives in fisher island. I go all the time.
Lifeify - Dag sedan
*Doctors are considered intellectual for a reason*
That's why they don't say things like: take this essential oil. This will cure your shaking....
DewDee - Dag sedan
Throw shit at people: Haha face!
Get caught in the rain: Icky face!
FaTe Crshook
FaTe Crshook - Dag sedan
1:15 I would squeel my tires so hard and just go fast
HitsMetal - Dag sedan
Had to play that hair dryer one back, my mum would do that smh.
Josue R.
Josue R. - Dag sedan
1:12 do this in the U.S
911: whats your emergency?
Random: ah yes there was this crazed woman aiming a rifle at people
911: SWAT is on the way
Raaka - 2 dagar sedan
Great videos, but what a annoying voice and the way you speak is just unbearable. The way you said neighborhood in 1:07 makes me wanna slit my wrists god damn it! Speak normally and not like an autistic drooling retard.
DewDee - Dag sedan
Get over yourself, you overtly controlling douche.
pokenei - 2 dagar sedan
Big deal. I masterbated during brain surgery.
Midnightmoonlight1 AJ
Midnightmoonlight1 AJ - 2 dagar sedan
if you think about it, the lady using the hairdryer to scare people driving fast, could cause them to have accidents and even cause fatalities. Or if a person with an actual gun drives by, she could be put in danger as well. its overall a bad idea, and if i saw someone with a gun why would i slow down? she could have just mad a fake speed limit sign that was lower than what it really is.
18 13
18 13 - 2 dagar sedan
Upper left light blue
They made a dinosaur!!! 🤣
Lifeify - Dag sedan
Oh yes 😂
Its Dobbie
Its Dobbie - 2 dagar sedan
The whole tracking wolf territory thing has me baffled. It’s so cool to see how they respect each other’s boundaries like that.
Gabriel Acevedo
Gabriel Acevedo - 2 dagar sedan
2:30 put it on 0.25 speed
M Hail
M Hail - 2 dagar sedan
That gorilla protecting her young from the rain
Zetsuke4 - 3 dagar sedan
MysticLOL - 3 dagar sedan
1:00 me walking to the bathroom at midnight
I Am 999
I Am 999 - 3 dagar sedan
How does a hair dryer slow down cars?
DewDee - Dag sedan
Placebo effect.
I Am 999
I Am 999 - 2 dagar sedan
Daniel Kurt oh ok.
Daniel Kurt
Daniel Kurt - 2 dagar sedan
Drivers would think its a speed gun
Forgive me I have sinned
Forgive me I have sinned - 3 dagar sedan
I’m having trouble deciding whether this were clickbait or not
The Weapon Collection
The Weapon Collection - 3 dagar sedan
His shaking disappeared but now he can taste colors and smell sounds!
NoobMaster 69
NoobMaster 69 - 3 dagar sedan
2:46 speaking of famous people, I’m still in my vacation and I found out that Tom cruise lives here and I met HULK HOGAN in a healthy cafe, It was right next to his store and restaurant Location: Clearwater, Florida
DewDee - Dag sedan
Yup. I travel to Clearwater, Largo and St Pete a lot and I can affirm your testimony. Hell, my favorite pianist Chick Corea has a home over there: the scientology capital of the world...or galaxy or whatever.
Kenley Najar
Kenley Najar - 3 dagar sedan
Hey, the Ryan Shirley Car jump vid is fake fyi. Love your channel!
Andreas Lund Majland
Andreas Lund Majland - 4 dagar sedan
1:00 check the gorilla 😂😂
joseph's daughter's son
joseph's daughter's son - 4 dagar sedan
1:06 lmao she cracked the code. 😂
Carguy Allday1234
Carguy Allday1234 - 4 dagar sedan
I would just get my evo and speed by her
A Random weeb
A Random weeb - 4 dagar sedan
I don't think this is how it's meant to work