James Charles & Tati Westbrook - H3 Podcast #117

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Jacob Nicholson
Jacob Nicholson - 4 dagar sedan
My god if I have a daughter she’s gonna be into sticks and rocks and not this cancerous shit
Jessica Opal
Jessica Opal - 6 dagar sedan
It *exactly* is that she saw him as investing and was *pissed* when he didn't reciprocate. She wanted to hitch her wagon to his *teenage* star.
Jessica Opal
Jessica Opal - 6 dagar sedan
I cried this hard the other day... *because I found out one of my best friends TWO YEAR OLD has CANCER.*
This bitch is *_36??_*
I hope she doesn't have children.
Sean Mahoney
Sean Mahoney - 23 dagar sedan
I’d say it’s a power thing but it could be a gender disconnect maybe at some point he views himself as some sort of female and is attempting to complete the fantasy through some ideological fallacy
tylerr uwu
tylerr uwu - 24 dagar sedan
i never watched podcasts until i started watching you guys a year or two ago
Oldmansnipes - Månad sedan
Mii music is now Yoshi theme song
Michael Hogan
Michael Hogan - Månad sedan
I’m coming back to see how Ethan handles this knowing the outcome lmao. I have a lot of podcasts to catch up on
Lauren Dilaurentis
Lauren Dilaurentis - Månad sedan
spilling the tea
scorching hot tea
i am living for this ___!
_____ is giving me life
ect ect ect
is slang that originated from black american women and black american gay men from the 80s - 90s, not youtubers in 2016!! just fyi for those who may not know
Patrick Coronado
Patrick Coronado - Månad sedan
She is over dramatic. Not trying to be a dick but it sounds like she's just realizing how the real world works 🌎
Rob Silver
Rob Silver - Månad sedan
The hound was NOT brought back to life, that was cringe how confident he was about it lol
Zgodon - Månad sedan
absolutely no one-
ethan-he’s like a gay crip
Ur Studio
Ur Studio - Månad sedan
GrowPlayer is awesome! We're really happy with the set of features they are offering for professional podcasters!
Josh Brown
Josh Brown - Månad sedan
James needs a gay who acts straight
Anna X
Anna X - Månad sedan
infanticide* but that's none of my tldw business. 58:57 if you put the playback speed on 1.25 it only takes 5 minutes.
ShiiKra - Månad sedan
Idk what y'all are talkin about Wendy's is fuckin lit. And they straight up roast people.
Munch, munch, delicious crunch
Beauty community spills tea
Gamer community spills gamer girl pee
Sarah Nunn
Sarah Nunn - 2 månader sedan
I love that cuben on her neck
Anna Mulder
Anna Mulder - 2 månader sedan
1:01:45 it’s from some spider themed tv show for kids, it was on maybe 2004-2006, the main character was a yellow spider with a bow. Does anyone know the name of it?
Bear Centeno
Bear Centeno - 2 månader sedan
Also Ethan: Eats Burger King burger for real
Hahah that cracks me up every time
yes yes
yes yes - 2 månader sedan
1 hp every time Ethan winks
bryan padilla
bryan padilla - 2 månader sedan
Bro, for a fuppa lord like your self you should have better taste in fast food. That tier list from back then is whack. Burger King is hella dope. But yeah this promo is just making worn out already. It's cringe to the max lol
Wayne D
Wayne D - 2 månader sedan
I wonder if tati is actually that delusional or she is fully aware of her bullshit. She literally did everything shes crying about. Shes the worst type of stereotype of what she looks like.
William Marshall
William Marshall - 2 månader sedan
Total bitch fight
Soviet Fox -Lubyanka-
Soviet Fox -Lubyanka- - 2 månader sedan
SirLancelotized - 2 månader sedan
Thats the Mii Channel from the Wii not Yoshi 8:00
My weave too tight 35
My weave too tight 35 - 2 månader sedan
*does a collab with Jeffree and James*
One week later
Tati:”I just feel so lonely and used”
Xuxx - 2 månader sedan
Ethan : burger king burgers are disgusting

*eats one asks for another*
Gabriel Schober
Gabriel Schober - 2 månader sedan
In Germany Burger King is a lot better than mcdonalds. I guess it depends on the franchisee.
loh22 - 2 månader sedan
Okay but just to clear something up gay men sleep with men who are “straight” all the damn time. “Straight” men who are married have kids etc are secretly fucking gay men all around the world and insisting they aren’t gay. That’s where James is coming from. And the same goes for lesbians. “Straight” chicks have sex with lesbians all the time. Even long term relationships. Maintaining a “straight” label while sucking some guys dick is common. There now you know.
loh22 - 2 månader sedan
He isn’t automatically a predator just because sometimes straight men want to fuck him and sometimes they don’t. He obviously doesn’t handle it well when he is declined and he seriously needs to stop that shit but this does not mean he’s going to be doing “vile” things in the future. I am not a fan. Never have been, his voice gives me a headache. But this is worth pointing out. If someone doesn’t want sometimes they aren’t just playing hard to get kid, not worth having a reputation of a predator. That goes for ALL MEN. Because this behavior is perfectly fucking fine for straight men but he’s gay so it’s more offensive some how. Bullshit
The Cosmic Eagle
The Cosmic Eagle - 2 månader sedan
👽 hI SiSTerS!!
Falwen Valendur
Falwen Valendur - 3 månader sedan
I really think you should keep the music rolling longer on the intros with the long podcasts. It'll keep a viewers attention and interest for longer until Ethan can get more into the details that would really keep someone's attention.
Soren - 3 månader sedan
52:35 LMAO
Ben - 3 månader sedan
How do you convince a straight guy that he's gay? If you're successful surely that guy was probably a bit gay anyways.
Martie Gallego
Martie Gallego - 3 månader sedan
That " sister " shit is sickening !! He is a dude, not a female !! Sister's are female, women, girl's. , Not male, no matter how frigging gay he is, he is No One's Sister !! He makes me want to puke !! I Love this Channe!l !! Keep it up !!
Broben5 - 3 månader sedan
Also on the more important part of my comment, this was just hilarious and it made no sense, tati should get the drama award for that one in fact replace any female character with her and she'll get whoever directed the movie the died in fired af
Broben5 - 3 månader sedan
I might actually use stitch fix now thanks
Sarah Chadd
Sarah Chadd - 3 månader sedan
"He looks like a gay crip"
S Mode
S Mode - 3 månader sedan
So she makes a comment about how he "Did it AGAIN" like she is super concerned he is a predator. Again says she knew about these things before, but feels no need to expose him and protect the innocent until he promotes a competitor's vitamins....?? If she is telling the truth then she turned a blind eye to predatory sexual behavior for her own financial benefit. If she is lying or exaggerating to hurt him then she is a vindictive b**** and should be sued and slapped for minimizing real victims and ruining a kids reputation. Either way she is a rotten person. Kind of weird she started being bff's with a 17 year old anyway.
I had no idea who these people were before the YouTube insomnia rabbit hole led me to his "Set the record straight" video. That these people (the drama queens, not H3) have so many subscribers paying attention to their nonsense lives while the climate is imploding makes me want to bang my head off the wall. Though it is interesting to watch these sharks eat each other alive in the "shallow" pool for a bit.
Steven The Smeg
Steven The Smeg - 3 månader sedan
Hound was never brought back to life retard
TheJege12 - 3 månader sedan
20:23 well said and delivered Hila XD
Aqil Hasan
Aqil Hasan - 3 månader sedan
anyone else saw ethan’s eyebrows at 14:37
Aqil Hasan
Aqil Hasan - 3 månader sedan
james charles: Turning straight men gay
youtube sub counter: AM I A JOKE TO YOU?!?!?
MikezGotMILK - 3 månader sedan
He didn't have bud original and I felt abused.
Laura Varela
Laura Varela - 3 månader sedan
But, like, the thing that many straight people don't get about tatis video is that even if james is a douchebag, he is still part of a marginalized community and straight dudes aren't. So, even if what he did is wrong, it's a problem that had its roots in the heteronormativity, because why does he need to feel value from some boy that he clearly knows is going to reject him? Why does he have to prove that his sexuality its valid to the hetero community? i mean, lest think about it. And he has done so many shit things, but the one Tati is calling him out for to me its the list reasonable to cancel him.
Camden Tolar
Camden Tolar - 3 månader sedan
D&D only planned on 7 seasons from the start and were persuaded to do 8. They didn't get the Star Wars deal and want to walk away suddenly.
Diego Garcia
Diego Garcia - 3 månader sedan
MizzFunny - 3 månader sedan
at the 57-58min mark Ethan is like "Tata, back on Ta-Ta" LOL LOL LOL
MizzFunny - 3 månader sedan
During the Honey advert at the 1/2 hour mark, Ethan burped like that guy that couldn't stop burping. You should really see someone about that Ethan. I'm sure it keeps Hila up at night.
DarthWeeder420 - 3 månader sedan
Dude, in Germany almost everybody I've ever talked with about fast food said that McD's sucks D's and Burger King is King. Especially their french-fry-game, heard "French fries by McDonalds suck, no crisp whatsoever" way more often, in fact I heard "BK's french fries suck" the first time in my life. Guess I'll have to fly over to check out your original American burgers and then overthink my whole life. Sry for imperfect english, I'm a potato.
Bunnyboy Carrot
Bunnyboy Carrot - 3 månader sedan
Junge was los mit dir Mcs ist geil man XD
Wow Wow
Wow Wow - 3 månader sedan
Ethan said "I bet he jerks off to hentie" when talking about the 30 year old man who posts on Wendy's page acting line a 15 year old. Dose this mean Ethan doesn't watch hentie??? I don't know its just a theory, a tea theory thank you for reading my massively long comment.
tiesiog ba
tiesiog ba - 3 månader sedan
Noooo i turned your store it was too complicated sorry H3. i TRIED.
Mike Keith
Mike Keith - 3 månader sedan
Also, the idea is so simple, the magic is supposed to be now gone from the world.
Mike Keith
Mike Keith - 3 månader sedan
First off, not everyone read the books, so it's irrelevant if they changed shit. Second, if you don't like the guys taking about the episodes, then you can just turn it off. Simple. Other people like the behind the scenes and directors commentaries.
Kim Breitbach
Kim Breitbach - 3 månader sedan
I think its was her family dinner. I think tati is a bit of a covert narcissist. They tend to want a pat on the back for helping others. In general i could say on one side of my mouth that these communities, drama channels, and even ur two cents are not necessary however on the otherside i am glad u r giving some time to these dramas on youtube as it sheds a light on how many of us act in similar ways in our daily life. We dont have to be rich or on utube to relate to human emotional and social issues. We can really learn, from watching all of this, even it seems trivial, to be better people
Richie Jacobs
Richie Jacobs - 3 månader sedan
I don't think Joe Rogan's daughter watches James, I think he watches it.
Legion Ella
Legion Ella - 3 månader sedan
I want one of these meals to decorate my millenial house. How do I get these crowns???? BTW thanks for being normal throughout this shit
JustinPayton - 3 månader sedan
Ethan really sounds like "Old Man Yells at Cloud" this podcast.....
dnceinmybloop - 3 månader sedan
UPS one is pretty good. Wendy's is consistently the best fast food social.
Jay Chapman
Jay Chapman - 3 månader sedan
Tea was adopted in gay-drag culture, which spread to every other sub-culture on the internet. Mimicry.
Benedict Cumbersnatched
Benedict Cumbersnatched - 3 månader sedan
Jay Chapman wouldn’t be the first time it’s happened but at the same time... who gives a shit?
Shuffles - 3 månader sedan
I might be down for a YAAS! Meal