H3 Podcast #41 - JonTron

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thegrimpreacher 87
thegrimpreacher 87 - Dag sedan
Does Ethan have Tourettes Syndrome? Not trying to troll genuinely asking
Jo loves minecraft
Jo loves minecraft - 7 dagar sedan
This comment section is toxic
Doc Julien
Doc Julien - 10 dagar sedan
It's not the same watching JonTron in 2019 after all the sex scandals
Doc Julien
Doc Julien - 8 dagar sedan
@Loren obviously, I was satirical. Look at all the celebrities who have countless scandals and compare that to Jon or Ethan who are such good, genuine characters. Imagining them in a severe scandal is ridiculous.
Loren - 8 dagar sedan
He didn't have any sex scandels, tf you on about
Loren - 8 dagar sedan
MrBab1297 - 10 dagar sedan
01:18:00 oh shit, cool to see that he actually ended up doing that
Karl Hans
Karl Hans - 10 dagar sedan
JonTron said so much racist shit that "taking it out of context" can't save him.
Adraido - 13 dagar sedan
By far the funniest podcast I've ever seen. Had me in tears.
KocoBean - 13 dagar sedan
this is painful to watch
NatabenOo - 14 dagar sedan
Damn, people are still defending JonTron so Im back here watching this because they still claim he apologized for what he said..... but like he never did.
He's just sorry that he phrased his racist views bad....
Geko is blunt
Geko is blunt - 14 dagar sedan
い ハヴェ あ サd ぃふぇ pェアセ ヘlp
3rd Street Saint 69
3rd Street Saint 69 - 14 dagar sedan
Damn, Ethan. Jon said he didn't want to go any further into it. Try being a good person at least, because you're obviously not a good friend, and respect his wishes.
Brian Boley
Brian Boley - 15 dagar sedan
fluffy doge
fluffy doge - 16 dagar sedan
Astoria, Queens: Hometown for me!
Holden Kerns
Holden Kerns - 18 dagar sedan
Duuude... you’re starting to go full SJW bro... sack up dude..
Eriss R.
Eriss R. - 18 dagar sedan
Yall defending him like ethan beat him up chill tf out when you say things there are reprocusions what he said was not factual and even if it was what was his point of saying sometning like that? If he didnt do anything wrong why did he feel so cornered? A hit dig hollars
Cullen Molaskey
Cullen Molaskey - 19 dagar sedan
39:27 they do feed off each their well
edwizzle43 - 19 dagar sedan
im kinda sad now
Jonathan Iamartino
Jonathan Iamartino - 19 dagar sedan
Vanna White is on wheel of fortune not the price is right ! I was at my grandmas house to much as a little kid she liked those games shows I don’t know why that was a very very sad part of my pre teen existence! :)
Jonathan Iamartino
Jonathan Iamartino - 19 dagar sedan
Till the public square bans your ass
Terror Antula
Terror Antula - 20 dagar sedan
Why did Jon go there if he didn't want to talk?
Daniel Smith
Daniel Smith - 20 dagar sedan
I stand by louis as a comedian and a human, i dont care if he beat his meat in front of someone. And those women are only trying tl destroy his career.
Daniel Smith
Daniel Smith - 20 dagar sedan
Louis is innocent.
Nathan Witus
Nathan Witus - 20 dagar sedan
New York and L.A. both need Smallpox
erkdoc5 - 22 dagar sedan
Imagine saying something like "ekk" at the right comedic timing and it becomes a meme. It's magical.
Daniel Smith
Daniel Smith - 22 dagar sedan
I love jonny.
Caius Jones
Caius Jones - 23 dagar sedan
hes a good guy, but his views are different and are subject to change
Gunbnelch Maui
Gunbnelch Maui - 23 dagar sedan
remember jontron made these backstabbing jewish snakes
Jonah Beale
Jonah Beale - 25 dagar sedan
*uncomfortable conversion ends at around* 54:00
Savage Wafflez244
Savage Wafflez244 - 25 dagar sedan
Lord Zucc tries to learn what us humans do in our everyday lives
s j
s j - 26 dagar sedan
This Jon guy's laugh is a bit annoying.
Alexander Kankula
Alexander Kankula - 27 dagar sedan
Ethan, I love you, and I love your podcasts so I’m trying, but this is hard to watch. This could have easily been your best podcast but you made it your worst.
Mahmood Megharbi
Mahmood Megharbi - 27 dagar sedan
Yikes - 28 dagar sedan
Jon is funny but his views on politics are trashj
House of leaves
House of leaves - 28 dagar sedan
Their just sitting here talking sbout how great new york and l.a can be and im like fuck yhe city. I live in the middle of the woods in new Jersey and love it. More privacy than I could ever need. Fesh air. No smog, crime. They say it smells out here, gtfoh city people are used to smelling human shit on the street and polution and an abundance of nasty smells, so something like farms shouldn't be that bad in comparison .Seariusly would never live in the city.
RAZZLEDAZZLEDO - 28 dagar sedan
Ethan, I love you but come on man you contradict yourself over and over again. Saying that Jon didn't have to comment if he wasn't comfortable and then kept bring up the question multiple times after he said he didn't wanna talk about it.
Code - 28 dagar sedan
Oh cool look. A Nazi as a guest.
QuitsEndyMion 86
QuitsEndyMion 86 - 28 dagar sedan
Ik it sounds dumb but when Ethan was trying to ask Jon about the Nazi kind of sounding comments, it might’ve been to try and make Jon redeem himself or bc Ethan is Jewish he just hated that part about John it’s probs not true just a comment to start a convo
havoc467 - 29 dagar sedan
Gotta love the jackasses defening the racism he has displayed by saying "you dont do that to a friend" actually a friend calls you out on your bullshit and makes you uncomfortable when its clear your doing somthing wrong, yes hes allowed is opinion. But they are also allowed to ask him whatever they want, just as hes allowed to not answer and walk off. So fuck off with that bullshit of "what a friend" and "way to look for controversy "
anthony patterson
anthony patterson - 29 dagar sedan
he's willing to repeat incredibly incorrect and racist information, because he wants to believe it. Don't make excuses, commenters.
Gus Look
Gus Look - 29 dagar sedan
What happened to H3H3? Is it California?
Roshea - 29 dagar sedan
Jon is a great dude
TheGameMakeGuy - Månad sedan
Dude advertisers are your employer if you wanna make money you gotta do what your employer says youtubers are so entitled
Mr. NolanBeast.
Mr. NolanBeast. - Månad sedan
They all look like there on something
Matt Margulies
Matt Margulies - Månad sedan
Jontron: Escape from L.A. the movie
Johnnycpublic - Månad sedan
You guys are too sensitive,Ethan wasn't even that hard on him.
Ryan Killough
Ryan Killough - Månad sedan
When you watch twice and no one cares
Nicholas Brown
Nicholas Brown - Månad sedan
He’s not the same ol racist Jon we used to know
Spencer Jacobson
Spencer Jacobson - Månad sedan
Heaven has walls hell has open borders
The Artist 983zb
The Artist 983zb - Månad sedan
Poor Jonny.
Tamaz Okruashvili
Tamaz Okruashvili - Månad sedan
Jon is calling Manhattan a disgusting place? Clearly he's never been to Bridgeport, Connecticut. I should know I live here. Imagine if Cleveland had sex with Detroit 😂
Jonty Rosenow
Jonty Rosenow - Månad sedan
I dont think Ethan was too pressing on Jon, all I saw was three old friends taking about some serious shit and some hilarious shit.
Also loved how comfortable Hila was getting into the conversation a bit more
Averroes G
Averroes G - Månad sedan
I think if it was a black person with past supremacist ideas for example, this comment section will be condemning why the host isn't hard enough confronting the guy. There is a clear hypocrisy.
Platinum_Panzer - Månad sedan
This might have been the most fucked up thing Ethan has ever done. Ethan isn't an idiot, he knew damn well what he was doing. I hope Ethan has learned to never do shit like this ever again.
Platinum_Panzer - Månad sedan
@Averroes G I'd understand if Jon knew he would be asked these questions. However, he clearly didn't know. He was caught off guard, asked Ethan multiple times that he didn't want to revisit that part of his life and Ethan just kept going. There is no way I'll ever see what Ethan did as a justifiable thing. Jon already addressed it a long time before Ethan decided to do this interview. Jon admitted what he said was wrong. What more could Ethan get from him other than a rehashing of his previous statements?
Averroes G
Averroes G - Månad sedan
@Platinum_Panzer I understand that it's slightly stressful seeing a good friendship briefly passes through a dark tunnel like we see in the podcast. However, it's kind of selfish to argue why Ethan would do that instead of hearing more details from someone who chose to tackle in controversial topics. Jon deserves to be confronted just like anyone else. Others affected by what Jon said don't care about an online friendship which is understandable.
Platinum_Panzer - Månad sedan
@Averroes G I'm not denying that what he did was a mistake, Jon definitely said some regrettable stuff, and Jon has owned up to that. But Ethan, Jons friend, kept pushing the topic on him when he knew he didn't want to go down that rabbit hole again. I'm not saying Ethan is a bad person, I'm just saying that this specific moment was a little fucked up.
Averroes G
Averroes G - Månad sedan
He opened up to that debate with Destiny. It makes sense to expect others to push for more details about that debate. Tough shit for Jon, he's is in the muddy water forever.
Russell White
Russell White - Månad sedan
Jon: literally says he could have said some things better.
Ethan: asks if John could have said some things better.
Nothing against Ethan, but he isn't an interviewers asshole. Hila gets it, it's just a pity she is so introverted.
Russell White
Russell White - Månad sedan
Yeah, I want to get some 9/11 vr footage then high five my mates at ground zero in the aftermath.... This isn't me trolling, this is just illustrating what Mark and Rachel were doing in that VR clip.
ganjm0n - Månad sedan
ugh the advertising right in the middle of this is horrendous, at least put it at the start so people can skip it if they know full well they dont want to buy shit, it went on so long i was like fuck the rest.
IanMaCee - Månad sedan
Omg Ethan does not know when to quit...
Averroes G
Averroes G - Månad sedan
It might be awkward, but nice to see it getting throat fucked into radical people.
The Narrator
The Narrator - Månad sedan
It stresses me out to listen to people who talk the way jon does
Lightsteel - Månad sedan
TGV - Månad sedan
I wonder what jon thinks of projared
Loren - 8 dagar sedan
@Averroes G Jeeeeeeeezz, ahh jeez.
Averroes G
Averroes G - Månad sedan
I don't think Jon is very upset because at least ProJared cheated with another white girl.
Silent Kirin
Silent Kirin - Månad sedan
2018: makes no videos till near December and makes Flex tape 2. Becomes Meme God.
Gabriel Ignacio
Gabriel Ignacio - Månad sedan
Judging from the production quality of that episode and all the legal you'd have to go through since it's literally a bigass FlexTape/FlexGlue/etc. sponsored ad, yeah that's exactly why it took so long.
Curulian - Månad sedan
Well with the destiny thing, Jon was either REALLY bad at explaining himself, or on some type of medication. I think he was just trying to say it's not a bad thing to wan't to preserve culture, but that was just my take on it (I didn't watch the entire 2 hour debate).
Tommyten10 - 13 dagar sedan
Watch the whole debate he just keeps digging and digging he’s probably a racist but I’m okay with it
Travis Hunt YouTube PhD
Travis Hunt YouTube PhD - Månad sedan
Jon's face is like "I hate this so much"
Spart Articus
Spart Articus - Månad sedan
legally or not, if you kill urself u will end up in hell
Spart Articus
Spart Articus - Månad sedan
7k dislikes? for what?
Averroes G
Averroes G - Månad sedan
racists standing up for a moron.
Ankulok - Månad sedan
R.i.p jontron stays on one thing, doesnt want to talk about it :I
Siberius Wolf
Siberius Wolf - Månad sedan
I highly recommend people watch the debate JonTron had with Destiny. It's on youtube. It's entertaining. Don't just read defending comments and come to a conclusion. Watch the original and come to your own conclusions. It's a pretty wild ride.
Max Turner
Max Turner - Månad sedan
John says
"I haven't played this game. I really can't comment on it."

Ethan, though slightly more mumbled, says
"Yeah I haven't tried it."

Yet still, Ethan just digs so hard into it. He doesn't even know what he's talking about, and a lot of what he said is incorrect. It's been awhile so I've forgotten what the specific numbers and stuff was, but suffice to say that EA dramatically decrease the amount of time it took to unlock Darth Vader, Luke Skywalker, and all the others, the same day the game released and people started to complain. That game was far from perfect, but it was also probably the most unjustifiably hated games of the decade. Because the first half of the story, "EA made it so you either have to play for tens of hours to unlock Darth Vader, OR pay money" spread like wildfire, and then it started to get spread around by people who hadn't touched the game too, but no one talked about the second half, "People were complaining so EA fixed it, now it takes like an hour to unlock Darth Vader." I'm accusing Ethan of being the primary contributor to this spread of misinformation and ignorance, I'm just saying, if you were to make a list of those responsible for it. He's on the list. Like I said earlier, the game was not some masterpiece, but it was decent, and it was fun.
Kai Axelrad
Kai Axelrad - Månad sedan
jontro set the airpod trend
Ariel Sosnovsky
Ariel Sosnovsky - Månad sedan
the part you are looking for is 46:28
Waf - Månad sedan
Very cool
Orpheus 010
Orpheus 010 - Månad sedan
i was trying to avoid it
BCorr - Månad sedan
Ariel Sosnovsky thank you you beautiful person
LawrenceHill2010 - Månad sedan
Le reddit silver member
Le reddit silver member - Månad sedan
Jews. Jesus Christ Jews seem to do nothing but stab people in the back. Why would you do that to him.
Averroes G
Averroes G - Månad sedan
Your sarcasm is leaking
The Avenger
The Avenger - Månad sedan
Bring Jon back please!
Soulsphere001 - Månad sedan
Just as Jon and everyone has a right to say what they want, people have the right to tell you how much they despise you for it. Backlashes against Jon are free speech, so long as no-one is breaking the law or trying to silence him.
Averroes G
Averroes G - Månad sedan
Nah, closeted racists see themselves above others. Even the principles of free speech don't apply to them.
Eeen Ang
Eeen Ang - Månad sedan
This dude should stop yelling
derp god2
derp god2 - Månad sedan
The traffic is nothing compared to englands traffic they are fucking STAUES
vape kazoo
vape kazoo - Månad sedan
35:34 Detroit become human
Mason Wolverton
Mason Wolverton - Månad sedan
Man that’s rough Jon was there to just have fun and then the whole debate thing like Ethan wouldn’t let it go when Jon didn’t want to talk about it at all at all that hurt to watch
Elijah Reeds
Elijah Reeds - Månad sedan
46:25 because none of you degenerates gave a timestamp.
Ryder Green
Ryder Green - Dag sedan
Finally! Thank you!
chicken ramen
chicken ramen - 21 dag sedan
Thank you my man
Nayel - 22 dagar sedan
Elijah Reeds you are a real one, in the sea of a bunch of inbreds.
Josh Dowding
Josh Dowding - Månad sedan
I have autism and I think u explained that very well thank u for being respectful, however, there is no difference between autism and assburgers
Josh Dowding
Josh Dowding - Månad sedan
@your mother in America there is a difference but not in Britain
your mother
your mother - Månad sedan
you're right but there is a difference between autism and aspergers
Limenut - Månad sedan
Wow I was expecting far worse after reading the top comments. Ethan didn't even push that hard or even breach the subject of Jontron's political views further than the thinnest surface of how far he could have. So much Hyperbole in the comments about how Jontron was "emotionally devastated" and "horribly uncomfortable."
Bro it was seven minutes lol they're still chill the rest of the podcast.
Inflatable Cobra
Inflatable Cobra - Månad sedan
How can you say that? Do you know what's going on in their minds? Do you think Jon is just gonna let it slide?
Alex Hancock
Alex Hancock - Månad sedan
1:38:11 is that a motherfucking JoJo’s Reference?
Alex Hancock
Alex Hancock - Månad sedan
1:38:14 is that a motherfucking JoJo’s Reference?
Alex Hancock
Alex Hancock - Månad sedan
“I wanna make a lot of people laugh in 2018” *doesnt upload a video til December*
Johnnycpublic - Månad sedan
Still counts
Stefano cousin
Stefano cousin - Månad sedan
Destiny got destroyed in this deba-
Hunter Grote
Hunter Grote - Månad sedan
1:49:09 Was Jon Shaking his head at hila? I know he wasnt very happy or whatever after the gamegrumps thing so maybe he was a bit grumpy, but maybe not..
VictorLikesStuff - Månad sedan
The first 5 minutes are just Ethan and Jontron sucking each other off
TheGrouchDnD - 2 månader sedan
Fuck JonTron
Hi My name is
Hi My name is - Månad sedan
GarfieIf same
GarfieIf - Månad sedan
Gladly 😩💦
Hi My name is
Hi My name is - Månad sedan
Well that’s not very nice
NakedJt - 2 månader sedan
please play csgo again!
Vres - 2 månader sedan
"We're still friends hehe everyone should be able to speak up" god you're a moron Ethan lol
LuxLux - 2 månader sedan
This video is one of the reasons why I unfollowed the podcast. Watching Jon “the man who helped both of you guys the first time” feeling emotionally devastated after numerous of requests to change the topic and also explaining a whole minute why and you continue to ignore him.
LuxLux - 2 månader sedan
Ethan if you’re reading this, please review what you did and find what you did wrong besides blaming it on others and look for people to defend your stance. I never subscribed for this kind of behavior
Lexie Sandbach
Lexie Sandbach - 2 månader sedan
When joe gets excited/angry he sounds like the little green guy with one eye from monsters inc
Jamie Lochrine
Jamie Lochrine - 2 månader sedan
“It is not the camel that you toe- it is the dance you dance by which I judge you”

~Jon Jafari
Corny Robin
Corny Robin - 2 månader sedan
When Ethan was pressuring Jon into talking about something he didn't want to it made me uncomfortable but then hearing Hila compliment him about his content and how it was good was really heartwarming especially after seeing Jon being uncomfortable.
Princess Ki
Princess Ki - 2 månader sedan
When I was younger I used to LOOOVE crazy frog and so when Jon mentioned that crazy frog story I was like crying of laughter. I was like I know what your talking about
James - 2 månader sedan
MaxOutTheCake - 2 månader sedan
One of his stand-up bits! HEYO!
caramel pie
caramel pie - 2 månader sedan
Jon deserved better.
caramel pie
caramel pie - 2 månader sedan
He clearly did not want to talk about it and you consistently pushed the subject either way. This was so uncomfortable..
Averroes G
Averroes G - Månad sedan
Let's see the reaction to a black man, for example, holding radical views in the past who chooses 'not to talk about it'. Most people will turn FURIOUS if the host isn't pressuring enough. I really like Jontron, he's very talented and entertaining. However, he opened up to a controversial debate so he should be expecting other people to open up to him. Tough shit.
shaken_patata - 2 månader sedan
All these ppl defending Ethan for interrogating Jon because he’s a “white supremacist” when Jon *apologized* and said he didn’t want to talk about it anymore. I’m not hating on Ethan, but this was really upsetting to listen to and made me lose a lot of respect for him. I love Jon and I feel like Ethan really threw him under the bus. Jon doesn’t “deserve” anything for what he said, he apologized and just wants to move on. Ethan should really do the same.
Slug Tripping
Slug Tripping - 2 månader sedan
Smog is like smokeing
SPB2727 aviation
SPB2727 aviation - 3 månader sedan
I enjoyed it until seeing the comments rip
Andromeva - 3 månader sedan
I liked for Jon, I'd dislike for the way you keep going back to pry on questions he doesn't want to answer.