H3 Podcast #41 - JonTron

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Appreciate ya JonTron for coming out!
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Connor Lawless
Connor Lawless - 7 timmar sedan
You know they're close friends with Jon when Hila's talking him to a lot too. Like more then other guests
Night fighter Ventura
Night fighter Ventura - 10 timmar sedan
Jon said a regrettable thing. We have all done that. So get off your high horses and shut tf up
Dairy Heir
Dairy Heir - 2 dagar sedan
This is what everyone was so butthurt about? It wasn't even bad. He didn't even really dig into it or bring up what was said. My lord, people are soft.
DJ BoiPucci
DJ BoiPucci - 5 dagar sedan
Typical self-chosen behavior.
Emma Tran
Emma Tran - 6 dagar sedan
Ethan, you’re not a good person. You enjoy trashing on people way to much
TinyPrinceGames - 6 dagar sedan
The part everyone talks about from this is definitely super uncomfortable as someone who doesn't even really watch Jon or H3H3 anymore, lol. Jon is visibly uncomfortable, and honestly I give him props for still giving answers despite saying he doesn't want to continue talking about it multiple times. Hila is pretty much the saving grace for apparently being more aware than Ethan that their friend is really uncomfortable and changing the subject to lighten the mood.
rebornreaper - 8 dagar sedan
Ethan talks over his guests too much. I love him otherwise (papa bless 🙏)
Arizona - 11 dagar sedan
yo wtf ethan. move on
Sheep-Face - 11 dagar sedan
We need JonTron part 2
MisterB - 15 dagar sedan
PFFFT even in the thumbnail of this video, you can see that Jon looks super uncomfortable to be a part of this.
fourthgrace - 21 dag sedan
It’s funny how ethan says leafy is a bully and some horrible person, when he pretty much is one himself.
Reis W. K.
Reis W. K. - 24 dagar sedan
22:04 this dud is a fuhkn deck (laughs right in his face)
18:20 nose pick
Antonio The German
Antonio The German - 27 dagar sedan
I agree with some of the things jontron Said, Done and done!
Pixel Pete
Pixel Pete - 29 dagar sedan
Haha hehe so funny how much money they can blow on crap. *crying
Shane Matthew
Shane Matthew - 29 dagar sedan
I know what you're talking about.
Willie Pete was here
Willie Pete was here - Månad sedan
Ethan doesn’t know that no means no
Obsolete Trunks
Obsolete Trunks - 24 dagar sedan
xd memes
xd memes - Månad sedan
Tfw everyone pays attention to h3 asking jon about the controversy and not the %95 of this podcast where jon was having a great time and not caring about what Ethan said
Dr. Bacon
Dr. Bacon - 27 dagar sedan
xd memes it really wasn’t that bad. It’s like everyone missed the entire point of what Ethan was saying. You have to be able to talk about this stuff civilly. He didn’t even get into it that deeply.
Nibelung Valesti
Nibelung Valesti - Månad sedan
Ethan's a dumbfuck.
I27T I84
I27T I84 - Månad sedan
AYE- space junk Devo reference
I27T I84
I27T I84 - Månad sedan
I love Jontron as a person, jesus christ
I completely disagree with his views, so I'm very confused
I27T I84
I27T I84 - Månad sedan
Yeah, Ethan is being a huge dick about this. I think Jontron should be blasted for his comments- sorry, but even if you AREN'T a famous youtuber, saying shit like Jontron said would get hate from most people, but Ethan is being so tone-deaf and awful, damn
Jon does need to address the shit he's said, though- you don't get to just say awful and offensive and racist things and then say "I don't want to talk about it" and pretend it never happened because you got fucking backlash
I27T I84
I27T I84 - Månad sedan
Ethan is speaking the truth about the Elsagate shit, though! The subreddit is still active, and I've contributed a lot to the community, but it seems like nothing has ever been accomplished
Musashi -Avi
Musashi -Avi - Månad sedan
Oh my god its painful to watch Ethan just bulldozer over Jon and kept pushing and pushing.. gee..
TheXenoxen - 28 dagar sedan
>be jontron >help h3h3 with a job >lose sponsors over poor comments >get invited to podcast months later >get thrown under the bus by friend Overall great podcast jew/10
Kai Texel
Kai Texel - Månad sedan
2hr 20 min total commute?? Sounds like a dream to me, I live so far from my job... 2 hr both ways, 4 hr total :'(
Kai Texel
Kai Texel - Månad sedan
Kai Texel
Kai Texel - Månad sedan
(40 min car ride, 1 hr 20 min train ride to NYC)
Shane Coghlan
Shane Coghlan - Månad sedan
TMG252 - Månad sedan
1:40:33 Hila randomly explodes
TMG252 - Månad sedan
I love Jon and Ethan but this did make me a little uncomfortable.
Wish ethan woulda moved past it sooner
Jesse Segedy
Jesse Segedy - Månad sedan
I can see why the Flex Tape video got so many views. It really was one of the funniest videos I have ever seen.
memeslut - Månad sedan
favourite podcast ep
Paul Meenk
Paul Meenk - Månad sedan
Why is it that this kid is so annoying...I don't know if it's his speech pattern or what but there's nothing more annoying than a fat Jew from New York callen you all about how he pays $800 a month to park his car and then saying the adpocalypse got me I don't know how much... Eat a fat dick dog JonTron !!!
Wiz Gi
Wiz Gi - Månad sedan
I love hilas laughs in the background
Autotuned fart
Autotuned fart - Månad sedan
from all us generation z peeps i can tell you growing up with all this shit kinda makes us no longer even be surprised
Autotuned fart
Autotuned fart - Månad sedan
i think zuccerburg has ass burgers
Pixelation - Månad sedan
36:37 assburgers
Riverdude Covers
Riverdude Covers - Månad sedan
It genuinely pisses me off how disrespectful Ethan is to Jon in this podcast, you can tell Jon just wants to move on from a mistake he made but Ethan just wants the “spicy clicks for views”
no longer in service
no longer in service - Månad sedan
This is my favorite episode !
R - Månad sedan
I thought it was kinda strange Ethan continued to question Jon about the controversy even after he said he was uncomfortable talking about it
Seldane 321
Seldane 321 - Månad sedan
Boo h3
Service To Society
Service To Society - Månad sedan
Jon - "i know exactly what you are talking about" -Tron
AWKisbored - Månad sedan
I sawed my self in half 😂😂
Lewis Capaldi Archive
Lewis Capaldi Archive - Månad sedan
Ethan: “tell me if you don’t wanna talk about this?”
Jon: “I really don’t wanna get into this.”
Ethan: “Yeah sure but do you regret what you said?”
What ya loking At
What ya loking At - 2 månader sedan
For anyone uncannonly hate him then watch from 46:25 to 50:00 and teel me ur thought ? Like the guy know what he has done and feel bad about it so stop being a dick every time he is mention somewhere like geez.. people is this winter 2017/summer 2018 again ?
Kanye Legitimately Smiling
Kanye Legitimately Smiling - 2 månader sedan
36:39 A S S B U R G E R S *ethan holds his laughter*
caeden V
caeden V - 2 månader sedan
Masked Lad
Masked Lad - 2 månader sedan
Haha this Jon guy should get a YouTube channel he's hilarious
SoggyRot - 2 månader sedan
Jontron: I don't wanna talk about this
Ethan: Ok so, let's talk about this
Thomas Gannon
Thomas Gannon - 2 månader sedan
Love you guys but hearing you talk about how you pay someone to look after your garden pissed me off a bit. You guys live in such a bubble it's unreal.
citiZen - 2 månader sedan
Jon is just your typical smooth brain idiot who bought into the gamer gate rabbit hole that leads to reactionary white nationalism
Bobby Kevil
Bobby Kevil - 2 månader sedan
Jon is arguably the top 10 most talented Youtubers of all time.
Pe Sho
Pe Sho - 7 dagar sedan
Bobby Kevil Top 3.
Beyran R04
Beyran R04 - 2 månader sedan
Man Jon’s a great guy
Braxton Arrington
Braxton Arrington - 2 månader sedan
Jon is so white
DuckLord _
DuckLord _ - 2 månader sedan
What if zuck built a cyborg that looks like himself and he sends it out to do things for him
DuckLord _
DuckLord _ - 2 månader sedan
This man is gonna pay for my car!
I think that man is me
Junior - 2 månader sedan
Jonathan tronathan
Jonathan Ferraro
Jonathan Ferraro - 2 månader sedan
That time the jimmy did the ruffiling
Asher R.
Asher R. - 2 månader sedan
hearing them remissness is so adorable and heartwarming
Dr. Sin
Dr. Sin - 2 månader sedan
We do you guys care so much about the Destiny part of this video? Out of all the other subjects.
Anthony Tuder
Anthony Tuder - 2 månader sedan
Ethan : "yeah my friends grandma legally killed herself"
Bobby Ferguson
Bobby Ferguson - 2 månader sedan
MVMT makes Chinese watches that cost about a dollar to produce. You buy the exact same shit on Ali Express. You're better off with a Timex.
unkn0wn4041 - 2 månader sedan
“Im not gay..”
-Ethan Klein 2017