Super Mario Maker 2 Direct 5.15.2019

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Caron The Cat
Caron The Cat - 27 minuter sedan
Nintendo will now make Super Mario Maker 3 in 2025
5ive Polska
5ive Polska - 20 timmar sedan
Can you add more features to Super Mario Maker 2?
Anonymous Trainer
Anonymous Trainer - 2 dagar sedan
Check my channel out. If you have levels forward them my way
Bob Ventura
Bob Ventura - 2 dagar sedan
Nintendo. Can you make a new super Mario bros 2 game style for people who have super Mario maker 2 please
Mike Obannion 2
Mike Obannion 2 - 2 dagar sedan
My question is how do you make chain chomps get more chains?
Luisssito A
Luisssito A - 3 dagar sedan
tristan vedder
tristan vedder - 3 dagar sedan
😱😱😱 nintendo is the best!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ohhhhhh boy
Papyrus Gasterich
Papyrus Gasterich - 3 dagar sedan
I am so sorry Nintendo but where koopalings? I know you have a hard work but we want new enemies : yellow koopa ,dry beetle , king boo,ice brother and items : blue shell and locations : tower .
Estou Aqui
Estou Aqui - 4 dagar sedan
6:25 and super mario 3d world too
Skyler Messier
Skyler Messier - 4 dagar sedan
I have the game now
Ron Saladino
Ron Saladino - 4 dagar sedan
I love nintendo
TheBestOFSpeedruns - 4 dagar sedan
My Son Love This Game I can't wait for Super Mario Maker 3 i still hope for Super Mario 64 HD Remake On Nintendo Switch!!
Andrew Niemi
Andrew Niemi - 5 dagar sedan
I wish this was on Wiiu because i cant aford a switch and have the original mario maker
ally amya
ally amya - 5 dagar sedan
Confirmed Mad lad
000bluebird000 :D
000bluebird000 :D - 6 dagar sedan
Tak Było.
Tak Było. - 6 dagar sedan
M.rmoviemaker - 7 dagar sedan
Make text boxes besides comments. like the one from super Mario bros. 3!
Liz Hebig
Liz Hebig - 7 dagar sedan
This game is so addictive
Elaine Crespo
Elaine Crespo - 7 dagar sedan
I already bought this game and I loved it sooooooo much
sherri twyne de cleto
sherri twyne de cleto - 7 dagar sedan
i love this this is awesome but can you please fix the online multiplayer because i heard its so laggy
blueclouds - 8 dagar sedan
i really want koopalings all of them in super mario maker 2
Rosesarebeautiful yt
Rosesarebeautiful yt - 8 dagar sedan
I need dis game
charnosiscomedy - 8 dagar sedan
Changed stuff
3:35 now changed back to blue In story mode
Twisters in super Mario World were different before changed to normal twisters
Apple Doornob
Apple Doornob - 8 dagar sedan
Bowser Jr.
Bowser Jr. - 9 dagar sedan
Erika Guarise
Erika Guarise - 9 dagar sedan
Julian Ruvalcaba
Julian Ruvalcaba - 10 dagar sedan
❤️ love this game
Theonly 06
Theonly 06 - 10 dagar sedan
Make the course world free, i hate paying -_- and make super mario maker 3 pls in 2020
Gaminglegend1025 - 10 dagar sedan
boom boom the mad lad
Goldens Squad
Goldens Squad - 10 dagar sedan
BiofaekGamer s
BiofaekGamer s - 10 dagar sedan
Is same as the mario maker 1 :v
Mustafa Eren ATEŞ
Mustafa Eren ATEŞ - 4 dagar sedan
It is not same didnt you watch the video
The Mario Gang!
The Mario Gang! - 6 dagar sedan
But mario maker 1 doesn't have multiplayer,so it's not the same
Bianca Jeanty
Bianca Jeanty - 10 dagar sedan
Astral Shadøw
Astral Shadøw - 10 dagar sedan
pirahna creeper. aw man
Astral Shadøw
Astral Shadøw - 10 dagar sedan
boom boom the mad lad
Adam Ctf
Adam Ctf - 10 dagar sedan
They didn’t talk about the castle flooding at night because that would just put nerds off
Brockness - 11 dagar sedan
Love you nintendo
Marz - 11 dagar sedan
i thinked the banzai bills were form pac man
The Teamers
The Teamers - 12 dagar sedan
If you want to go into course World
The Teamers
The Teamers - 12 dagar sedan
You need a Nintendo switch online
Mike Oh yeah
Mike Oh yeah - 12 dagar sedan
Boom Boom is the maddest lad
Harry Stormont
Harry Stormont - 13 dagar sedan
MaD LaD bOom BoOm
Dededunked on
Dededunked on - 13 dagar sedan
''Remember the snake-block?''

*Awkward silence*
TryAgainPotato - 13 dagar sedan
I wish I could be as much of a mad lad as boom boom is :(
Francesco ciobanu
Francesco ciobanu - 13 dagar sedan
and castle will have W A T E R A N D L A V A
Logan Matechuk
Logan Matechuk - 13 dagar sedan
6:22 thank me later
camping6464 - 14 dagar sedan
15:32 *WoRlD 1-1 iS bAcC, nOw In 3D aNd WiTh MuLtIpLaYeR*
Alex Sniegowski
Alex Sniegowski - 14 dagar sedan
Mario’s strong, Peach is full of charms, 6:24
mario happy
mario happy - 14 dagar sedan
That's So cool✌👍
TheGreatPurpleBlade - 15 dagar sedan
6:22 there you go :)
Colton Adams
Colton Adams - 15 dagar sedan
I love this game better than the old super Mario maker
Paeshooter 7
Paeshooter 7 - 15 dagar sedan
Loromc - 16 dagar sedan
6:21 boom boom is a mad lad
Logan The Octoling
Logan The Octoling - 16 dagar sedan
Maybe you guys should add Sumo Brother, Charging Chuck, and a Super Mario Galaxy Theme!
TheSarahShow - 16 dagar sedan
I can’t wait!
sans ?
sans ? - 16 dagar sedan
MaD LaD BoOm BoOm
Ethan D the angry English guy
Nintendo I added new characters on Smash state tracker, next to the glory one, you can see the offbrand ones.
PlanCo POVs
PlanCo POVs - 17 dagar sedan
7:50 C418 could
A-MILLIO 118 - 17 dagar sedan
Make DKC maker (response) Only when rare comes back ;(
nick and hands logo channel
nick and hands logo channel - 18 dagar sedan
Platinum XYZ
Platinum XYZ - 18 dagar sedan
3:30 .... someone else better notice :{
A Lone Prayer
A Lone Prayer - 18 dagar sedan
Rip that theme
A Game's Channel
A Game's Channel - 19 dagar sedan
No stacked pipes?
Good job Nintendo, you've just ruined all the awesome troll courses
Naffy Zacky
Naffy Zacky - 17 dagar sedan
that's the point
Bowser Jr.
Bowser Jr. - 19 dagar sedan
Do you need Nintendo switch online to play people’s courses?
Mustafa Eren ATEŞ
Mustafa Eren ATEŞ - 4 dagar sedan
Noob Gaming
Noob Gaming - 19 dagar sedan
Plz put the koopalings in, we NEED them!
Dominik Durkovsky
Dominik Durkovsky - 19 dagar sedan
And please don't change the looks and the boss fights of the koopalings in mario bros 3 and super mario world. And if it would be impossible to make the boss fights the same , then please just add something to make it work. please nintendo , please !
Dominik Durkovsky
Dominik Durkovsky - 19 dagar sedan
Please nintendo add the koopalings , and big boo boss to Mário maker 3 if you are gonna malé Mário maker 3
Andrew Rios
Andrew Rios - 19 dagar sedan
That game is awasome I love mario you get to make your own levels thats cool
Benditø - 20 dagar sedan
2:50 *awkward silence* idk if that was intentional or not
guy with a sword
guy with a sword - 20 dagar sedan
Nintendo: well, its took all week but we did it

Josué Anims
Josué Anims - 20 dagar sedan
6:23 What a Madlad
AlaneitorGames - 20 dagar sedan
Super Mario 3D World pa cuando
Brandon gaming TV
Brandon gaming TV - 20 dagar sedan
5:02 play dead for a sec!
*earape undertale megalovania plays*
kemuael - 20 dagar sedan
She has a Lovely Voice.
Dominik Durkovsky
Dominik Durkovsky - 21 dag sedan
Oh i forgot to continue writing what i wanted to say. AS i said please add the big boo too
Dominik Durkovsky
Dominik Durkovsky - 21 dag sedan
And please add
Percy Productions
Percy Productions - 21 dag sedan
6:23 #MadLad
Dominik Durkovsky
Dominik Durkovsky - 21 dag sedan
And please add pokey
Paige Pate
Paige Pate - 22 dagar sedan
davirm _
davirm _ - 22 dagar sedan
(*Sony and Microsoft players has left the chat*)
Black Popeye
Black Popeye - 22 dagar sedan
Nintendo could you please could you add suits from SSMB3?
Fernando Delgadillo Mayta
Fernando Delgadillo Mayta - 22 dagar sedan
Cada like es para El pobre goomba 11:11