Cringing at Rick & Morty Memes w/ The Show's Creator Justin Roiland

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h3h3Productions - 7 dagar sedan
Hey ya'll we shot this video weeks ago and it was 90% finished when Yung Theodore was born, so here it is - Hope you guys enjoy it! Please support ya boy Justin Roiland's new game, Trover Saves The Universe out now on Steam and PS4 🙏
Also the colorblock hoodie is back in stock over at 🙏
theandy4ever - 16 timmar sedan
young theodore ? you tell me you decided to have a baby in this overpopulated burning world with your fucked up genes? hope they nuke your city first
mariusgs - 19 timmar sedan
review apetor plzzzz ofc if you like the idea
The Batsu Bastards
The Batsu Bastards - Dag sedan
Bro congrats on SO many levels!!! The Bastards hope all is well with you and the fizzle my nizzle.
TheD - Dag sedan
It bothers me how pc Roiland is.... it's rather pathetic....
sfuture08 - Dag sedan
Justin’s reaction to almost everything was not favorable. The editing on this video was impeccable. Good shit guys. New to your podcast but congrats on the child and all the success and I think I’ll be seeing you guys more often. Keep it up and stay true
Pablo Cid
Pablo Cid - 25 minuter sedan
Hell, Ethans eye spasms have gotten worse.
yung cash register
yung cash register - Timme sedan
"miley cyrus great girl" you lost me there
greenhowie - Timme sedan
Dude what the fuck is up with your eyes? You tweaking son? Is it a funny bit? Did I just call out a serious medical thing and am going to hell now?
Sh Mj
Sh Mj - 2 timmar sedan
Is this the dickhead who abused indians.... Lol bruh u don't know how much every indian loves you .. please do visit india someday we wanna show our love
Your Highness
Your Highness - 2 timmar sedan
what is wrong with his eyse?
3HeftyCats - 2 timmar sedan
incest porn on mute haha so messed up!! @7:30
Meme Toad
Meme Toad - 2 timmar sedan
Looking at the thumbnail and seeing Shadman is there something you wanna tell us ethan
Jack Reid
Jack Reid - 2 timmar sedan
Hey Alsmiffy
S. Daynger
S. Daynger - 3 timmar sedan
this is like asking him to diss fan art.. looks like his cringing at you.. surprised you put this up and haven't noticed yourself lol
xEradxcatez - 4 timmar sedan
Fucking christ do people not know how to crop out watermarks
Damian Franzen
Damian Franzen - 5 timmar sedan
"It's for everybody"
>Not on xbox
Atahan Boylu
Atahan Boylu - 5 timmar sedan
Roiland reminds me of Cory barlog somehow
jurgen Boes
jurgen Boes - 5 timmar sedan
is that game on just ps ?
would be nice to put it on the quest or steam vr app
MangoWear - 5 timmar sedan
05:16 Glasses Morty got his wish lol
Brandon Hernandez
Brandon Hernandez - 5 timmar sedan
why ?
Joona Vuorisalo
Joona Vuorisalo - 5 timmar sedan
Why would you talk so much about incest porn? I came here to see Rick and Morty memes.
Chad Bustamante
Chad Bustamante - 5 timmar sedan
Ethan "incest porn" Klein
Nick Perez
Nick Perez - 6 timmar sedan
Did anybody else get bother when justin said or your mom would get cancer and that other guy got offended like a lil bitch
Pupu911 - 6 timmar sedan
Wait you know how you hear your voice differently in your head from what people hear it as I wonder what rick and Morty a voices sound like to justin
sevyn - 6 timmar sedan
the wubba dub thing was so cringy
TATEdaGR8 - 6 timmar sedan
U wrote two middle aged men look at Shadman shit wrong
Tremolo - 6 timmar sedan
Did Ethan have a stoke?
Tremolo - 6 timmar sedan
that moment when you realize that all incest vids online are fake.
Or like at least 98%.
Martin McCoy
Martin McCoy - 7 timmar sedan
You’re rick sounds like a person that’s smoked for years and you’re morty sounds like a teen going through puberty
Shane 'n Stuff
Shane 'n Stuff - 8 timmar sedan
Ive never understood why Michelle Obama is part of the putro6. Help?
Jeremiah Tuff
Jeremiah Tuff - 8 timmar sedan
i never noticed how much ethan rolled his eyebrows
Sir Avila
Sir Avila - 8 timmar sedan
This is one jew I wished would of been in the furnace
Emmett McDonagh
Emmett McDonagh - 9 timmar sedan
Dark Master
Dark Master - 9 timmar sedan
I'm gonna need a link to buy that weird shirt.
my favorite color is blue
my favorite color is blue - 9 timmar sedan
5:00 I heard an owo
goth baby
goth baby - 9 timmar sedan
Ethan’s impressions 💀💀
Michael-Dwyer Dorrington
Michael-Dwyer Dorrington - 9 timmar sedan
HOW can you like something amazing like 'Rick and Morty' and ALSO trash like 'the big bang theory'!!!! It's like enjoying the the old H3h3 and liking the new h3h3 podcasts equally!!!!!
Ghadente - 9 timmar sedan
Those eyebrows though... 👀
Gage SN
Gage SN - 9 timmar sedan
“Morty do you have gonneria in your throat?”
How tf do you spell gonneria?
Jason Todd
Jason Todd - 9 timmar sedan
Incest porn: exists
Cringy Waffle Squirrel
Cringy Waffle Squirrel - 9 timmar sedan
0:25 anyone notice the dude walking in the reflection of the red picture between the two talking
Dyspo dared me to hit 42069 subs
*_H3h3 and Justin Roiland reacts to ifunny and Facebook Rick and Morty memes for 20 minutes_*
Fr00ter - 10 timmar sedan
Lefties has problems with his contact lenses
Plus Absence
Plus Absence - 10 timmar sedan
Huh this guy has a pretty darn good Rick and Morty Impression
PaddyCaker - 10 timmar sedan
someone explain the 9:05 to me
potato bug
potato bug - 10 timmar sedan
Every living soul: shad no
Me, a fucked up person:
penguin - 10 timmar sedan
I would buy the game if it was on switch or Xbox
Adrian Campodonico
Adrian Campodonico - 10 timmar sedan
Hall of fame
Spencer - 11 timmar sedan
Dude you asked for the incest porn in that episode with all the mortys
Rootallica615 - 11 timmar sedan
Sure they’ll bring up the brother/sister incest but where was my RickxMorty recognition???
S.C. Wood
S.C. Wood - 11 timmar sedan
He literally goes "OwO what's this"
Keep America Great
Keep America Great - 11 timmar sedan
This has a leftist bias to it 😔 can’t even enjoy a video because of the left
Jesse Robinson
Jesse Robinson - 11 timmar sedan
Your inpression sounds like Micky Mouse and Cheech Marin
Thomas Martin
Thomas Martin - 11 timmar sedan
Fleeb Plumbus
Fleeb Plumbus - 11 timmar sedan
Pickle ree guy was doing a bit.
Q Pic
Q Pic - 12 timmar sedan
I saw the rickmobile in Escondido, CA at a random ass gas station. Fucken tripped me out.
Tanner Wimer
Tanner Wimer - 12 timmar sedan
Elon Musk called, he’s asking where the dolphin is at.
F.B .I
F.B .I - 12 timmar sedan
Could you imagine if someone just nuked LA, more than half the actors would be fuckin dead
Witherd B0nnie
Witherd B0nnie - 13 timmar sedan
I really don't care about them talking about jerking off.
last templar
last templar - 13 timmar sedan
Love Rick and morty, season 4
EnjoyCocaColaLight - 13 timmar sedan
lol I have a Roland piano identical to that in the background.
Had it for 15 years - absolutely great instrument.
climaxhubbard - 13 timmar sedan
ethans eyebrows bother the shit out of me
Imagine Wagons
Imagine Wagons - 13 timmar sedan
How does Justin sound like Rick and Morty?
HomeSchoolDropout - 13 timmar sedan
bro... you posted cringe
beeschorger - 13 timmar sedan
i wanna kill myself after watching this
SLURP STUDIOS - 13 timmar sedan
I cannot lie the show shoed me away because of the fans but the game is pretty awesome
WLB6 - 13 timmar sedan
How does he do such a good impression of them.
Dominic Gallegos
Dominic Gallegos - 14 timmar sedan
How did ya'll not talk about the "To be fair" copy pasta. That meme needs to die, and it would have been awesome to see Justin rip it apart so politically.
BB S̶k̶e̶l̶e̶t̶o̶r̶ The Lord of Destruction
"ShUt uP MoRtY yOu BrAiNwAsHeD Little tUrD!" Can't wait for Season 4....
Sabo STEEZY - 14 timmar sedan
I'm gonna catch those god damn eyebrows and execute them once and for all
Cody Mitchell
Cody Mitchell - 14 timmar sedan
WTF is with them eyebrows?! Calm that shit down
Jake 343
Jake 343 - 14 timmar sedan
This Justin Roiland guy seems interesting he should probably make a tv show
Stephen Stephen
Stephen Stephen - 14 timmar sedan
Can you look at big nicks insta and roast it
Riley Richmond
Riley Richmond - 14 timmar sedan
Its fake incest like by marriage step sister shit which isnt related for 1 but they pretend anyways
Icey Zone BTD
Icey Zone BTD - 14 timmar sedan
You best know Justin's going to Tyler's 8th birthday party As soon as this was over
Jesse S
Jesse S - 14 timmar sedan
he is desperately trying to normalize his idiotic compulsive disorder by working his uncontrollable facial movements into normal conversation and its disgusting
JOZ3gC - 14 timmar sedan
I feel like humanity is just going down hill every year that goes by, everyone gets triggered by anything.
Overly Broad Cast
Overly Broad Cast - 14 timmar sedan
The Donut Operator music was the best part of this video
Jesse S
Jesse S - 14 timmar sedan
this guy on the left keeps moving is face like a fucking weirdo and I want to kill him for it
Queef Burglar69
Queef Burglar69 - 15 timmar sedan
Is that why the north wished incest porn had more of a main stream appeal
Ray Thomas
Ray Thomas - 15 timmar sedan
This Ethan guy's eyes and eye brows have no chill.. Cringiest part about this video 🤦
EcchiSamurai - 15 timmar sedan
Whats up with Ethan's eyebrows, they don't stop moving. Is it a twitch?
Camera Man Deavon
Camera Man Deavon - 15 timmar sedan
12:53 Is that Marge Simpson?
Afonsim 14
Afonsim 14 - 15 timmar sedan
Man, the Waba Laba Dub Dub thing is the cringiest thing in the show and people think of it as a show highlight
robdizzle2006 - 15 timmar sedan
My next tattoo... Stay with me here..... A huge portrait back piece. Kind of like the kind Steve-O has on his back. Huge portrait piece of Ethan or Ethan & Hila. H3H3 forever branded
Jax Morris
Jax Morris - 15 timmar sedan
He’s not afan
Korvman och Ketchup
Korvman och Ketchup - 15 timmar sedan
Please make h3h3 vape natchioon hoodies.... ♡♡♡♡♡♡
THRILLER CRUNCH - 16 timmar sedan
Ethan says to hila bro hahahahahaha
Peyton Brahl
Peyton Brahl - 16 timmar sedan
wtf what happened to the baby? last video u said her due date was june 6th
Austin Bowersock
Austin Bowersock - 16 timmar sedan
you entered the MATRIX bro
Jonathan Read
Jonathan Read - 16 timmar sedan
This guy is actually really fuckin down to earth and humble
TACO LORD - 16 timmar sedan
I cringe when I see h3h3 in my recommendation
ThinkingSeal - 16 timmar sedan
Damn i have -1 IQ. Guess i can't watch Rick and Morty
PushMongo - 16 timmar sedan
wearing roots new york is god damn blasphemy, roots canada only we deserve ONE commercial brand
PushMongo - 16 timmar sedan
wait holdon we already took the NBA championship, RAPS IN 6IX BOYYSSS
ASO - 16 timmar sedan
Morty im trying to sneak past the aliens morty but im dummy thicc and the clap of my ass cheeks keeps alerting them
bronze189 - 16 timmar sedan
is that my man the shad man?
azeem - 17 timmar sedan
Rick and Morty is not cringey yor cringiy
Cookies N. Creme
Cookies N. Creme - 17 timmar sedan
tbh it was very cool that you got the actual creator of Rick and Morty with you

but the meme invitation was supposed to be ironic

otherwise good vid
Crazy Joe Davola
Crazy Joe Davola - 17 timmar sedan
Roiland has the funniest laugh
goldensniper4u - 17 timmar sedan
Hey look its the guy hwo claimed he had anxiety h3h3
Geraint Davies
Geraint Davies - 18 timmar sedan
Carl Sagan is just fuckin exceptional asmr.
trademark joe
trademark joe - 18 timmar sedan
Just the other day this guy was like wubba lubba dub dub and I was like yes Rick and Morty and we had an intellectual moment
LiberalsArePoop - 18 timmar sedan
Why can't the guy hosting this say "Justin Roiland?" Is he drunk?