ROCKET POWERED Golf Club at 100,000 FPS

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Mark Rober
Mark Rober - 25 dagar sedan
I think this is my longest video ever but there was too much juicy stuff. The constant fail/improve loop happens on all my builds so I wanted to document it somehow. Destin's video will be coming in a few weeks and I'll update the link in the vid desc. when it does!
Nick Stein
Nick Stein - 7 timmar sedan
Yo I have an idea for you. Build a rocket powered baseball bat and take it to Coors field to see what the longest possible home run you can possibly hit is.
LR. Azfurra
LR. Azfurra - 2 dagar sedan
That's not a bad thing usually your visa are to short!
A R - 3 dagar sedan
Watching the watermelon get pulverized made me hungry for watermelons
Anonymous Shawn
Anonymous Shawn - 5 dagar sedan
Haha, SAVAGE!!!!! Youre a beast my dude!
dab daniel
dab daniel - 8 dagar sedan
I go to hurricane middle School with your nephew
Reid Klassen
Reid Klassen - Timme sedan
i think you need a new fence
matthew paul
matthew paul - 3 timmar sedan
Imagine getting hit on the nutz with that
Memesareschematical Memes
Memesareschematical Memes - 3 timmar sedan
*but my hope will never die*
Let's Play
Let's Play - 3 timmar sedan
I guess YouTube pays more than nasa
Flight Luigi
Flight Luigi - 7 timmar sedan
Can you test it on one of those “realistic” human body’s to see the amount of damage it does
Albryno - 7 timmar sedan
You should try and go to a long drive competition and bring this. See if the pros can out drive it!
truppix - 9 timmar sedan
3:37 flat earthers explain this!
Lee - 13 timmar sedan
watermelon i always important in every experiment :P
King Pipen
King Pipen - 14 timmar sedan
Just saw sand pool video you are tied with lazarbeam for being the best uncle
Toastiify. - 18 timmar sedan
Steele Smith
Steele Smith - 19 timmar sedan
2 things to keep in mind with the string you guys were catching the ball on the toe of the club, maybe a way to catch it closer to the center on the next go. Also maybe get ahold of a trackman to test the ball speed, spin rates and distance. Not sure if the club moving around would throw it off but something to try out for sure.
Leonardo Almarza
Leonardo Almarza - 22 timmar sedan
you should have used a TracMan! to fallow the balls.
KlassyKlan - 23 timmar sedan
What if you got a bunch of metal bbs and put them in a hot tub with a huge magnet on the bottom

It would condense with the magnet on and u can prob stand on it with a strong enough magnet, and when it turns off you fall in and back on you are trapped.. I got this from the sand bubble video
Logan Trudel
Logan Trudel - Dag sedan
Mark, Im a 10 year old boy who wants to go to NASA and I wanted to ask you a few questions.
1# can I go to NASA if I get A's and B's.
2# what were you grades in School
Please reply
charles hetrick
charles hetrick - Dag sedan
Hey how’s about a pendulum art paint dispenser. I’ve been sorting it out for a week and the best result is come to is a 2” iron pipe with a 200cc syringe inside and 8 2” flat washers to depress the plunger. Haven’t sorted the perfect paint and dilution ratio to prevent too much dribbling.
Benjamin Maughan
Benjamin Maughan - Dag sedan
Next project. Build a tank more advanced that the Russian T-14 Armata.
smith jones
smith jones - Dag sedan
LMAO ... Where's the club?
kyle warmerdam
kyle warmerdam - Dag sedan
Why not have the ball pop up vertically? That way you could pinpoint the sweet spot and get even more distance
Noah Keller
Noah Keller - Dag sedan
Wheres the Endslate?
Brent Steffens
Brent Steffens - Dag sedan
How far did the ball go is what I want to know
Kyle Lacey
Kyle Lacey - Dag sedan
but how far did the ball go??
kyle jackson
kyle jackson - Dag sedan
How hard was it to get a engineering job at NASA?
Peyton Moreland
Peyton Moreland - Dag sedan
Hey you plz shout out my twitch it’s rjm0929
jesuschan food
jesuschan food - Dag sedan
4:43 minecraft sound lmao
ZxSkyLineKidxZ - Dag sedan
I think your golf ball landed in my yard because my dad found some around our house in Long Island, NY lol.
Beazt YT
Beazt YT - 2 dagar sedan
Make a vid with Michael reeves
Will Cusic
Will Cusic - 2 dagar sedan
Anyone else notice the sound effect he used when he put the turf on the thing was the sound when you break dirt in minecraft😂
Leo Zhen
Leo Zhen - 2 dagar sedan
At 11:15

10 years later.
OOF a ball falls from the sky and we all die
Juan Pablo
Juan Pablo - 2 dagar sedan
Should have used flight scope to see the numbers
LewisLoveder - 2 dagar sedan
What was the device used to stabilize and arc the camera throw at 12:05? That was a cool shot.
Jerry Muniz
Jerry Muniz - 2 dagar sedan
Can you do a video about why dog's bark
g1598 - 2 dagar sedan
Should've used trackman to measure how far it went
lnoths - 2 dagar sedan
It would’ve been so cool to see a glowing ball at night.
Sub To This For No Absolute Reason
You should’ve put a camera in the golf ball
Laughing Outloud Studios
Laughing Outloud Studios - 3 dagar sedan
7:36 orr just measure how high off the ground the club is, and then make the tee..that tall..? the tenth of a centimeter
Christian Miller
Christian Miller - 3 dagar sedan
And there's no way you're hitting 280 yards with that swing 😂
Christian Miller
Christian Miller - 3 dagar sedan
Here's another learning point - people really wanted to know how far the ball went #fail
Abdallah Eldmoky
Abdallah Eldmoky - 3 dagar sedan
11:25 that's it
FarmMiner - 3 dagar sedan
Dude I swear if it was a GoPro then you would get more awesome clips
shinjiheng - 3 dagar sedan
I just couldn't understand, what the heck are the 3.2k peeps thinking here.
Jackson W
Jackson W - 3 dagar sedan
Mattias Bolinder
Mattias Bolinder - 3 dagar sedan
Can't you do the same kind of idea but with a baseball bat
Silent Woodfire
Silent Woodfire - 3 dagar sedan
Ever thought of utilizing a launch reader to get an idea of what the distance might be?
Complete Cricket
Complete Cricket - 3 dagar sedan
What drone did you use - great video
Dr. Little
Dr. Little - 3 dagar sedan
“Yet this billiards ball is completely solid.”
I see what you did there, Mark.
Pi 101
Pi 101 - 3 dagar sedan
You should have attached a GroPo to the golf ball to see how high it went.
Bampire64 - 3 dagar sedan
Is it possible to attach a small camera to the ball so we could see exactly how far it flew?
Dailyday - 3 dagar sedan
imagine putting a head there
Jacklyn Isasi
Jacklyn Isasi - 3 dagar sedan
Where’s the club?!
The Watcher
The Watcher - 4 dagar sedan
Hey mark my glasses keep breaking will u fix them lol thx

John Crawford
John Crawford - 4 dagar sedan
Mark,with your swing (weight transfer hip/shoulder rotation,etc.) you cannot drive a golf ball 280 yards....well maybe in the console of your car.
Proxima Centauri117
Proxima Centauri117 - 4 dagar sedan
Build the super-sledge from fallout
Green Tea
Green Tea - 4 dagar sedan
REINHARD HAHAHAHA acually reinhard hammer will become true
Rajdeep Adhikary
Rajdeep Adhikary - 4 dagar sedan
Anton Frisk
Anton Frisk - 4 dagar sedan
Should have a trackman to measure length
yoy yoy
yoy yoy - 4 dagar sedan
849 what happens when you get a star ko in smash
Barry Haines
Barry Haines - 4 dagar sedan
please build a submairne!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Santos S
Santos S - 4 dagar sedan
Mark Rober I challenge you to guess what is the place in fortnite with most percentage to win, what is the place that players that landed there won the most
greenzza - 4 dagar sedan
Project idea: Dice control is legal. People claim a skillful throw can make casino craps favorable for the player. Can you build a device that simulates the arm movement and reliably avoid a seven using a standard craps table? Please debunk!!!
Chvv - 4 dagar sedan
Can you please make another trap on thiefs but this time with paint? ;DDD
The Rawhide
The Rawhide - 4 dagar sedan
Yayzus kroist
Green Silver
Green Silver - 4 dagar sedan
🤔Nobody has invented a ride on flymo/ hover mower yet. Now it’s grass cutting season, someone needs to tackle this issue.
DoogelCraft - 4 dagar sedan
Minecraft cow Moo FTW!!!
Xx_THOTT_D35TR0Y3R_42069_xX - 4 dagar sedan
This reminds me of Reinhardt’s hammer
dccollectoraz - 4 dagar sedan
Who els got a golf ad LOL😂😂😂
Fishyy lmao
Fishyy lmao - 4 dagar sedan
Mark with the minecraft sound effects
Atomic Soup
Atomic Soup - 4 dagar sedan
Now do a rocket powered slap shot
Matthew BVHS2021 Lentz
Matthew BVHS2021 Lentz - 4 dagar sedan
Thanos- “Perfectly balanced, as all things should be.”
eduardo vargas
eduardo vargas - 4 dagar sedan
When is the next video
Dj Fabio
Dj Fabio - 5 dagar sedan
Can you pop popcorn but use science with the backyard scientist
Asher Simanowski
Asher Simanowski - 5 dagar sedan
do you think you could build a robot that plays "Rush B" that sits on top of the piano/keyboard
Freddie Debank
Freddie Debank - 5 dagar sedan
At 4:42 he used the Minecraft grass sound for the turf 🤣
Huntingdeer22 Stop motion gaming and more
can you add the car horn thing on your website.
Luke Tinsley
Luke Tinsley - 5 dagar sedan
How was the footage at 3:35 made?
Carter Gillam
Carter Gillam - 5 dagar sedan
buy balls with trackers on them
Star - 5 dagar sedan
did Destin post his video?
I cannot find it
James Orr
James Orr - 5 dagar sedan
You should put a tracking device in the golf balls
Alexander Schram
Alexander Schram - 5 dagar sedan
Can’t you do some math... I’m not smart enough, but can you take how fast the club was going then see how much force it takes for a ball to go 200m or something like that then let’s say the club went 200 mph and it takes you a 30mph swing to hit a ball 200m then you could do some math like with The laws of gravity with the weight of the ball with the amount of force going into it. I’m only in high school and don’t know much I hope you see this and can help me out @mark rober
Alexander Schram
Alexander Schram - 5 dagar sedan
Alexander Schram
Alexander Schram - 5 dagar sedan
Alexander Schram
Alexander Schram - 5 dagar sedan
Alexander Schram
Alexander Schram - 5 dagar sedan
Alexander Schram
Alexander Schram - 5 dagar sedan
HoneyCombKole - 5 dagar sedan
Imagine Happy Gilmore with this rocket powered golf club...
Fluffy Gaming
Fluffy Gaming - 5 dagar sedan
2 years later scientists have discovered a golf ball orbiting the earth
Star Studios
Star Studios - 5 dagar sedan
I feel like creating another account just to subscribe agein
Ethan Nystrom
Ethan Nystrom - 5 dagar sedan
U had 2 minecraft noises
Rebekah Prewett
Rebekah Prewett - 5 dagar sedan
NASA engineer almost catches a tree on fire with a golf club impressive👌🤣
Bibek Basnet
Bibek Basnet - 5 dagar sedan
how much is the budget man?? :o
Sampad Chakraborty
Sampad Chakraborty - 5 dagar sedan
this took me 16 tries!
Yo Mama
Yo Mama - 5 dagar sedan
This is the whole f****** purpose of the video! How far can you hit the ball? With a couple of brain cells I would think that some engineers could find it!
Anirudh Iyer
Anirudh Iyer - 5 dagar sedan
This channel amazes me with every video 😍
Xd Haniel Darius
Xd Haniel Darius - 5 dagar sedan
For the next video can you please test and prove the Galileo theory plz??!
David Chin-Shong
David Chin-Shong - 5 dagar sedan
He got the golf ball from wix
God Of Gaming
God Of Gaming - 5 dagar sedan
I wish i was as smart as you
Dynamite Dinosaur
Dynamite Dinosaur - 5 dagar sedan
11:19 Isn't this idea similar to the Fallout 4 Super Sledge?
Stephen Wagner
Stephen Wagner - 5 dagar sedan
I'm not seeing a comment on it, and I'm surprised you didn't mention this Mark so here's my two cents: The golf club kept picking up speed because more kinetic energy was being released and the coefficient of friction on the hinge was low enough to not impede it.
scotie scotson
scotie scotson - 5 dagar sedan
Solving life’s problems
scotie scotson
scotie scotson - 5 dagar sedan
Catharine George
Catharine George - 5 dagar sedan
You should teach how to whistle (scientifically)!
Haley Jewel
Haley Jewel - 5 dagar sedan
Bill nye who
Daren Gauthier
Daren Gauthier - 5 dagar sedan
Great video by the way, nice work on the team work and combined resources, but why didn't you use a tracking ball,
I'm sure that's a thing
rtmordecai1 - 5 dagar sedan
Is that the tune to colt 45?
Seabass Chen FC Dallas RGV
Seabass Chen FC Dallas RGV - 5 dagar sedan