ROCKET POWERED Golf Club at 100,000 FPS

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Mark Rober
Mark Rober - 3 månader sedan
I think this is my longest video ever but there was too much juicy stuff. The constant fail/improve loop happens on all my builds so I wanted to document it somehow. Destin's video will be coming in a few weeks and I'll update the link in the vid desc. when it does!
No Name
No Name - 8 dagar sedan
Send the golf club to space
Arunavo Bhattacharjee
Arunavo Bhattacharjee - 16 dagar sedan
Can you please get an estimate of the balls trajectory by say, having it pierce a paper sheet at a particular distance, noting the time it takes to do so?
The Cardbot Builder Ertwas
You should make a robot for battlebots
charmedwn - 28 dagar sedan
Nobody will ever notice me...😢
sdfsadf - Månad sedan
Hi, you could have tried for bolt joint through the pipes for positive locking instead of using 3 clamps and de pending on friction.
Keep Scrollin
Keep Scrollin - 6 timmar sedan
4:44 minecraft? Lol
Nicholas Drobes
Nicholas Drobes - 20 timmar sedan
Could that club coming loose not have easily killed someone?
Sm5shfan 0352957
Sm5shfan 0352957 - 21 timme sedan
"And a handheld version." Bruh you just made King dedede's down special in real life
Sammy C
Sammy C - Dag sedan
This video was made on my birthday!
Roughter - Dag sedan
Anyone else gonna comment on this sound 13:07
rdj sound and lightning
Those golf balls entert orbit
Daniel chen
Daniel chen - 2 dagar sedan
SUDDENLY, golf club flies into tree and kills a animal
godzillasauris - 2 dagar sedan
7:47 “doesn’t doink enough”

Superlugi HD
Superlugi HD - 2 dagar sedan
This made me laugh so hard 1:15
Ramit Moradia
Ramit Moradia - 2 dagar sedan
what the heck dude!!!! the golf ball is from
in slow mo 6:31 / 15:43
Ramit Moradia
Ramit Moradia - 2 dagar sedan
sorry it is 6:30 / 15:43
Aries Estrada
Aries Estrada - 3 dagar sedan
3:38 proof The Earth is flat
Mike Luna
Mike Luna - 3 dagar sedan
Code Orange Films
Code Orange Films - 3 dagar sedan
You have more subs than Destin now
Alek - 3 dagar sedan
crispykitten - 3 dagar sedan
That glass was 👌
Vinny Paciello
Vinny Paciello - 3 dagar sedan
The Minecraft dirt sound when he placed on the turf tho
Ramen_Emperor - 3 dagar sedan
8:32 we're safe on Mars!
Landyn Powell
Landyn Powell - 4 dagar sedan
You should make a battle bot
Landyn Powell
Landyn Powell - 4 dagar sedan
All should make a baseball cannon that can shoot it at baseball at 500 mph
finnleygdog YT
finnleygdog YT - 4 dagar sedan
Sometimes I wonder why this man goes this far for just an idea or a question.
Masa Ikramul Haq
Masa Ikramul Haq - 4 dagar sedan
I hope Mark's neighbors better insure their windows glasses.
XoXToxicHeroXoX Roblox
XoXToxicHeroXoX Roblox - 4 dagar sedan
1:15 when you have a 3 page essay due tomorrow and u haven't started
FBI. - 4 dagar sedan
This is why I love science
TheDerpy Kitty
TheDerpy Kitty - 5 dagar sedan
Mark why did you include the Minecraft cow sound?
xTerrabyte - Minecraft
xTerrabyte - Minecraft - 5 dagar sedan
AG Team100
AG Team100 - 5 dagar sedan
6:30 product placement
DecaY Thirst
DecaY Thirst - 5 dagar sedan
Too bad yt caps FPS at 60fps
kevin quicker
kevin quicker - 5 dagar sedan
Doinkage.... yesssssz
kevin quicker
kevin quicker - 5 dagar sedan
Mark , you're a genius!!!
Khieran Beeson-garcia
Khieran Beeson-garcia - 5 dagar sedan
I had a golf ad at the front of my thing where watch this video
Sean Voss
Sean Voss - 6 dagar sedan
You, smarterEveryDay, cpggray and captainD should open up a channel yust because youre all cool and make awsome videos.
And whats better than 1 awesome persone per channel?
Right four.
Jax Box
Jax Box - 6 dagar sedan
12:18 The asmr on theat tho
Jax Box
Jax Box - 6 dagar sedan
3:34 Lol
SpiffR - 7 dagar sedan
Respect. Amazing engineering with a huge dose of fun. I love your videos and projects. Please keep up the great work! Again, huge respect, mate.
Large Gay
Large Gay - 7 dagar sedan
This should be in fallout
Lucas Kuang
Lucas Kuang - 7 dagar sedan
Lucas Kuang
Lucas Kuang - 7 dagar sedan
Mr. potato
Mr. potato - 7 dagar sedan
and i know, at 3:31 the earths a ball
Soup GDWinney
Soup GDWinney - 7 dagar sedan
You gotta do that again, but do it in the dark with some glowing golf balls! If you guys have a "night golf" course near you, grab a dozen and then you'll see how far those suckers really go!!
JUST DO IT!!!!! lol
spamuel98 - 7 dagar sedan
I thought "oh no" as soon as I saw the thumbnail for this, lol.
corvet king
corvet king - 9 dagar sedan
Perfectly balanced like all things should be
Bob Snickerdoodle
Bob Snickerdoodle - 9 dagar sedan
9:01 that laugh gives me the chills
Shady Lemurs
Shady Lemurs - 9 dagar sedan
I love the Minecraft sfx
A Paper Clip
A Paper Clip - 9 dagar sedan
What’s the fan for?
Plan: B
Plan: B - 9 dagar sedan
Mark rober: buying watermelons
Watermelon: Im a banaana
Shny Fan
Shny Fan - 9 dagar sedan
Now it's killing me. I want to know how far that ball flied
Çŏsa ŊosŧЯǺ
Çŏsa ŊosŧЯǺ - 9 dagar sedan
Are you guys hiring? Need a guy with a GED education to participate in all this fun stuff?
i need a life
i need a life - 9 dagar sedan
Here 5:45
CantBeMoreRandom - 9 dagar sedan