BRIGHTBURN - Official Trailer #2

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Kairi Logane
Kairi Logane - 5 timmar sedan
Magnifique devil superman 🤗
Kairi Logane
Kairi Logane - 5 timmar sedan
Magnifique devil superman 🤗
CannedCustodian - 7 timmar sedan
Ima noob, but does this have to do anything with DC?
Viktória Viky
Viktória Viky - 11 timmar sedan
He was in endgame like a kid Scott Lang😇
Matrix Smurf
Matrix Smurf - 11 timmar sedan
it's like those horror movies with a twist of superpowers...
NubianTrini Mix
NubianTrini Mix - 15 timmar sedan
Crap movie.
Ran Ran
Ran Ran - Dag sedan
They should've just handed that alien baby kid to the government
Gane VaLima
Gane VaLima - Dag sedan
MultiTwiglet - Dag sedan
THe creators difenitley ripped off the mark from Bererk. Gutt's and Casca's dark seal looks exactly like that logo the kid draws
Omer Zia
Omer Zia - Dag sedan
I love this movie 🍿 Epic
Mohammad Taha Husain
Mohammad Taha Husain - Dag sedan
Rick might be insane
Rick might be insane - Dag sedan
He ends up killing about half a million people in Metropolis leaving billions of dollars worth of damage behind.
salad - Dag sedan
movie makers: hey kid, you wanna be the demon of a horror movie?
kid: um.. I'm going to ask my mom.
Riri Mazuki
Riri Mazuki - 2 dagar sedan
The best movie
gox Lau
gox Lau - 2 dagar sedan
Saitama : Are you done acting cool over there, there is a discount in the supermarket. I am bored
gox Lau
gox Lau - 2 dagar sedan
Wow marvel with DC
a Hedi
a Hedi - 2 dagar sedan
Worst movie ever ..
MythicalKumiho - 2 dagar sedan
I love but hate this movie. If they had told him in the beginning that’s he’s different and tried to help him this wouldn’t have happened honestly. It’s sad that the whole family died, dad, mom, uncle. I mostly feel bad for the uncle when he died also I felt grossed out that I wanted to throw up the food I just ate. Like WTF his whole his jaw was ripped/sliced out. He’s was nice when he gave him that present. The mom was the stupidest character ever. She could have done something else other then take a piece of the ship to kill him. Also she should have went for the throat. The ending wasn’t satisfying I hope the make a part 2.
Damien Tyrer
Damien Tyrer - 2 dagar sedan
As if he’s in avengers endgame lol
Ashwin Kumar
Ashwin Kumar - 2 dagar sedan
Brightburn-2 batman infected by bat rabbies
Ashwin Kumar
Ashwin Kumar - 2 dagar sedan
In the movie "US" it's showing evil version of people. So Superman and brightburn should come in "US 2"
Paulo Eusebio
Paulo Eusebio - 3 dagar sedan
Kneel before Zod's son.
Miguel Badiola
Miguel Badiola - 3 dagar sedan
Ashkan Parsa
Ashkan Parsa - 3 dagar sedan
By far the worst movie I have ever seen in my 26 years on this earth!!!
Howard O'Hara
Howard O'Hara - 3 dagar sedan
Okay Superboy’s Gonna Have A Hard Time Fighting Brightburn
Dasmask - 3 dagar sedan
patriota Brasil
patriota Brasil - 3 dagar sedan
Is evil superman 😂
patriota Brasil
patriota Brasil - 3 dagar sedan
Filmaço 😎
T OB - 4 dagar sedan
They are thinking about making the second movie where he teams up with Elijah Price.
Tohid Bittu
Tohid Bittu - 4 dagar sedan
superman copy
Islam Akbar
Islam Akbar - 4 dagar sedan
With abandonment and alienation issues, isn't it more likely that a space orphan would turn out like this than like Superman?
Inara vitória Vilela campos
Melhor filme
Salman Khan
Salman Khan - 4 dagar sedan
Dont watch this senseless bullshit wasted 1.5 HR of my life 😑😑😑
T OB - 4 dagar sedan
Now we just have to get you to realize how much time you waste on those "other" sights................
any4003 - 5 dagar sedan
For real it's like somebody took the Superman movie and re-edited it into a horror movie theme the only thing you're missing is calling him Clark Kent
thanh daotien
thanh daotien - 5 dagar sedan
Sao giờ vẫn chưa có nhỉ
Tinatsei Chademana
Tinatsei Chademana - 5 dagar sedan
We need a part 2 of this.
raj abhishek
raj abhishek - 6 dagar sedan
Hey! Is this superman multiverse?
92Tinna - 6 dagar sedan
That sign reminds me of Berserker demon sign ...
¡¡TyKeS! !!
¡¡TyKeS! !! - 6 dagar sedan
the guy on the road yelling no had me...LMFAO
Predator Sinatra
Predator Sinatra - 6 dagar sedan
I loved the movie, so original!i just wish he tortured his preys a little more, played with them.
zephire667 - 7 dagar sedan
Tyger tyger, burning bright...
Ruthline Felix
Ruthline Felix - 7 dagar sedan
somewhere in this world there is a guy/girl trying to destroy all of us:)
Tube Crawler
Tube Crawler - 7 dagar sedan
really great idea and potential but boy the movie turned out to be really bad
Mr S
Mr S - 8 dagar sedan
*Raising superman went wrong*
Lovely Jay
Lovely Jay - 8 dagar sedan
Nolan Blakely
Nolan Blakely - 8 dagar sedan
Cinema Sins sin sound at start
Jason Forde
Jason Forde - 8 dagar sedan
Glad i didn't see the trailer before watching the film.
Jack Ripper
Jack Ripper - 9 dagar sedan
I want a game of this and I want it really gore like the movie... free roam definitely would be nice.
Ricky Alexander
Ricky Alexander - 9 dagar sedan
Wish i had powers mean i can feel em not that much strong yet
Ricky Alexander
Ricky Alexander - 4 dagar sedan
@T OB i just need lawyer then i can put in work lol
T OB - 4 dagar sedan
As your powers develop make sure that you rule them don't let them rule you.
Alma Razavilar
Alma Razavilar - 9 dagar sedan
he goes to my school!!!!