“The Lion King” Can Explain Anything - Key & Peele

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*jungkook* bts
*jungkook* bts - 6 timmar sedan
Hakuna matata
batseboi - 21 timme sedan
How did I miss this. Thought I saw them all👌
Michael Henriksen
Michael Henriksen - 23 timmar sedan
Ashley Banks!
aimanseymos - Dag sedan
2:32 I laughed to death for this moment..
Colin Foo
Colin Foo - Dag sedan
"Aladdin!" 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Momohead - Dag sedan
0:00 - 0:12 I seriously thought that was key
Lolrtfyu Lolytfru
Lolrtfyu Lolytfru - Dag sedan
The titel should be "Kimba the white lion" Can expain everything -
Cody Conde
Cody Conde - Dag sedan
Key’s reaction at 2:32
philbertmill2 - Dag sedan
This is pure pain
Stephen R
Stephen R - Dag sedan
Its crazy if you think about it, when a beautiful woman is around , men just behave stupidly...
Young monaco
Young monaco - Dag sedan
These skits are all funny but they drag on too long.
Suz Q
Suz Q - Dag sedan
I had to check the comments because I’m pretty sure that is Tatyana Ali (Ashley) from Fresh Prince if Bel Air! That show was my jam! “West Philadelphia born and raised!”💖🤣
Sid J
Sid J - 2 dagar sedan
Girl: What are your thoughts on Chinese oppression on Hong Kong?
Peele: Mulan
Rithrius - 2 dagar sedan
This is literally me in threeway conversations. Right down to the double wine glasses.
Aqil Ahmad
Aqil Ahmad - 2 dagar sedan
Aladdin, I mean Middle East is like Jasmine , beautiful and..like Abu, I mean uh ...energetic and good hospitality :v
BACobain - 2 dagar sedan
Ziad Saleh
Ziad Saleh - 2 dagar sedan
Is that Tatyana Ali? OMG!
Lizzy Zamora
Lizzy Zamora - 2 dagar sedan
Is that cousin Ashley from Fresh Prince? She looks amazing!
Sithembiso Dhlamini
Sithembiso Dhlamini - 3 dagar sedan
They said my surname
My surname isn't Zuma though
eldo dieseltune auto
eldo dieseltune auto - 3 dagar sedan
If you're reading this , I hope you become rich 🔥
Mario Jahuey
Mario Jahuey - 3 dagar sedan
J Carr
J Carr - 4 dagar sedan
Tatyana...automatically a win
David Bobo
David Bobo - 4 dagar sedan
you're welcome for the 1M sub
MK - 4 dagar sedan
That’s ashleyyyyyyy omg🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩
Hasan M
Hasan M - 5 dagar sedan
What are your thoughts on the elections in Romania?

Clock Shock
Clock Shock - 5 dagar sedan
Intellectual conversation
Kha Za
Kha Za - 5 dagar sedan
What are your thoughts on the middle east. Aladdin
I'm dying🤣🤣
The Entrepreneur's Goal
The Entrepreneur's Goal - 5 dagar sedan
Lady: what are your thought about your government?
Peele: Pinocchio
Denzel Diesel
Denzel Diesel - 5 dagar sedan
I guess they right about amisom troops in Somalia
Bo Velkova
Bo Velkova - 5 dagar sedan
Little did they know Key would be one of those "3 animated hyenas"
Otaku Senpais
Otaku Senpais - 6 dagar sedan
Once you start a Key and Peel video you just cant stop
Ong's Jukebox Channel
Ong's Jukebox Channel - 6 dagar sedan
Stupidly genius! Or is it geniusly stupid? Ah, whatever.
PowerPunch Panda
PowerPunch Panda - 6 dagar sedan
The most awkward skit😂 its so good
Miguel Johnson Jr
Miguel Johnson Jr - 7 dagar sedan
Ashley Banks 🔥
Baba Dook
Baba Dook - 7 dagar sedan
That woman is so beautiful
Samnit Kumar
Samnit Kumar - 8 dagar sedan
"look at me"...."you have Ebola now"
Xavier Smith
Xavier Smith - 8 dagar sedan
Ashley got the ultimate glo-up
Old Black Nerd
Old Black Nerd - 8 dagar sedan
God damn Ashley looking good. Shea butter baby, fuckin up my sheets
Leah Rojo Kaige
Leah Rojo Kaige - 8 dagar sedan
Tatiana Ali is still beautiful
Hoàng Sáng Dubai
Hoàng Sáng Dubai - 9 dagar sedan
I like this video😌
Phoenix North
Phoenix North - 10 dagar sedan
Now that's good bullshitin
WorldWide - 10 dagar sedan
Ashley from fresh prince of belair
Nichole - 10 dagar sedan
Damn, Tatiana Ali is STILL FINE.
rawisrey - 10 dagar sedan
The Industrial Revolution to me is just like a story I know called "The Puppy Who Lost His Way". The world was changing, and the puppy was getting... bigger.
mark Reyes
mark Reyes - 13 dagar sedan
This just made me very uncomfortable
n24glover - 13 dagar sedan
So this is new??
The Dog's Bollox
The Dog's Bollox - 13 dagar sedan
She hot!
Clive Nyathi
Clive Nyathi - 13 dagar sedan
Nkosazana Dlamini Zuma ???
Asazi lomfo umazelaphi
elgritton - 14 dagar sedan
what are your thoughts about the school shootings?

High School Musicallll,,,
Captain Windshire
Captain Windshire - 14 dagar sedan
2:29 till this day I'm not sure if she's serious or just being sarcastic
Adam - 14 dagar sedan
Stop stop... please stop, this is too much cringe
Benaiah Mhlanga
Benaiah Mhlanga - 14 dagar sedan
Nkosazana Dlamini Zuma. 0:44
KAMLU - 14 dagar sedan
Frank Z
Frank Z - 14 dagar sedan
"What are your thoughts on international trade?"
Frank Z
Frank Z - 14 dagar sedan
Thank you, Disney, for sponsoring Comedy Central.
Faf-kun Dono
Faf-kun Dono - 14 dagar sedan
2:47 she cant hold her laugh anymore haha
CS2XX - 15 dagar sedan
smh people are dumb. “Tatyana Ali look so young & good for 40” google her without make up. She look 40 & kinda old
D C - 15 dagar sedan
02:32 "I'm talking to two idiots."
Einveru - 15 dagar sedan
*animated situation*
basil al sadi
basil al sadi - 15 dagar sedan
Goodness, she's aged like fine wine .. 40 my ass
mikedaflexta - 15 dagar sedan
What are your thoughts on the child kidnapping problems in England?
Peele: Peter Pan
Asres Benayalew
Asres Benayalew - 16 dagar sedan
The illusion of her dress makes her hips look wider.
Afifah Shameemah
Afifah Shameemah - 16 dagar sedan
Tatyana Ali is beautiful
Brian Rounding
Brian Rounding - 16 dagar sedan
1:11 His eyes telling a story in a story.. when one recognizes he lost his game...Briliiant plot twist
Sonia Flores
Sonia Flores - 16 dagar sedan
Wait wait wait. Are there more Kay and Peele shows
Malabu Souldjah
Malabu Souldjah - 16 dagar sedan
Is that Ashley Banks????
T. V. A.
T. V. A. - 16 dagar sedan
The face Key made at 1:10 says so much about how he catches Jordan’s bluff lol. They’re so good!!
Joao Santos
Joao Santos - 16 dagar sedan
lol Indeed.. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BKSXZ-1TShQ.
MrColz - 17 dagar sedan
Pete needs an F in the chat for that unintentional rejection.
Gabriel - 17 dagar sedan
She is fine 😍
June Glow
June Glow - 17 dagar sedan
Me when I run into intellectuals:
Kambinda Hantoka
Kambinda Hantoka - 18 dagar sedan
Barn Crow
Barn Crow - 18 dagar sedan
Beefangus - 18 dagar sedan
Why did I get a Lion King ad?
T.j. Wright
T.j. Wright - 18 dagar sedan
Dull funny video....
kealeboga sibiya
kealeboga sibiya - 18 dagar sedan
Wow brilliant
Nestor Gonzalez
Nestor Gonzalez - 18 dagar sedan
Lmao bruh
HGG GANG - 18 dagar sedan
Ashley banks
Huzaifa Naqvi
Huzaifa Naqvi - 18 dagar sedan
i love how they switched hair styles for this skit and nobody noticed lol
Yeo Certified Badass
Yeo Certified Badass - 5 dagar sedan
Huzaifa Naqvi I’m pretty sure everyone noticed.
EBHS00 - 14 dagar sedan
Who doesn’t notice
Jolly Productions
Jolly Productions - 15 dagar sedan
DUDE SAME, I was like “oh hey look at Jordan being Keygan.”
brad portillo
brad portillo - 18 dagar sedan
Aladdin 😂😂