Why I hated Pewdiepie (w/ Pewdiepie)

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fully - 4 minuter sedan
should have killed him
Spencer Kenney
Spencer Kenney - Timme sedan
Damn sweeds go back to your creamy meatball land
Yeety Mc Yeet
Yeety Mc Yeet - Timme sedan
I would have never thought that all those nostalgic pewdiepie songs I used to hear were made by someone who hated Pewds himself.
Amely -I.SP.
Amely -I.SP. - 2 timmar sedan
You're the freaking PewDiePie of the music community of YouTube!!!
InfiniteGamer 4307
InfiniteGamer 4307 - 2 timmar sedan
0:12 Pewdiepie: What
Me: you never played tuber simulator
breya Davis
breya Davis - 2 timmar sedan
PewDiePie seems uncomfortable and bored
seto gaming
seto gaming - 2 timmar sedan
Ah what you never played tuber simulator
Jemand - 3 timmar sedan
what a romance
Death Cloud
Death Cloud - 3 timmar sedan
0:26 thats not congratulations
its bitch lasagna
Made this to comment
Made this to comment - 3 timmar sedan
He’s dumb for hating him in the first place, and man I feel like I have seen this man before
Supertheo94 U
Supertheo94 U - 3 timmar sedan
Samuel Valle Perdomo
Samuel Valle Perdomo - 3 timmar sedan
Anyone remember when he said he was going to delete his channel at 50 mil?
GachaMiku Gamer
GachaMiku Gamer - 4 timmar sedan
Joél and Felix
Lysanne - 5 timmar sedan
Love how honest you are about it tho❤
Doubleman D
Doubleman D - 5 timmar sedan
I think that was corona
InFate itIcuS
InFate itIcuS - 6 timmar sedan
There in that rum... there is f***ing 3 sweds and all of them talks english not swedish
RoarRaps - 6 timmar sedan
Lol, be the biggest YTer on your street, Loser Street! 🤣
RoLty - 6 timmar sedan
0:13 WHAT?! You’ve never played Tuber Simulator?
Lemon Lime
Lemon Lime - 6 timmar sedan
no legs XD
Don't Copy My Name
Don't Copy My Name - 7 timmar sedan
Hey Gamerz! It's your boy PEWDIEEEEPIEEEEE
Unruly Ezreal
Unruly Ezreal - 8 timmar sedan
die...you insignificant fool.
AV4TAR ! - 9 timmar sedan
You said congratulations and circled bitch lasagna.... OOF
Wallin Kvivesen
Wallin Kvivesen - 9 timmar sedan
I dont like you
Diana Rosales
Diana Rosales - 9 timmar sedan
I didn’t even know he was Swedish until this video-
rashimahi12 - 9 timmar sedan
Omg I hated pewds for no reason
But now I am literally binging his content round the clock
Juswa - 10 timmar sedan
i used to hate you when i was 11 but now im rrtarded 15 welp... i respect you know just like how i respect pewds
plus you hid pewds' legs +2 charisma and respect from me
ShaonDaBoss - 11 timmar sedan
Megan Esp
Megan Esp - 11 timmar sedan
Snowmanbutternips - 11 timmar sedan
Mirkku Kisu
Mirkku Kisu - 11 timmar sedan
top 10
Enemies to lovers
James Canon
James Canon - 12 timmar sedan
8:47 Impossible
T- Train
T- Train - 12 timmar sedan
0:12 What?!??! You’ve never played tuber simulator!!!
nemepeep - 12 timmar sedan
0:13 *you never played tuber simulator?!*
Pubg Forlife
Pubg Forlife - 12 timmar sedan
To be honest me to
cupofjoe studios
cupofjoe studios - 14 timmar sedan
Bruno Chinchilla
Bruno Chinchilla - 15 timmar sedan
2:13 at that moment he knew he fucked up
Doge Crisp
Doge Crisp - 17 timmar sedan
Oh ma god... FELIX IN 1080p
Corynn Crabb
Corynn Crabb - 17 timmar sedan
I don't think they knew how big that video was was going to be when they uploaded it... lol
Nova - 18 timmar sedan
WHAT?!?!? You’ve never played pewdiepie’s tuber simulator?!
Random Person
Random Person - 19 timmar sedan
I love how the editor is part of this
Nutty Nate
Nutty Nate - 19 timmar sedan
Pewdiepie: what
Me: you never played tuber simulator
w a t e r I n g
w a t e r I n g - 20 timmar sedan
July 17 2019
Ryan Huddle
Ryan Huddle - 22 timmar sedan
Roomie: i hate pewdiepie

also Roomie: helped make bro fist
Cap N cap Productions
Cap N cap Productions - 23 timmar sedan
I watched this for 12 mins and still never got to the point
ryan leonard
ryan leonard - 23 timmar sedan
0:12 y o U n E v E R p l A Y e D t u b E r s i m U l A T o r ? ? ?
Dashed 011
Dashed 011 - Dag sedan
Don't worry Joël u are just 94.2 million subscribers away.
Should I like
Should I like - Dag sedan
Pewdiepie:your grandma makes YouTube videos?
Roomie:No she’s dead..
Pewdiepie: Hell yeah
Heater123 - Dag sedan
Roomie was the Mongol Empire
*PewDiePie was the Russian Empire*
WaltersFam - Dag sedan
Lezli mat
Lezli mat - Dag sedan
0:12 WOT You've NEvver played TuBer s il mUlat er