Making a 20,000 WATT Electric Drift Trike

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Adam Morgan
Adam Morgan - 2 timmar sedan
This guy is brilliant and I enjoy his videos but Jesus Christ the sound track of music he chooses is absolutely awful
DatDragon Boi
DatDragon Boi - 4 timmar sedan
When your eectric engine starts to smoke, and you get a new one: stonks
HowToBasketBoll 101
HowToBasketBoll 101 - 6 timmar sedan
iiBxcon - 7 timmar sedan
Sell these
Michaelangelo St. Paul
Michaelangelo St. Paul - 11 timmar sedan
@colinfurze could i buy one of these trikes off of you plzzz
5sec2HELL - 11 timmar sedan
I will pay you to make me one of these
Sadiq Gadir
Sadiq Gadir - 13 timmar sedan
Sadiq Gadir
Sadiq Gadir - 13 timmar sedan
Sadiq Gadir
Sadiq Gadir - 13 timmar sedan
Егор Струженко
Егор Струженко - 15 timmar sedan
cy bay
cy bay - Dag sedan
You quite like humping that bike don’t you
lukey 2494
lukey 2494 - Dag sedan
What I wanna know is were the hell does he store everything hes built?🤔
Tunel - Dag sedan
Funny differential
DAULTO_ sound_car
DAULTO_ sound_car - Dag sedan
Br aqui representando kk✌
PipKaS53 Pip
PipKaS53 Pip - Dag sedan
Ты конечно крут, но тебе до нашего ДаниКрастера как до Китая, ну ты знаешь как))))
Daniel Collins
Daniel Collins - Dag sedan
Is there any link on how to charge those batterys you have?
Joel Cox
Joel Cox - Dag sedan
What tips u going to 😂
raj balan
raj balan - Dag sedan
I need to join ur channel
PATOPADRE - Dag sedan
Your channel is amazing but please stop this weird fucking thing ;)
Joelan Magbanua
Joelan Magbanua - Dag sedan
Luso muh
Kami Vids
Kami Vids - Dag sedan
well what if you make something like that with tesla batteries? huh? huh?
indoorpie 167
indoorpie 167 - Dag sedan
Few it wasnt a good bmx it was zinc 😁
PeteyDWitch - Dag sedan
The Austin Powers of DIY
Pounamu Monk
Pounamu Monk - Dag sedan
Issac Tohme
Issac Tohme - 2 dagar sedan
МУЛЬТИКИ - 2 dagar sedan
*подпишись на мой канал и твоя мама будет жить вечно!!!!*
Deb Knecht
Deb Knecht - 2 dagar sedan
Dick head
HenryManson - 2 dagar sedan
the idea is great, but the video itself is crap!
Owen Dorrell
Owen Dorrell - 3 dagar sedan
Why does he hump everything?
TDCRetiree2013 - 3 dagar sedan
Your skills are stellar
E.D.M MASTER - 3 dagar sedan
Love this guy. These connections look lile they could feed the national grid 😂
james Videos
james Videos - 3 dagar sedan
50% work
30% messing up
20% thrusting your project
Jim Conrad Gobot
Jim Conrad Gobot - 4 dagar sedan
In Philippines we called that tricycle
SLT GFX - 4 dagar sedan
Jesus this is garbage...
RadenGaming - 4 dagar sedan
how much for one xD a petrol one
jjj1951 - 4 dagar sedan
Several kids in Colin's neighborhood are wondering where their BMX bikes went.
zhane peart
zhane peart - 4 dagar sedan
I wish I was your in paed testdriver
Nik & Ali
Nik & Ali - 4 dagar sedan
OMG your channel is amazing! I hope you're doing something really clever and valuable for a living coz you're a genius. Now, where do I buy one? :)
Andrew Delashaw
Andrew Delashaw - 2 dagar sedan
Having 9M SEzone subscribers IS "for a living."
Wasi Khan
Wasi Khan - 4 dagar sedan
Wow sir very nice , good and all the besttt for other future videos ,,
Wow 👌👍👍👍 i m your big fannn 😍💪and i m your New Subscriber🤓 ,,,,
Sir i have a question - what motor yor are using for this project,?, and how we can buy online ?🤕🤕🤕 please replyy me its very important 😭😭,,,!!!!
Jaron Basjes
Jaron Basjes - 4 dagar sedan
My dad 9:29
Kill Mind
Kill Mind - 4 dagar sedan
Make iron man
Æpot potatus
Æpot potatus - 5 dagar sedan
9:30 🤣🤣🤣🤣 when u pregnant it give me the baby ill take care of it 🤣😌
Maniac Drake
Maniac Drake - 3 dagar sedan
redcrow l
redcrow l - 5 dagar sedan
Not to bust your bubble but you should have put the motor on the front tire that's a way better because then I could pull you I have brakes on the front check out other videos good job 👌
Andrew Delashaw
Andrew Delashaw - 2 dagar sedan
Derp. You obviously missed the entire idea of a DRIFT trike. And even if you didn't want to drift it, a motor on the front would be way to bulky and with the powerful motor he used, wouldn't be able to go on the front anyways. You want the motor on the back. That's where all the weight is. That's where you have TWO 10 inch wide tires, creating a MUCH wider contact patch than that skinny tire in the front. Leave the designing of things with wheels to other people who are a bit brighter.
D SAUSZSZS - 4 dagar sedan
Its a DRIFT trike. You can't drift with front wheel drive...
Aina Magamedova
Aina Magamedova - 5 dagar sedan
I feel sad for those bmx’s
Mrs Funny
Mrs Funny - 5 dagar sedan
To much talking...
Brett Rushing
Brett Rushing - 5 dagar sedan
Colin really like humping his work lol
wrathful Eel3660
wrathful Eel3660 - 5 dagar sedan
Drift trike
John P
John P - 5 dagar sedan
❤️❤️❤️ this trike
Some One
Some One - 5 dagar sedan
11:25 So Colin
Baris Cankaya
Baris Cankaya - 5 dagar sedan
This guy is fucking crazy.... and i love it!