When Trash Talking Michael Jordan Goes VERY Wrong...

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Xefos - 12 timmar sedan
Trash talking mj is like making fun of a prime mike Tyson
Shane Thomas
Shane Thomas - Dag sedan
It's not "on his bullshit" ...it's on his air Jordan shit.
Jingling - 3 dagar sedan
That thumbnail tho...
Chris Ramos
Chris Ramos - 3 dagar sedan
Can anyone please start talking trash to MJ on how much the Charlotte Hornets suck? Maybe it will motivate him to build a better team...🤦🏻‍♂️
562. Anthony
562. Anthony - 4 dagar sedan
Jordan did Barkley wrong 😭
Himanshu Dhakal
Himanshu Dhakal - 4 dagar sedan
who else misses trap sax in the newer videos
ReGin'ALi YoNaH
ReGin'ALi YoNaH - 4 dagar sedan
Just said I had to even be reminded of Jerry Stackhouse's existence with this video 😂🤣
DarkHorse_2018 - 6 dagar sedan
God i hate when people who love to hear themselves talk. SHUT THE FUCK UP and play the videos. FUUUUUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
D Terebecki
D Terebecki - 6 dagar sedan
Mj is overrated Steph curry is way better
IntoTheAbyss OfTheUnknown
IntoTheAbyss OfTheUnknown - 6 dagar sedan
Trash talking MJ? He'll take you & that bs straight where it belongs! The garbage dump!
lipsterman1 - 6 dagar sedan
Don't trash talk MJ or Larry Bird. Recipe for disaster.
Moibah Dunor
Moibah Dunor - 8 dagar sedan
Nice, you had me cracking up!
Montana Jarvis
Montana Jarvis - 8 dagar sedan
I wish there was a video proof tho that showed stack house beat mj 1 on 1 bc does anyone believe he actually did?!?!
FEEL FANCY - 8 dagar sedan
He really picked the wrong guy to talk trash....
Eric Kingsbury
Eric Kingsbury - 9 dagar sedan
Loved It!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Carter - 9 dagar sedan
Keep it up
Letian Wang
Letian Wang - 9 dagar sedan
its all in the tongue
GodhatesEsau - 11 dagar sedan
I told Stackhouse to lie about him beating mj - TK Kirkland
Bdoge - 11 dagar sedan
Imagine trash talking the GOAT then giving up 48 points in less than 3 quarters
Bannanamilk Lul
Bannanamilk Lul - 12 dagar sedan
B ball
Danny Welch
Danny Welch - 12 dagar sedan
I laughed a dozen times out loud watching this.
videoconcierge - 12 dagar sedan
I'm sure I don't need to say it. BUT, for some reason I'm not sure of (links, forwards to me, etc.)
I started to view this channel. Then, 'IT HIT ME' ! I'm watching 10, 15, 20 of these videos because
they've 'GOT IT ALL' !! FACTS, ENTERTAINMENT, STATS, INSIGHT, everything !! Great job !!
Microgame 28
Microgame 28 - 12 dagar sedan
I trash talked to Air Jordan 1 on court and i got angkle breaked.
Robert Ladao
Robert Ladao - 13 dagar sedan
Last vid with Trap Sax rip
Trebreh Nautnip
Trebreh Nautnip - 15 dagar sedan
You trashtalk mj he will make your team pay for it but nowadays you trashtalk be sure to check your social media there you will see grown men crying about something lol
TaArxidaMou - 15 dagar sedan
MJ pure ruthless
ONEH TEE - 15 dagar sedan
Good video my bro keep me coming
Ferh :P
Ferh :P - 16 dagar sedan
Astrothunder 🖤💛
Life with G The Mac
Life with G The Mac - 17 dagar sedan
MJ should have stayed in and got 60pts 15 rebounds 💯😂
Kuddles McKitten
Kuddles McKitten - 18 dagar sedan
Stackhouse is definitely up there with Penny Hardaway, Shawn Kemp, Joe Smith, and Tracy McGrady in terms of ringless greats.
Igor Moskalenko
Igor Moskalenko - 18 dagar sedan
You could say that in 2 min. But you made a 10 min video of it... Rubber!
Jay Tvk
Jay Tvk - 19 dagar sedan
Jerry Stackhouse: Jordan is over pressed...To hell with Jordan.
MJ: I’m not goin to make this personal but somebody please hold my Monster Jam?
Butch - 19 dagar sedan
Why does the 3 point line looks shorter?
ET 101
ET 101 - 20 dagar sedan
Hate liars
Sting Ikl
Sting Ikl - 22 dagar sedan
7:56 I cried 😂😂😂😂😂
Carlos Flores
Carlos Flores - 23 dagar sedan
Stackhouse: blah blah blah Jordan.
Jordan: Vala Morghulus
Stackhouse: ☠
Yolore Gaming
Yolore Gaming - 24 dagar sedan
What is the song 😂
ZaddyOc & Mohamedissavage
ZaddyOc & Mohamedissavage - 24 dagar sedan
Stackhouse is an idiot. Unlike Kobe, Stackhouse lost the chance to have Jordan’s mutual respect by telling the media and talking shit about him to the world and completely disregarding the three time champion. Jordan respected Kobe because Kobe is just a competitive lil bro who respected Jordan’s game and respected the impact that Jordan had on the league. But Stackhouse caused Jordan to actually want to destroy him.
B.M. Chamblei
B.M. Chamblei - 26 dagar sedan
Jordan was pulling moves from the manual that night.
lucas Miele
lucas Miele - 26 dagar sedan
Trash talking Jordan is like messing with DaBaby because you are gonna get messed up
Juan Carrillo Polina
Juan Carrillo Polina - 27 dagar sedan
Can we speak over the phone for 5 min ? Im intrested in the way you hold my attention with your videos only a few youtubers have this skill .thank you
Gianni Forde
Gianni Forde - 27 dagar sedan
What’s the trap sax song?😂😂😂
Dharma - 27 dagar sedan
Chloe Quinn
Chloe Quinn - 28 dagar sedan
MJ is a legend
RAIN MAN - 28 dagar sedan
Hof mid range deadeye shows gold lmfao
Pankaj Gorey
Pankaj Gorey - Månad sedan
Trash talking MJ is like telling Zlatan he got no confidence.
AQCreationz - Månad sedan
Lebron is the greatest player to ever lace up. Don’t you EVER disrespect him like that again.
Deutsches Reichtangle
Deutsches Reichtangle - Månad sedan
Michael Jordan... The Black Jesus!!
CarimboHanky - Månad sedan
none of todays players will stand a chance against 1990s jordan... the dude was in beast mode every game.
OJ Simpson
OJ Simpson - Månad sedan
I fucks with your videos heavy
Marlon Marshall
Marlon Marshall - Månad sedan
Jay Yong
Jay Yong - Månad sedan
I trashed talk MJ and give one hard elbow to MJ. I get 1 flagrant foul and he got in hospital for 3 months. I think its worth.
Nick Manalac
Nick Manalac - Månad sedan
Back when Jimmy had trap saxx... Like if October 🔥🔥
Kenwyon Wilson
Kenwyon Wilson - Månad sedan
Bruh Rule 1 of the hoopers handbook is truee!!
mctapout187 - Månad sedan
The 3 Mikes..
Michael Jordan
Michael Jackson
Mike Tyson
Joshua LEao
Joshua LEao - Månad sedan
I remember when this channel had no ads
Tashuma Pervis
Tashuma Pervis - Månad sedan
I know your looking at championships. But Vernon Maxwell statement is true jordan and bulls never had good games when they played the rockets in the 90 regular season. He lost to Orlando in his return so he never got a chance to see if he could have beaten them in the finals and plus the rockets did the dumbest move and traded out all the championship talent for sorry ass Charles Barkley because the clyde trade work in their favor for 95 championship but the Barkley move was like a curse to the franchise.
Yair - Månad sedan
😂😂😂😂😂 Yo MJ GOAT foreal
Derell .Luis
Derell .Luis - Månad sedan
Pedro Navaja
Pedro Navaja - Månad sedan
You know the whole team must've got in his ass after that. Next time don't say shit about Michael.
LeGoat JaGoat
LeGoat JaGoat - Månad sedan