Nikolas Cruz Vlog and Interrogation - Parkland School Shooting

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Hello everybody! I started a Discord server where people can discuss these cases if they like. It might take awhile before enough people join to have a real conversations on the topics but you can use this link to find and join the server if you are interested in checking it out:

If you don’t know what Discord is, it’s a service where people can chat and talk over voice on various topics, try it out if you are interested!
ThaGreaT FranK
ThaGreaT FranK - 24 dagar sedan
Nate M
Nate M - 25 dagar sedan
@Dyl Bre The problem with conspiracies and false flags is, it seems every damn story is a false flag or conspiracy story to all of you. So nothing is real and everybody eventually becomes desensitized to actual and real tragedies. Not a tear to shed because life is not real, not when you believe everything is false.
greg sheppard
greg sheppard - 27 dagar sedan
@Derek Dugger no hell they don't. You're a 90% dummy.
For Father
For Father - 28 dagar sedan
Bob Dylan's conscience great questions. In this case, they need more. They accepted witness accounts which supports their narrative while excluding accounts from teachers and students who heard shots from two directions and at the same time. One female student exited the campus side by side with Cruz as shots were heard in the distance. A teacher described a man in full tactical gear with a helmet and black tactical mask shooting in her direction. She believed he was law enforcement and wondered why he was killing students. Six officers on scene refused entry. Officers from a neighboring community were admonished for coming to the rescue. Strange still, FBI, who had participated in a readiness exercise at the school hours earlier found themselves, "in the neighborhood" but for some reason another was still on scene from earlier but was unaccounted for. Cruz is mentally retarded. They knew of his behavior months in advance and had previously been investigated for his comments online. He was given a pass by both FBI and the sheriff's department. If Cruz was a shooter, who was the other? Why did the department, who had a readiness exercise hours earlier and two weeks previously, drop the ball so thoroughly? Why are witnesses being silenced, video evidence being destroyed and where is his AR15 and fingerprints? That's right. The shooter wore gloves. Cruz had none. Do I need a confession? Irrelevant at this point. Cruz is the patsy. Even if he didn't do it he's going down for it. Watch David Hogg's video of the shooting as it was happening. He clearly states the time of day be 9:34am. The shadows outside of his classroom confirm this by being elongated. Yet the shooting occurred at 2pm as the sun was directly overhead. Feeling guilt and expressing emotions of remorse dose not constitute a confession, but had he confessed? With all know facts? I say he was used.
Bob Dylan's conscience
Bob Dylan's conscience - 28 dagar sedan
They try to see if he needs medical . He said he's medically cleared. But it's not that easy. This is ongoing prosecution at this moment, right?
Michael Spoto
Michael Spoto - 8 dagar sedan
SSRI's prolly played a huge role in this.
sayian pimp Pat stiffer
sayian pimp Pat stiffer - 8 dagar sedan
What was his sentence I hope they put him to death. Pice of shit took that video before hand and now just pussys out 🖕🖕🖕💩‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️
John McNally
John McNally - 9 dagar sedan
FAKE SHOOTING it's all BS....I didn't watch this video. It's all show.
finnibert lunchiken
finnibert lunchiken - 10 dagar sedan
Either this is an ad for bottled water or that detective is diabetic thirsty.
edward stevens
edward stevens - 14 dagar sedan
he should ask him what kind of anti depressants he was on.
edward stevens
edward stevens - 14 dagar sedan
Trying to prove he's competent.
edward stevens
edward stevens - 14 dagar sedan
where's his attorney, right to remain silent.
edward stevens
edward stevens - 14 dagar sedan
He didn't belong in a main stream high school. Also, he should have been expelled numerous times.
Daydreamer - 14 dagar sedan
People, don't forget, this kid is innocent, just like everyone else who is first accused, or framed, for a crime. He has already been unlawfully questioned by other cops, who did not Mirandize him. At this time, he had not been convicted of any crime, in any court, except the court of public opinion, which was driven by the fake news industry. Was he force-fed information which he is supposed to recall to indite himself with, and what ever happened to the teacher who actually gave witness that it was a man in a tactical uniform who was the shooter, and not a kid in street clothes. An FBI agents son, (and plant) David Hogg, already had a heads-up on what was going to go down that day, as he was reporting about it in real time, so why didn't the FBI also let the local sheriff know that there was going to be a shooting that day, and why did Peterson run away from gunfire, instead of doing his job to protect the students. Was there any animosity between the sheriff, Scott Israel, and the school teachers who had accused Israels sons of wrong-doing while attending Parkland school two years prior to the shooting, and didn't Israel and the sheriffs office conduct training at the school, on how to prevent school shootings, a month or two prior to the actual shooting? This whole mess reeks of democide, and a massive cover-up. This is the largest sheriffs office in the entire country, and I believe they have the capacity to frame anyone they wish, for any crime they want to convict them of, and you may be next. It is also questionable as to whether the people Cruz was staying with, helped set him up as a patsy, because they supposedly had control of the rifle that he supposedly used. Nothing about this case reeks with the truth, because, I believe, there is no truth exhibited, and there are certain law enforcement officials who can't handle the truth, because they belong to a sect of pedophiles, of zionist origin, who enjoys sheding the blood of children. Governments have murdered over 300 million people in the 20th century, so what is 17 more going to matter?
Amber Malinowski
Amber Malinowski - 14 dagar sedan
If someone killed my kid I would kill them.
manuel garcia
manuel garcia - 14 dagar sedan
This interrogation could have been performed a lot better. without a doubt.
Tian Cleveland
Tian Cleveland - 15 dagar sedan
Buddy was lying about a girlfriend asked why were you fighting


😂😂 buddy thinks he’s a badass cause he has a girlfriend
Daniel Villeneuve
Daniel Villeneuve - 15 dagar sedan
This Detective did an amazing job.
OwlAlwaysLoveYou - 15 dagar sedan
Only thing about this interview I don't agree with is The detective repeating you been check by doctor pretty much saying there's nothing mentally wrong.It takes a long time give diagnosing to some illnesses. Some illnesses are able to detect some others take time I can't say that there's nothing wrong because it takes time to test for anything else other than just depression and even with depression that takes time to diagnose. I'm not here saying that theres is nothing that this young man has done is right. And I'm not saying that he is mentally ill either only time and seeing doctors and tell you that if he is or not. I hope that they do run more tests on this young man to rule out anyting of any kind of illness. Yes this young man needs to be put in jail what he did was horrible.
Steven Martinek
Steven Martinek - 17 dagar sedan
If they did nothing to him,he was completely wrong.Howevee if they were offenders,I don't see the crime.They just should have left him alone.
Connie Marie
Connie Marie - 17 dagar sedan
This dude eerily sounds EXACTLY like Elliot Rodgers. A YouTuber who went on a killing spree because no girls wanted to date him, and he was still a virgin... His last YouTube video is called "Elliot Roders Retribution". Crazy.
Connie Marie
Connie Marie - 15 dagar sedan
@Stoners Opinion This, I know.
Stoners Opinion
Stoners Opinion - 15 dagar sedan
It isn’t that crazy, have you not observed what sexual frustration does to non-human species? They become murderous. Just because we have the most conscience doesn’t mean primal urges don’t need to be satisfied. And if they aren’t satisfied, it is completely human and a part of nature to have those who kill and become violent if they are frustrated.
Mega Dave
Mega Dave - 17 dagar sedan
Any fool can buy a weapon like that in the USA
Sad state of affairs
Big Juicer
Big Juicer - 17 dagar sedan
3:02 "by the political government... programs." I don't think he knew what any of those words meant, he just thought it was cool to say everyone was brainwashed by the government or something cause he heard it somewhere
beth kinnersley
beth kinnersley - 17 dagar sedan
Detective: “you what? You’re stupid?.... ok” 😂😂😂😂😂
snawtRAWKit - 17 dagar sedan
I can't remember... I can't remember dude.... fake hyperventilation.... WHAT A PUSSY!! Maybe if I pretend I'm psychotic everyone will sympathize with me and forget what I did.
i am that
i am that - 17 dagar sedan
Amazing acting
ItsXyde - 17 dagar sedan
he says its you lmfao. if he hears voices in his in his head help yourut you kwon cops don't dont do shit
ItsXyde - 18 dagar sedan
Kinda sad but hes life is just as sad as mine!
ItsXyde - 18 dagar sedan
I've never seen someone who wants to kill them self, more then him! I can tell he wished he ended his life on that day. I think everyone can tell! so sad!!
Poppy83 - 18 dagar sedan
“Your demon wants an attorney “ 😂 Classic
james lachs
james lachs - 18 dagar sedan
IMO, this filth needs to be put in front of a firing squad. He took 17 innocent, and mostly young, lives and the family harm he's created is permanent and incalculable. Letting his friend see him for a love fest is ridiculous. It's hard to see Cruz getting offered water and having a hefty meal. I get that's humane treatment but he doesn't deserve it. WTF cares when he ate last, if he believes in God, what his budget is etc. His life is over and we need to stop this type of crime. I wish we knew how!!
adriaan van harrick
adriaan van harrick - 18 dagar sedan
This kid basically just were lonesome and felt lost. His mom had died, and he just wanted to get back at 'life'. Of course it is an excellent idea to provide access to heavy fire weapons to more or less random, unstable and immature little guys. Why don't you blame your weapons lobby(ists) and the ones who produce and sell weapons instead of talking your political bullshit stories.. of how it somehow would be people who are AGAINST the unchecked spreading of fire arms, the somewhat more intelligent and friendly folk you come down on so hard calling them 'liberal', that would be to blame! If only you paid so much attention to lost kids BEFORE they shoot up a school as you now show to give this self-pitying dumbass AFTER he has committed this horrible act of taking the lives of seventeen truly innocent others, including psychological assessments like shown above. Time is a very cruel and absolute absolute thing.. at least, it can be if it is against you. It also is something of which the consequences are hard to foresee or take serious for those who are not sporting a fully (or reasonably well) developed set of brains yet.. like, teenagers often are still far from having come to some actual more or less full development, and some people never reach any state of maturity during their entire adult life.
Brett Harris
Brett Harris - 18 dagar sedan
wow, happy 18th bday, no u cant go for a drink for another 3 years but instead lets go buy a army grade rifle. Also why the hell wouldnt you lawyer up
Abby Echevarria
Abby Echevarria - 18 dagar sedan
That’s the funniest interview I’ve ever seen
Dig Digger
Dig Digger - 18 dagar sedan
not a video game is it kid?
Chad Hansen
Chad Hansen - 18 dagar sedan
When his brother came in, dam
Top 10's
Top 10's - 18 dagar sedan
He seems so confident in the video he made before the shooting like he made up his mind, what happened in the interrogation room. Reality set in
Kurt Buck
Kurt Buck - 18 dagar sedan
MK Ultra. This kid was under control.
X-Tech Gam!nG
X-Tech Gam!nG - 18 dagar sedan
A cop telling the truth..? BAHAHAHAHA, good one!!!
X-Tech Gam!nG
X-Tech Gam!nG - 18 dagar sedan
"Hello. My name is Nick, and I'm gonna be the next school shoopgruv of 2018."
Mobstar Hipstar
Mobstar Hipstar - 18 dagar sedan
Clearly there must be issues with our current school system it really is an indoctrination brainwashing system. And it brings out the worse in some people like this psycho guy...
TrevorD - 18 dagar sedan
This guys an idiot.
Sean Gentry
Sean Gentry - 18 dagar sedan
wish they could just beat the crap out of him instead of interrogating him
Kevin Murray
Kevin Murray - 19 dagar sedan
What a piece of shit...doesn't like how people treat him in he's in prison for life for capital murder and he's now being given orders 24/7 by prison officials and lawyers. What is wrong with kids today, where do parents go wrong!
Queen G
Queen G - 19 dagar sedan
sick of bein told wot to do n when to do it... wtf did he think was gonna happen in prison? he had plenty opportunity to kill himself durin the act
The Immoral John Hancock
The Immoral John Hancock - 19 dagar sedan
That mission impossible ring tone is hilarious
Jamal Lewis
Jamal Lewis - 19 dagar sedan
The voices part was hilarious
Bill Seling
Bill Seling - 19 dagar sedan
Straight up- I hate cops....this guy here, I don't know if he's EXTREMELY good at his job, a compassionate man, maybe feels for the kid.....or after this he pulled over a bunch of people n beat the fuck up out em to release aggression....
Bill Seling
Bill Seling - 19 dagar sedan
I just went n grabbed myself a glass of water!!!
Bill Seling
Bill Seling - 19 dagar sedan
I don't understand these shootings. If you want to kill people, just join the military and go active dudey. Don't shoot innocent people. Join the military n kill people. Always a war going on someplace.
Bill Seling
Bill Seling - 19 dagar sedan
I'm so happy he didn't kill himself, now he'll get buttfu"*ed everyday of his life, beaten, harrased, stabbed, shanked, anything horrible that can be done to an inmate will happen to him. That is the only thing that brings me a y joy.
big sadie
big sadie - 19 dagar sedan
why do they got to cut up this interview , edit it every time the kid is gonna speek , someday justice be served to those guilty of this bullshit , too many innocent victims to a fucked up agenda , may they all get some peace someday
Big Oof
Big Oof - 19 dagar sedan
They should torture him until the brink of death every day for the rest of his life and ruin him mentally until he dies of insanity

PS. I know this is harsh but c'mon he deserves it
crshnbrn09 - 19 dagar sedan
Such an annoying interrogation....