First to Guess the Password Wins - FaZe Clan

68 098
1 908
Tyree Davis
Tyree Davis - 4 timmar sedan
Shadow Ghost3133
Shadow Ghost3133 - 17 timmar sedan
1:34 his chin.
scouser321 - 19 timmar sedan
Who ever likes thinks faze Kay’s gf Charlotte is fit
Tea Fam
Tea Fam - Dag sedan
Tea Fam
Tea Fam - Dag sedan
You could’ve said raw and could I have a shout out I want to play of you FaZe member and could add me s.sitmesteve
Julio Colon
Julio Colon - Dag sedan
Merrick 724
Merrick 724 - Dag sedan
When the word was lamp I would said moth
Sawyer Vision
Sawyer Vision - Dag sedan
I’m watching Jarvis I the block party
Zachary Whitaker
Zachary Whitaker - 2 dagar sedan
2-17 - 2 dagar sedan
Kay in an American accent, is fucking amazing
Fɴᴀᴛɪᴄ_Sʟᴀsʜ Ez
Fɴᴀᴛɪᴄ_Sʟᴀsʜ Ez - 2 dagar sedan
People who aren’t British or American won’t know what some of those words mean...
Julia Brown
Julia Brown - 2 dagar sedan
apex is short tho
Mikey Fras
Mikey Fras - 2 dagar sedan
My sister likes faze adapt
cesar a
cesar a - 2 dagar sedan
cesar a
cesar a - 2 dagar sedan
I can’t stop laughing when he said “yess”
Pubg gamer
Pubg gamer - 2 dagar sedan
Adapt is handsome
QUID_ - 3 dagar sedan
How many people saw that Adapt was holding his stomach at 8:16
Forrest Giard
Forrest Giard - 3 dagar sedan
My names Forrest
Default skin
Default skin - 3 dagar sedan
Bruh Apex said the n word lets jump him
Farpos123 - 3 dagar sedan
blessed vid
ArTiC - 3 dagar sedan
No one:
Absolutely nobody:
Alex or adapt: terminator ah ah
kiy m
kiy m - 3 dagar sedan
Thieves you stole your tfue’s money
Tina Silverman
Tina Silverman - 3 dagar sedan
best fortnite player in FaZe is jarvis
Thanks for that Goal Salah
Thanks for that Goal Salah - 3 dagar sedan
I’m not saying faze are racist or anything obviously but did you ever realize there has never been a black persons in FaZe
42 0
42 0 - 3 dagar sedan
Lmao the plug was calling faze adapt
Leighton Preston
Leighton Preston - 3 dagar sedan
Apex is small
Hyper Kidstreamer
Hyper Kidstreamer - 3 dagar sedan
That was the day of my birthday
T Boy Gaming
T Boy Gaming - 3 dagar sedan
I kept Apex as my password

It said too short even apex is short coincidence?
Athic - 3 dagar sedan
T Boy Gaming old joke, shut the fuck up kid.
dae the unhappy tree
dae the unhappy tree - 3 dagar sedan
i got triggered when they asked kay to start using american accent like the fuck americans? people have accents too and u cant takr that away from them !!!!fucking idiots!!!
The Murder
The Murder - 4 dagar sedan
Jarvis :

Kay : U ArE iNsAnE bRo
dargon sword !!!!!
dargon sword !!!!! - 4 dagar sedan
Cant you just say rotten FLESH
Sharpie0424 - 4 dagar sedan
Shrek was made from Dreamwork lol
Sweethomealabama - 4 dagar sedan
Omfg when the video started I couldent bring myself to say that was adapt he look so fucking different man is a tank now?!?!?!
Adrian Perez
Adrian Perez - 4 dagar sedan
I feel like adapt is always high 😂
Pug Ster
Pug Ster - 4 dagar sedan
Is faze adapt on drugs?
NotKyubi - 4 dagar sedan
Lol I just realized cizzors is in FaZe
Damn He Irrelevant
Xzokz - 4 dagar sedan
For Donkey, they should've said Draymond Green.
Ray Pest
Ray Pest - 4 dagar sedan
Rug is the the Vikstar of FaZe
MrSparkles - 4 dagar sedan
Who else played along too
Majestic Pizza
Majestic Pizza - 4 dagar sedan
For the “Rotten” I would’ve said “expired”
201 IQ 🧠
Brayan Mata
Brayan Mata - 4 dagar sedan
Somaly Lam
Somaly Lam - 5 dagar sedan
Rotten > spoiled. Dispose > Remove. Withdraw > take.
I’m SilentYT
I’m SilentYT - 5 dagar sedan
I wanna put this whole thing out of context 😂😂
Gé -
Gé - - 5 dagar sedan
Rotten --> egg
Somebody? 🤔🙄😅
AsH_ Ghost_
AsH_ Ghost_ - 5 dagar sedan
When rug thought it was him 1:20
Get me 1k subs without videos
everyone: BLAZE PICK!

Rug: Its gonna be me!

Blaz: lets goooo.... jarvis

rug: oh :(
SLoW_TiDeS gaming
SLoW_TiDeS gaming - 5 dagar sedan
Is it just me or does cizzors look fried as
Cryptic Xenophy
Cryptic Xenophy - 5 dagar sedan
Rotten you could have said decomposed
William Campbell
William Campbell - 5 dagar sedan
12:30 expired
William Campbell
William Campbell - 5 dagar sedan
XD kizzle
XD kizzle - 5 dagar sedan
7:35 Don't know why but the *woot* had me dying😂😂😂😂😂
Ty Gamerz
Ty Gamerz - 5 dagar sedan
I would’ve said spoiled
Rohan Vellanki
Rohan Vellanki - 5 dagar sedan
8:27 is when you try to sound cool in front of ur friends
Hi SquishWard
Hi SquishWard - 5 dagar sedan
Jarvis- (farts)
Rafael Príncipe
Rafael Príncipe - 5 dagar sedan
Alex is actually fucking dumb
Ghost Isaac
Ghost Isaac - 5 dagar sedan
For lamp they should’ve said moth
KALEEL JAVIER - 5 dagar sedan
KALEEL JAVIER - 5 dagar sedan
cizzors should have said himself
Cuqq II
Cuqq II - 5 dagar sedan
Password is gay
Diego Ultreras
Diego Ultreras - 5 dagar sedan
I feel your shortness Apex
SF tbone
SF tbone - 5 dagar sedan
Do they not know how to draw a bracket?
Wyatt Moore
Wyatt Moore - 5 dagar sedan
I like the fact that Banks is like the dad of the house. And Adapt the type of guy to deposit money to Banks
Trevor Harland
Trevor Harland - 5 dagar sedan
crazyduckplayz im a duck
crazyduckplayz im a duck - 6 dagar sedan
These are my thought s so don’t hate I think if Jarvis wasn’t keys bro he wouldn’t be there
Nyeemthedream R
Nyeemthedream R - 5 dagar sedan
FUCK you!!
Wyfy 2008
Wyfy 2008 - 6 dagar sedan
May 30 is my birthday
Fernando Velarde
Fernando Velarde - 6 dagar sedan
Apek ain’t the shortest
kingKMH_YT FORTNITE - 6 dagar sedan
Let faZe elite back he had school and he did a double upload before he got kicked LET HIM BACK😤😠😡 like if agree
Blaster Master
Blaster Master - 6 dagar sedan
Reagan Smith
Reagan Smith - 6 dagar sedan
Is there beef between rug and banks
Owendana Ganas
Owendana Ganas - 6 dagar sedan
When adapt said "Yes" for tomatoes ... 🤣🤣🤣 bust!
2k Jesus
2k Jesus - 2 dagar sedan
Lol ikr 🤣🤣🤣🤣
Savage Leader
Savage Leader - 6 dagar sedan
Is Ali in faze because my friend said he is
CamouGang - 6 dagar sedan
jarvis: guesses wrong
kay: OmG BrO YoUr InSaNe!
Ahmad Saleh
Ahmad Saleh - 7 dagar sedan
Banks killed it
Ilyas Karim
Ilyas Karim - 7 dagar sedan
I wanna make a vid with these guys sooo bad
Wojxk- Fortnite
Wojxk- Fortnite - 7 dagar sedan
Bro when apex said “Tomatoes” and adapt said YES I pissed myself
Brandon Valadez
Brandon Valadez - 7 dagar sedan
IIWojakII - Fortnite bro same 😂😂
ツIcey - 8 dagar sedan
For donkey just say jackass
Cow - 8 dagar sedan
They all shit on adapt lmao he totally carried the who game tho.
Thomas Harkins
Thomas Harkins - 8 dagar sedan
3:40 you spelled litre wrong
BleachGaming XD
BleachGaming XD - 8 dagar sedan
Has FaZe Banks in the thumbnail but isnt in the video
just for fun
just for fun - 9 dagar sedan
Adapt is annoying
MobileツBraydenツ- - 9 dagar sedan
Bro when he said trash I said FAZE KAY XD
ULTIMATE NEWDAY - 9 dagar sedan
where is nick mercs
Chance Norris
Chance Norris - 9 dagar sedan
Apex and adapt cheated
Tall TailZ
Tall TailZ - 9 dagar sedan
For with draw they should have said take out
Justin Reynolds
Justin Reynolds - 10 dagar sedan
Epic Elite
Epic Elite - 10 dagar sedan
Faze Kay literally gave away the quiet answer by putting his Finger on his mouth if he would just said shhhhh That's probably more harder.
Pyromaniac1339 - 8 dagar sedan
more harder?
Elec Trophy
Elec Trophy - 10 dagar sedan
For the word “neck”, they should’ve said “nerd”.
Hyper - 10 dagar sedan
12:25 LMFAO
GX ERDII - 10 dagar sedan
A and A
A and A - 10 dagar sedan
They should have said exspired
Space Respwan YT
Space Respwan YT - 10 dagar sedan
Why does Faze Apex look taller then Faze Rug
Duncan’s Fan page
Duncan’s Fan page - 10 dagar sedan
Say mold
Vinny Runt
Vinny Runt - 10 dagar sedan
hey can I play with one of you and if I beat you can I be in faze
Jacho Laforteza
Jacho Laforteza - 10 dagar sedan
can’t stop laughing at 12:25😂
Lorenzo Grasso
Lorenzo Grasso - 10 dagar sedan
It's vlogging And gaming time
hit the like button....
Hailee Perry
Hailee Perry - 11 dagar sedan
Why are there no Faze Girls
ludafishk - 11 dagar sedan
Look at rug compared the Apex WOAH WOAHHHH Rug is the shorter one here
Andres Quiroz
Andres Quiroz - 11 dagar sedan
Why does rug look and sound like the gayest one there
Kung pow Kitten
Kung pow Kitten - 11 dagar sedan
Adapt lookin chunky
kid Trojan
kid Trojan - 11 dagar sedan
First to start playing cod again wins