Former CIA Chief of Disguise Breaks Down 30 Spy Scenes From Film & TV | WIRED

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Votatic - 11 minuter sedan
"You may recognise her"
Kasey Rhoades
Kasey Rhoades - 20 minuter sedan
shes too cool
Anna Laguerre
Anna Laguerre - Timme sedan
this is the content I signed up for. OMG. I love this so much.
Cynthia Jossart
Cynthia Jossart - 2 timmar sedan
May we pretty please have another of these but with Chuck and Archer?
Robert Wadsworth
Robert Wadsworth - 3 timmar sedan
No comment . . .
crazybeartimba - 3 timmar sedan
she says media disguise is off limits but in the past, didn't't that happen in the film Argo? I know it was a movie so if someone can chime in that would be great :)
bansheeseth - 3 timmar sedan
idk why but ı thınk ı know thıs woman ı am just crious have she came turkey manavgat side because ı thınk ı saw her ın my bar and we talk alot :D
Zel Samson
Zel Samson - 4 timmar sedan
Lol. I love the editing! 😂
scarlett bazah
scarlett bazah - 4 timmar sedan
She's scary but she has some interesting stories
Helen Rocha
Helen Rocha - 4 timmar sedan
the lady: they got stuck, where they had to stay in place... maybe for a day or two... before they could leave * laughs * some fun stories

me: ... Okay I'm scared
Lola Mona
Lola Mona - 4 timmar sedan
americans are so brainwashed ugh
Cristian Pop
Cristian Pop - 4 timmar sedan
Watched until "Priests are vulnerable"
iTransit l
iTransit l - 4 timmar sedan
Can you actually take someone’s hat in public and get away with it like in movies
Chris - 5 timmar sedan
i love this lady, can we cover just MI1 start to finish lol
mlsaulnier - 7 timmar sedan
Keep the faith, baby, keep the faith.
Charlie Theroux
Charlie Theroux - 7 timmar sedan
*SPOILER! She's really a man. Her husband is in for a treat!*
tmdpc - 7 timmar sedan
Wait are you saying the Catholic Church has no ability to shield or protect priests????
A N - 8 timmar sedan
Ugh.. as much as I despise the Intelligence community, I like her a lot...but then again, she probably went to some kind of school to become charming and sell you on all her LIES!
Grigor Dimitrov
Grigor Dimitrov - 8 timmar sedan
How is the person supposed to NOT tell how her operation actually function a credible source material for this video?
A N - 8 timmar sedan
The poison pen, may not exist, but there really are poison guns, injections that will cause a heart attack without leaving a trace, and other type of things that can be used to say, induce an aneurysm, etc. All under congressional testimony.
Punk Connoiseur
Punk Connoiseur - 8 timmar sedan
Could you please leave out all the unnecessary and mostly unfunny adlib jokes?
Haylie R. Wilson
Haylie R. Wilson - 9 timmar sedan
your....YOUR HUSBAND! This is awesome. This couple is awesome.
esspro - 9 timmar sedan
"Ben Affleck is playing my husband..." You had my curiosity, now you have my attention.
Fuck tommy Robinson
Fuck tommy Robinson - 9 timmar sedan
She lied so many times here
Timo 9po
Timo 9po - 9 timmar sedan
14:20 huh wait what I don't
Colin Skelding
Colin Skelding - 10 timmar sedan
Can't grab clothes off the rack. ALL clothes (even under garments) have a security tag, whether or not you can see it. Tag MUST be scanned or gate buzzer goes off.
christian sarna
christian sarna - 10 timmar sedan
gone girl !
notthere83 - 10 timmar sedan
Love how she spots and dissects the CGI shots in Mission Impossible!
kiraos - 10 timmar sedan
looks like shes actaully using this review to make the job of her old (current department) easier.
notthere83 - 11 timmar sedan
"Crazy-eyed look"! LOL... brutal...
Muiseyy - 11 timmar sedan
Quit inserting these small audio clips between each of her sentences. They're super annoying.
Salomon Aengenheyster-Aber
Salomon Aengenheyster-Aber - 12 timmar sedan
the constant interrupting of movie clips is quite annoying
Lethokuhle Mzangwa
Lethokuhle Mzangwa - 13 timmar sedan
"Nobody pays attention, that's the whole point"...
Keretizein x
Keretizein x - 13 timmar sedan
If you watch her blinking, its morse code.
K Fallon
K Fallon - 13 timmar sedan
This lady is a total badass and she was married to a total badass!!
SynyzaL - 14 timmar sedan
How can we even be sure this Jonna Mendez is THE Jonna Mendez? HOW DO WE EVEN KNOW JONNA MENDEZ IS A REAL PERSON
lastmiles - 15 timmar sedan
ARGO : A Canadian operation that became a typical american movie. Next year we hear how all of world war 2 was won by americans who could not be bothered to even get into the war while Europe collapsed.
moetez mejri
moetez mejri - 15 timmar sedan
Invet it u say student use it all the time to cheat in exams lol
Andrew Angelo Barrientos
Andrew Angelo Barrientos - 15 timmar sedan
whoever that person who got stuck was... is happy to know, only a few knows about the incident
raindrain1 - 16 timmar sedan
As a European, I'm pretty sure I have no idea what the "right" way to count to 3 is, and I certainly wouldn't notice if someone else did it "wrong".
thegjerda - 16 timmar sedan
Ugne Miau
Ugne Miau - 16 timmar sedan
14:20 dunno I'm European and never counted my thumb first. Different time mabye.
Helo Marks
Helo Marks - 16 timmar sedan
Sad to say most people know that Superman constricts his spine to become shorter and has kryptonic glasses that can induce minor hypnosis
i'm okay :D
i'm okay :D - 18 timmar sedan
alias? approved
Anfangxs - 19 timmar sedan
Sure, especially the katholic church has no structure to secure and protect them. What? Have you ever heard of the Vatican? It can protact criminals, so I'm sure they could deal with the heat of accusation being a spy.
BitcoinBlink - 19 timmar sedan
I have actually learned something on Youtube!
Christopher Madero
Christopher Madero - 19 timmar sedan
25:20 why does it say octopussy? I was expecting to get an answer in the comments but found nothing.
Christy Golding
Christy Golding - 20 timmar sedan
Whoever y'all hired for editing needs to be put on leave 😂 watching this made me tired
VO F - 20 timmar sedan
....... I am european but I don't start with my thumb when counting...... Especially not for 3.
Simple Guy
Simple Guy - 21 timme sedan
Could you please not add so many movie clips? If I wanted to see the movie, I'd go and see it. Right here I want to listen to the person, which is virtually impossible when you get these annoying short clips every two seconds.
Min Misty
Min Misty - 23 timmar sedan
0:43 that disappointed sigh 😂
Constantius Damar
Constantius Damar - 23 timmar sedan
not in black cat suite
Everything's Alright
Everything's Alright - Dag sedan
"we can arrange...anything" that scared me a bit
Anon Ymous
Anon Ymous - Dag sedan
What about Big Mommas House???
PsychoLucario - Dag sedan
amazing video
Zahi Brown
Zahi Brown - Dag sedan
She is a good actress her self.
Odin Satanas
Odin Satanas - Dag sedan
Haha well wait, his old man disguise in the end of the Saint a failure? He wanted her to realize it was him since he was supposed to be dead, that was the point haha
Hailey Jones
Hailey Jones - Dag sedan
How is it possible for someone to be so cool
Kevin Farley
Kevin Farley - Dag sedan
Does anyone else hate this jump cut editing? I understand it's supposed to be comedic, but it's just repetitive and annoying.
blacklabel131 - Dag sedan
Maybe she says we dont use media, religious figures or peace corps because their most important assets are hidden within those people...
the Hatefulcritic34
the Hatefulcritic34 - Dag sedan
Love alias so much
Lizeth Fernández
Lizeth Fernández - Dag sedan
I want to sit and have coffee with this lady and just listen to her for hours what a life she must have had
United We Stand
United We Stand - Dag sedan
They don't pose as media figure. Your right they are media figures your not fooling anyone.
OneEyedSleep - Dag sedan
whoever edited this video needs to be fired.
Cassandra Katarina
Cassandra Katarina - Dag sedan
I'm listing her as an answer when people ask who i'd like to have as a dinner guest
Mic_Glow - Dag sedan
25:07 ok... there is no dedicated school but there is a class you need to pass under the supervision of an expert. Or on top.
mikedabs - Dag sedan
Ex-CIA telling me they don't use certain disguises as cover. OK
Nolan Thibeault
Nolan Thibeault - Dag sedan
Is it just me or does it seem like that lady would be an awesome grandma? She seems really nice
MegChic - Dag sedan
You guy really need to fire your editor.
Sola - Dag sedan
The clips edited to "respond" to her are so obnoxious
Lady: "The poison in the pen... there's a real history to that."
Clip: "SHUT UP"
Cesar Sabater
Cesar Sabater - Dag sedan
"Ben Affleck played the spy who shagged me ohhh baby yeah" Austin Power
daveogarf - Dag sedan
WOW! That was a veritable Library of information! Absolutely fascinating! Thank you so much.
Amber U
Amber U - Dag sedan
This was so cool. I would love to hear more too.
LANstorm - Dag sedan
Are you the part of the CIA gamers that killed Terry?
JediMocro - Dag sedan
"We don't use religious, media and peace corp members"

That's what they want us to believe.
fanta claus
fanta claus - 11 timmar sedan
JediMocro ...True. They spot, recruit and run whoever is cloaked to walk between the world's. Common knowledge that your identity often becomes a construct of lies and deception. If you pretend to be an insurance man, you do have to have some mastery of the basics and a lock on the jargon. When people try to engage your cover beyond your g asp of details, you simply change the subject or shut them down byy deflection in a polite but firm manner.
Natasha Jiang
Natasha Jiang - Dag sedan
“Consciously changing voice... we had no success on that”
Well I’m completely different persons speaking Chinese and english, and talking with close or non close people
Chris Gleeton
Chris Gleeton - Dag sedan
'The CIA doesn't use Media as a cover'.  Isn't that exactly what the CIA would say when they don't want to admit they use something as a cover?  Also, what did they do during the American Embassy siege in Tehran?  They used Media as a cover.
E Derrick
E Derrick - Dag sedan
"we can arrange.. anything" - Amazon Prime
vvaspss - Dag sedan
This woman is so brilliant and lovely, I love her a lot
2manynegativewaves - Dag sedan
Ok, its a film about a fantasy rouge agent.... bored at less than a minute in... what next,she moans that James Bond keeps telling everyone his name?
2manynegativewaves - Dag sedan
Ok, its a film about a fantasy rouge agent.... bored at less than a minute in... what next,she moans that James Bond keeps telling everyone his name?
maha bharat
maha bharat - Dag sedan
We don't use religious people to disguise.
That is 100 not true for sure.
Believe me.
Gaurav Bora
Gaurav Bora - Dag sedan
this woman is seeing through me THROUGH my PC. i know it, i just know it.
Hana nouch
Hana nouch - Dag sedan
She complimented J.Garner and Alias... I love this woman already
Owl Tin
Owl Tin - Dag sedan
averagejoe455 - Dag sedan
I'm sure the CIA really loves the Peace Corps...
Todd Ellner
Todd Ellner - Dag sedan
No Get Smart? I am disappointed
Erik Peterson
Erik Peterson - Dag sedan
Brenda Gonzalez
Brenda Gonzalez - 2 dagar sedan
I hate how they edit the video to show as if the videos are having a dialogue with the guest speaker. STOP IT!
Benjamin Belland
Benjamin Belland - 2 dagar sedan
4 months before this video was published, Tony Mendez passed away
Ajay bennett
Ajay bennett - 2 dagar sedan
She would definitely be at my ultimate dinner party
Lana - 2 dagar sedan
I often find movies get it wrong.
Lulu Harshie
Lulu Harshie - 2 dagar sedan
I don't care about these movie scenes. Just let this lady tell spy stories for 16 hours! 😂😂
Darkraft - 2 dagar sedan
"We also don't use the media as a cover" Blinks 1 billion times.
chancia23 - 2 dagar sedan
No Michael Westen??? Dude it the most versatile Undercover Operative in history! Michael hasn't been this burned since, well... Burn Notice.
lary_go - 2 dagar sedan
I want to see her more!!! that was fun!
lgnfve - 2 dagar sedan
19:20 "we always had three names....a first, a middle and a last name" omg, she just outed a ton of assassins. all assassins have 3 names. are they all cia operations???? JFK ?
lgnfve - 2 dagar sedan
"we don't use media as a cover for spies" she lied, watch her body language....obvious
Princess Aab
Princess Aab - 2 dagar sedan
What no bag with bundles of money waiting for me!!!! WTF 🤕🤕
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0 0 - 2 dagar sedan
Absolutely horrifying.