Jewelry Expert Critiques Rappers' Grillz | Fine Points | GQ

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witiss lafontaine
witiss lafontaine - 6 sekunder sedan
Grills are for beta males tbh
King TuuT
King TuuT - Timme sedan
He did most of these grills 😂😂😂
A J - Timme sedan
He said “ These People” is that offensive?
Hav0c - 2 timmar sedan
I thought lil wayne swapped his real teeth for grills?
DEEZ NUTS - 3 timmar sedan
Me : U sure those are letters looking like numbers to me
daniela martinez
daniela martinez - 8 timmar sedan
my main goal is to blow up and act like i don't know no body 4:31
Matthew Meadows
Matthew Meadows - 8 timmar sedan
Am I the only one that finds it ironic that the guy talking about grills has the biggest gap between his front teeth?
GalaXyGaming - 10 timmar sedan
if i get braces i want some diamond color lol
alZiiHardstylez - 10 timmar sedan
I hope no one took caps with a shark grill.
Diogo Polvo
Diogo Polvo - 12 timmar sedan
Eligh Marquez
Eligh Marquez - 12 timmar sedan
If you look at the right Corner of the first guy you see his YELLOW TEETH
Mariano Torrez
Mariano Torrez - 13 timmar sedan
Whos giving these clowns money?
Ssmellgoodss - 13 timmar sedan
Like to keep these people as customers huh❓⚠️
noodle. soup
noodle. soup - 15 timmar sedan
Who wanted to see Logan Paul
Cooper Cannabis541
Cooper Cannabis541 - 15 timmar sedan
I wonder if epstein bought that grill for pharell.
xan - 19 timmar sedan
4:32 mY mAngo iS tO bLoW uP an Act LIKe i dOnt knOw nObodY
sophie - 21 timme sedan
ok but whats the point
mcschmobin1 - 22 timmar sedan
Is it just me or is this Tony Ferguson’s coke addicted jeweler cousin?
CyphiX - 23 timmar sedan
I was waiting for 69 lol
Nis - Dag sedan
I don't know any of these people.
lali sun
lali sun - Dag sedan
Grills are annoying.
Kid next door
Kid next door - 13 timmar sedan
lali sun so like grillz just annoy u?
lali sun
lali sun - 14 timmar sedan
@Kid next door just a bit. But that's my opinion.
Kid next door
Kid next door - 17 timmar sedan
lali sun no there not
Stewart Mullings
Stewart Mullings - Dag sedan
I must be the only one who thinks grills look stupid.
Guy FromCali
Guy FromCali - Dag sedan
I think i need a grill. My bite is kind of off.
Nimaj Da great
Nimaj Da great - Dag sedan
Do these MFs wash their face? They look dirty.
SoufPark Mack
SoufPark Mack - Dag sedan
We like to keep these people coming back
Iris - Dag sedan
“Oops I dropped my diamond”
Eduardo Ota
Eduardo Ota - Dag sedan
I didn't know anyone besides Kanye West and Pharrell Williams and I don't like his music so I've never listen to anything besides that one horrible funky town and I don't plan on to. I'm glad I grew up with real rappers and artists who didn't get into such a ridiculous trend. They look so trashy and there's much better ways than investing your money on more beautiful jewelry but to each his own, I suppose. 🤷‍♂️
Hilarious Darius
Hilarious Darius - Dag sedan
Eduardo Ota go play smash
Daanish Anwar
Daanish Anwar - Dag sedan
Thought it was gentleman quarterly not degenerate monthly
Banana rama
Banana rama - Dag sedan
Down under we call them a barbecue
EBZ'S BROTHER - Dag sedan
Waste of money
MickePicke - Dag sedan
Imagine paying 200k to look like you fell head first into a yard sale
Joseph Guerra
Joseph Guerra - Dag sedan
Isn’t this that guy who called out 69
Chloe Gallardo
Chloe Gallardo - Dag sedan
I was hoping he would talk about takashi 69s jolly rancher looking grill
MISTAH LAK.C - Dag sedan
This the fool 6ix9ine schemed 😂
Mifutakato - Dag sedan
i think he said shart teeth
Kid next door
Kid next door - 17 timmar sedan
Mifutakato HECC😂
Rofhiwa Mathivha
Rofhiwa Mathivha - Dag sedan
CurtisAlfeld - Dag sedan
This video is just evidence that rappers have absolutely no taste.
Ewoch Able
Ewoch Able - Dag sedan
Lol so funny that People pretend these people Arent tasteless pigs
Sam Jaeger
Sam Jaeger - Dag sedan
Riff Raff is gonna act like he don't know nobody
Marlee Brekoski
Marlee Brekoski - 2 dagar sedan
Was it just me but when I was little I would put tin foil on my teeth and act like it was a grill and act like I was in a gang 🤦🤦🤦🤦🤦😂😂😂
Avery Haught
Avery Haught - 2 dagar sedan
Luh boat!
lexi pepsi
lexi pepsi - 2 dagar sedan
Doesn't ASAP Rocky look like Travis Scott
Kid next door
Kid next door - 17 timmar sedan
Ronish me too
Ronish - Dag sedan
lexi pepsi I used to think that
Tibesti - 2 dagar sedan
Can u show me something like that make me racist
Pudding - 2 dagar sedan
The background music sounds like Billy bounce song in fortnite
Dead_ Head06660
Dead_ Head06660 - Timme sedan
Stop it
Enobwaj - 2 dagar sedan
How didn't he not know that lil Wayne doesn't wear a grill? He's got diamond capped teeth.
Arda Erdogan
Arda Erdogan - 2 dagar sedan
Am i the only one who thinks that he looks like Davie504?
Maladee Lalor
Maladee Lalor - 2 dagar sedan
Lil Wayne got diamonds but don’t got no Blistex
Abraham Knowlton
Abraham Knowlton - 2 dagar sedan
am I the only one who know that Lil Wayne grill is his teeth? he had a bunch of interviews where he said that
CapnTates - 2 dagar sedan
Honestly I wouldn't want to be found dead anywhere near a grill, so saying everyone wants them is a stretch...
Fascinating stuff though.
justcallme... - 2 dagar sedan