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Varaktighet: 10:10


LazarBeam - 5 månader sedan
Video got copyrighted. I would never put ads on a sponsored video but the people who copyrighted can. I am sorry.
andybandy playz
andybandy playz - 4 dagar sedan
Fu n
Tronic_ LilRider YT
Tronic_ LilRider YT - 2 månader sedan
Lazar do you Still say croce
Emma George
Emma George - 2 månader sedan
It's OK we understand
HI Dud
HI Dud - 2 månader sedan
Old man
Caleb Rempel
Caleb Rempel - 4 timmar sedan
Me being a Canadian I agree with the tim hortans part

Console Clan
Console Clan - 5 timmar sedan
Hey ur so mean I love that anime you-gi-og man
Edvardas Margelis
Edvardas Margelis - 5 timmar sedan
Do you even watch yu gi oh ?
Juk-E - 7 timmar sedan
Bojacks daughter is fatter
itsyaboi1283 Lets gooo
itsyaboi1283 Lets gooo - 11 timmar sedan
7:42 Narnia revense
Samuel Kwon
Samuel Kwon - 12 timmar sedan
Lannan, you just said you won most of them when the other photoshops were better lol
Rixon-brawl Stars
Rixon-brawl Stars - 13 timmar sedan
I’m 10 and I know it’s p$$$$
Ashley Parker
Ashley Parker - 16 timmar sedan
Fu lazar black
eljin sickmen
eljin sickmen - 18 timmar sedan
the cat is called a pussy saurus
Sharkwill88 Apronl
Sharkwill88 Apronl - 18 timmar sedan
That girl in the horse thing looks like my little sister
mrfthegoat - 18 timmar sedan
why is the thumbnail a photo of the og sonic trailer?
FBNX _Kiles
FBNX _Kiles - 20 timmar sedan
yeah p
fiona Little
fiona Little - 21 timme sedan
Follow me on tik tok my account is fionafromnundle
AJ Kendall
AJ Kendall - 21 timme sedan
i still love your vids tho dude
Benjamin 2.0
Benjamin 2.0 - 22 timmar sedan
Why did you have to be sponsored by tiktok
Why Lannan
Progamer Dkj
Progamer Dkj - 23 timmar sedan
Couldn’t Voldemort use the levitation spell and reverse the rpg rocket on the person shooting it
Ahmet Utku Saraç
Ahmet Utku Saraç - Dag sedan
Tik tok sucks
Connor Groves
Connor Groves - Dag sedan
Im canadien
wolfitron gaming.1
wolfitron gaming.1 - Dag sedan
Sorry mate you lost at most of these
maxthemamba_29 36
maxthemamba_29 36 - Dag sedan
I followed you on tik tok
You a clown Boi
You a clown Boi - Dag sedan
as you snapped I got a text saying my grandpa died...
Ollie Walsh
Ollie Walsh - Dag sedan
I’m mini you ❤️❤️❤️❤️ luv the vids
Gacha Girl
Gacha Girl - 2 dagar sedan
TIKTOK?! Pls follow me,my @ is @GACHA!!! and my name is gacha_logic_lover
SkYe Jot holl
SkYe Jot holl - 2 dagar sedan
What happens when lazerbeam gets old
kieran nulty
kieran nulty - 2 dagar sedan
The attic of the grandfather
pokemonster YT
pokemonster YT - 2 dagar sedan
catosaurus rex eaating carnotaurus
Rebeca Rosas-Landa
Rebeca Rosas-Landa - 2 dagar sedan
You should post yours
Joshyxd13 gomez
Joshyxd13 gomez - 2 dagar sedan
Like if he should had made Harry otter
Skyler lum
Skyler lum - 2 dagar sedan
TTV killed me and my friend
Wo lf
Wo lf - 2 dagar sedan
In the first one I would’ve turned the tabby and made the other one darth Vader and make it look like it was doing a force choke
Cummings Boys
Cummings Boys - 2 dagar sedan
Jamil Aziz
Jamil Aziz - 2 dagar sedan
Jayden Bod
Jayden Bod - 2 dagar sedan
I follow u on tik tok
Sandy Kirschenman
Sandy Kirschenman - 2 dagar sedan
I like the. Capten America and capten Canadia and capten Mexican better
John Chuya
John Chuya - 2 dagar sedan
Olly Brown
Olly Brown - 2 dagar sedan
Yo, Lannan - just realised you screwed up the Jurassic Park franchise
Like if you are going to see Jurassic World 3
Flykt_qt - 2 dagar sedan
I was born I 2006 but I know what free willy is that shit is my jam
Darcy SMITH - 2 dagar sedan
The free Willy joke was hallirous
TheDayGlobe 1
TheDayGlobe 1 - 3 dagar sedan
It’s a little annoying how he ties fortnite into everything
Brandon Reygaert
Brandon Reygaert - 2 dagar sedan
TheDayGlobe 1 so true
Zaptor 51
Zaptor 51 - 3 dagar sedan
Elon musk more like muselk looking at lazerbeams channel to steal content
Ryan Valdez
Ryan Valdez - 3 dagar sedan
Laser beam:time for the big bucks *ad plays*
Grey Margulis
Grey Margulis - 3 dagar sedan
Anthony D
Anthony D - 3 dagar sedan
i love your videos you are the best YouTube in the world
Gaming Master 4728
Gaming Master 4728 - 3 dagar sedan
Omg I laughed so much
Alejandra Holguin
Alejandra Holguin - 3 dagar sedan
Fuck you bich
DJ SUP3RI0R - 3 dagar sedan
I like Ketchup
Kiera Ottertail
Kiera Ottertail - 3 dagar sedan
My mom diead:(😢😢😢😢
Vanesa Villa
Vanesa Villa - 3 dagar sedan
Abdullah Al Heebi
Abdullah Al Heebi - 4 dagar sedan
Shut the hell up
What Do You Meme
What Do You Meme - 4 dagar sedan
I asked my mom if she knew you and she said like a lazarbeam pew pew
Thrive Lachie
Thrive Lachie - 4 dagar sedan
0:35 backflip goes through trampoline from boy to girl?????????????? WHAT
sp Turtles
sp Turtles - 4 dagar sedan
Hit or miss
Penguins! - 4 dagar sedan
My mom dead
Bryan Long
Bryan Long - 4 dagar sedan
Then were even because did youre mom last night
Michael jaffre snowboarding
Michael jaffre snowboarding - 4 dagar sedan
1:04 tadoo
Slappy - 4 dagar sedan
I went to that exact tim hortons when i went to niagra falls
Hayden Haswell
Hayden Haswell - 4 dagar sedan
ryan weng
ryan weng - 4 dagar sedan
Fuck you people
andybandy playz
andybandy playz - 4 dagar sedan
Fu n
rhys gaming
rhys gaming - 4 dagar sedan
'im on my 18th keyboard' , the poor patriot keyboard