IT CHAPTER 2 Trailer Breakdown! SDCC Trailer Easter Eggs & Details You Missed!

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IT Chapter 2 Final Trailer Easter Eggs! What references to Stephen King's IT did you miss in this IT Comic Con trailer, and how will IT Chapter 2 make Pennywise more frightening than ever? How is the adult cast featuring James MacAvoy, Jessica Chastain, and Bill Hader the perfect lineup of the Losers Club? Erik Voss and special guest Marina Mastros break down this IT trailer shot by shot for all the interesting filmmaking details hidden in the imagery by the director. What horror references can you find in IT 2 to films like John Carpenter's The Thing, Carrie, and the Tim Curry IT miniseries? What details did the attendees of Comic Con see that were hidden from the trailer?

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oscar dainis
oscar dainis - Månad sedan
from which episode of vice wss that clip?
Silsilahwati Ong
Silsilahwati Ong - 2 månader sedan
My question why is ben inside a school and why is he in there?
A_ Person
A_ Person - 3 månader sedan
Stan did diad
Logan Craig
Logan Craig - 3 månader sedan
When Beverly is reaching for the younger self look under the stall there was something moving
my Name
my Name - 3 månader sedan
Skatea borde kiddddd
ANA SOFIA SANCHEZ CASTRO - 3 månader sedan
Stan died he killed himself
Blonde Girl
Blonde Girl - 3 månader sedan
Me last year: it wasn’t that bad *end on the movie says chapter one*
Me now: chapter two *are you sure it’s the end this time...*
Ryker - 3 månader sedan
RIP Stanley.
Snuggle Frog
Snuggle Frog - 4 månader sedan
I wonder why pennywise is a clown when he can be something else cause there's lots of clown movies like twisty the clown!
Cactus Everdeen
Cactus Everdeen - 4 månader sedan
5yr old me watching my fork make fire in the microwave
Hayley Black
Hayley Black - 4 månader sedan
why was mike screaming at the tent
Jaylin Lowe
Jaylin Lowe - 4 månader sedan
Eddie died;(
NinjaaBrian2 21
NinjaaBrian2 21 - 4 månader sedan
Whos watching this movie
mason jarr
mason jarr - 4 månader sedan
Pennywise is a pedophile.
And I'm least looking forward to the scene where Beverly Karsh turns into the giant naked grama.
Volases - 4 månader sedan
I watch the movie is was not that scary
Keanu Crimson
Keanu Crimson - 4 månader sedan
After seeing the movie I don't wanna talk about the mirror maze scene.
* sad weeb noises *
ArezinaM - 4 månader sedan
Snapchat real life
• e l e v e n •
• e l e v e n • - 4 månader sedan
who would win: eleven or penny wise?
Isaiah Scott
Isaiah Scott - 4 månader sedan
It is Freddy cougar reborn on stairorids
NoobMaster 69
NoobMaster 69 - 4 månader sedan
Which one is better? It chapter 2 or endgame?
The Obamas Ren
The Obamas Ren - 4 månader sedan
NoobMaster 69 it chapter 2 and im a marvel fan
Supreme Brii
Supreme Brii - 4 månader sedan
😛that tounge though😛
We Are All Clowns
We Are All Clowns - 4 månader sedan
2019 seems to be the end of extremely profitable franchises!
gacha person
gacha person - 4 månader sedan
Never leave dairy or you will forget and kids will die die and DIE
genesis0922 Rodher
genesis0922 Rodher - 4 månader sedan
genesis0922 Rodher
genesis0922 Rodher - 4 månader sedan
genesis0922 Rodher
genesis0922 Rodher - 4 månader sedan
King It
brbandbtb Barnhill
brbandbtb Barnhill - 4 månader sedan
Kyoll - 4 månader sedan
I can do the trick with the eye scarsgarde can do
Cause I have a lazy eye search that up
AmbitionZ - 4 månader sedan
Really bad movie
Dongspansion - 4 månader sedan
B Day sept 6 yesteeday😭
HoodieGamer XD
HoodieGamer XD - 4 månader sedan
in the tub
HoodieGamer XD
HoodieGamer XD - 4 månader sedan
stanley kills himself
Sam Creates
Sam Creates - 4 månader sedan
Here is your fear quote: H. P. Lovecraft Quotes. The oldest and strongest emotion of mankind is fear, and the oldest and strongest kind of fear is fear of the unknown.
Cameron Hudson
Cameron Hudson - 4 månader sedan
In fortnite plesent park there’s a red ballon if you brake it with your pic axe if will make the laugh
Felipe Martinez
Felipe Martinez - 4 månader sedan
Hollywood:There will be no killer that will ever kill chirldren pennywise:Hold My Ballloon
Annax A
Annax A - 4 månader sedan
Wtf are these comments 😂
Ducky D
Ducky D - 4 månader sedan
Is pennywise my twin we have so much in common like I have a lazy eye like pennywise
REEEMIS - 4 månader sedan
3:04 all I could think of was cronch
Chippy Fish
Chippy Fish - 4 månader sedan
Kirsten Costa
Kirsten Costa - 4 månader sedan
Yeah u guys are great!
Alice Ritson
Alice Ritson - 4 månader sedan
When it says "Hello" he sounds like Winnie the pooh.
Waxy12 - 4 månader sedan
It could be The Black Spot. But I think it's the Kitchener Iron Works.
Alanna morales
Alanna morales - 4 månader sedan
The Vent
Alanna morales
Alanna morales - 4 månader sedan
Oh yeah and also when I saw the movie I didn’t see the clown it get out of that maybe I blinked
Alanna morales
Alanna morales - 4 månader sedan
2 hours A know you’re gonna make a video and I saw this movie
YaaBoiMaxi - 4 månader sedan
R.I.P Eddie you will be missed
Skyler Williams
Skyler Williams - 4 månader sedan
Am I the only one that thinks pennywise sounds like Winnie the Pooh when he says hello😂😂
Bubble Wrap
Bubble Wrap - 4 månader sedan
Jim Cummings... is that you?!
SpiderSlayer 500
SpiderSlayer 500 - 4 månader sedan
Grownup Eddie kind of looks like Steve Carrel
Mousa Amir
Mousa Amir - 4 månader sedan
2:34 ndindindn *nAaaAAaaAaAaaaA*
Destiny Love
Destiny Love - 4 månader sedan
I thought the last part was sapost to be the scean with it as Beth's dad
AJ WYLMS - 4 månader sedan
If you ask me, Pennywise should have been Stan in the restaurant scene and reveal who he actually was. Only people who know what happened in the book and mini series know what I’m talking about.
Dp gamer 123
Dp gamer 123 - 4 månader sedan
Maybe the clip where we see Pennywise as a human is something that has been hidden about Pennywise which actually shows that Pennywise was originally a human but something happened that changed him
Uriah Covers
Uriah Covers - 4 månader sedan
Pennywise be looking like the dog filter
itsyaboyozzy gomez
itsyaboyozzy gomez - 4 månader sedan
Stanley killed himself ina tube in the mini seris
Nate Ice
Nate Ice - 4 månader sedan
The last part in the human form seems like an oscar
Sean Hanlins Daddy
Sean Hanlins Daddy - 4 månader sedan
Please bring the hot horror expert back more often. Lovely just lovely and a horror film expert...I'm in love
gabriel griggs
gabriel griggs - 4 månader sedan
If you look up the cast of it part 2 it shows someone playing Henry Bowers so he's back for sure
Asia - 4 månader sedan
im gonna tell you about that kid with that scary painting in his house that bit him in IT chapter 2 that bloody hand shot is him cause in the book series he was to scared to face the clown so he put his self in a bath tub and killed his self and his wife found him dead in the bath tub.
Mickey Johno
Mickey Johno - 4 månader sedan
If that would happen these days they'd just nuke the full town. Even that wouldn't stop penny-wise I don't think. Looking forward to this one. Really enjoyed the first one.
I wonder who blows up all those balloons for penny-wise lol.
Can't believe nobody has burned that house down.