IT CHAPTER 2 Trailer Breakdown! SDCC Trailer Easter Eggs & Details You Missed!

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Gabriel Clarke
Gabriel Clarke - 3 minuter sedan
I would assume we're gonna get a longer run time. Tbf, they could make this film 3 and a half hours long and I'd probably still love every minute of. Cannot wait for this film.
Ed Scott
Ed Scott - 37 minuter sedan
Why bother ? IT was horrible.
Cool Sisters Show
Cool Sisters Show - 9 timmar sedan
Anyone else know what the bloody hand is ☹️. I do and it’s bad.
Tree Hugs
Tree Hugs - 16 timmar sedan
Why Eddie
jackie b
jackie b - 19 timmar sedan
Im not looking forward to seeing Mrs. Kersh running around that looks like she's naked. I'm looking forward to the carnival scene. I think that'll be a fun part.
Z 98
Z 98 - Dag sedan
Looking foreword to all of them!!!
Least, rewatching the goofy 1990 version
GerardChristian Zacher
In the fun house corridor with the swinging clowns, not only do they physically resemble Tim Curry's 1990 Pennywise, but some of the laughter heard there also SOUNDS very much like Tim Curry's 1990 Pennywise laugh.
Raymond Blair_
Raymond Blair_ - Dag sedan
I’m most exited for the Paul Bunyan scene :)
xd Cian
xd Cian - Dag sedan
all of them
Dayhana Rodriguez
Dayhana Rodriguez - 2 dagar sedan
Tims keery part you can hear him laugh
Jackson Silber
Jackson Silber - 2 dagar sedan
Hey marina how the hell do you sleep after these frickin movies plz tell me
Middle Class Fancy
Middle Class Fancy - 2 dagar sedan
The fun house on the outside is painted in the same way that Bill skarsgård's face was painted in the background playing a clown when they were kids.
Nakwo Mohamed
Nakwo Mohamed - 2 dagar sedan
I have been waiting for 2 years for this movie to come out
ITZNOAH - 2 dagar sedan
9:11 could be his space ship
Damien Reaper
Damien Reaper - 4 dagar sedan
Also with the Tim Curry Easter eggs the Clowns are laughing like he did.
Ultimate Whinger
Ultimate Whinger - 4 dagar sedan
Pennywise's tounge is as long a my dogs
The only Wan
The only Wan - 5 dagar sedan
Stanley is going to die bois
Forknife Obey
Forknife Obey - 5 dagar sedan
That bloody hand was Stanley dead that’s why he wasn’t with the losers
Heather Chandler
Heather Chandler - 6 dagar sedan
Anyone else know who’s hand that is? Yeah? Ok I’m not exactly excited to see that part of the movie👊😞
Jade Noriega
Jade Noriega - 7 dagar sedan
greta was beverlys bully in the 1st one
Jayden Duffoo
Jayden Duffoo - 7 dagar sedan
One of the losers are dead
Marbella Gomez
Marbella Gomez - 8 dagar sedan
I'm waiting for everything except for the deaths
dimensionless - 8 dagar sedan
anyone knows if its coming to netflix? just likle the first one?
Cohen Taylor
Cohen Taylor - 8 dagar sedan
Ngl he sounds like Kermit the frog 😂
Gamer boy
Gamer boy - 8 dagar sedan
Spider scene
Thomas Ashwood
Thomas Ashwood - 9 dagar sedan
I Don't What's Up With US As A Carnaval Threat
Lee Chwe Lan
Lee Chwe Lan - 9 dagar sedan
Is it just me or does it look like
Georgie has aged.
grandad Rutter
grandad Rutter - 9 dagar sedan
I’m most looking forward to the end so I can go and least looking forward to the start ha ha ha
Nahima Chaín
Nahima Chaín - 9 dagar sedan
At the end of the trailer, the Bill Skargard's eye that moves in the other direction is the right one... but, Bill Skarsgard lazy eye is the left one, I mean the one he can move by itself and looks to the camera, at least in IT Chapter 1... is it that he can move both eyes? Or is it a camera/mirror effect?
sarosh ENCORE
sarosh ENCORE - 10 dagar sedan
I have a feeling that this movie's going to reach places. Loved the cast and the crew as well.
So, as you said, I'm not at all planning to read the book, loo
the_gaming_pizza - 10 dagar sedan
I just wanna see a giant turtle floating in space.... Just me k
Harvey Richards
Harvey Richards - 11 dagar sedan
Does anyone die from the losers club in the book
Garrett Anderson
Garrett Anderson - 11 dagar sedan
Poor person
Jackie McCourt
Jackie McCourt - 11 dagar sedan
It is not scary it’s funny 😂
Ididnotwanttojoin - 11 dagar sedan
Unless that's a mirror reflection of Pennywise (which it could be since he is applying or removing makeup), Bill Skarsgård isn't doing the eye thing in that last shot. It's his left eye that he can turn out to the side, not his right.
Gloria Ramon
Gloria Ramon - 12 dagar sedan
It 2017 isint scary but it chapter 2 is
Robert Rusch
Robert Rusch - 12 dagar sedan
I’m looking forward to when they kill the son of b**ch
Kylie Fisher
Kylie Fisher - 12 dagar sedan
You mentioned Greta from the bathroom stall. Wasn't Greta Beverly's bully?
Forgetful Director
Forgetful Director - 12 dagar sedan
When mike is in the tent ⛺️ it could be the one from the frist one when Georgie has the bout and when he ran past it to get his bout
Elena - 13 dagar sedan
Did you just leave out [-]'s death?
CraziestOfFemales - 13 dagar sedan
13:41 I can actually do that too!
I swear I’m not pennywise!
mattie hamilton
mattie hamilton - 13 dagar sedan
Pennywise : I can turn into your greatest fear!
Me : Have fun with that *rolls eyes*
Pennywise : Your just like your mother
Me : Be quiet dad!😒
Maple Nut Fudge
Maple Nut Fudge - 13 dagar sedan
I can't wait to see the scene where they use the most blood in any movie!!!
Josue Montenegro
Josue Montenegro - 14 dagar sedan
Someone in it should make it mad by saying worries and fear are to two different things
DAVID RODRIGUEZ - 14 dagar sedan
Hand is dead stane
Evan Valladares
Evan Valladares - 14 dagar sedan
I noticed in the flooded basement scene at 10:30 you can see Georgie’s look as a strange smile and his eyes are going farther away which if you notice with pennywise he has the same kind of eye condition
Erez Dagan
Erez Dagan - 14 dagar sedan
the gangbang
BRAT _ 412
BRAT _ 412 - 15 dagar sedan
bruh when they announced the jump scare i still flinched
Mark Drinkard
Mark Drinkard - 15 dagar sedan
What a wimp
Jude Ku
Jude Ku - 15 dagar sedan
The funfair clown mouth? That's another nod to Tim Curry's Pennywise as he brings Audra into the deadlights. The name Greta on the bathroom wall means Greta Keane, the pharmacist's daughter who wrote 'Loser' on Eddie's cast.
Maxwell Scharer
Maxwell Scharer - 15 dagar sedan
im most scared and most excited for pennywise's final and true form. it sounded scary in the book but with the visuals and technology today im very interested on how that will look.
Kman 881
Kman 881 - 16 dagar sedan
I'm excited to see the first scene and dreading the last one
Chris Grey
Chris Grey - 16 dagar sedan
I know this doesn't have anything to do with this video I'm actually kind of disappointed that the Are You Afraid of the Dark and Five Nights at Freddy's live action movies have been cancelled.
Andy Schofield
Andy Schofield - 16 dagar sedan
So many things im looking forward to, The smoke house scene, the coming of IT.. The Origin of life?! Highly doubt they will actually include that bit but we'll see.
shutupdaniell - 16 dagar sedan
“by YOUTHS...” 😂😂😭
Winter Wolfie
Winter Wolfie - 17 dagar sedan
Chapter 2 barely comes out
You tubers: 10 things u missed in chapter 2
S14 - 17 dagar sedan
Why do I lowkey kinda find Pennywise friendly, like i don’t know but in the trailer where he’s like HULLO he looks so friendly, if I was up against him I’d fully tell him that I wanna be friends with him and help him kill the others cuz that would be so fun
Me and Pennywise terrorising the town of Derry= friendship goals
La La
La La - 17 dagar sedan
RIP Stan
RazanPlayZroblox - 18 dagar sedan
Every kid like me be like:
pennywise is coming
Red Superman
Red Superman - 18 dagar sedan
9:26 if you see close all the people around are looking at Pennywise
tyson66331 - 18 dagar sedan
That last shot of Skarsgard is excellent...
Upon my first view of this trailer, I always assumed that THAT shot was actually Stan...well, Pennywise taking the form of Stan...maybe it still could be...
The lighting of that shot matches the lighting of the Library....a sickly, greenish Brown and yellow... I'm hoping it's from the part in the novel where Pennywise mocks and taunts the Losers while they are all in the Library... using Stan as Its form...
Lindsey Krueger
Lindsey Krueger - 18 dagar sedan
Okay but Greta and Bridgitte are the girls that bully Beverly(and Eddie) in Chapter One. lol
levi cured my depression .
levi cured my depression . - 18 dagar sedan
Okay, but why does Eddie in chapter 2 look like baby Eddie from chapter 1?
E-Man Siddique
E-Man Siddique - 19 dagar sedan
7:19 me: I crave sugar wtbu penny-wise
Penny-wise: I crave u
Me : *RUN
LastRenegade - 19 dagar sedan
Someone please tell these people to stop trying to be funny. It's like watching a schoolteacher try to make jokes. They're awful at it.
Abigale Pratt
Abigale Pratt - 19 dagar sedan
September is too long
Gun kill Master
Gun kill Master - 19 dagar sedan
The last one can’t wait
Mc Muffin
Mc Muffin - 19 dagar sedan
Stephen King is like Stan Lee of scary movies
Aidan Grubman
Aidan Grubman - 19 dagar sedan
pennywise doesn't pick up the ballons because he doesn't like turtles (If You Know You Know [READ THE BOOK])
Gianina Online
Gianina Online - 20 dagar sedan
*Pennywise's tongue looks like the dog filter tongue on snap chat lol!*
katie spitzer
katie spitzer - 20 dagar sedan
eventhough i saw it tons of time in the traller the house of mirror scenes might make me want to close my eyes to keep from gaveing a panic attack! Its too much like the projector scene! I trying to get over coulrophobia ( fear of clowns) I know I still be scare of then but I want to get to a point i dont have panic attacks! But its a justifiable fear! Clowns are creeps under layers of make up. Well a procentage are! I know some just do it for fun and just like to scare people. But there some that are criminals thst can snap also hidden murderous perverts like pogo the clown!
Adnan Valuz
Adnan Valuz - 20 dagar sedan
I hope they beat the shit out of Pennywise since they did that last time
SeriousNonsense - 20 dagar sedan
I haven’t been this excited for a horror movie or just a movie in general in a while. The 2017 IT is one of the best horror movies I’ve ever seen and I’m unbelievably excited for this movie. Can’t wait
YT yeet
YT yeet - 20 dagar sedan
What about stanley
Julia Larsson
Julia Larsson - 21 dag sedan
Im least looking forward to the deaths obviously. And Most looking forward to all of richies scenes cause hes my favorite character played by my favorite actor.
Tulle _ Gutta
Tulle _ Gutta - 21 dag sedan
IT chapter 4: old men touching a clown
Twine Cheeks
Twine Cheeks - 21 dag sedan
The ritual of chud
Kaleb Taylor Stratton
Kaleb Taylor Stratton - 21 dag sedan
Is anyone gunna talk about how it could be Patrick hockstetters fridge?
Habeba badiab
Habeba badiab - 21 dag sedan
Question:who is the person who is running in the school
Question:who is the person who there hand is fully blood?
Memes4LIFE - 21 dag sedan
Idk how u missed it but Greta is actually bevs bullie from the bathroom also she's also the one who signs Eddie's cast