Destroying My Friend's Car And Surprising Him With A New One - Slime

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itz sardi
itz sardi - 47 minuter sedan
hay soccor dad
Jayden Yeagle
Jayden Yeagle - Timme sedan
Chris rate = awesome
Logan Hunter
Logan Hunter - Timme sedan
Can you buy me every airsoft gun in the world that is good gun
Mason Gaming
Mason Gaming - Timme sedan
This is my scream aaa
What’s your scream

Dion Sylaj
Dion Sylaj - 2 timmar sedan
Oof the car 🚘
LilAlksnis - 2 timmar sedan
And where is that chuk-e cheese vid?
OlliePlayz - 2 timmar sedan
*s o c c e r d a d*
Elite Emmet
Elite Emmet - 3 timmar sedan
Soccer mom
The J & DAY Show
The J & DAY Show - 4 timmar sedan
Tail wagging intensifies
benbenbeny Overfors
benbenbeny Overfors - 5 timmar sedan
Are you the male man yees here you go
Cyz Roblox Gaming And More!
Cyz Roblox Gaming And More! - 6 timmar sedan
When you getting spray tans
Ross Calladine
Ross Calladine - 7 timmar sedan
Chris hit = 9/10
Katie’s hit = 7/10
Jakes hit = 3/10
Dave W
Dave W - 7 timmar sedan
If his car broke down then he had to charge it up
Diezel Lott
Diezel Lott - 8 timmar sedan
Diezel Lott
Diezel Lott - 8 timmar sedan
The Youtuber sans nom
The Youtuber sans nom - 9 timmar sedan
Radio lol
OMGtaut_gaming - 9 timmar sedan
1:59 meanwhile on the back of an ATK
Caid Bell
Caid Bell - 9 timmar sedan
10:12 i have never heard jimmy say asshole
Hadi Moussa
Hadi Moussa - 11 timmar sedan
900,000 likes god luck with a spray tan 😂
bor černe
bor černe - 12 timmar sedan
Lei Calleja
Lei Calleja - 12 timmar sedan
Mr beast: guys u been destroying the car all wrong. Everybody knows the best way to destroy a car is a microwave.
God: yes that is the best way mr beast
Creeper slasher 4574
Creeper slasher 4574 - 12 timmar sedan
You got half a million
yasuo otaku
yasuo otaku - 12 timmar sedan
4:03 beast didnt say yeet
Rafael Cortez
Rafael Cortez - 13 timmar sedan
Help the poor it make me sad
Kacper Sudol
Kacper Sudol - 14 timmar sedan
I have the same shirt that chandler had on 🙂🙃
Aaden James
Aaden James - 14 timmar sedan
Aaden James
Aaden James - 14 timmar sedan
hoosierkelly - 15 timmar sedan
PiggyPua Pie
PiggyPua Pie - 15 timmar sedan
That1guy Aydan
That1guy Aydan - 16 timmar sedan
2019 anyone
That1guy Aydan
That1guy Aydan - 16 timmar sedan
Naomi Kilimoff
Naomi Kilimoff - 16 timmar sedan
4:07 the best way to destroy a car is with a microwave look what his shirt says
Sabrina Stopera
Sabrina Stopera - 16 timmar sedan
Choose your weapon
Chris: pickax
Tyler’s sister: sledgehammer
Jake: axe

Mr Beast: microwave
Chara InATunaFishSuit
Chara InATunaFishSuit - 10 timmar sedan
Sabrina Stopera You stole the joke...
Andy Ford
Andy Ford - 17 timmar sedan
brent early
brent early - 17 timmar sedan
Soccer dad
Dire Gaming
Dire Gaming - 19 timmar sedan
My parents have a Toyota ( is that how you speel it )😮😟😓
Brady Wilson
Brady Wilson - 19 timmar sedan
Dennis Nguyen pham
Dennis Nguyen pham - 20 timmar sedan
9/10 for chirs
JEFFERSONPLAYS214 oof - 20 timmar sedan
Hey 800k likes so get the spray tans
Nidal Safire
Nidal Safire - 21 timme sedan
Imagine it was a gift from his mom or grandmother when he was young😂 and he comes home to this😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Jennifer Anderson
Jennifer Anderson - 21 timme sedan
Shane Vaughn
Shane Vaughn - 23 timmar sedan
I'm from the future and i will tell you Chandler will win a challenge
Bram ter Brugge
Bram ter Brugge - Dag sedan
soccer dad
Saphirah Barbosab
Saphirah Barbosab - Dag sedan
TyLeR iS a SoCcEr DaD cHiRs Is MoIsTuRe bOi
Trickshot Hub
Trickshot Hub - Dag sedan
What happened to the spray tans?
henrique bro
henrique bro - Dag sedan
Spray tan
Donsen 007
Donsen 007 - Dag sedan
The Gun is Named A-K-47
Kaden Case
Kaden Case - Dag sedan
Kaleigh Sarinana
Kaleigh Sarinana - Dag sedan
Instead of slime you should have done obleck because it would have dried and funner🙂
andrew Rouhoff
andrew Rouhoff - Dag sedan
Where is the spray tans