How Aladdin Changed Animation (by Screwing Over Robin Williams)

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"After all, you've lied to everyone else, I was starting to feel left out."

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Kayla Daly
Kayla Daly - 6 månader sedan
thank you Lindsay for confirming the true timeline. There is only Pre-Shrek and Post-Shrek
Seymour Disapproves
Seymour Disapproves - Månad sedan
@Lainey that checks out. Everything that came before Shrek was b.s.
Johnson Johnson
Johnson Johnson - 2 månader sedan
in my mind Shrek happened around 9/11 So I guess it makes sense for the timeline to fall around that pre or post 9/11 scale
Drunken Pixels
Drunken Pixels - 3 månader sedan
She got it all wrong
Simba Lion
Simba Lion - 4 månader sedan
Are animations made better by not using "established" acting talent? I think I like more animated films these days than I did from the 1970s/1980s. Good actors tend to be in good films. If you have the skill and professionalism necessary to carry a starring role in a Disney film I think there's a solid chance you've already got an established career in entertainment.
Björn Hallström
Björn Hallström - 4 månader sedan
@Lainey It's been 18 years?! Holy fuck.
Martin Marquez
Martin Marquez - Dag sedan
Come January this video will probably be deemed child appealing since it’s about Aladdin even though it’s clear audience is adults. Stupid FTC and COPPA.
Billy Weed
Billy Weed - Dag sedan
Fun fact: The Little Mermaid actually offered the role of Ursula to Bea Arthur, but she turned it down, to put this in perspective.
Billy Weed
Billy Weed - Dag sedan
I'd argue my beloved Toy Story also payed a role: The fact that it had Tom Hanks and Tim Allen was a big feature of the marketing and, unlike Robin, they weren't even really breaking anything in particular to the role. I'd also argue that celebrity voice acting goes back further then you're saying. Paul Lynde did about as much as Vincent Price, and, for that matter, you had names like Basil Rathbone and Bing Crosby duel-headlining Ichabod and Mr. Toad, or as far back as Cliff Edwards playing Jimmy Cricket. Sure, to a MODERN audience, those guys aren't well-known, but back in the 40s, those guys were HUGE names.
JLBee - Dag sedan
I wrote a paper on Robin Williams for a first year performance class, and I wish this had been out then! Really insightful, and makes me miss seeing and hearing him in movies.
Areeba Asad
Areeba Asad - 2 dagar sedan
This is the best tribute to Robin Williams I have seen.
Sela Hanany
Sela Hanany - 4 dagar sedan
John hurt isnt a b lister
Edsknife - 6 dagar sedan
Of all things to copy, why copy Shrek?
Gigas0101 - 9 dagar sedan
Robin Williams as Popeye is my guiltiest pleasure.
CaptainKipup - 13 dagar sedan
For anyone who is weird enough to care, that interviewer was Ray Martin at the end. He was like THE Australian news guy back in the 90's, recognisable by his voice and by his black, bowl cut hair that had enough hair spray in it it was street legal as a bike helmet.
Sarah F
Sarah F - 13 dagar sedan
new to this channel, very well done video! learned a bunch. will definitely check out more.
Hannah Penner
Hannah Penner - 15 dagar sedan
do NOT disparage the name of over the hedge, that movie is a MASTERPIECE
Hannah Penner
Hannah Penner - 15 dagar sedan
Kittles - 15 dagar sedan
Me: Mom can we have genie?
Mom: no we have genie at home
Genie at home: IM LOSING TO A BIRD
Katherine Helms
Katherine Helms - 16 dagar sedan
This video made me long for a full-length Lindsay deconstruction of Anastasia.
samwisesamgee - 18 dagar sedan
And now this is happening on BWAY folks gotta love it
MJR NRD - 18 dagar sedan
Does Jeffrey Katzenberg sound like a petty asshole to you guys or is it just me?
Daveofthejungle - 18 dagar sedan
18:42 you should do a video essay on the long, sad trend of Disney direct-to-video sequels and why the generally don’t work, more in-depth than your top 10 worst and least awful lists!
Lacey E
Lacey E - 19 dagar sedan
While I enjoyed this video, the mis characterizations of a-listers as b-listers and not realizing that Antz and Shrek weren’t “ripoffs” of Disney so much as they were satires of the Disney formula. He had massive success with Disney, so why would he want to be petty after the fact? And Ferngully is great, so is Anastasia and Shrek, you can’t tell me otherwise. The tone of condensation is just giving me the twitches lol. Like, at the The Rescuers came out, Eva and Bob were a-listers. Eva was also in Aristocats. Even if they were more famous for their work on the stage like Sir John Hurt (put some respect on his name!), it doesn’t make them b-list. They know they need names the adults will recognize when they take their kids. Same with half of the other casting choices.
Also please tell me how Meg Ryan was miscast? Because she wasn’t 18 years old? I will admit that I mix up Batty and Bartok a lot, but Bartok is cute and funny too. It’s also funny how Eddie did Mulan and then turned around and did alllll of the Shrek movies lol.
The Thinking Being
The Thinking Being - 20 dagar sedan
19:39 *It doesn’t matter now, because they’ve already done it. NOW PAY UP, DISNEY*
The Thinking Being
The Thinking Being - 20 dagar sedan
Robin Williams did this as a test to see how greedy Disney were and if they had any morals or ethics.
CrimsonOptics - 23 dagar sedan
Fuck, man. Hearing Robin say "you'll always be a prince to me" makes me cry every time.
Sellisa - 25 dagar sedan
I didn't realize Mel Gibson was John Smith. That is....
Gabrielle Dickinson
Gabrielle Dickinson - 26 dagar sedan
18:48 Not gonna lie I was kinda hoping for the "How can this happen to me" bit lol.
Sayoayum - 28 dagar sedan
The Simpson's weren't lying when they said Disney was an evil corporation,there taking over Hollywood, screwed the legend Robin Williams over by breaking their promise, and they copied Kimba The White Lion, then sued the creator for copying The Lion King and he lost because he was too poor compared to Disney,and rumor has it that Walt Disney’s signature itself is a sign of his dedication to all that is unholy. It appears to mark the symbol of three sixes on each of the whirl shaped letters– 666. The mark of the Beast.
Maxwell Stefan
Maxwell Stefan - 28 dagar sedan
"I'm losing to a bird" "See how I glitter" and "Body language!" are like the hall of fame of clips at this point
confusedwhale - 29 dagar sedan
This is a post of appreciation for Lindsay Ellis.
Reading is enjoyable. More reading stories and analyzing makes everything better.
kawaii kate
kawaii kate - Månad sedan
I like how she mentioned that character actors were chosen because they were right for the parts and knew what they were doing. I realized something similar with the Ghibli movie dubs. I thought they were great, but I was still disappointed that they didn't use anime voice actors and chose big names instead. Anime actors know how to do this, so why not have them voice the characters? I felt the actors could have been spotlighted and reached a wider audience.
Wisdom Manari'
Wisdom Manari' - Månad sedan
I love the great mouse detective
Gray Chapman's Pipe
Gray Chapman's Pipe - Månad sedan
Funny enough, this trends only came through in the dutch/flemish region with shrek :')
abraveastronaut - Månad sedan
Rather than from a place of corporate cynicism and Oprah Winfrey.
Lucas Hagg
Lucas Hagg - Månad sedan
I refuse to believe Dr. Facilier wasn't written around Keith David's voice.
Seymour Disapproves
Seymour Disapproves - Månad sedan
I think closing the video on Robin's own words, and using them with their original context in mind, was a very good choice. Thank you, Lindsay.
Brent Miller
Brent Miller - Månad sedan
Thanks I hate it
porcupine Sauce
porcupine Sauce - Månad sedan
i agreed with ur first half, but second half come on? he may be a petty asshole but I respect his own twist to things and having really groundbreaking movies that were not disney. yes it is inspiration, I dont see whats the big deal.
Kjetil Håland
Kjetil Håland - Månad sedan
These celebrity voices really don't work for foreign language audiences. Since our kids movies are dubbed you get Hagrid sharing a voice with scrooge mcduck, you know? It's really strange to learn about this stuff in my twenties. I thought the fish in shark tale were just strange looking for no reason.
Annie Dildine
Annie Dildine - Månad sedan
the bicentennial man is THAT BITCH
Brent Miller
Brent Miller - Månad sedan
I'm losing to a bird and I got a phone Reggie!
Brent Miller
Brent Miller - Månad sedan
The phone it was meant to be fair
samara611 - Månad sedan
Antz gave me nightmares
Sean Lundberg
Sean Lundberg - Månad sedan
I don't think Lindsay likes that Jason Alexander lost to a bird.
Ayrton Flaherty
Ayrton Flaherty - Månad sedan
Possibly unpopular opinion: Ferngully: The Last Rainforest is a pretty good movie
Mateo Galileo
Mateo Galileo - Månad sedan
The description broke my heart.
rotem cohen
rotem cohen - Månad sedan
I actually didn’t hate the Aladdin remake. I liked it. It wasn’t better than the original. But it wasn’t bad....
Caitlin Rix
Caitlin Rix - Månad sedan
2:40 yeah, that was pretty much my reaction when I found that out. Also, I like to imagine that Kurt Russell did his lines in his Snake Plissken get-up, and although this more than likely didn't happen, I like the image, so I'm keeping that.

Double also, '80s Kurt Russell 😏👌
AhavaShinobi - Månad sedan
Man, stop picking on Hunchback of Notre Dame. It's one of my favorite disney movies.
Silvershadowfire - Månad sedan
I think the other thing that made both Batty and the Genie work is that Robin Williams had a lesser known but just as profound skill at emotional dramatic acting, something he got to use in both roles.
TheSlacky775 - Månad sedan
Another bad decision by Disney to getting rid of TOUCHSTONE pictures they made great films in the 80s-90s
tibbarnogard - Månad sedan
And there's this genie
(he's *really* funny)
Jerrell Jones
Jerrell Jones - Månad sedan
Love your videos Lindsay
Ordepnok - Månad sedan
dennis slade
dennis slade - Månad sedan
I miss great mouse detective, Oliver and company, and beauty and the beast
Steven Rankin
Steven Rankin - Månad sedan
I miss Robin.
Nichole Diaz
Nichole Diaz - Månad sedan
Im not crying, youre crying 😭
Ludi Price
Ludi Price - Månad sedan
Interesting video. I have a huge bee in my bonnet about celebrity voiceovers. As I kid I watched the original English dubs of Miyazaki films such as Nausicaa, Castle in the Sky and Totoro, all of which were excellent. Then when they were re-released in the US what did they do? Cast celebrities as the voices. The result was so mediocre and insipid in comparison. Actors may be great actors, but they're not necessarily solid, trained voice actors. Give me back my talented nobodies any day of the week. I hope the celebrity voiceover trend dies a speedy death.
Al - Månad sedan
Morten Aanstad
Morten Aanstad - Månad sedan
metaforest - Månad sedan
Holy shit. I didn't know you identified as a Disney Princess! I knew you liked them... but WTF?!
Guy R
Guy R - Månad sedan
This is Return of Jafar slander.
Priscilla Baffoe
Priscilla Baffoe - Månad sedan
It’s heart got the heart.
joseph lawes-clarke
joseph lawes-clarke - Månad sedan
Pop eye and disney. They have always loved copying Fleisher and annoying his fans for some reason by doing it but far worse.
Micah J
Micah J - Månad sedan
Aladdin and Lion King are truly great movies tho.
EXthesweetlamb - Månad sedan
What's with the Angela Lansbury shade? Rude!