Matt Jasa
Matt Jasa - 10 dagar sedan
Welcome Back! Your audience awaits for more misfortune!
Matt Jasa
Matt Jasa - 10 dagar sedan
+FailArmy I have a clip of blowing glass up in my face by accident you might like. Happened while I was making a Galileo thermometer. You can see the shock in my face, it was kinda scary.
willpickle87 - 10 dagar sedan
I don't want to take your audience away from you im sorry if I did
willpickle87 - 10 dagar sedan
wait are you talking about me
FailArmy - 10 dagar sedan
Oh we've definitely got that
Varga Dániel
Varga Dániel - 8 timmar sedan
1:58 I'm ded lmao that laugh
Serhiy Zakharuk
Serhiy Zakharuk - 8 timmar sedan
5:40 так Давідіч 1200 раз і робить
Silverfox - 13 timmar sedan
Got any new stuff?,
The Demon874
The Demon874 - 17 timmar sedan
Which breed is? 4:10
Tetra3Ne56scur - Dag sedan
4:04 🤐 walk away just trot along boyyyyyy
Davross - Dag sedan
3:55 fuck me what was that lad thinking? 😂😳
The Purple Hawk
The Purple Hawk - Dag sedan
*Lizards be like* 5:36
Jesse Vibez
Jesse Vibez - 2 dagar sedan
Never went to prom thats exactly why...

Plus i went to continuation and then finished at adult prospects 🤷🏽 no prom for those kinda schools but who cares about prom anyways
david barnett
david barnett - 3 dagar sedan
Id report that guy throwing my packages and forsure wouldve put himnon blast being dumb.
D C Varghese
D C Varghese - 3 dagar sedan
5.40 Exercise for brain cells
Old Childhood
Old Childhood - 3 dagar sedan
I managed to have a photo with a person I liked which is on my phone background but failed to ask her to go with me to the prom, but I am no longer in touch with her atm.
Mathi - 3 dagar sedan
0:50 i don’t know anybody that didn’t fall of that fuckin thing
Filthy Frank
Filthy Frank - 3 dagar sedan
4:02 I swear there's always that girl acting like her friend is her (right arm.) This guy had the courage to go up to her. Then she skips away with her friend holding hands wtf.
Turbogeek 21
Turbogeek 21 - 3 dagar sedan
5:36 look at that concentration
Sin City Streetz
Sin City Streetz - 4 dagar sedan
2:30 It’s all fun and games until someone loses an eye 💯💯💯
King Money
King Money - 5 dagar sedan
5:39 is a mood
Nathaniel Robinson Jr
Nathaniel Robinson Jr - 5 dagar sedan
LOL 1:42 go f#ck yourself!
Carter Shelton
Carter Shelton - 5 dagar sedan
0:25. He was first place in state for track and he tripped on the last hurdle. Sorry Cole.
Carter Shelton
Carter Shelton - 5 dagar sedan
0:25. Poor Cole
Publius - 5 dagar sedan
She didn’t earn it.
Charts JvChonte
Charts JvChonte - 5 dagar sedan
Unsubbed. I have outgrown you.
Saki Kaikadavu
Saki Kaikadavu - 6 dagar sedan
This made my day 😂😂
Vivek Paul
Vivek Paul - 6 dagar sedan
4:31 during the events of endgame
Faris Ariaputra
Faris Ariaputra - 6 dagar sedan
The skater one was in on a world of hurt, ouch
Cohesive G-unit
Cohesive G-unit - 6 dagar sedan
She was not ok
Kordell Sorensen Comedy
Kordell Sorensen Comedy - 6 dagar sedan
The binge is real 😂👍🏻
Click the link also
Cunning_club_391 - 6 dagar sedan
2:24 ah shit, here we go again
Wrong cheat code
Henry T.
Henry T. - 7 dagar sedan
Car at 0:47 = Illinois license plate.
Cróga Utreekov
Cróga Utreekov - 7 dagar sedan
5:02 the real fail is him not knowing how to measure a shoe size working as a shoes salesman. first thing you learn on that job man lol
The Sly Asian
The Sly Asian - 5 dagar sedan
You dont realize shoes have different shapes do you?
Cillian Kenny
Cillian Kenny - 7 dagar sedan
0:36 i kinda feel bad for some reason
VirtualFunction - 7 dagar sedan
5:45 - how is that a fail? This channel has just turned into a lazy cash-grab.
Paul Ricciardi
Paul Ricciardi - 7 dagar sedan
2 Arcade Crane vids? Who would have figured that?
Cloud 1000
Cloud 1000 - 7 dagar sedan
5:35 YEAh.. Baby, I can feeeel the burn! I'm going to be the man at that missionary position! LMAO
The painter project
The painter project - 7 dagar sedan
What kind of hoodie is that kid wearing i like it
Fred1022 - 7 dagar sedan
4:29 that's weird. It seems the explosion came before the bolt
Meshal Lonely
Meshal Lonely - 7 dagar sedan
Amazing natural rhythm
Keep it up man
Ali Nicole
Ali Nicole - 7 dagar sedan
1:55 I thought my phone was like vibrating
Otaku Boi
Otaku Boi - 7 dagar sedan
1:35 LEVI!!
Carter Shelton
Carter Shelton - 3 dagar sedan
Otaku Boi ok cool. I know the person at 0:25
Otaku Boi
Otaku Boi - 4 dagar sedan
+Carter Shelton Of course I do. He is Legend.
Carter Shelton
Carter Shelton - 5 dagar sedan
Otaku Boi, do you know him?
Jack Westbrook
Jack Westbrook - 7 dagar sedan
Great u guys are back! I’m about to send you a video of me dying hold on...
T N Aubrey
T N Aubrey - 7 dagar sedan
1:36 🤣🤣
Jack Blackley
Jack Blackley - 7 dagar sedan
its just not funny like it used to be...
Your Mommy
Your Mommy - 8 dagar sedan
to the girl that denied that guys prom request I hope someone stepped on your dress and it split right down the middle
JOSH JONES - 8 dagar sedan
I saw all of these fails on Snapchat 😂
Copycat Songs
Copycat Songs - 8 dagar sedan
stupid video
usmc Josh
usmc Josh - 8 dagar sedan
Nails the drop in, screws up the ride up🤦‍♂️ Bassackwards much!
W. Dearth
W. Dearth - 8 dagar sedan
I've seen a million of these over the years, I've never enjoyed one skating mishap.
Jesse Arsenault
Jesse Arsenault - 8 dagar sedan
half of these aren't even fails, as usual. Way to go FailArmy!
SE45CX - 8 dagar sedan
I like how the shoe store guy gets annoyed.
Sorelle Ruby
Sorelle Ruby - 8 dagar sedan
The guy with no tire what an idiot
Ethan Paglione
Ethan Paglione - 8 dagar sedan
3:54. Replay buttons you're welcome
sig sas
sig sas - 8 dagar sedan
Just submitted an AWESOME Video!
Andrew Langdon
Andrew Langdon - 8 dagar sedan
1:04-1:07 Wtf that laugh sounds retarded
Roro Ahmed
Roro Ahmed - 9 dagar sedan
Dear sisters and brothers
Please help me
my dad is dying i need money for hes surgery and tuition fee please. Even £1 will help.
Bank details:
Name: Arwa mohamed
Account no. 11014765
Sort code: 110311
jaco5187 - 9 dagar sedan
Lol The guy at the claw machine just got the head of the doll
Carlinha Guevara
Carlinha Guevara - 9 dagar sedan
1.30 min....I don't think FedEx would feel excited about it
Glitter - 9 dagar sedan
4:00 When a guy does a feminine cheerleader cartwheel in front of a woman be prepared to be laughed at😁😂😬😂
Ismael H
Ismael H - 9 dagar sedan
That was hard to watch hahaha
Sophie Keaveny
Sophie Keaveny - 9 dagar sedan
While watching this I hit my head on a wall.
MOUIS Anls - 9 dagar sedan
Lost Wanderer
Lost Wanderer - 9 dagar sedan
This should be called The Darwin awards
KingJS - 9 dagar sedan
where the hell did 3Billion of ur views go?
Son Goku
Son Goku - 9 dagar sedan
4:46 is for recuperation of his back, no a bad exercise
ashraf hashim
ashraf hashim - 9 dagar sedan
Video monetization has been canceled
YouTube should be reviewed
Trinity Meadows
Trinity Meadows - 9 dagar sedan
Robert R.
Robert R. - 8 dagar sedan
jjjqqq Smith
jjjqqq Smith - 9 dagar sedan
sub for a sub
b0xe - 9 dagar sedan
costumer: refuel, please.
gas station attendant:
for now or to go?

Macho Fantastico
Macho Fantastico - 9 dagar sedan
5:34 feel the burn :D
Louise Dahl
Louise Dahl - 9 dagar sedan
Cousin Escoffier
Cousin Escoffier - 9 dagar sedan
Cousin Escoffier
Cousin Escoffier - 9 dagar sedan
Unorthodox Reviews
Unorthodox Reviews - 9 dagar sedan
Game has a mode for kicking on the bottom.
Still kicks up top.
Ed Speece
Ed Speece - 10 dagar sedan
Many ouches...
Classic Towers
Classic Towers - 10 dagar sedan
1:41 L M A O
Юзаю Ютуб
Юзаю Ютуб - 10 dagar sedan
5:46 Muhammad Ali ?
Krystalia Kalteki
Krystalia Kalteki - 10 dagar sedan
You have to include some game of thrones stuff in these videos!
craig matthews
craig matthews - 10 dagar sedan
I feel like shit for hoody backflip guy. I hope that girl has a life of rejection from that point on
Vincent Foley
Vincent Foley - 9 dagar sedan
Yeah i feel kinda bad for him too but she isn't obligated to say yes if she doesn't want to. Besides, she was nice about it and politely said, "I'm sorry, no." If you keep up that incel mindset, the only person who'll be facing a life of rejection will be you.
Star Core
Star Core - 10 dagar sedan
5:35 Musleing for better blow job performances.
crazzi-j north
crazzi-j north - 10 dagar sedan
The first one wasn’t even funny that total cunt speeding could’ve killed someone
Chill Gamer
Chill Gamer - 10 dagar sedan
3:55 is the cringest shit ever
Matthewdoesmc81 //
Matthewdoesmc81 // - 10 dagar sedan
-3,158,343,953 views in the last 30 days. daam
Abby10Cupcake - 10 dagar sedan
Congrats failarmy. You have beat James Charles!
Sean Davidson
Sean Davidson - 10 dagar sedan
0:41 A high-five can do terrible things...
Clean Living
Clean Living - 10 dagar sedan
Every doorframe chin up bar ever
depechemodecovers - 10 dagar sedan
"Back"? And already away again? Or where is the Tuesday video missing?
Aaron - 10 dagar sedan
It was a weak week. Not a fail but the lighting strike saved this one.
Stergios Mantziaris
Stergios Mantziaris - 10 dagar sedan
Is their most popular video is gone or am I tripping?
brewski2554 - 10 dagar sedan
the hoodie after the rejection EXPLAINS it all!!! soy boy on parade
Doot Smith
Doot Smith - 10 dagar sedan
How does this dickhead still get so many views? He's been shit for years.
doug harrison
doug harrison - 10 dagar sedan
Does anyone remember when FailArmy was funny?.
Randon Marlo
Randon Marlo - 10 dagar sedan
0:34 We were in Thailand driving a moto.
Kara Wallace
Kara Wallace - 10 dagar sedan
Earn it!
Horst Schlämmer
Horst Schlämmer - 10 dagar sedan
5:35 train hard for the next BJ-Contest?
Jesse J
Jesse J - 10 dagar sedan
1:38 I call that the biggest win
Callum - 10 dagar sedan
The ones where people lose teeth are my favourite
Sapere Aude
Sapere Aude - 10 dagar sedan
1:35 fucking killed me, lmfao!
Steven James
Steven James - 11 dagar sedan
Won’t be watching if you put any more doorway pull ups videos. Jesus.
MrJonnGabriel - 11 dagar sedan
More fails of the week
Krolo - 11 dagar sedan
2:16 the girl on the purple dress on the left REALLY want to get married!
Ese Güerito
Ese Güerito - 2 dagar sedan
And the one that got bonked was the least interested.
tengobarba - 11 dagar sedan
Mobile phone companies investing millions of dollars and years in research, development, engineering, testing, trying to improve their products, fitting the most badasses cameras with the highest technology and megapixels ever seen in the history into their cell phones, aaaaaaaand there you are, recording a crappy video in vertical/portrait mode...
Leminscate - 9 dagar sedan
Amiga500_User - 11 dagar sedan
2:24 - - 23 cars and a boat ... totalled? how could you sink a boat... #bbforlive