Binging with Babish 4 Million Subscriber Special: Death Sandwich from Regular Show

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Binging with Babish
Binging with Babish - 10 dagar sedan
How about that onion though
Stacy Vega
Stacy Vega - 2 timmar sedan
Luke Barnett
Luke Barnett - 5 timmar sedan
Hey babish, I have an idea for 5 million subs, or for a different episode, there was an episode where Mordecai and Rigby bought "The Sandwich of Death" where you had to eat it right or die, but Benson took a bite when they werent looking, and started to die, and the only way to survive, was to have a bite of "*The Sandwich Of Life*", I would LOVE to see you make that sandwich! Keep up the awesome work bro
Fabio Enchalada
Fabio Enchalada - 7 timmar sedan
My unrelenting love for you is unbearable
SCULL_ Snakes
SCULL_ Snakes - 8 timmar sedan
Binging with Babish make a krabby patty
E3X DANK - 26 minuter sedan
I’m begging please make the Mississippi queen cocktail
Saucy - 2 timmar sedan
Do Sofkee from True Grit and an entire JoJo's Bizarre Adventure special.
jebus067 - 3 timmar sedan
Make the "Good Burger" from Good Burger! With his Special Sauce 💦
Dániel Vincze
Dániel Vincze - 5 timmar sedan
Yo dude you gotta try making Tonio's dishes from JoJo's Bizzare Adventure Diamond is Unbreakable!!!
Leiden VaN aBsHoVeN
Leiden VaN aBsHoVeN - 6 timmar sedan
Please make the hogie sandwich from regualar show, or the infamous Meatball suuuub
Kizmoos - 7 timmar sedan
At 4:58 I think I see a hair on the bottom right of fish
Matthue Nicewick
Matthue Nicewick - 7 timmar sedan
Is it me or did the guy spilled salt in the floor
Null - 8 timmar sedan
I would love to see the Cafe LeBlanc Curry from Persona 5: The Animation! I mostly just want to learn how to make a good curry, but I also love persona so I gotta ask.
Nathan Davis
Nathan Davis - 8 timmar sedan
That was awesome!
Demonetized - 8 timmar sedan
Do a bag of babish from rick and morty
Matthew Bradley
Matthew Bradley - 9 timmar sedan
plusshippingandhandling - 9 timmar sedan
I miss iron chef
The 239 Life
The 239 Life - 10 timmar sedan
damn that chef rockin some white AF1’s, that’s probably the most stylish japanese person i’ve ever seen
minixo Mini
minixo Mini - 10 timmar sedan
I deeply request you to make steamed hams
Forget The Binary
Forget The Binary - 11 timmar sedan
This is literally my favorite thing he’s so cute and awkward in public
Mike Opont
Mike Opont - 11 timmar sedan
Do the perfect sandwich from teen Titans go
aschit43 - 11 timmar sedan
Do big smoke's order from GTA san andreas
Yet Yeet
Yet Yeet - 11 timmar sedan
Thank you
Boose - 12 timmar sedan
Could you make the hot wing chili that Benson made in Regular Show?
Pittore Couture
Pittore Couture - 12 timmar sedan
In comparison to his iron chef tv show days (no shame just was very different) I LOVED seeing this side of Morimoto!
Dan R.
Dan R. - 12 timmar sedan
You know you've made it when oyu get teh OG iron chef to make you Fugu.
Magic Monkey King
Magic Monkey King - 12 timmar sedan
Oh god damn it! Again with the fucking onions!!! Can't you make a movie/tv sandwich without them for once?! Fuck opinions! They look terrible, they smell terrible! And of course, taste terrible!!! How can anyone like this useless vegetable?! They're just as awful as green beans! 🤢
Gordon Ou
Gordon Ou - 12 timmar sedan
Can you do your part and make PewDiePie Swedish meet balls.
Joseph Gidey
Joseph Gidey - 12 timmar sedan
“Never put a knife to basil” -Mayhem Lauren
Jason Hernandez
Jason Hernandez - 13 timmar sedan
wait ik this is kind of a weird thing to ask but WHAT THE FUCK!! HOW ARE YOU SO GOOD AT COOKING
Tech Gamer
Tech Gamer - 13 timmar sedan
Love your videos man could you make lamb Rogen josh
DarkPandaLord - 14 timmar sedan
How were they eating that fish?! They literally just said it was poisonous!
BLiTzMaiN - 14 timmar sedan
“You have life insurance?” That got me ded
Jacob Staunton
Jacob Staunton - 14 timmar sedan
I love Americans "baysil" its BASIL!! Haha. Great video though mate, love watching you.
FoxHound - 15 timmar sedan
HODIC - 15 timmar sedan
In my contry, it was called doom sandwich. I guess they thought, that kids are too sensitive for the word ,,death''
Ksywygzy - 15 timmar sedan
I wouldn't be shocked if it was his last video
James Llewellyn
James Llewellyn - 16 timmar sedan
When you walk into a highway gas station at midnight "You Have Life Insurance"
mihai000000 - 16 timmar sedan
nice knowing you babish
D M - 17 timmar sedan
I wanna see any food made from the anime show food wars. Please Oh my goodness I would be so happy.
Jade Louise Tidman
Jade Louise Tidman - 18 timmar sedan
Morimoto is awesome!
Chris Smith
Chris Smith - 18 timmar sedan
5:50 Nice Panerai
callum Evans
callum Evans - 18 timmar sedan
Regular show was so great
Valarie Sutton
Valarie Sutton - 18 timmar sedan
Chedder chowder from Chip & Dale Rescue Rangers please!!!!
Hadeel Didam
Hadeel Didam - 18 timmar sedan
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Drag on
Drag on - 18 timmar sedan
Right after he said that it isnt realistic that the sandwitch can kill you - or is it, i guessed that hes probably gonna add pufferfish...3mins later he goes to cook pufferfish

This is the proudest moment of my life
Nomjelo Makeleni
Nomjelo Makeleni - 19 timmar sedan
Omg you look like Ryan Reynolds!!
big naget89
big naget89 - 19 timmar sedan
Please make something for Passover
J Steeler
J Steeler - 20 timmar sedan
Herbs not ‘erbs. Bloody Americans ruining the English language
StoneLok Gaming
StoneLok Gaming - 20 timmar sedan
You didn’t eat it right
Spackal - 20 timmar sedan
I’ve been binging your videos lately, and I love watching them. You keep mentioning kosher salt, does the salt have to be kosher or is it for religious purposes? (Please don’t take offence to this I’m just curious) Keep up the good work!
Briggie - 21 timme sedan
He finally made it!
Naveed - 21 timme sedan
You should make ichiraku’s. Ramen from naruto.
Keyser Isaac Dylan Thoreau Kimura
So hungry now
Kelsey Hall
Kelsey Hall - 21 timme sedan
But did you die?!
Pan Amo
Pan Amo - 22 timmar sedan
All of my sandwiches are dead ;/
The Flares
The Flares - 22 timmar sedan
This is so sweet that im going to get diabetes
Alex Blood
Alex Blood - 23 timmar sedan
He's a very nice man.....I mean morimoto
NAHDALOR - 23 timmar sedan
You have to do the schezwan sauce
David Flores
David Flores - 23 timmar sedan
Do the broodwich sandwich from aqua teen hunger force
Eula jade
Eula jade - 23 timmar sedan
so many beautiful moments in this one.
kayla amuga
kayla amuga - 23 timmar sedan
Watching World Renowned Iron Chef Masaharu Morimoto faking fugu poisoning for a YouTube video is everything I didn't realize I needed in life.
lllSiege - 23 timmar sedan
Next do Ed’s Sauce from good burger
ElJorro - 23 timmar sedan
You do like Regular Show don't you.
Oziwonne - Dag sedan
You should try making a food wars dish
Baby Cakes
Baby Cakes - Dag sedan
You’re a Ryan Reynolds lookalike
RicePanda - Dag sedan
Still not The Broodwich. Bad move Babish, Bad move.
Ryan LaForrest
Ryan LaForrest - Dag sedan
Please make colored patties;)
Mannyindahouse - Dag sedan
Make a chocolate-covered waffle cake from Regular Show!
James7205 - Dag sedan
Now make the super sub from regular show
Xandra Panda
Xandra Panda - Dag sedan
Morimoto is so cute at 6:26 the way he says Kentucky Fried chicken 😭💕 it reminds me of my grandma
Tim Deli
Tim Deli - Dag sedan
Pretty damn cool to see this video, Babish. Good Job.
Kayla P
Kayla P - Dag sedan
Uhhhmm wheres your take on macaroni and cheese, Babish!? The people need to know how you do it!
Dusk Wolf
Dusk Wolf - Dag sedan
Masahara Morimoto is my favorite Iron Shef. I would love to meet him.
Karoom21 - Dag sedan
More Morimoto!
ShaggyNicholasOne - Dag sedan
You didn't eat it right
Troy Purvis
Troy Purvis - Dag sedan
Mr. Babish. I am a young aspiring chef that works in the best joint in my city.
Getting fed directly from the hands if a master Chef, such as Masaharu Morimoto. Was no doubt probably one of the dopest fucking things that could happen in one's journey through the culinary abyss.
Connors Palace
Connors Palace - Dag sedan
3:56 that thing looks like a dick
Mariah G
Mariah G - Dag sedan
Can we see a Good Burger w/ Ed’s sauce?
DD-649 - Dag sedan
I think mori moto likes you
Lau - Dag sedan
Faz coxinha
Pops - Dag sedan
until shimmering XD
Kai kai
Kai kai - Dag sedan
You shouldn't risk your life for 4 million subscribers like that
net myers
net myers - Dag sedan
when he poured the tomato paste in a part of me died.
Joeikaika Thebest
Joeikaika Thebest - Dag sedan
My gf wants to know if you can do tanyas gumbo from princess and the frog
Mahir Chowdhury
Mahir Chowdhury - Dag sedan
Hey babish you should collaboration with like Matt Stonie and cook him the eggscelent challenge and have him do it
JayRodclick - Dag sedan
Marimoto sensei needs his own show
YungYears - Dag sedan
Chef. Morimoto seems like a really cool dude holy shit.
Maggie Buchanan
Maggie Buchanan - Dag sedan
i love morimoto's personality so much "do you have life insurance?"
Aron Gaming
Aron Gaming - Dag sedan
Babish I dare you to collab somehow with Life Of Boris (he cooks slav food)
Matteo Carolissen
Matteo Carolissen - Dag sedan
You should do we bear bares
Hale Prophecy
Hale Prophecy - Dag sedan
I'm hoping you adds tons of peppers so it's really a death sandwich
Giuseppe Luna
Giuseppe Luna - Dag sedan
The perfect meal from tawog
CamKai82 - Dag sedan
You must really like this show because almost all of your milestones are regular show
Raman Tiwari
Raman Tiwari - Dag sedan
Buzz feed rip-off all your recipes
Darryl Thomas
Darryl Thomas - Dag sedan
Talbot - Dag sedan
🎶 Kentucky Friend Fugu Morimotoooo 🎵
Timothy Wheeler
Timothy Wheeler - Dag sedan
Yes, do the BROODWICH from Aqua Teen Hunger force!
Curt Rochon
Curt Rochon - Dag sedan
Hahaha, well that was awesome! What a once in a lifetime experience. Chef Morimoto is my hero.
Derick Hess
Derick Hess - Dag sedan
So jealous you got to meet Morimoto!
Karl O'Toole
Karl O'Toole - Dag sedan
Kentucky fried so if the poison doesn't get you the cholesterol will!
Joeyarhino1 - Dag sedan
Dude, your voice is as handsome as you are
Deltangell Gaming
Deltangell Gaming - Dag sedan
Make freedom 35 beer
hello random person reading my name pleb
This guy is such a gentle man I love the way how he talk so gentle hey! dont think that Iam a girl! Because I don't write my name😊😊😊😊