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E! News - 16 timmar sedan
The default upload setting for our videos is to run ads. We've disabled them as well as the "likes" number as neither are appropriate at this time. Thank you for bringing this to our attention.
Todd Howard
Todd Howard - 35 minuter sedan
Icynibba you have 20 hours left. I suggest you kill yourself and do it quickly or I’ll come to your house and make it more painful then you could ever imagine. Get to it trash!
GojiraBeans - 38 minuter sedan
Yeah, and monetizing your video to get money from someone’s death isn’t appropriate either.
Seiko F.
Seiko F. - 39 minuter sedan
Many thanks for an explanation.
Merchaant - 46 minuter sedan
XxJustanionxX - 49 minuter sedan
@6*Gs Tech_Fiend22 not necessary
Pig Pig Gamer
Pig Pig Gamer - Minut sedan
He’ll be playing as Banjo-Kazooie with Iwata in Heaven.. RIP ❤️
Jonuel Gamero
Jonuel Gamero - Minut sedan
The floor is lava
Like if you were to lazy to move
Jarsal - Minut sedan
this is how many Nintendo switches etika should have in haven
Cedar Flags
Cedar Flags - Minut sedan
It’s like Amanda Todd all over again... we really need to show people who are considering suicide that they are loved... We all make mistakes because we’re all human..
Leaf Savage
Leaf Savage - 2 minuter sedan
imma miss him bro,,
WHOA ,THAT'S NEATO MOSQUITO - 2 minuter sedan
I don't want to accept this... I mean I'm in serious denial, PLEASE tell me he can still be alive some how. This man was honestly always a hero to me, and I hate hearing this news. This can't real, I don't want to hear this. Someone PLEASE tell me there's some sort of hope left...
Edgar Alonzo
Edgar Alonzo - 2 minuter sedan
No offense, I didn't really know the guy but he seemed pretty cool. Rest in Peace.
Big Chungus
Big Chungus - 2 minuter sedan
Rest in peace💔💔💔💔
Sar Mc
Sar Mc - 3 minuter sedan
THIS ISN'T A REACT CHANNEL! you need a more respectful title. I don't give a crap about what other YouTubers said who never even knew him. This really upsets me. I pray for Etika, may you find happiness in heaven.
Jemiah DaPap
Jemiah DaPap - 3 minuter sedan
Jerking off to cartoons is mental. Warning flag 1
Erin's Emporium of Stupid Stuff
Earlier today when visiting my grandfather, my family was having their obligatory talk on how technology is creating a society of idiots. When my grandfather's nurse brought up that a YouTuber killed himself, I asked "You mean Etika?" and when my dad asked "How old was this kid?" I answered "29," and mentioned how his 1st channel got terminated due to a mental breakdown, he made a 2nd one, left a suicide note and went missing for days, and that the NYPD found his body. My dad blamed it entirely on how being in front of tech for too long messes with people like. Even though yes, too much technology is a problem, I tried explaining that we have no idea what was going on with his mental health. But no one really listened and they just kept disrespecting the poor guy.
I hate to be the one to bring up something like this in a time of grieving, but it seems like no one can die without someone else spitting on their grave, doesn't it?
Gabriel Spears
Gabriel Spears - 5 minuter sedan
This video has been claimed by the fine bros
Nash's #1 fan
Nash's #1 fan - 5 minuter sedan
R.I.P legend 😔
Purity_ 242
Purity_ 242 - 5 minuter sedan
I would really hate to be black in America
ZHC - 6 minuter sedan
Those were good days, sitting back after a stressful day of school going home and putting on a smash bros stream from this man. You will be missed.
100,000 subs without any videos? !?
just sub 2 me
Dawry Munoz
Dawry Munoz - 6 minuter sedan
Venus project?
Elias Ortiz
Elias Ortiz - 6 minuter sedan
#1 on trending let’s go 😍🔥
Dude guy 333
Dude guy 333 - 6 minuter sedan
Abby Stafford
Abby Stafford - 7 minuter sedan
This title is terrible and so callous
Vsvp Rocky95
Vsvp Rocky95 - 7 minuter sedan
quantum cross
quantum cross - 8 minuter sedan
why would anyone do this to him?
VRV - 8 minuter sedan
I dint even know he was dead
Rest in peace bro
Smite Swindle
Smite Swindle - 9 minuter sedan
I wasn’t much of a fan but I really liked his reactions to JoJo
Rest In Peace Etika
GantzIsSloppy - 9 minuter sedan
Whelp I guess we won't see him on a YouTubers Mean Tweets
E-TECH ! - 9 minuter sedan
Tf was that outro😂🤣🤣
Fantastic moment I’m not ok
Fantastic moment I’m not ok - 9 minuter sedan
He deserves #1 trending because he was #1 goodbye my brother
Super Wabbit
Super Wabbit - 10 minuter sedan
This video did have ads on it and mass downvoted because of it. Ofcourse after they try acting good by turning off monetization and disabling likes and dislikes. Pathetic really.
AllRise 99
AllRise 99 - 10 minuter sedan
Who's that
Mute Falon
Mute Falon - 11 minuter sedan
I thought Etika was the guy from AGT but RIP
Emio - 11 minuter sedan
Rest in peace this mighty man
Boum Yac
Boum Yac - 11 minuter sedan
Look for Islam and understand it and embrace it and live Muslims and obey the orders of Allah Almighty and His Messenger Muhammad peace be upon him because one day we will be dead.  After death will be the account and punishment and paradise and fire and who died and is not Muslim will not win paradise and will immortalize the torment of hell forever.
Miss No name
Miss No name - 11 minuter sedan
After this I remember a tweet from Predictions 2019 and it said that a famous YouTuber will pass away. Is it a coincidence?
Meme L
Meme L - 12 minuter sedan
edd - 12 minuter sedan
i use to respect him but not anymore..he basically said to all his fans go f ourselves...all the fans loved him but he said no one was there for him?
هیوا لطفی
هیوا لطفی - 13 minuter sedan
سلام دوستان گلم به کانال ما خوش آمدید،لطفا از کانال لفت ندین چون خیلی سوپرایز واستون دارم.
تا اعضای کانال به 1k نرسه شروع نمیکنم ولی زود به 1k میرسه پس منتظر باشید.
freeclout - 13 minuter sedan
MOCHI방탄소년단 - 14 minuter sedan
Rest in peace Etika you the best, I'm so so sorry. Your in a better place and I hope you can fined peace up there and in your self. Ill miss you buddy😞😭😊💜💜💜💜💜
Natalee Flóres
Natalee Flóres - 14 minuter sedan
Is YouTube really a place for obituaries? If I was editor I'd be like let newspapers have the obit page. This is the internet. Nobody knows who these people are. And a casual viewer is not really going to be going to a funeral. (I'm sure this comment could backfire, and accidentally hype web community memorials). It's just like, YouTube is for entertainment. Someone does something silly. A celebrity was entertaining. It should just be joyous, mind expanding, non regionally specific. Sometimes my trending page feels too American a little boring. Any who I think the web would be better without obits, their presence shows a basic lack of understanding about how this platform can be used. But you do you YouTube.
TheGatorWarhead - 14 minuter sedan
Can we get an f in the chat
10k subs with no videos Bow
10k subs with no videos Bow - 14 minuter sedan
😢 I want his life back and 10k subs 😢
ツVicryツ - 14 minuter sedan
I will find the the motherfucking guy who killed etika and I'm gonna make him feel sooo pain that he will wish he haved been born
Derpkirbs _
Derpkirbs _ - 14 minuter sedan
It’s honestly depressing seeing someone that loves Nintendo pass and enjoyed what he was doing. If you are having these thoughts seek help as fast as possible.
Eternal - 15 minuter sedan
Ricardo Milos
Ricardo Milos - 16 minuter sedan
Rest in peace man, hope you aren't in hell
Fiery_Stanimations YT
Fiery_Stanimations YT - 16 minuter sedan
Can I get an F in the chat for my man Etika
Psydish - 17 minuter sedan
Dark Lord
Dark Lord - 17 minuter sedan
Sanji Vinsmoke
Sanji Vinsmoke - 18 minuter sedan
Now Nintendo directs will not feel the same
Jish - 18 minuter sedan
YouTube, hope you have Space in front of your headquarters for this man
:thinking: - 19 minuter sedan
nazsoryu - 19 minuter sedan
Riptide Geek slice
Riptide Geek slice - 19 minuter sedan
Mirta Menchaca
Mirta Menchaca - 20 minuter sedan
R.I.P etika you will forever be missed
MossticMO - 20 minuter sedan
James U.A.O Nunnally
James U.A.O Nunnally - 21 minut sedan
The revolution will not be televised it will be felt✊🏿✊🏿✊🏿✊🏿
Data Impact
Data Impact - 21 minut sedan
how come the way she talks sounds like shes about to burst out laughing at any second
Roller Kosta
Roller Kosta - 21 minut sedan
It’s ridiculous that YouTube put this at #1 on trending but they are one of the reasons he killed himself.
Antonio Esai Castillo
Antonio Esai Castillo - 23 minuter sedan
He had way more subscribers. This is his third youtube account in the past year.
Elite Roblox
Elite Roblox - 23 minuter sedan
*Youtubers react to his death*
Majestic - 26 minuter sedan
Wow I used to watch Etika when I was younger.
Nagato ペイン Uzumaki
Nagato ペイン Uzumaki - 27 minuter sedan
Everybody in here says he looks happy but thats how depressed people are. They wont never show how much they are hurting in the inside they will act happy and cheerful around you. But at the end of it all they are hurting n feeling sad.
Nagato ペイン Uzumaki
Nagato ペイン Uzumaki - 16 minuter sedan
@KingKhaos Of the Kravelings what???? So your saying you dont have to be sad to commit suicide?? Then why did he took his life then??? Was he happy n said fuk it ima kill myself lol
KingKhaos Of the Kravelings
KingKhaos Of the Kravelings - 19 minuter sedan
You can be suicidal without being depressed
Xsess Monkee
Xsess Monkee - 27 minuter sedan
somebody should make a montage of Etika's best moments with a cool background song. Just to honor his legacy.
Lo_fl - 27 minuter sedan
If any one is dealing with mental health issues please reach out to someone you can talk to and trust if you are feeling suicidal in any way call 1-800-273-8255
SoapProducts - 28 minuter sedan
Cool you found out how to get clicks lol
Saitama Nogonu
Saitama Nogonu - 28 minuter sedan
rip bro,respect from China
KashootMe 666
KashootMe 666 - 28 minuter sedan
Rip 😞
1 million subs with no videos
1 million subs with no videos - 29 minuter sedan
can we please get an f in the chat to pay our respects😞
Todd Howard
Todd Howard - 30 minuter sedan
Good job YouTube
Letting someone clickbait the death of someone and giving them number one on trending
Okíčhize Šuŋǧíla
Okíčhize Šuŋǧíla - 30 minuter sedan
Rest in peace. :(
Peter Rose
Peter Rose - 31 minut sedan
😢😨 rip etica
Sup Freddie
Sup Freddie - 31 minut sedan
But no one saw him jump off??? Wtf
COLDY SHANK - 33 minuter sedan
Dominic Esposito
Dominic Esposito - 33 minuter sedan
This is horrible I can't believe he actually did it we love you man even if I didn't know you at all
Marvin Phoenix
Marvin Phoenix - 34 minuter sedan
So sad
bigdud - 34 minuter sedan
You should probably change the title... sounds like one of those reaction videos.
KALEX 18 - 34 minuter sedan
Rest In Peace Etika
May you play banjo kazooie on smash ultimate in the afterlife
Nicky Lars
Nicky Lars - 34 minuter sedan
Why is it always legends
You will be missed Etika❤️RIP
Sub To Pine Cone
Sub To Pine Cone - 34 minuter sedan
I am so sorry that I didn't watch his channel before he died.... hes an amazing guy

Park Jimin
Park Jimin - 35 minuter sedan
Rip 🖤
KillerBat - 36 minuter sedan
What's better
Michael Eagle Bear
Michael Eagle Bear - 36 minuter sedan
Maymuna Hanaffi
Maymuna Hanaffi - 37 minuter sedan
Chad Frey
Chad Frey - 37 minuter sedan
And they couldn't talk about me making records for 15 years? You discus me E! News. Who's the assclown?
Naxi - 37 minuter sedan
Hilary Kaye
Hilary Kaye - 37 minuter sedan
🤔I seen the video of them - NYPD ...... if someone is suffering why didn't someone help .... He dead and he stated he was OK ... how sad ..I believe there was fowl play involved....
Kazune desu
Kazune desu - 38 minuter sedan
Adam Gil
Adam Gil - 38 minuter sedan
The title should've been just "Rembering Etika".
Proulless - 39 minuter sedan
MN NICE GAMING - 39 minuter sedan
so normal people arent as important ? how come it takes a semi famous person to do something to make it tragic not like tons of war veterans take there lifes daily, no life is valued higher than others yet a famous person does something tragic everyone talks about it why not talk about the thousands an thousands of others struggling just as much if not more. this world makes less an less sense each day
BomberMan 777
BomberMan 777 - 40 minuter sedan
R.I.P Desmond Amofah, I loved your content since the Wii U days bro.
Rest In Peace King 🙏
M. Tarek
M. Tarek - 40 minuter sedan
Morgan L
Morgan L - 40 minuter sedan
Rest In Peace ❤️
SugarIceBear - 40 minuter sedan
Rest in peace, Etika
dakwah pendek
dakwah pendek - 40 minuter sedan
Orang- indo

Alk lol
Alk lol - 40 minuter sedan
Stop milking dead people let this man rest in peace!!!
Jonny G.
Jonny G. - 41 minut sedan
How'd he die?
Little Savage
Little Savage - 41 minut sedan
Alien Encore
Alien Encore - 41 minut sedan