Why this black hole photo is such a big deal

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Èlia Gàmiz
Èlia Gàmiz - Timme sedan
+Brett MacnChee go suck pewdipie's lasagna
Tina Rhodes
Tina Rhodes - Timme sedan
There's something round in black in side of it
Tina Rhodes
Tina Rhodes - Timme sedan
When you take your camera point it at the sun
Tina Rhodes
Tina Rhodes - Timme sedan
I think a black hole is in the sun
Tina Rhodes
Tina Rhodes - Timme sedan
A black hole will never hit us becuase it's in another galixy also when are run breaks rip us all... but it can't happen
Luciuslikes Raña
Luciuslikes Raña - Timme sedan
My teachers cosine is the discoverer of that black hole
Tina Rhodes
Tina Rhodes - Timme sedan
That black hole is in a different galaxy in that to to to to to far away not even one black hole will reach us it's impossible. There's lots of planets in other galixys but it might keep growing if stars break we have to know this because if you do get sucked into a black hole you can't breath well you wouldn't want what because that's in a another galixy I'm suprised that a little telescope would capture millions in millions away in I'm kid I'm surprised that I'm this stuff but it would be better if I did then not
Manasseh Gallemit
Manasseh Gallemit - 3 timmar sedan
Can you make a video about The world corruption free, and what happen each country economy and peoples lovelihood. Can poverty decline?
l Poc
l Poc - 5 timmar sedan
It’s not a picture
parampaa2 - 6 timmar sedan
It only took minutes before it is made into a meme.
Anonymous U
Anonymous U - 6 timmar sedan
An “Unseeable” Black Hole
Pagong27Gaming Mapping and More!
Black holes are "invisible". The first image of this black hole is blurry.
Lee Yan Lei
Lee Yan Lei - 9 timmar sedan
It looks similar to nuclear medical imaging of the short axis of the heart!
grin and bear it -
grin and bear it - - 11 timmar sedan
Black hole is like a demonrat, it takes everything you feed it and never gives in return.
Call Me Yamato
Call Me Yamato - 11 timmar sedan
If Only Stephen Hawking Lived One More Year.
Arcadian Duke
Arcadian Duke - 15 timmar sedan
WTF? It's no "image" at all. Using a histogram? To estimate the diameter? This is complete BS! Nothing more than a fuzzy CGI that is now being passed onto the world to justify the cost. $19,300,000 for a best guess fuzzy computer generated image? Again, I say WTF? Will you nerds please explain to someone who clearly isn't as smart as you, why this is nothing more than science fiction, and why using "innovative algorithms" that create an image that isn't real, is an achievement?
Kem Ko
Kem Ko - 17 timmar sedan
You need to check your "facts". I am not going to make it easy for you. Do your own RESEARCH & see if you can find out what MISINFORMATION that you are spreading.
Vinod Menon
Vinod Menon - 17 timmar sedan
"Nothing moves faster than speed of light " she says .
Has she not heard of Warp Drives , I ask ? :-)
shaul sharabi
shaul sharabi - 18 timmar sedan
the black hole we captured is Super massive black hole or other?
Steffi Castandillo
Steffi Castandillo - 18 timmar sedan
The effort they put just to capture the first image is damn hard
BxckStxbber 12
BxckStxbber 12 - 19 timmar sedan

Girls: ...Ew that's the worst pic quality ever
Jovani Quiroz
Jovani Quiroz - 20 timmar sedan
GAMING MACHINE (tankionline)
GAMING MACHINE (tankionline) - 21 timme sedan
why big deal? because its the biggest hole in the universe
yoboytrel - 21 timme sedan
Itay Maoz
Itay Maoz - 22 timmar sedan
Why do you say centuries ago, it has been barley 1
Famous TV
Famous TV - 22 timmar sedan
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Dirga Buana
Dirga Buana - 22 timmar sedan
hm,when you explain it like that,it is outstanding that we can even get a picture at all.
Pan Damasque
Pan Damasque - 23 timmar sedan
Is this video from the future? Because from where I'm watching 1916 is not "centuries ago".
Jun Shibata
Jun Shibata - 23 timmar sedan
This was a Japanese team that made this find. No mention?
Bugsy - 23 timmar sedan
obviously fake
Bugsy - 23 timmar sedan
wake up sheeple
Binker - Dag sedan
This presentation is best viewed alongside something like "Wallace Thornhill: Black Hole or Plasmoid?"
RafPlayZ - Dag sedan
BlackHole:*NOM NOM NOM*
barritoo thy
barritoo thy - Dag sedan
This is a unbelievable photo. They made a Blurry photo from that far! The photo would be a black screen with little dots on it, if our technology wasn’t as great as now. That photo was taken from 513,000,000,000,000,000,000km!
Victor Nikolov
Victor Nikolov - Dag sedan
This is a heated nut. It even has six sides. :-D
Spondon.14 Gaming
Spondon.14 Gaming - Dag sedan
thats really lit
Demo Real
Demo Real - Dag sedan
fake scientists can tell BS about astrophysics for years and journos will believe everything they say
Marcus Doherty
Marcus Doherty - Dag sedan
1:00 Uhhh, I may be wrong but I'm pretty sure bullets go twice the speed of light and that's why when you get shot in the head the brain isn't being torn, it's just the bullet squishing through so fast, it stretches the brain further than its breaking point.
Angel Liux
Angel Liux - Dag sedan
Still don't understand how they did this, can someone explain in a easy 1+1=2 way?
Akshay Mali
Akshay Mali - Dag sedan
Why did they not include Hubble Telescope in their project ? As it's already in space and would've helped capturing a more clear picture of a Black Hole by avoiding dust particles and gasses of the earth which are absent in space !
Gary Gurniak
Gary Gurniak - Dag sedan
I see black holes everyday and a bunch of Whitey ones to
Duc Duc
Duc Duc - Dag sedan
Flex tape ?
R.D. outlaw
R.D. outlaw - Dag sedan
So  how does this save the world , prevent starvation in 3rd world countries  !
Ian Williams
Ian Williams - Dag sedan
Because it’s the first visual representation of Kobe Bryant
Titan Smash Games
Titan Smash Games - Dag sedan
If only hawking lived one more year he could have seen this 😪
Chuttunt Chumnong
Chuttunt Chumnong - Dag sedan
it's very very so..... so... far away.... form us...
Razordreamz - Dag sedan
The eye of Saruron is real!
Chivo Chivito
Chivo Chivito - Dag sedan
I’m still lost even more after watching this lol
Simon Ruszczak
Simon Ruszczak - Dag sedan
Bullshit, it's a plasmoid.
F.B.I - Dag sedan
Is it sad that if Steven Hawkins lived a year longer he would have seen a black hole
Ray Mak
Ray Mak - Dag sedan
The place of infinite density
The Duke 71000 71000
The Duke 71000 71000 - Dag sedan
Black Holes only exist in the minds and computers of certain branches of Science where the Scientists forgot to get themselves any qualifications in Electrical matters. On the other hand Astro Electrical Physicists & Plasma Physicists are falling about laughing at this nonsense as the Pictures in reality show nothing more sinister than a Plasmoid. The Universe is run by Electricity (not gravity), and a spiders web of electrical currents (known as Birkland Currents) flow throughout the Universe connecting virtually everything. Where many of these current flows meet, commonly at the centre of Galaxies, is found a concentration of Plasma that carries electricity known as a Plasmoid. It is donut shaped, and can glow (as seen in the supposed "Black hole" pictures), if sufficient dust and gas is present to reveal it. The Plasmoid is effectively a "Junction box" of numerous "Birkland Currents".
"Birkland Currents" are credited to Prof Kristian Birkland Nobel prize winner 1903. Who discovered the electrical connection between Earth & our Sun. His work was expanded by Prof Hans Alfven (Nobel Prize winner 1970) who discovered the spiders web of "Birkland" electrical currents that flow across the whole Universe.
"Black Holes" belong in Science Fiction movies, not real Science.
Joshua Degreiff
Joshua Degreiff - Dag sedan
We need a galaxy 10s for take pictures better than photos this 😂
Harsh Jaiswal
Harsh Jaiswal - Dag sedan
Dawn Marie May
Dawn Marie May - Dag sedan
I heard it was the end of Snoop Dogs Blunt. Lol.
Shubham Mourya
Shubham Mourya - Dag sedan
According to me, it is a 55 million years old image because data collected by telescopes is captured through that light(radio waves) which reach us after travelling 55 millions light years distance..........Am I right or not???
Mariyeh Mushtaq
Mariyeh Mushtaq - Dag sedan
The way he said, "so...that's why its real" in the end, makes me feel its not. Lol jk
Robert Cathcart
Robert Cathcart - Dag sedan
Looks like God enjoys a donut with his coffee.
K Clark
K Clark - Dag sedan
Pure propaganda and deception. So easy to see through this. What is wrong with you guys?
Na Sha
Na Sha - Dag sedan
her voice is stirring me up
mash made
mash made - Dag sedan
might be a plasmoid not a black hole
Phrawsty - Dag sedan
The way that guy ended that was super gay...
Pratheesh R
Pratheesh R - Dag sedan
And people still believe in god
Spanci0k - Dag sedan
John Doe
John Doe - Dag sedan
Fake news. That galactic scaled celestial orange glazed donut was a paid actor.
Felt Is king
Felt Is king - Dag sedan
Science book companies: *sees picture* time to make New science books
Kayn Frost
Kayn Frost - Dag sedan
0:13 GTA san andreas big ear right?
michelhouelpdesque - 2 dagar sedan
Black hole picture = so great it can fix mass zombification. It's just THAT great.
"SARC" "Off"
Noob Gaming
Noob Gaming - 2 dagar sedan
And here people are still thinking that earth is flat😁
beautiful stick
beautiful stick - 2 dagar sedan
Just some progaganda like man walking on the moon.
Nothing of this is real. We live on a flat land with a glass ceiling, there is nothing but heaven outside.
Do you really think angels are living in some space with void ? BS
sha zsha
sha zsha - 2 dagar sedan
wait does someone here say 'man, too bad stephen hawking dot, dot, dot, dot,'
IndonesianAviationFan 561
IndonesianAviationFan 561 - 2 dagar sedan
You want to know why?

It is a meme
sha zsha
sha zsha - 2 dagar sedan
sam sam
sam sam - 2 dagar sedan
Soooo, why is it such a huge deal?
PowerOf One
PowerOf One - 2 dagar sedan
0:54 So Vox believes in the Masonic led hoax that man landed on the moon............. lol
Earth is flat. (But only some may discover this truth.)
Felix Du
Felix Du - 2 dagar sedan
why is no one mentioning Stephen Hawking
auki_ for RM/Kim Namjoon
auki_ for RM/Kim Namjoon - 2 dagar sedan
thank you Katie Bouman 💞
Nortekman - 2 dagar sedan
Black Holes are always being blamed for everything. What about privileged White Holes?
koala cousins
koala cousins - 2 dagar sedan
Yellow holes aint complaining about the free jobs white holes don't see while they are arguing about black holes.
Bunny boy
Bunny boy - 2 dagar sedan
Aren't black holes for future time travel and white holes for past time travel?
Simone ILMSM
Simone ILMSM - 2 dagar sedan
This black hole is scary, but have you ever looked inside the brain of a trap listener?
ReiSEN -
ReiSEN - - 2 dagar sedan
it's okay we'll see one up close when our sun goes... *anxiety kicks in*
LadyRokubi - 2 dagar sedan
This made me tear up a bit. It's almost poetic what we can still find out working as one. Its beautiful.
Kawhi Leonard
Kawhi Leonard - 2 dagar sedan
Serious question, can 2 black holes have the same size but not the same mass?
Kawhi Leonard
Kawhi Leonard - Dag sedan
+koala cousins nice, thanks
koala cousins
koala cousins - 2 dagar sedan
yes. but the one with less mass has a much smaller gravitational pull.
p lr
p lr - 2 dagar sedan
What´s the geometry of a black hole? is there any representation? Tanx
p lr
p lr - 2 dagar sedan
koala cousins ?
koala cousins
koala cousins - 2 dagar sedan
it's impossible to know, since we can't truely see what it looks like, since their is no light to come to our eyes anyway.
Ed Reyes
Ed Reyes - 2 dagar sedan
I wouldn't categorize this as a picture. I would say its an image enhanced by an algorithm. Job well done
Alek S
Alek S - 2 dagar sedan
It took 53 million years for this not only to reach us but for us to develop into a species that sees it.
koala cousins
koala cousins - 2 dagar sedan
, it only took us a couple thousand years as a species to reach this stage.
Kiman Rasa
Kiman Rasa - 2 dagar sedan
I don't get it
koala cousins
koala cousins - 2 dagar sedan
*clears throat*, Big telescopes on mountain tops, telescope take pieces of algorithm from black hole spot, scientist make image.
diamond planet
diamond planet - 2 dagar sedan
Then why are you dealing it?
Roger Guevremont
Roger Guevremont - 2 dagar sedan
Why is the photo of the black hole suspicious? The black hole and the bright region surrounding it is spherical. Radiation is emitted in every direction from all over the spherical region just outside of the black hole (event horizon). For this reason there should be no black hole in the middle of the photo. This photo has been adjusted to make it suitable for headlines "first image of a black hole"
Abraham Zamora
Abraham Zamora - 2 dagar sedan
And on that day a meme was born and the internet thought it was good
Stan Marr
Stan Marr - 2 dagar sedan
If this was the first picture of the "black hole", based on what,were all the previous illustrations made???????...because this picture looks a lot like the previous illustrations... I mean...if there were never ever a picture of it,how were illustrations made???... I'm confused!!!
koala cousins
koala cousins - 2 dagar sedan
we either guessed, or we used the thing called science. I looked at a documentry and it's black hole is literally just a hole that's black. Because of the scientcy bois though we got a good guess of what a black hole would look like. but now we definitly know.
Bill_Loves_Softness - 2 dagar sedan
I always knew it would look like this.
Yayo - 2 dagar sedan
Godspeed is faster than light
Jerome Claessen
Jerome Claessen - 2 dagar sedan
Nice cgi
koala cousins
koala cousins - 2 dagar sedan
Nice algorithm*
DerTommynator - 2 dagar sedan
I still don't understand why this picture is so important. I get that it's super hard to get a photo of a black hole, but do scientists now work with that photo, or do they now work on getting a better photo?
inffected 0
inffected 0 - 2 dagar sedan
Its important because it's concrete proof that Black Holes actually exist. Before now we didnt actually have direct evidence for them, we could tell something had to be there based off of the gravitational effects they have on everything around them and we were 99% certain they were black holes, but we had never physically SEEN one to prove it until now. This image just proves what we've known for the past 100 years as without a doubt true.
FrozenRoxas - 2 dagar sedan
So people compter-generated the photo from the data the telescopes picked up? Isn't that still technically a simulation / graphical representation, rather than a real photo?
koala cousins
koala cousins - 2 dagar sedan
Isn't that what photos do? they are just graphical simulations on our cellphones or computers...
noonesperfect - 2 dagar sedan
this picture is brighter than our future
koala cousins
koala cousins - 2 dagar sedan
this picture is our future
nitewolf - 2 dagar sedan
Some people are so unbelievably smart at points that it amazes me that the complete idiots are taking over the world
alxk78 - 2 dagar sedan
oh so they had to generate the image through data. Who knows what the hell were looking at.
koala cousins
koala cousins - 2 dagar sedan
cellphones generate images from data... your pictures on your devices are just lines of code
Olabinjo Adeniran
Olabinjo Adeniran - 2 dagar sedan
Someone at Vox definitely typed this narrative up and a bot is speaking to us. INCREDIBLE!
Jesus Christ
Jesus Christ - 2 dagar sedan
A "privileged" group of telescopes??? Wait. What? There weren't enough transgender telescopes represented by them??
Dinesh Kumar
Dinesh Kumar - 2 dagar sedan
What if it's someone's brown hole
YZ Cuber
YZ Cuber - 2 dagar sedan
So...we r actually seeing the image of the blackhole that is actually 55million years old
ThirdThumb x
ThirdThumb x - 2 dagar sedan
We are 1 day closer...

To death. But hey ho we can see a black hole. Rip hawking 💔
bojo perez
bojo perez - 2 dagar sedan
nope lol even this picture is an illustration from data