Why this black hole photo is such a big deal

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Vox - 2 månader sedan
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Andy Martinez
Andy Martinez - 23 dagar sedan
Gif was more disappointing than this SEzone channel.
Chris Hendricks
Chris Hendricks - Månad sedan
*why did you presumed we have 7secs attention span?* 🤣
cairo - 2 månader sedan
Really great script, and narration Joss, you have a talent. :)
Èlia Gàmiz
Èlia Gàmiz - 2 månader sedan
@Brett MacnChee go suck pewdipie's lasagna
Tina Rhodes
Tina Rhodes - 2 månader sedan
There's something round in black in side of it
Khairul Nizam
Khairul Nizam - 19 timmar sedan
5.30...is that is the first picture of black hole..then all other photos of black hole was just a fabrication of a graphic representation of a black hole...lol
tyler mack the game child
tyler mack the game child - 23 timmar sedan
Imagine if we were in that computer
Itz-Izzy - Dag sedan
I-ts s-so beautiful 😭 Such a discovery can blow your mind Sniff*
Chi Pa Pa
Chi Pa Pa - 3 dagar sedan
No matter how far the black hole is in the center of our galaxy, it is slowly pulling everything around it. Our solar system will one day far far into the future be sucked into it.
sportster306 - 6 dagar sedan
4 seconds in and they can’t stay away from the word privileged 🙃 shocking
ChristianTRP - 9 dagar sedan
Ugh I can’t even take a picture of a star.
But wait, if nothing can go faster than light, how does light get stuck and can’t escape?!
digitalsonder - 11 dagar sedan
Scientists: We finally took a picture of a black hole!! This changes everything
Internet: UwuU!!! We presSent to u,,,, black hole chan!!! >3< !!!
Ryk Son
Ryk Son - 13 dagar sedan
Yet the nasa data was lost
The Word Forever
The Word Forever - 23 dagar sedan
"If one conceives of religion and science according to these definitions then a conflict between them appears impossible. For science can only ascertain what is, but not what should be..." - Albert Einstien (theist)
Scotty Storm
Scotty Storm - 23 dagar sedan
It is not a photo it is made up BS.
Bernardo Ortiz
Bernardo Ortiz - 25 dagar sedan
This is fake, astronauts threw an android from the moon with a slingshot and took a picture
iTzRemo - 26 dagar sedan
its not real
The Gooberment-Sucks
The Gooberment-Sucks - 26 dagar sedan
Turns out it was debris on the lens
Depressed Cat
Depressed Cat - 26 dagar sedan
Vox:WhY ThiS BlaCk hOLe pHOto iS sUcH a BiG DeAL
Goldenboy 214
Goldenboy 214 - 27 dagar sedan
The black holes imo are portals acting as a revolving door between the spirit world and natural world. Like the looney toon sign when a cartoon reacts with the real world.
Penny29 - 27 dagar sedan
it looks like a donut
Galimah - 28 dagar sedan
the only other feat by humans that comes close to this is the game X-com: UFO Defense
Kpshyamala Palanippandi
Kpshyamala Palanippandi - 29 dagar sedan
Who else is scrolling through the comments
Momchil Andonov
Momchil Andonov - Månad sedan
THIS IS NOT A PICTURE OF A BLACK HOLE! If this was a picture it would've been taken with an optical telescope like Hubble yet it was take via multiple radiotelescopes thus it's an image! Also I wouldn't call it an image of a black hole either for one simple reason - you cannot see a black hole by definition but you can see an Event Horizon and the scientists made an image of it :).
Greg Smith
Greg Smith - Månad sedan
How do you "know" it's a black hole? You don't! No one does. But some INTERPRET it as one. Some people WANT it to be a black hole. Even though black holes are only hypothetical, mathematical constructs. Think for yourself for a change.
Bugler55 - 21 dag sedan
@XY ZW No, but the theory for why we stick to the ground is equally applicable for black holes.
Bugler55 - Månad sedan
What do you mean hypothetical? I mean is gravity merely a mathematical construct? All these things are just mathematical theories supported by empirical evidence. Could there be another reason we stick to the ground? Certainly, but this is the best theory I've heard.
Syon Cheung
Syon Cheung - Månad sedan
Orange space donut
Tinashe Masoka
Tinashe Masoka - Månad sedan
You didn't explain why it's a big deal, ya you make it clear that It was very hard but why the hell does this image matter
TwiSteD Cringe
TwiSteD Cringe - Månad sedan
*When u are the most powerful being in the space but people makes memes on u*

*Cries in Space*
fat cunt
fat cunt - Månad sedan
Guys... that's me in the womb
noob now
noob now - Månad sedan
I don’t like the line “that’s coming towards us”
Dark MaesterTM
Dark MaesterTM - Månad sedan
1987 : we will travel faster than light
2019 : Oh finally got a pic of a black hole
SCRUFFS BEATZ - Månad sedan
"so thats why it's real" lmao he just said they used a computer, aka CGI computer generated muthafuken image...
rest - Månad sedan
I mean hey we could just literally wait many more years just to take a picture of a black hole in person and setting humanity behind a 1000 years because we have to disprove the claims of the conspiracy theorists.
SCRUFFS BEATZ - Månad sedan
I can't believe you guys believe this bullshit
Bernard van Tonder
Bernard van Tonder - Månad sedan
"At the centre of the black hole is a singularity. A point of infinite density."
Really? How do you know it's infinitely dense? Isn't it possible that it's finitely dense but beyond our measurement capabilities?
Bugler55 - Månad sedan
No, because the mass keeps accelerating inwards. If it's finitely dense as in your view, what's in the pinpoint center?
Flying Dude
Flying Dude - Månad sedan
For me at least 20% of the deal is how cute Katie Bouman is. Like that picture of Margaret Hamilton besides her pile of code.
Da Jerry
Da Jerry - Månad sedan
In 19st
People: the black hole is black remember kids
People:Omfg lets make meme about da reel black hole
dylan storm trooper der
dylan storm trooper der - Månad sedan
it could be anything except nothing :)-nothing
Prophet YouTube
Prophet YouTube - Månad sedan
I got in a black hole last night, was gooood!
O .W
O .W - Månad sedan
Black holes are just black as no one bothered to turn the light on.
Yoshi_Dino_Kiddo - Månad sedan
If only mr hawking was still alive.
Fajar Setiawan
Fajar Setiawan - Månad sedan
I can imagine many physicist nerds around the world are crying in joy.....
buzi vagy
buzi vagy - Månad sedan
*thought that its a donut but ok*
Cuddles the Cat
Cuddles the Cat - Månad sedan
Astronomers: *puts different satellites so they can dance simultaneously so they can take a picture from a super long distance away*
Gamers: It looks like the eye of an OwO face.
Memers: Let’s just “fix” it.
Astronomers: _do we have to travel to a black hole now?_
Zeitgeist X
Zeitgeist X - Månad sedan
Vox like most lazy press outfits was too lazy to explain how we never took a photo of a black hole at all and that image is computer generated based on a algorithm from the data they were able to gather from slices of the object they were able to image. Vox couldve explained that their actual paper literally presents several possible models of the object based on their algorithm. But why not click bait like everywhere else.
Spencer Panes
Spencer Panes - Månad sedan
Einstein is still being glorified every astounding discoveries in space that involves his own discoveries! Genius level infinite...
Sorryごめんなさい - Månad sedan
*my science teacher when she heard we finally got a picture of a place hole*
Miau Works
Miau Works - Månad sedan
So, Nolan's version kinda correct?
hwv455 - Månad sedan
"Nothing travels faster than the speed of light"...........But a Black hole does exactly that!..."Light cannot escape a Black hole".
Bugler55 - Månad sedan
Force /= Velocity
Sweet_ kookie
Sweet_ kookie - Månad sedan
I have a question!!
I've read that there are many black holes in our galaxy which is the Milky way. Why did they need to capture it from different galaxy if there is a black hole in the Milky way?
I'm just curious😁
Sweet_ kookie
Sweet_ kookie - Månad sedan
@Flying Dude ohhh😮😮 thanks
Flying Dude
Flying Dude - Månad sedan
Because none of the black holes in the Milky Way are large enough to be captured. The M87 galaxy, and its central black hole, are monsters compared to the Milky Way and its central black hole (Sagittarius*).
Jus Les
Jus Les - Månad sedan
All this years ive been looking at illustrations!What else is an illustration, the moon!
Aman Panda
Aman Panda - Månad sedan
So Albert Einstein's theory of general relativity which he formulated almost a century ago holds true today. How can you not like this or be amazed or marvel at this breakthrough
Creative Nothing
Creative Nothing - Månad sedan
@SCRUFFS BEATZ [citation needed]
SCRUFFS BEATZ - Månad sedan
This is false
MrBorey YT
MrBorey YT - Månad sedan
Why dont just take the image of the black hole in our galaxy
lz factz
lz factz - Månad sedan
this is just a photoshop, you can not see radio waves. it is not real image, it is simulation representation of real object
neferpitous - Månad sedan
lz factz you’re right in that humans can’t see radio waves with the naked eye, however radio waves are just a higher frequency ( smaller wavelength ) form of the light that we can see on the visible spectrum, they’re just as real. Similar to infrared cameras, these satellites help our eyes ‘see’ the black hole by interpreting the information ( energy ) around it and forming an image we can understand. Would you consider the image from infrared cameras a simulation?
Rich Warega
Rich Warega - Månad sedan
The next big thing in physics will be interstellar travel.. there must be a way to travel at light speed.. hope i get to see it in my life time
Flying Dude
Flying Dude - Månad sedan
Not going to happen, but we'll probably see the first man on Mars, and a lot of cool AI :)
Ramon White
Ramon White - Månad sedan
I still think the black whole is a wrap. I think it can wrap you to other parts of space. The Universe is a big place. I call it the Ramon Theory
yakub natal
yakub natal - Månad sedan
Now everyone makes a joke of the photo because of the name
Mike - Månad sedan
This is the first time in History we see a relativistic object. What we see is space and time distorted image. Our brain has not evoluted to see these things, and most of us do not understand what is seeing.
Javier - Månad sedan
I am just the right amount of high for this
Daniel Geoffrion
Daniel Geoffrion - Månad sedan
That picture is not a big deal at all. Infact, all it is is someone's imagination. Main stream science today is just a false religion sending the populist to hell because of thier worship of it. It blows my mind how asleep everyone is. And here I am on vox's propaganda youtube channel. Bleh
Amber Ambwee
Amber Ambwee - Månad sedan
Black hole: *makes pac man eating motions*
Queston - Månad sedan
1:01 there actually is, look it up
ConnorWaddell - Månad sedan
Vox you forgot to mention Trump
Tong Nguyen
Tong Nguyen - Månad sedan
GobermouchDoggo - Månad sedan
You can't take a picture of a black hole
The Hero No One Gives A Shit About
Those things you observed is just Goku being super sain.
Denise Nova
Denise Nova - Månad sedan
Uh baby don‘t you know I suffer...
Donald H Lebert
Donald H Lebert - Månad sedan
Two things I would like to point out 1)Isn't this the very definition of the paradox that some have described as could God create an object(a rock) heavier than what He could lift? 2)The fact that the force that a black hole creates is greater than the speed of light would by definition be a faster than light situation, because it traps light and pulls it in. Just a thought a theory
MILO gonEmad
MILO gonEmad - Månad sedan
I bet all the scientist quaking out their boots!
MilkTea - Månad sedan
Short answer: Because it's a HUGE step forward in technology and humanity.
Long answer: well let's break this down-
heikki k
heikki k - Månad sedan
Earth is flat
Fishy Swords
Fishy Swords - Månad sedan
it's like it's a space monsters red eye and he's on his way. XD
Sima - Månad sedan
imagine being an ant and knowing this
Volkan Yi
Volkan Yi - 2 månader sedan
Its just the Stop Light of GTR..
south - Månad sedan
Mine GT-R brake light is rectangular.
Joan Jamito
Joan Jamito - 2 månader sedan
that was not black hole
George Pecherek
George Pecherek - Månad sedan
Then what is it?
Peter Luxus
Peter Luxus - 2 månader sedan
The super computer has developed a consciousness and it put the black hole in the calculated photo in order to please his creator.
Rashon Moss
Rashon Moss - 2 månader sedan
What blows my mind is that the black hole probably doesn’t actually exist anymore and we’re just seeing the images of it millions of years later.
Chris Hansen
Chris Hansen - 2 månader sedan
Am i the only one that found out about this before the meme.
MCM Studios Pittsburgh Recording Studio
All that money and technology and connections but NO, you gotta wait months for the North Pole to open for the season to get your hard drives, like, wtf
Steven Qualls
Steven Qualls - 2 månader sedan
Image based on data from waves that they assume are a black hole. What a giant waste of money
can donghan marry me?
can donghan marry me? - 2 månader sedan
Einstein's theories didn't even need to be tested when he was alive! He knew he was correct!
- aesthetic_boi -
- aesthetic_boi - - 2 månader sedan
lmao this went from history to meme in a day
Last Chance
Last Chance - 2 månader sedan
Light: I am the fastest
Black hole: try to pass Me
riyas ki
riyas ki - 2 månader sedan
Doubt: at 3:55 , you're saying "they landed on a wave at the high frequency side of the em spectrum.." but actually showing long wavelength LOW FREQUENCY radio wave of 1.3mm
Its confusing me. Correct me if I'm wrong. It
Suvanssh Mahajan
Suvanssh Mahajan - 2 månader sedan
I wonder how the first guy to see it felt like
Clonetos - 2 månader sedan
Back at union point we called that a glory hole
Mike Youtube
Mike Youtube - 2 månader sedan
Because of a viral campaign.
Most people only cared because they believed most people actually cared.
jonathan smith
jonathan smith - 2 månader sedan
I never thought scientists and mathematicians could illustrate a black hole so accurately, long before we actually saw one.
Tom Lin
Tom Lin - 2 månader sedan
I think black holes are "too small or too far away" is a good thing, I feel more secure when those things are not close nor big.
O .W
O .W - Månad sedan
Even if they are small and near us. We will all die. Have a lovely life!
Hello Universe
Hello Universe - 2 månader sedan
Hello Universe! 🌌🌀
Thomas Jefferson
Thomas Jefferson - 2 månader sedan
THERE ARE NO BLACK HOLES,just high heat from a star like the NIBIRU MINI SOLAR SYSTEM,who all of you will be seeing close up here shortly,its about to pass the earth,and when it does,MOST OF YOU WILL BE KILLED BY IT,aren't you glad ALL your scientists are paid government whores,they won't warn either.....
Elder 987419
Elder 987419 - 2 månader sedan
The truth is its not a big deal its only 2019 humans are stupid
Monk S
Monk S - 2 månader sedan
This is not a photograph. It is not a picture of a black hole.
Star Lemon077
Star Lemon077 - 2 månader sedan
Lol cat eye black hole
Could Be Anybody
Could Be Anybody - 2 månader sedan
This is the first time one of VOX's video's have actually been relevant and consistent lol.
Aman - 2 månader sedan
After few decades we will be telling our offsprings about how difficult it was to take the first picture of black hole.
First Last
First Last - Månad sedan
You win the internet.
Cymoon RBACpro
Cymoon RBACpro - 2 månader sedan
This is not a photograph, this is a reconstructed image using data from different radio telescopes. This type of phenomenon has been observed by optical telescopes they are called *Ring Galaxy which is a galaxy with a circle-like appearance. Hoag's Object, discovered by Art Hoag in 1950, is an example of a ring galaxy.* The ring contains many massive, relatively young blue stars, which are extremely bright. The central region contains relatively little luminous matter. Calling this object a black hole is self-imposed wishful thinking! Click here to see a ring galaxy (Hoag object) https://apod.nasa.gov/apod/image/0209/hoag_hst.jpg
Aamir Bedi
Aamir Bedi - 2 månader sedan
Why does every major reported change happens only thousand light years away?? Why can’t it happen in matter of few thousand kilometers ???(from earths surface)
Geoffrey Sarita
Geoffrey Sarita - 2 månader sedan
Yes! they have a picture of black hole, children who doesn't have food, shelter, and clean water will be able to live a decent life now!! Good job, your billion is well spent.
F34R Gridlock
F34R Gridlock - 2 månader sedan
A *privileged* group of telescopes
crankcall2u - 2 månader sedan
Black hoe
Bob Brown
Bob Brown - 2 månader sedan
So what they are really saying it that they captured 100s of years' old light from a bunch of different frequencies and locations from things being swallowed up by the black hole and all the data corralated in the image proving the outline " not the still invisible point" exists. But still, turning a theory into a measurable fact.
rollercoaster55 - 2 månader sedan
This video utterly failed to properly explain what we're looking at. That picture is NOT a picture or image of a black hole! This video gets a D- for explaining science.
"They...worked for months to generate the image that _best represents_ the data." In other words, this is NOT a picture of a black hole (because of course that would be impossible with today's technology). It is instead a graph of what a bunch of mathematicians THINK a black hole looks like based on the computer models they created which are full of assumptions about the data.
Jace Harbison
Jace Harbison - 2 månader sedan
That's not the full black hole, if you were an honest new outlet you would have shown the not zoomed in image to show that the image was very detailed and clear rather than showing the one bad part
justin morgan
justin morgan - 2 månader sedan
No barionic matter can’t travel faster. But ok