The Most Dangerous Stuff in the Universe - Strange Stars Explained

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Kurzgesagt – In a Nutshell
Kurzgesagt – In a Nutshell - 3 månader sedan
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Junior Gabe
Junior Gabe - 4 dagar sedan
The quarks look like miis. From the wii.
PHILL SHIVELY - 6 dagar sedan
Strange Matter is purely Science fiction it Doesn't Exist Neither do black Wholes your whole production is Cartoons because it's all Science Fiction
Mattew Stone
Mattew Stone - 13 dagar sedan
I Like your video
DISK0N3CTED - 15 dagar sedan
Does black holes die out?
Felix Reuß
Felix Reuß - 28 dagar sedan
Yo i thought of a way how humankind could survive the cold-death of the universe. I know its just a theory but please follow me on this. So we know if humans survive long enough we can become an atleast type 2 society. If we get this far we could decompose dead stars and gas planets drive them both together and create a star artificially. I must admit i know very little about it but it could be possible. I mean we could create a dyson sphere or smthng around it and transport it via an hyperspace engine to a gas planet decompose both and see the star form it self. With decompose i mean blowing them up but with much less boom ya know? Maybe a laser of sorts or other things. Its crazy i know but it sounds great in theory. Waht do you think? Let me know ^^
heshers - 51 minut sedan
strange matter is how the original xbox intro was made
Samuel Li
Samuel Li - 9 timmar sedan
When we have enough technology (like advanced particle accelerators) we can use strangelets as weapons! Most efficient celestial body destroying method ever.
陳達運 - 14 timmar sedan
Quack:too much pressure, I wanna be alone
Abdul Rahman
Abdul Rahman - 18 timmar sedan
Well, now we know what Vibranium is made up of....
vengful howl 2358
vengful howl 2358 - 20 timmar sedan
Strange matter: perfectly all things should be.
Lothric Dogs
Lothric Dogs - Dag sedan
But when is the flood coming?
Steve Wharram
Steve Wharram - Dag sedan
Aidan Adkins
Aidan Adkins - Dag sedan
2:33 The infinity stones.
Kiz Armstrong
Kiz Armstrong - Dag sedan
I ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ your videos so much and I ❤️ science 🧪
Kevin Müller
Kevin Müller - Dag sedan
Kurzgesagt: talks about _strange_ things
Everybody in comments: *MEMES*
Edin Meco
Edin Meco - Dag sedan
a very cold one..
Logan Browne
Logan Browne - 2 dagar sedan
Question, is it actually green
Supertrain12 - 2 dagar sedan
Literally *_EVERYTHING_***: *exists*
Strangets: It's free real estate.
See U Later
See U Later - 2 dagar sedan
So basically Strange matter is a cancer sick at microscopic level 😈
Oz Channel
Oz Channel - 2 dagar sedan
So we were gearing a black hole hitting us and consuming us, but we had zero idea a flying stranglet drop can turn us into another matter that also kills us, clap clap.
Songbird - 2 dagar sedan
2:07 called quacks

He didn’t said that but he could have
Chinchilla Warrior
Chinchilla Warrior - 2 dagar sedan
I really like how you animated birds instead of humans. they're so cute!!
Emmanuel Anthony
Emmanuel Anthony - 2 dagar sedan
Nice! I subscribed this is so good
Leandro Bonfim
Leandro Bonfim - 3 dagar sedan
imagine super advanced alien civilizations using strangelets to purge entire solar systems, that is mind blowing.
Shayne O'Neill
Shayne O'Neill - 3 dagar sedan
Its the false vaccum thing that keeps me up at night. Strangelets are a spooky concept, but probably not a thing, or it would have wrecked us by now. But the vaccum energy of the universe is fundamental, and with a bit of math you can plot out ways of breaking it, as implausibly difficult as it would be. And thats not "weird shit eats a star", thats "nothingness eats a universe"
Zakaria Zishan
Zakaria Zishan - 3 dagar sedan
Comment section *talking about science* : We don't do that here.
Army Kookie
Army Kookie - 3 dagar sedan
4:12 soo bedrock?
Jackson Boulton
Jackson Boulton - 3 dagar sedan
Mabey strange matter is uranium
XxnoobslayerxX Oof
XxnoobslayerxX Oof - 3 dagar sedan
Universe: exists
Stranglets: I’m about to end this whole mans career
TotalRookie_LV - 3 dagar sedan
So, it's sort of prions of a stellar size - not alive, but infectious.
Hollyleaf Gaming
Hollyleaf Gaming - 3 dagar sedan
Normal ducks: Quack quack
Kurzgesagt: Quark quark
PatrickASMR Mukbang
PatrickASMR Mukbang - 3 dagar sedan
Am I the only one who finds this serious?
Lee Shaw
Lee Shaw - 4 dagar sedan
stranger things is starting to make sense now
dinozaur pickupline
dinozaur pickupline - 4 dagar sedan
Hello to a stranglet passing by
Сабай Сабаич
Сабай Сабаич - 4 dagar sedan
If the strange matter so stable why it would disappear after the big bang?
Choxolet yo
Choxolet yo - 4 dagar sedan
*throws srange matter into black hole
Captain: why is the black hole turning green and why do I hear boss music?
Hsae Reh
Hsae Reh - 4 dagar sedan
So this is actually real right?
Yours Truely
Yours Truely - 4 dagar sedan
In the past we had fairytales about witcges and elfs. monsters and kings. Now we hace unicerse fairytales We have no clue how earths magnetic field works or what gravity is we only drilled 12km deep on a single spot but he we understand the universe...
Ant Man
Ant Man - 4 dagar sedan
dont let hulk get his hands on this
Contemplative Insight
Contemplative Insight - 4 dagar sedan
I didn't know that stars and planets could catch a greeny contagious astronomical strangelet shrink flu when a Quark star spits out or sneezes 🤔
Arfaoui Amine
Arfaoui Amine - 4 dagar sedan
I guess scientists would just call it the "strange flu"
Moechtegernpilot1 - 4 dagar sedan
Und was ist mit Joghurtsternen??
2h4ck LiF3
2h4ck LiF3 - 4 dagar sedan
That s really cool, interesting . Carry on guys ciao from Italia!
klazzera - 4 dagar sedan
do TomSka work with you to make these videos? moons face in 5:29 looks like his drawings
MauLob - 4 dagar sedan
If there's something strange
in your neighbourhood
Who you gonna call?
Vedant Jumle
Vedant Jumle - 5 dagar sedan
universe war z
Kristaps Vilnis
Kristaps Vilnis - 5 dagar sedan
quarkmire new family guy episode
Adolf Hitler
Adolf Hitler - 5 dagar sedan
That would be a grat animepower
LoveYourselfBTS Answer In ROBLOX
I feel like the comment section of every Kurzgesagt videos are meme comments
m' lady
m' lady - 5 dagar sedan
We could use it for a power source
Pierre R.
Pierre R. - 5 dagar sedan
Kurzgesagt german is a great way to lerarn german btw xD
Sam Labo
Sam Labo - 5 dagar sedan
Before I die, I want to be strange Matter
Then turn things into stranglets.
Shareen Ho
Shareen Ho - 5 dagar sedan
Leave it to this channel to make my problems feel waaaaaay tinier. Bless.
WAΓUIGI - 4 dagar sedan
this is your problem too. they just gave you something bigger to worry about. something out of anyones control.
Daniel Grace
Daniel Grace - 5 dagar sedan
So if this strange matter is virtually indestructible then how come it seems to be so rare i.e. we haven't observed it?
Frnk S
Frnk S - 5 dagar sedan
"You're denser than a neutron star" 😂