The Most Dangerous Stuff in the Universe - Strange Stars Explained

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Kurzgesagt – In a Nutshell
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460p2 - 2 dagar sedan
feeling cute today... might start ww3 later... no biggie
460p2 - 2 dagar sedan
hmmm... a tungsten bullet in a railgun might work but the atmosphere is going to f up my trayectory...
460p2 - 2 dagar sedan
Hmm... how much powder does it take to shoot a bullet into space and how do I calculate the trajectory of the bullet in correlation to a satellite...
Dragon Dorado
Dragon Dorado - 2 dagar sedan
Please do one on baby formula
CaptnCavern - 27 minuter sedan
Excellent, thx !
kelly jingfang zhang
kelly jingfang zhang - 3 timmar sedan
Just as an interest, comment if your bird was killed in this video. (They actually aren't birds, but "Strange Birds" I know that joke sucked.) Anyways, those were great deaths!
Bird #1: Perfectly safe.
(Glass cracking)
(Both): Screaming as they find out that it's NOT safe at all, and as they're converted into strange matter.
(Moon): What just happened?
(On Mars)
Alien #1: So, how did they go extinct again?
Alien #2: Hmm... I think some astronauts brought strange matter to Earth, then some idiot birds held it and wiped out all the people on that world.
Alien #1: Deadliest birds in the universe.
(Both): Screaming
(On Mercury)
Alien #3: So, how did they go extinct again?
Benjers Benjers
Benjers Benjers - 3 timmar sedan
i'm curious about strange stars / strange matter in general:
What 'colour' would a strange star radiate? and subsequently what 'colour' is strange matter, i assume the green colour shown in the video is just for illustration purposes
Florian Roth
Florian Roth - 3 timmar sedan
Next Video: Climate Change
Blue Radium
Blue Radium - 5 timmar sedan
Neutron there anything they can't do?
Christian Daniels
Christian Daniels - 6 timmar sedan
please make a video on psychedelics
Michael Ginch
Michael Ginch - 6 timmar sedan
What if a stranglet was to strike a true Vacuum?
Pohatu Nuva
Pohatu Nuva - 6 timmar sedan
What if this is actually what Spiral Power was?
Andrew Ghoul
Andrew Ghoul - 8 timmar sedan
You should make a video explaining article 13 (now 15 and 17)
Pls give this video a like so they can see it
Sergio Corona Palazuelos
Sergio Corona Palazuelos - 9 timmar sedan
I think at this point the vid can serve for a good YTP
 - 9 timmar sedan
고마워요. 덕분에 머리가 더 복잡해졌어요.......
Atif Rehman
Atif Rehman - 10 timmar sedan
You know I would not mind a few ads on ur videos... keep the quality same and boost ur revenue..👍
Murad TV
Murad TV - 11 timmar sedan
Vietnamese ??
Vytenis R
Vytenis R - 11 timmar sedan
Can you make a video about dimensions?
Florian Gallus
Florian Gallus - 12 timmar sedan
That feel when only the voice of kurzgesagt can give you some kind of solace
Zoly Eke
Zoly Eke - 12 timmar sedan
Hello Kurzgesagt! What do you think about the placebo effect? Are you planning on doing a video on this?
Ross Carman
Ross Carman - 13 timmar sedan
Oh shit, so this is basically just grey matter, right? (Only this could be real)
SubscribeToPewdiepie - 13 timmar sedan
Black holes could be made out of strange matter...
Antton Adarraga
Antton Adarraga - 15 timmar sedan
If strangelets could've been around since the begining there must be a way for them to decay back to regular matter otherwise a big chunk of the universe would already be strange matter.
Mckenzie Welsh
Mckenzie Welsh - 16 timmar sedan
We could be already infected
Taylor PNG
Taylor PNG - 16 timmar sedan
Please do video about clouds
vectropolis -
vectropolis - - 17 timmar sedan
kurzgesagt: it may be the densest and strongest matter in the universe
me: ever heard of extra sticky scotch tape double sided?
vectropolis -
vectropolis - - 17 timmar sedan
Dr. Strange uses this everyday
Captain Plague
Captain Plague - 17 timmar sedan
So which plant is this in the new plants vs zombies?
[] Red Eye []
[] Red Eye [] - 18 timmar sedan
whats funny than this?

Kurzgesagt : how to destory earth with a paper pin
Anurag Beck
Anurag Beck - 18 timmar sedan
So many wats the universe can kill us and here we are still alive.
NST - 19 timmar sedan
I come from Vietnam but
This video doesn't have Vietnamese subtitle :(( I can't understand at all. Can you make subtitle for it ❤
NST - 9 timmar sedan
+vectropolis - I know, but I can't understand the content of this video :(( I am not good enough to translate it into Vietnamese
vectropolis -
vectropolis - - 17 timmar sedan
you speak english......
SantasSpy - 19 timmar sedan
The scariest video on YouTube
“Yeah is the world could be consumed by a tiny particle hitting it at any moment and there’s no way to see it coming”
“Yeah but there’s not many of these particles are there?”
“Oh no theres heaps”
Jaqen H'ghar
Jaqen H'ghar - 21 timme sedan
Where do I read about strange matter??? The pdfs in the link aren't working for me...
Scrubius Maximus
Scrubius Maximus - 21 timme sedan
is it just me or rick be using that stuff for portals
Sath Town
Sath Town - 21 timme sedan
5:52 Trump bird?
Galactic 8
Galactic 8 - 21 timme sedan
Creepy but amazing
Lief Theorine
Lief Theorine - 22 timmar sedan
I love that intro, Kurzgesagt team! Kreu? I should be a patron soon, and thanks for doing the work of Lightbringer
agamemnom - 23 timmar sedan
the animation style and the narrator always reminds me of the hitchhikers guide to the galaxy when they are accessing the actual hitchhikers guide to the galaxy in the film ;)
Ishnoor Babra
Ishnoor Babra - 23 timmar sedan
Doesn’t strange quark decay too then???
Clint Benson
Clint Benson - Dag sedan
How is this not a thing in SciFi?!!! Is this what the red matter from that Star Trek movie is?
Nas Zre
Nas Zre - Dag sedan
Stramge matter will be found in parrol universe
panos fotakidis
panos fotakidis - Dag sedan
I would love to see you create a video about Full Dive Alternative could that be useful to science, education, entertainment, and many things in general. Can our technology currently support such an idea, or not? PLEASE MAKE ONE. I would be fascinated to see.
brawni83 - Dag sedan
just build a wall. We'll be fine.
Fray__Bond - Dag sedan
Kurzgesagt: says literally anything
My mind: blown
IncomingGhost - Dag sedan
This music made the subject topic even more ominous, really spooky
Frilled Dilo
Frilled Dilo - Dag sedan
welp, I'm traumatized
Harvey Anderson
Harvey Anderson - Dag sedan
Could we change the sun to new one
Ultra noob doge NOOB
Ultra noob doge NOOB - Dag sedan
Sachin Godishela
Sachin Godishela - Dag sedan
2019 ?
Jamie Mayes
Jamie Mayes - Dag sedan
My brain hurts
10alijo - Dag sedan
Please do videos about education and classroom Language....
Ehtisham mushtaq
Ehtisham mushtaq - Dag sedan
That was almost twice the syllabus of a whole college semester.
Celanis - Dag sedan
Ah, more existential dread. Thanks for having me covered. Exurb1a hadn't posted in a while..
Aryan Das
Aryan Das - Dag sedan
Amazing and cool concept
DeaDDoG// - Dag sedan
Plz do about the most likely thing to kill all humans
Untungtandy Gaming
Untungtandy Gaming - Dag sedan
Where sub indo
Eron ABCJ - Dag sedan
Giant gamma rays, strangelets... it seems the universe is very passionate about destroying itself

and us
The26 - Dag sedan
Can strange matter decay into regular matter?
Doğan Kürşat Aktaş
In every single video of theirs, Kurzgesagt contributes to SCP.
Tuna GÖKYOKUŞ - Dag sedan
so wait if it turns everything it touches into strange matter (supposedly) then the crust or the mantle of the neutron star change into strange matter too?
Iam awaterbottle
Iam awaterbottle - Dag sedan
My lecturer showed the video on tech taking over labour, was very cool that I saw it on the big lecture screen instead of on my phone usually
Rutvik Chaudhari
Rutvik Chaudhari - Dag sedan
Plz remove subtitles 😑😑
Super Loops
Super Loops - Dag sedan
except because all the stuff about strangelets being super common and flying about the universe making other stars go strange doesnt seem to be happening does it. bcus we've never seen even one strange star.
X Force
X Force - Dag sedan
Put on headset for better experience
Chickknight Greenleaf
Chickknight Greenleaf - Dag sedan
the universe very own Nanobot Apocalypse
R2OTR Team
R2OTR Team - Dag sedan
why do I hear hidden quacks
Peppe Ddu
Peppe Ddu - Dag sedan
So, if the Large Hadron Collider creates a strangelet by accident we're all screwed.
abhishek menon
abhishek menon - Dag sedan
Please tell me how you prepare the script.
charmaine poynter
charmaine poynter - Dag sedan
favourite youtube channel:)
Daneil Labro
Daneil Labro - Dag sedan
Omg i just discover a new deadly thing in the univerese:

Milly - Dag sedan
Beautiful animation, every video is designed so incredibly well. We appreciate all the time and effort put into these videos, it pays off. Also the narrator could definitely be the new David Attenborough. Keep up the brilliant work
Arya Mahardika
Arya Mahardika - Dag sedan
Hi kurzgesagt! I really love all of your video! Really interesting! But i hard understand it because of my bad listening and reading in english, can you make it better by adding Indonesia caption/subtitle? I will be love it so much to watch it everytime:)
Abishek Soundararajan
Abishek Soundararajan - Dag sedan
Please Make a video on Earth 2.0 - Kepler 452b.
Grapes Gorilla
Grapes Gorilla - Dag sedan
What's the 100th video going to be on, I wonder!
Nathaniel Lewis
Nathaniel Lewis - Dag sedan
Ice-9 anyone?
Agung Guritno
Agung Guritno - Dag sedan
No Indonesia subtitle : (
Reason2 Craft
Reason2 Craft - Dag sedan
I love the art style and the birds, make the videos more entertaining and more enjoyable
WastedPotential - Dag sedan
Can you do heisenbergs uncertainty principle?
Oliver Harvey
Oliver Harvey - Dag sedan
Hello u guys are my favourite content creators!, and I am really interested in science!, specifically the immune system!, Just asking, but may you please do more Videos about viruses and the immune system! Thank you for reading my comment (I’m just asking u don’t have to 😁) You guys fill information into my head!!!!! Every time I watch your videos!!!
R.r. Theninja
R.r. Theninja - Dag sedan
It seems unlikely that the principles discussed here would come to bear, seeing as the universe tends towards disorder and expansion.
Caden Monterosso
Caden Monterosso - Dag sedan
Who would win
Shaggy at %100 power
Duolingo bird
Strange matter
[] Red Eye []
[] Red Eye [] - 18 timmar sedan
broooo you forgot Big chungus
Kevin Von Zarovitch
Kevin Von Zarovitch - Dag sedan
Shaggy; his power is maximum.
Sonica The hedgehog
Sonica The hedgehog - Dag sedan
Except, as you said, THEORETICALLY speaking, Strange matter could convert everything else into more strange matter, BUT, no one knows.
Ravi Rajyaguru
Ravi Rajyaguru - Dag sedan
Who would win?
A purple mad titan with infinity stones
One strange boi
WzW351 Gaming
WzW351 Gaming - 20 timmar sedan
One greenie boi
Preston Crespo
Preston Crespo - 2 dagar sedan
What was your best part kurzgesagt
Lori BE
Lori BE - 2 dagar sedan
Nat Comeau
Nat Comeau - 2 dagar sedan
What a great video!! You lost me with the Kessler Syndrome video a while back but this definitely brought me back. What a great way of exploring a new branch of physics and finding something that looks entirely plausible in our universe!
Edit: Kessler not Kepler
Nat Comeau
Nat Comeau - 2 dagar sedan
+Roberta ROBERTO You're right, thanks!
Roberta ROBERTO - 2 dagar sedan
Nat Comeau kessler maybe?
Ahmad Yehia
Ahmad Yehia - 2 dagar sedan
Neutron stars are the densest things that are not *U R M O M*
BOSSL3V3L - 2 dagar sedan
So if a strangelet hit a star what you would get is a perfectly stable perfectly stable dense indestructible star that gives of very dim light.

So in other words and infinite (but weak) energy source.
Lil Zally
Lil Zally - 2 dagar sedan
That sounds fun.
Gaurav Sharma
Gaurav Sharma - 2 dagar sedan
Worst channel name ever. Impossible to search for it everytime.
Carlos Sanchez
Carlos Sanchez - 2 dagar sedan
Sounds like science fiction
Kyle Letourneau
Kyle Letourneau - 2 dagar sedan
I have so many questions, why would strange quarks only exist inside of neutron stars if they convert everything they touch? Wouldn't they convert the outside too? why aren't we observing stars wink out all the time if this is a real threat and they've existed since the birth of the universe? why hasn't it happened to us yet? how could we possibly know of all of these qualities of strange matter if its never been observed? how can we tell it even exists?
Raging Inferno
Raging Inferno - 2 dagar sedan
I know a Doctor who could help with Strange matter

Dr. Strange
NippleMan - 16 timmar sedan
Oh fuck this was good
Anjali Farkase
Anjali Farkase - 2 dagar sedan
Black dwarfs.
Son Bach
Son Bach - 2 dagar sedan
No Vietsub???
Flaze07 - 2 dagar sedan
I c ducks
Liszt Franz
Liszt Franz - 2 dagar sedan
John Tobin
John Tobin - 2 dagar sedan
wouldnt they just eat until they get the mass of a black hole...
syah fadzli
syah fadzli - 2 dagar sedan
how could human understand something that may or may not happens in billion years?
_KarmA_ - 2 dagar sedan
How can a human being become immortal? New vid
Wan Asyraf
Wan Asyraf - 2 dagar sedan
Exotic matter sounds like tiberium in command and conquer tiberium war. It engulf living and non-living things to form tiberium based organism
Just some random guy
Just some random guy - 2 dagar sedan
I got an idea. You can probably talk about how Apophis will destroy the earth if it ever hits the earth.
Maxi Comics
Maxi Comics - 2 dagar sedan
Keeping its’s size or so massive turn into a black hole!?.