Belly Flop Punishment Challenge!!

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Hey guys! In this challenge, we answer trivia questions! For every question we get wrong, we must climb up the levels to belly flop! Who do you think will win? Let us know down below!
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Max Converse
Max Converse - 2 timmar sedan
2:05 is my last name
tyler jenson
tyler jenson - 4 timmar sedan
seriously though joey jeff did the sam thing joey did
Robloxen- Dalek
Robloxen- Dalek - 9 timmar sedan
PewDie Pie
PewDie Pie - 10 timmar sedan
PewDie Pie
PewDie Pie - 10 timmar sedan
Bob the robe
janejira suwaisayawan
janejira suwaisayawan - 18 timmar sedan
Joey is the best
WalStreet Productions
WalStreet Productions - Dag sedan
Came on Joey, I did a belly flop from 10 ft for fun. No excuse!
Lucas Fields05
Lucas Fields05 - 2 dagar sedan
White is not a color it is a shade
Blue2 Blue2
Blue2 Blue2 - 2 dagar sedan
6:10 SAd moment
Rowan Vehlow
Rowan Vehlow - 2 dagar sedan
Corey's editing is just the best tho
Tyler Hay
Tyler Hay - 3 dagar sedan
Is it me or when bobbies a judge he’s unfair to just joey
Ryland Douglass
Ryland Douglass - 3 dagar sedan
I think Bryan should have had to belly flop because he made fun of everyone when they got scared and he is a poosy about doing belly lops
LeLemur • 69
LeLemur • 69 - 4 dagar sedan
9:11 So is Bobby a white supremesist...?
David Duggan
David Duggan - 4 dagar sedan
Jordan I’m a give you two questions join us but why OK Bobby replies because this game is going to fast like it wasn’t going fast enough
Chase Baines
Chase Baines - 4 dagar sedan
I thought it was harry potter
Kidd Clyptx
Kidd Clyptx - 4 dagar sedan
The 1st question is wrong blue is a primary color
Pasha Bykov
Pasha Bykov - 3 dagar sedan
ummm you did not heard the question properly it's "what color dose blue and red make"
Pointless Human
Pointless Human - 4 dagar sedan
Pointless Human
Pointless Human - 4 dagar sedan
Belly flip
Pointless Human
Pointless Human - 4 dagar sedan
Jeff didn't even do a happy flip
Lil B1shie
Lil B1shie - 4 dagar sedan
I hate bryan, and i feel really bad for joey
Boban Stojceski
Boban Stojceski - 4 dagar sedan
Why does jeff look like morgan when he is in the distance?
XC Houndzy
XC Houndzy - 5 dagar sedan
AndrewGamerTv 1630
AndrewGamerTv 1630 - 5 dagar sedan
Cool belly flop theme song booya
Natasha Rinderhagen-Douglas
Natasha Rinderhagen-Douglas - 5 dagar sedan
Salt Apple
Salt Apple - 6 dagar sedan
this is adorable
Brian Henson
Brian Henson - 6 dagar sedan
It not purple, it be violet
Vivian Do
Vivian Do - 6 dagar sedan
=green? yyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy
Chris - 6 dagar sedan
Actually cloudingandthechanseofmeatballs is called swallowfalls
MSP Playes
MSP Playes - 6 dagar sedan
How do they not no what red and blue mixed together is if it kinda shows on there profile thingy😂 I love this channel so much😂
Dolphins Rule
Dolphins Rule - 6 dagar sedan
If Jeff didn’t get the one that is stranger things I would die
Galaxy Sky tea :3
Galaxy Sky tea :3 - 6 dagar sedan
I did a belly flop and it didn’t hurt
Galaxy Sky tea :3
Galaxy Sky tea :3 - 6 dagar sedan
Whats up dok that was are dances line !
strongarm328 life sucks
strongarm328 life sucks - 6 dagar sedan
what was Bobby's first episode?
asking for J-fred
Kyle Lac
Kyle Lac - 7 dagar sedan
What is the 763rd digit of pi multiplier by 2.6?
What is red and blue mixed together?
Joaquin Gill
Joaquin Gill - 7 dagar sedan
Bruh howd they get purple wrong?
redneck country boy
redneck country boy - 7 dagar sedan
Bryan gets away. Always. I like Bobbt
Macarios Barno
Macarios Barno - 7 dagar sedan
13:51 anyone know the song please
Gustavo Estrada
Gustavo Estrada - 7 dagar sedan
Bryan complains a lot tbh
Apollo_YT - 7 dagar sedan
Jeff didn’t actually commit properly because he put his arms down before he hit the water
Matteo Causton
Matteo Causton - 8 dagar sedan
Bobby: What’s my favourite colour?
Me: Whites a shade, not a colour.
jjodoin05 - 8 dagar sedan
Its just a belly flop dude, quit the drama and man up
Zachary Carroll
Zachary Carroll - 8 dagar sedan
Mom mode activate
Test Etty
Test Etty - 8 dagar sedan
Yo yo-yo yo Jeff is bad chest is bad is bad chest is bad is bad
An Chau
An Chau - 8 dagar sedan
Springtrap - 9 dagar sedan
I’m a simple man. I see a pool, I click.
John Walker
John Walker - 9 dagar sedan
John Walker
John Walker - 9 dagar sedan
Look 1:11
John Walker
John Walker - 9 dagar sedan
1:13 he said green!!!!
aka Ablaze
aka Ablaze - 9 dagar sedan
I would still get what makes red and purple right and I’m color blind
Bradley Koch
Bradley Koch - 9 dagar sedan
Bryan is the worst. He always complains the most about cheating and somehow always gets away with cheating
LEE KNOW - 9 dagar sedan
LEE KNOW - 9 dagar sedan
LEE KNOW - 9 dagar sedan
Dont know what is blue mix purple
LEE KNOW - 9 dagar sedan
Stupid bryan
Jasmine Rivera
Jasmine Rivera - 10 dagar sedan
CrimsonRoblox - 10 dagar sedan
4:26 Isn't that offensive?
Cristina Camacho-Langston
Cristina Camacho-Langston - 10 dagar sedan
Ah ahhhhhhhhh ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
Cristina Camacho-Langston
Cristina Camacho-Langston - 10 dagar sedan
Why Jeffrey why you you are the best in the dange bros
Keegan Murray
Keegan Murray - 10 dagar sedan
The answer to the town in cloudy with a chance of meatballs is wrong. It’s swallowfalls
Cristina Camacho-Langston
Cristina Camacho-Langston - 10 dagar sedan
Why is Jeffrey here