Belly Flop Punishment Challenge!!

78 420
3 871
Elle Kaluski
Elle Kaluski - 2 timmar sedan
Afani Irons
Afani Irons - 3 timmar sedan
jeffry i love you
Party Puppy
Party Puppy - 6 timmar sedan
Go Jeff!!!
Carter Brodie
Carter Brodie - 7 timmar sedan
it was a weak belly flop
Cake /squishy
Cake /squishy - 8 timmar sedan
Jfred made me die of laughter he’s a legend but bryan though really bro red and blue makes green like BRUH ITS PURPLE XDDDDDD
Maxwell Hannan
Maxwell Hannan - 11 timmar sedan
Joey:it will be fine
Joey:literally takes almost an hour
Zaida Escobar
Zaida Escobar - 11 timmar sedan
“Distressed whitney” 😂
Eolas Singh
Eolas Singh - 12 timmar sedan
when it was the question about Howard Wolowitz and he got it wrong it was sad
Darken Dude
Darken Dude - 17 timmar sedan
chandler finally won im so happy for him
XxNuBiE - 19 timmar sedan
Holy shet the views is 5,333,333
Ken Taylor
Ken Taylor - Dag sedan
Bumpty Productions
Bumpty Productions - Dag sedan
and the award for the best moment in the history of team edge goes toooooo: BRYAN
Eevee-Chan Gacha life
Eevee-Chan Gacha life - Dag sedan
10:51 I’m sorry, but did anyone else notice that it WASNT A BELLY FLOP?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!
megan bechard
megan bechard - Dag sedan
Bobby you're my favorite
Doggers my Poggers
Doggers my Poggers - Dag sedan
Doggers my Poggers
Doggers my Poggers - Dag sedan
Jk lol
Dizaster studios
Dizaster studios - Dag sedan
Technically bugs' catch phrase has 4 words, he is usually saying "ehhhh" before hand XD
Madcat Smasher
Madcat Smasher - Dag sedan
I think that Brian needs to do it
Hayley Peanut
Hayley Peanut - Dag sedan
Him:doesn’t know at first
Me: StRAnGer tHInGs!!
Danerfish - Dag sedan
Mr. Drifty
Mr. Drifty - Dag sedan
Jeff is my favorite member of the Dangie Bros
Juan Serrano
Juan Serrano - Dag sedan
It sounds like the one that couldn’t do the belly flop he sounds like uncle Stan Gravity falls
Juan Serrano
Juan Serrano - Dag sedan
The move with Eleven
Juan Serrano
Juan Serrano - Dag sedan
Stranger things
Calvin Tran
Calvin Tran - Dag sedan
“He’ll be flopping all over that water” he said.
“It just water” he said
“It’s not bad” he said
So much for tough guy Joey count: 3
Scion1502 - Dag sedan
Joey is such a P#$$¥
AuraMoon - Dag sedan
When you said
What Netflix show features a girl named Eleven?
I was like
since I've watched all 3 seasons XD
Kashi Johnson
Kashi Johnson - 2 dagar sedan
They cheated for Bryan
Aaron Zamora
Aaron Zamora - 2 dagar sedan
White is not a color
Giselle Taylor
Giselle Taylor - 2 dagar sedan
What was the episode when Bobby first started?
Brian Kilburn
Brian Kilburn - 2 dagar sedan
He didn't commit. He put his arms down and panicked at the last second
Xaitz - 2 dagar sedan
9 05 white is not a colour
Poke Hi
Poke Hi - 2 dagar sedan
You the best jef
Poke Hi
Poke Hi - 2 dagar sedan
2025_William Travis
2025_William Travis - 2 dagar sedan
Jordan Whitfield
Jordan Whitfield - 2 dagar sedan
Mrbeast + dude perfect = team edge
Armani Cuevas
Armani Cuevas - 2 dagar sedan
Most comments
Bobby: what does blue and red make when mixed together
Bryan: uh green
Other comments:
dying of laughter
OL Mann
OL Mann - 2 dagar sedan
this is rubbish, why do you treet Bryan like he is a child, you always have to be more nice to him. UHHH
Couch Time
Couch Time - 2 dagar sedan
*Green* 😂
Cryptic Animations
Cryptic Animations - 2 dagar sedan
That was for sure rigged.
Red is spelled “Lster”
And blue + red = green.
S Pagaduan
S Pagaduan - 3 dagar sedan
Lmfaooooooooo Brian is so slick w the cheating 😭😂
jinjin0111 - 3 dagar sedan
I love jeff
pam beesly
pam beesly - 3 dagar sedan
There from Dangy bros
Kason Syverson
Kason Syverson - 3 dagar sedan
They all pulled there arms in there not legit belly flops
Ryker how to's
Ryker how to's - 3 dagar sedan
It’s 9 Second Challenge.
Several Super Slimes!
Several Super Slimes! - 3 dagar sedan
Short story of Team Edge:
You either go through something, get hurt, and make yourself look stupid, or go through excruciating pain if you fail.
NaLu 4-Life
NaLu 4-Life - 3 dagar sedan
When they said Japanese poem and I was liek ANIME!!!
Code Man the 2nd
Code Man the 2nd - 3 dagar sedan
Never has someone saying a color hurt me so much.
Yl Rdon
Yl Rdon - 3 dagar sedan
suscribe to ron zell
Dennis Mark
Dennis Mark - 3 dagar sedan
B-Fred for BabyJoey