Cyberpunk 2077 Full Presentation with Keanu Reeves | Microsoft Xbox E3 2019

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Geralt of Night City
Geralt of Night City - 11 timmar sedan
Zap2D - 13 timmar sedan


Ross Kaske
Ross Kaske - 22 timmar sedan
what a wholesome dude
Adam Stone
Adam Stone - Dag sedan
no way hell it releases in April. Just delay the game for next game consoles and pc, skip this shite gen hardware
Tom Ad
Tom Ad - Dag sedan
That guy in the crowd that said ''You're breathtaking!'' must be so proud of himself.
Gitz Gamez
Gitz Gamez - Dag sedan
Great decision microsoft exclusive...
Even ps4 can't handle that game....
Needs more hardware
Jolly - 2 dagar sedan
I am breathtaking!
amirali shahbazi
amirali shahbazi - 2 dagar sedan
این بازی هنوز تو ایران نیومده ولی خوبه
J Gaming
J Gaming - 3 dagar sedan
We have to unlock keeono
mrbigman006 - 3 dagar sedan
All the seats in the arena were sticky after 3:47
David Palacios
David Palacios - 4 dagar sedan
David Palacios
David Palacios - 4 dagar sedan
Mysterious Figure
Mysterious Figure - 4 dagar sedan
Lol, why did they censor the curse word when it's a M-rated game?
ミKing ADVGacha
ミKing ADVGacha - 5 dagar sedan
He's using 10% of his power
unrepeatable raddish
unrepeatable raddish - 5 dagar sedan
what was so cool.... NOONE saw this coming... of all the e3 leaks over the years.... how did they keep this secret??
Michael Marrs
Michael Marrs - 6 dagar sedan
From has the DUMBEST GAME ON EARTH, PERIOD, I have proof too, they are all the same, they can’t even come up with new monsters for dark souls, all three are identical, NO VISION!!!
Anas - 6 dagar sedan
5:54 what did the guy say?..Anyone?
Hemispherical - 6 dagar sedan
3:57 God has entered the server
UserWasTaken ?
UserWasTaken ? - 6 dagar sedan
Guys when we going to get potty simulator 2077
Joseph Greenhorn
Joseph Greenhorn - 7 dagar sedan
i love the way that voice says PLEASE WELCOME KEANU REEVES
Shadow Goku
Shadow Goku - 7 dagar sedan
Random dude: *You’re breathtaking!*
Keanu: *no u*
ItMadeMeSignUp - 7 dagar sedan
I don't get why this is a thing...?
raid area 51
raid area 51 - 7 dagar sedan
Why does it say 2077 is it just a number of the year it comes out
野村ERIK - 7 dagar sedan
It's really weird that I designed the logo in a game called "Cyberpunk Casanova" circa 2015 for a small startup (Jetstreame) and now there's this... Interesting comparing the direction I went with the logo compared to theirs. The first version was pretty similar.
Amanda - 7 dagar sedan
he´s so full of crack or something ! :(
Tomastos9 roblox
Tomastos9 roblox - 8 dagar sedan
Not Valrkyz
Not Valrkyz - 9 dagar sedan
*Keanu Reeves, The cool guy in school*
August Frank
August Frank - 9 dagar sedan
Please welcome, Keanu Reeeeeevs!
Doom Slayer
Doom Slayer - 10 dagar sedan
Wake the *&$k up Samurai
Alaa Jabbar
Alaa Jabbar - 11 dagar sedan
The graphic better than Minecraft 😂
Alex Rose
Alex Rose - 12 dagar sedan
ichmagsteine Hd
ichmagsteine Hd - 13 dagar sedan
3:40 is the moment
Adrian Alavez
Adrian Alavez - 14 dagar sedan
But I use ps4...
Happyhal75 - 14 dagar sedan
JESTRO % - 14 dagar sedan
TH3_ PR0D1GY - 14 dagar sedan
So this is only for xbox?
Pootis Bird
Pootis Bird - 14 dagar sedan
6:05 Thats the moment we all came here for
iblessedthepurplerains - 15 dagar sedan
*why you are all here*
Ravesh Parihar
Ravesh Parihar - 15 dagar sedan
3:07 I got witcher vibes which is great!!!
Michael Bacon
Michael Bacon - 15 dagar sedan
Keanu: no u
Michael Bacon
Michael Bacon - 15 dagar sedan
I wish this game was being developed for project Scarlett I hope it isn't held back in terms of visuals
That0neGuyGames - 15 dagar sedan
I wanted more Keanu... WTF
Олег Федорук
Олег Федорук - 17 dagar sedan
Wow. The music in the end just amazing
Oboro Clam Chowder
Oboro Clam Chowder - 17 dagar sedan
4:05 - Can we all just acknowledge for a moment that (99% sure) the Halo announcer just introduced Keanu?

Oboro Clam Chowder
Oboro Clam Chowder - 16 dagar sedan
@The Crow of Yharnam It's about the voice actor lol. And did you just like your own comment? 😂
The Crow of Yharnam
The Crow of Yharnam - 16 dagar sedan
2019 still talking about halo... 😑
ed0985587 - 18 dagar sedan
Could you even fathom playing this game through VR? That would be so sick!!
ChujW DupeGooglowi
ChujW DupeGooglowi - 19 dagar sedan
censored bullshit video. fuck you
The Crow of Yharnam
The Crow of Yharnam - 17 dagar sedan
It's xbox what do you expect lmao
Aliandro Kevin Winata
Aliandro Kevin Winata - 19 dagar sedan
Fake Keanu: Makes Cyberpunk 2077
Real Keanu: Makes Potty Simulator 2077
Skankhunt42 - 20 dagar sedan
Time traveler: What movies are good now
Me: Every thing whit Keanu Reeves
Time traveler: Ah yes president Reeves
Christian Becerra
Christian Becerra - 20 dagar sedan
Keanu: wait the fuck up samurai we have a dog to avenge
nick gamer
nick gamer - 20 dagar sedan
Make John wick game
King Greed
King Greed - 21 dag sedan
Keanu has a good style, wears a t-shirt with a suit over it.
Carlos Avalos
Carlos Avalos - 21 dag sedan
Guess im switching to Xbox to play this game
gt500 dox
gt500 dox - 21 dag sedan
*Keanu reeves : guaranteed blockbuster*
brisa - 21 dag sedan
*Grand Theft Auto VI has left the chat*
0202 pmurT
0202 pmurT - 22 dagar sedan
Lol, what a cheating b itch industry this has become. They have to pay off big celebrities and streamers to sell broken games. Can’t wait till they knock you trashbags down a few notches like Facebook and google
Austin GUZMAN - 22 dagar sedan
You're breath is take
thunder boy storm
thunder boy storm - 23 dagar sedan
We are playing with life in 2020 4.16
thunder boy storm
thunder boy storm - 23 dagar sedan
This is like real life graphic are legendary and it free I think and on ps4 but we must wait a year
King Edge
King Edge - 23 dagar sedan
HyruleMaster022 - 24 dagar sedan
What song did they play when Keanu Reeves came on stage.
Maklarus Trinity
Maklarus Trinity - 25 dagar sedan
well the end nails it ....
CurrosionJM - 25 dagar sedan
Theres on chick that was screaming got on my nerves
Dave Connolly
Dave Connolly - 25 dagar sedan
Looks like an amazing game on any platform. The addition of Keanu is the icing on the cake.
Next gen should be jaw dropping. Hopefully well worth the wait.
SaintNSinner SNS
SaintNSinner SNS - 26 dagar sedan
TunderZ2 - 26 dagar sedan
Potty Simulator 2077
Sobasedrightnow - 26 dagar sedan
All I noticed was ZERO GAME PLAY
Nick Johnson
Nick Johnson - 25 dagar sedan
There is already a gameplay look it up
Chets - 26 dagar sedan
what the fuck? did you really censor it?
god - 27 dagar sedan
Potty simulator 2077 its looking great!
Neo Plus Archiwum
Neo Plus Archiwum - 27 dagar sedan
Czasami polactwo potrafi zaskoczyć
April Marie
April Marie - 28 dagar sedan
How could you not love this dude 😍
Parker Hall
Parker Hall - 28 dagar sedan
Here from FlyingKitty
Luis Martinez
Luis Martinez - 28 dagar sedan
Cyberpunk has come a looooooooong waaaaaay, from Cyberpunk 2020, the Blade Runner style Dungeons & Dragons board game from the 80's to this gorgeous masterpiece.
Auxilary - 28 dagar sedan
Now this....this is breathtaking
Koosha Mokhbery
Koosha Mokhbery - 28 dagar sedan
😂❤️yes absolutely, I need Keanu. I hyperventilated like crazy during that scene. Now I love the trailer itself before the Keanu takeover, everything from graphics to story set up is literally breathtaking. Then adding Keanu just stole the oxygen straight from my lungs
Giovanni Toriz
Giovanni Toriz - 29 dagar sedan
Didn’t give 2 fucks about this game. But now looks like I’m going to buy it
Katarina YT
Katarina YT - 29 dagar sedan
Love you!💋💋💜💜😘☺
unknown error 101
unknown error 101 - 29 dagar sedan
That's bad ass
Insert Name Here
Insert Name Here - 29 dagar sedan
Keanu was kind enough to advertise Microsoft's presentation on his presentation ❤
Speechlez_ - Månad sedan
PS4 players really punching the air now
Mr Heru
Mr Heru - 29 dagar sedan
How??? Why??? This game also in ps4.... 😏
Mike Mercury
Mike Mercury - Månad sedan
Is it coming out on PS4 too ?
Mr Heru
Mr Heru - 29 dagar sedan
Yep its multiplatform...