Cyberpunk 2077 Full Presentation with Keanu Reeves | Microsoft Xbox E3 2019

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nsimportant - 6 minuter sedan
So .... Cyberpunk 20177. How can You mess up so hard in the description box.
Donny seymour
Donny seymour - Timme sedan
who tf disliked this 😠
 - 2 timmar sedan
1:55 D'oh!
Gonçalo Cardoso
Gonçalo Cardoso - 2 timmar sedan
i thought we could create our own character in this game..
michalis vasiliou
michalis vasiliou - 3 timmar sedan
fool of shit yes in dit.
młody relog
młody relog - 4 timmar sedan
06:07 breath taking
Marco Teoh Pin Hwa
Marco Teoh Pin Hwa - 5 timmar sedan
Damn, can't wait. Take my money already
Rares Macovei
Rares Macovei - 5 timmar sedan
While I never usually Pre-order, Witcher 3 and Cyberpunk are the exceptions to the rule.
Kailana Baylosis
Kailana Baylosis - 6 timmar sedan
I have a feeling peeps are only gonna play this game for Keanu...
retro thing
retro thing - 7 timmar sedan
*trips and falls*
Everyone whoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo
Evil ViralZ
Evil ViralZ - 8 timmar sedan
I feel like Johnny silverhand is a cyber ghost his character was in 2020 it’s now 2077 it makes sense tho think about it, your best friend just died your lonely so your subconscious makes your role model come to life
Andrew Long
Andrew Long - 8 timmar sedan
Me "watching" takes a drink at the last second looks back at the screen
Man " wake up Samurai"
Me " spits my drink out"
Excision Datsik
Excision Datsik - 10 timmar sedan
whats the song in the begining?
Mad Wolf
Mad Wolf - 10 timmar sedan
3:50 song name?
Avail CyyionX
Avail CyyionX - 12 timmar sedan
Daniel Albornoz Lazo
Daniel Albornoz Lazo - 13 timmar sedan
Jhon Wick 😎
remiX - 14 timmar sedan
The whole crowd:*screams*
Kenneth Bowman
Kenneth Bowman - 14 timmar sedan
Just when I thought Keanu couldn't get any cooler...he does.
Sharp - 15 timmar sedan
That girl screaming in the background sounds like a peacock
KableDK - 15 timmar sedan
Cyperpunk 2077: exists
Me: Alright that looks kinda cool - I think ill buy that.
Keanu appears: "You're breathtaking"
Me: ;O; TAKE MY MONEY!!!!!!!!
Scottydude456 - 16 timmar sedan
Thor [Odinson]
Thor [Odinson] - 17 timmar sedan
*sheck dis outt*
terry gibbs
terry gibbs - 17 timmar sedan
Keanu entered the stage like itachi did to deidara
Victor Hugo Pereira de Souza
Victor Hugo Pereira de Souza - 17 timmar sedan
Uma coisa boa, Agora tá na hora da investir bonito
Paweł Martynowicz
Paweł Martynowicz - 17 timmar sedan
Johnny Mnemonic come back 😎
Sy A
Sy A - 18 timmar sedan
So this game is GTA: Become Human
Titi Carrillo
Titi Carrillo - 18 timmar sedan
- Y yo a ti, Ciudadano Promedio!
Wargen - 18 timmar sedan
yeah alright
good to see you thank you
Jus Ta
Jus Ta - 18 timmar sedan
Xbox pulling any string possible for money
TheCouchExpert - 20 timmar sedan
Не дожали эффект организаторы! - надо было руку ему тоже серебряную сделать, как в игре. Это была бы бомба.
2080 king
2080 king - 21 timme sedan
My heart stopped for 10sec
Domonik King
Domonik King - 22 timmar sedan
Cyberpunk is gonna be huge. I'll be playing it for a long time. I already know.
M.D Records
M.D Records - 23 timmar sedan
also Is that Indra from The 100 in the ending ..?
Ziggy Artorias
Ziggy Artorias - Dag sedan
My Polish brothers really know how to make an Amazing game!!!
cyFFrowy - Dag sedan
No man should have this much power
cyFFrowy - Dag sedan
He stands a god
CRIZtoFEN115 - Dag sedan
Keanu ribs
the stupid one
the stupid one - Dag sedan
kid: mom i want an xbox
mom: why?
kid: because cyberpunk 2077 is coming out
mom: what is cyberpunk 2077
kid: a game that have keanu reeves
mom: ok mom will buy you the greatest xbox mom can find
Julian Obong
Julian Obong - Dag sedan
Keanu: this game is breathtaking
Alex Junior
Alex Junior - Dag sedan
Porque o trailer é sempre realista e eles nao fazem a jogabilidade ser assim
Virus Alpha
Virus Alpha - Dag sedan
if keanu reeves ran for president i guarentee he would win
V_VENOM_V - Dag sedan
You come here for this : 3:40
Randy - Dag sedan
sick Just SICK!
Boberschi Victor
Boberschi Victor - Dag sedan
Johnny Mnemonic is badass now!!!
Polek - Dag sedan
Keanu Reeves: Uwierzcie mi, chodzenie po ulicach przyszłości będzie zapierało dech w piersiach!
(członek widowni): NIE! To ty zapierasz dech w piersiach!
Keanu Reeves (do członka widowni): NIE! TO TY ZAPIERASZ DECH W PIERSIACH!!!
(Potem członek widowni dostał darmowy pre-order ♥)
cupcakepower - Dag sedan
It'll be remembered as the day when the internet lost its collective sh!t
JMR Fishing
JMR Fishing - Dag sedan
Cyberpunk: Stars keanu reeves, about the future, rich graphics, comes out on my birthday!

Me: *SOLD*
Mr.brokendreams - Dag sedan
I think this is what if Detroit Become Human and Deus Ex had a love child with Keanu Reeves.
Suge Knight
Suge Knight - Dag sedan
The Johnny Silverhand playing in the background with Keanu Reeves walking out is singlehandedly one of the greatest things I have ever seen.
Adnan karim
Adnan karim - Dag sedan
Rip gpu
Alexander T.
Alexander T. - Dag sedan
just 10 months to go~
margareth michelina
margareth michelina - Dag sedan
It was fun and enjoy until someone kill his dog
Dimas Naufal Pratama
Dimas Naufal Pratama - Dag sedan
6:08 the reason why you're here
Gilang Octaviano
Gilang Octaviano - Dag sedan
I think he has cyborg arms in john wick too
LilShrimp sauce
LilShrimp sauce - Dag sedan
The hype is real
Maks Play
Maks Play - Dag sedan
Kurt Rivero
Kurt Rivero - Dag sedan
Sorry if this is a stupid question, the last console I ever actually owned was the Sega Dreamcast 2 decades ago, but what consoles exactly will this be available for? I'm wanting to get back into gaming and don't know if I should lean towards a Playstation or XBox. Can you gamers help a clueless guy out?
ramaparasu wisnu
ramaparasu wisnu - Dag sedan
Please make him as bruce wayne
faunaflage - Dag sedan
This is the most Bill and Ted I've seen him in years. He's giddy!
Paola Betancur
Paola Betancur - Dag sedan
Best cosplay I've ever seen
Enzo Felipe
Enzo Felipe - Dag sedan
Each like is a city getting burned.
Morg Duur
Morg Duur - Dag sedan
Keanu Fucking Reeves haha Cyberpunk 20177 here i come
To nie minecraft
To nie minecraft - Dag sedan
Jak ja teraz CD Red Project szanuję...
PsihoDD - Dag sedan
Well, the hype train just went past mach 10 speed.
Nick Nichiporuk
Nick Nichiporuk - Dag sedan
Me: Can't wait for Cyberpunk 2077!
CDPR: did we mention we have Keanu
Me: i give you my entire life savings
HK_Kemono - Dag sedan
GTA6: people gonna be so hyped for me
Cyberpunk2077: hold my KEANU
Lauchboy Laser
Lauchboy Laser - Dag sedan
Only one question! Does johnny Silverhand like Motorcyles?
Rasyid Mardika
Rasyid Mardika - Dag sedan
Or dog
Mequis - Dag sedan
I am so proud about CD Projekt Red for representing Poland so amazing on Game Scene
Anahi LDH
Anahi LDH - Dag sedan
I never play games but Keanu, I wanna know more about this game please
ugly cheyenne
ugly cheyenne - Dag sedan
This man holds so much power
Desty DA
Desty DA - Dag sedan
Om Keanuuuu😍🔥💙😆
sinjin m
sinjin m - Dag sedan
Imma b honest....I skipped the video game just to see Keanu
SuperMNX - Dag sedan
Oh my god the graphics are so good at first I thought it was live action
kuantize - Dag sedan
The Brink of Destruction
Cyberpunk 2077 has the rocket league cover XD
*in the description
Vasil Angelov
Vasil Angelov - 2 dagar sedan
What is the name of the song that plays when Keanu breathtaking Reeves comes out?
Arioo - Dag sedan
Chris. P Bacon
Chris. P Bacon - 2 dagar sedan
what is release date for rest of earth using normal date format?
Joe-so- DopeYT
Joe-so- DopeYT - 2 dagar sedan
Per Schmidt
Per Schmidt - 2 dagar sedan
CDPR: So, any ideas for a celebrity who could be part of the PR for Cyberpunk 2077?
All: mhm … well … maybe... what if ...
Random CDPR guy comes in: hey anyone already saw the new John Wick Movie?
All: Keanu Reeves.
frankAholic - 2 dagar sedan
6:11 whoever that guy is, he's a fucking LEGEND
Green Gecko
Green Gecko - 2 dagar sedan
Keanu really just showed up like a gift from the heavens above , gets complimented as soon as he starts speaking and then announced the release date and went back to heaven where he belongs and was really humble throughout the whole announcement
What a great stand-up guy
Green Gecko
Green Gecko - 2 dagar sedan
Keanu really just showed up like a gift from the heavens above , gets complimented as soon as he starts speaking and then announced the release date and went back to heaven where he belongs and was really humble throughout the whole announcement
What a great stand-up guy
sub for no reason
sub for no reason - 2 dagar sedan
Yossi Cohen
Yossi Cohen - 2 dagar sedan
It's almost like he's shy. That's adorable
Also "I gotta finish this" cracked me up
Music Lyrics
Music Lyrics - 2 dagar sedan
Hey thats kenny from the walking dead telltale
Arcturus Blake
Arcturus Blake - 2 dagar sedan
HAH! Love the johnny mnemonic vilians style laser whip
Theo Christian
Theo Christian - 2 dagar sedan
Actual graphics for the game or what?
aahelo - 2 dagar sedan
Guys, I love Keanu too. But I feel no one is talking about all the other great things in this trailer.
Çingiz - 2 dagar sedan
Achievement unlocked: that was breathtaking
sentry zero
sentry zero - 2 dagar sedan
f3possessed - 2 dagar sedan
cant wait to play this on pc RTX come at me - consoles will get the crap version at 20 fps haha
Константин Паршаков
Годзима курит
Константин Паршаков
PS соснули по полной!)
ƈǟʟɨ ɮʊʀʀɨᏆօ
ƈǟʟɨ ɮʊʀʀɨᏆօ - 2 dagar sedan
Aww man it’s not coming out until 2077 😢 😢 😔 😞
Andres Diaz
Andres Diaz - 2 dagar sedan
Totally excellent man.
47 Bees
47 Bees - 2 dagar sedan
i wanna meet the guy who said that
Frost - 2 dagar sedan
This is not the samurai game i was expecting to see
Chichu - 2 dagar sedan
You know, in a way he is immortalised in the form of a game character.
Cassie - 2 dagar sedan
Glorified Sycophants
Glorified Sycophants - 2 dagar sedan