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Watch the official trailer for Top Gun: Maverick starring Tom Cruise. In theatres 2020.
Paramount Pictures, Skydance and Jerry Bruckheimer Films Present Top Gun: Maverick. Starring Tom Cruise, Miles Teller, Jennifer Connelly, Jon Hamm, Glen Powell, and Lewis Pullman. With Ed Harris.
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Shane Kennedy
Shane Kennedy - 18 minuter sedan
If this doesn't mean 'Hot Shots: Topper (2020)' i'm going to be pissed!
Little Traveller
Little Traveller - Timme sedan
No fucking way. This is gonna be THE SHIT
lezzeti - 2 timmar sedan
This is the new Top Gun Movie, this time it's CPA*. Beijing must be pleased. (*= Communist Party Approved). #JapaneseandTaiwaneseflagpatchesaregone
Andreas Kluth
Andreas Kluth - 3 timmar sedan
I feel the need, the need for speed!
Mark Mene
Mark Mene - 5 timmar sedan
33 years later Tom still looks the same while I'm fat and bald ! WTF !!!
Kanley West
Kanley West - 7 timmar sedan
Dario Ye
Dario Ye - 10 timmar sedan
Take My Pants Away~~~~
Dario Ye
Dario Ye - 10 timmar sedan
so ur gonna fight CCP? i dont think so...u pussy~
Gesa Nalapunda
Gesa Nalapunda - 11 timmar sedan
Wow, one of my most favorite childhood’s movie.
sixgun Dave
sixgun Dave - 12 timmar sedan
If they dont deepfake 80s Goose into this movie I'm gonna punch a baby
emich28 - 12 timmar sedan
Is Jester dead?
Robert Yglesias
Robert Yglesias - 13 timmar sedan
Maverick does what he does best FLY!!!
EMMETTCULLENHALE - 14 timmar sedan
Flop Gun old balls part 2. Maybe they will play danger zone the song that sux ass and repeats the same phrase 50 times, Send this straight to the redbox
Logan Summers Producer
Logan Summers Producer - 16 timmar sedan
Jay Rodriguez
Jay Rodriguez - 17 timmar sedan
Omg let’s gooooooo
person8203 - 18 timmar sedan
I'm in my 30's and feel like at least one day in the week needs to be for catch-up sleep. Tom Cruise is a vampire.
alexis flores
alexis flores - 19 timmar sedan
looks like they are on a mission to strike (they are definitely carrying heavy ordinance
) some target beyond the mountains. They have to stay low out of radar detection range. Sounds like a mission straight out of ace combat.
HYDRA BJJ - 22 timmar sedan
Just the music alone got me pumped to watch this film!
robm2092 - Dag sedan
Wow a movie that doesn’t appear to be some social justice warrior politically correct exercise in keeping snowflakes happy / superhero movie.... weird! 🤣
robm2092 - Dag sedan
If they don’t have Kenny Loggins playing at some point I’m gonna be really vexed!
David Coulthard
David Coulthard - Dag sedan
Another load of absolute bollocks!
Niksonrex - Dag sedan
Ninja H2. Lmao, they upped everything. I'm on board.
bantoken247. net
bantoken247. net - Dag sedan
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Federico Pellegrini
Federico Pellegrini - Dag sedan
Why you never got an Academy even if you worked with best Directors of all the times? “It’s one of life’s mystery Sir, than I decided to enjoy my life and making only action movies”
subraxas - Dag sedan
As Arnie would say: "It'z ghonna bee ful ov grreyt uckshohn!!" :-D
Love & Terror Tattoo
Love & Terror Tattoo - Dag sedan
Stoked !!! Even though my clients on that ship were pissed that they had to keep their phones off during filming.
hobbs1701a - 2 dagar sedan
In 1986 it was 1 Admiral's daughter! In 2020, it's 15 Admiral's daughters!
Caner Kaptanoglu
Caner Kaptanoglu - 2 dagar sedan
Our homemade tribute version :D
Green Berets
Green Berets - 2 dagar sedan
I always wondered What VFA-squadron is Maverick on?
fedoracore321 - 2 dagar sedan
The soundtrack!!!
Roy Peterson
Roy Peterson - 2 dagar sedan
Soon as that Tomcat roared away, mighty wings started playing in my head.
I'm so pumped for this.
Stacy Thomas
Stacy Thomas - 2 dagar sedan
This was my 20s in 2 mins.
Michael Bart
Michael Bart - 2 dagar sedan
Tom your ego's writing checks your body can't cash.
Joseph Miller
Joseph Miller - 2 dagar sedan
"Maybe so, Sir... but not today." I love it! If there was ever a not-so-subtle "fuck you", that is it. :)
Dylan - 2 dagar sedan
I don't care what people say about him, but Tom Cruise is one goddamn good actor.
RM - 2 dagar sedan
Dylan one of the best!!!
wallow - 2 dagar sedan
Loved the first one. The first one made me want to become a fighter pilot instead of a commercial pilot. Can't wait for this one!
Warrior Gill
Warrior Gill - 2 dagar sedan
Goosebumps !! Thank god Maverick is not played by some 5 ft , 100 lbs lesbian 😜!
EM Nemesis
EM Nemesis - 2 dagar sedan
OMG! That F-14D Super Tomcat at the end of the video! The hype is real!!
Alfando Savant
Alfando Savant - 2 dagar sedan
Davide Roversi
Davide Roversi - 2 dagar sedan
Everybody gangsta until the Tomcat comes in at the end